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Questionnaire on Competency Mapping Perception Survey

Part -I Brief Profile Name (Optional) Designation : : :

Name of the organization : Department Location of Project Legend: SA AGE ASE DA SDA SLNO 1 2 Strongly Agree Agree to Greater extent Agree to some extent Disagree Strongly disagree : :

PART II QUESTION SA AGE ASE DA SDA Competencies are the prime movers for the organization Employees need to possess certain competencies commensurate with their levels. Employees performance can be measured based on competencies acquired by them. Competency based Performance Management is a must for the organization The competency requirements of individuals are to be arrived at based on Competency Mapping exercises carried out regularly in the organisation. The Competency Mapping is done for all levels of executives for identifying required competencies. There is a Competency Mapping Model in place in the organization.?

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Assessment Centre is existing assessing competency of employees.?


These Assessment Centres are regularly assessing the competencies. Competency requirement of executives are communicated to them at regular intervals. The Development Centres are functioning effectively to regularly assess and suggest developmental needs of competencies. Technical, Managerial and competencies are given weightages for different levels. Potential, different



Web based system is available in the organization to assess and map the competencies of the employees online. The vision ,Mission, and core values of the organization are reflected in the competencies listed for all levels of executives. The Balanced Score Card perspectives are captured in the identification of competency requirements of the executives in all levels. competency assessment should be more scientifically carried out by external agency than in house facility in order to eliminate subjectivity Success of competency mapping lies equally in identifying the competency requirements for an individual .and assessing them scientifically. The core competencies required for the organization are reflected in the competency assessment of all levels of employees.


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PART 3 1. In your opinion what is the percentage of weightage that can be assigned to different levels of employees for different categories of competencies in a total of 100% Levels Junior management Middle management Senior management 2) in your opinion Assessment of competencies of employees are to be carried out: 1} 2} 3| 4} 5} Every Year. Once in two years Once in three years once in four years No time period. Tech % Managerial % Potential %

3)Please offer your valuable opinion in carrying out the competency mapping exercise successfully in the organization. Developed by M.NIzamudeen, SM (NTPC) chennai