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Cstan98 Tsai Chih Chung Zen Stories Free PDF Ebook 蔡志忠禅说 2012-4

By Tan Chun Siong Copyrights © 1998-2012 Tan Chun Siong 陳俊雄

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Important Note
Please note Holy Bible should be your only main Scripture. Below scriptures & other important books should be for additional knowledges only. They are for Christians who want to know what other religions scriptures & books are about. After reading, it is still advisable to read Holy Bible every night. This is because planet earth ultimately will belong to Jesus Christ. Therefore Christianity is the only correct path.

Extracted from Cstan98 Website public domain materials by Author. English-Chinese translation. of Tsai Chih Chung Zen Stories 蔡志忠禅说。 Original Author: Tsai Chih Chung 蔡志忠。 Original text base from: 尊者的棒喝-禪說 by 蔡志忠, comic book. My meaning base from: 尊者的棒喝-禪說 by 蔡志忠, comic book.

Main Texts 1. What is Sea?
A small fish asks a big fish: "what is sea?" Big Fish: "sea is all around you. You are sea. And sea is you. It is inside you & outside you. Sea is around you. It is you." Just like Zen. You are Zen. And Zen is you. Zen is inside you & outside you. Zen is around you. Zen is you.

2. Temporary Sea Waves.
A small sea wave is feeling terrible because it is small. Big Sea Wave: "we are actually water. We become sea waves but it is temporary." We need not feel so terrible if you are poor. As our life is actually temporary, we are actually Zen.

3. Tea Cup Zen.
A scholar asks a Zen Master about Zen. The Master pours tea into the cup, when it is full, still keep pouring. The scholar says: "stop!" The Zen Master: "you are just like that full tea cup. When you are full, how can Zen enters?" Empty your cup.

4. Understand Zen Results.
Many people have leave their homes to go seek Zen. After years of cultivation, they all arrive at a single conclusion = "nothingness." Because Zen is nothing. We are something. Zen nothing creates us something. Our real self is nothingness.

5. Heart Transmission.
Buddha in a class, just play with a flower near his eyes. His main Disciple Jia Yue smiles. Buddha: "my this main Disciple Jia Yue have gained my heart of Buddhism." All Teachings are based on One Spot. Do you know what Spot is that?

6. Breathing Time.
Buddha asks: "how long is life?" Answers: "50, 40, 30." Buddha says: "no. Life is just between your breathings." Because once you stop breathing, you die.

7. Go Collect Clothings.
Buddha Disciple Ah Nan asks main Disciple Jia Yue: "beside the robe & bowl, what does Buddha teach you." Main Disciple Jia Yue: "it is late, you go collect clothings at the bamboos." The Spot you need to know it yourself.

8. Carry Female Across River.
Big Monk & small monk see a female at the side of river unable to cross. The Big Monk: "let me carry you." & carry the female over. The small monk sleepless for nights, tells the Big Monk: "we are not supposed to touch female." The Big Monk: "that female I already left it at side of river few days ago." Still thinking means you have not let go.

9. The Gate Of Heaven.
A General asks a Zen Master: "is there Heaven?" Zen Master: "you a lowly butcher, & you call yourself a general." The General becomes angry & wants to kill the Zen Master. The Zen Master: "the gate of Hell opens." The General calms down & says sorry. The Zen Master: "the gate of Heaven opens." Zen is your heart.


Stupid Official.

An Official wants to learn Zen from one of two Zen Masters. The first zen master: "you are smart, confirmed can learn Zen." The second Zen Master: "this stupid Official, how can he learns Zen?" The Official learns from the second Zen Master. Zen is honesty.


I Don't Enter Hell, Who Enter Hell.

A person asks a Zen Master: "after hundred years where will you go." The Zen Master: "go down to Hell." The person: "you are Cultivator, how can you go down to Hell?" The Zen Master: "if I don't down to Hell, who is supposed to be down there teaching you." Someone needs to go to Hell to guide people.


Red Bamboos.

A person asks a Painter to paint a bamboos drawing. The Painter paints him a red ink bamboos painting. The person: "good is good, but bamboos painting where got red, it should be black." The Painter: "who ever sees black bamboos." What you bases on thinking is wrong may be wrong.


Father Dies, Son Dies, Grandson Dies.

A person asks a Zen Master to write something lucky. The Zen Master writes: "father dies, son dies, grandson dies." The person: "how can you write such unlucky things." The Zen Master: "if you dies then your son dies then your grandson dies. Following this natural order, won't it be lucky." Unlucky things can be lucky things.


Must Not Say A Word.

4 little monks guard a candle fire, & promise not to utter a word the whole night. A wind wants to blow off the candle fire. The first monk: "the wind is blowing the candle fire." The second monk: "you are not supposed to talk." The third monk: "why are you people talking?" The fourth monk: "lucky I didn't talk." All talk.


Nothing Where Come The Temper?

A wandering monk comes to an old Zen Master. He boasts his knowledge: "Zen is nothingness. Everything is nothingness." The Zen Master knocks his head. The wandering monk becomes angry: "why you knock my head." The Zen Master: "if it is nothing, where comes the temper?" Know Zen must not have temper.


Home Buddha.

A person go away from home to seek a Sub-Buddha Zen Master. The Sub-Buddha Zen Master: "you want to seek Sub-Buddha, might as well seek Buddha. You go back home, the Buddha wear blanket & wear opposite shoes." So the person go home. It is late. His mother hearing his son is back, hurry wear blanket & opposite shoes to meet him. Your parents are your Buddha.


Pointing At the Moon.

Someone asks Sixth Zen Master about Scripture. Sixth Zen Master: "I cannot read, can you read the Scriptures for me." That person: "you cannot read, how you will understand the

Scriptures." The Sixth Zen Master: "words in Scripture are like finger pointing at the moon, you need not the finger to see the moon." We do not needs words to understand Zen.


Thief Student.

A Zen Master has a crowd of students. One thief student always steal in the classes. One day, the thief student is caught. The crowd wants to punish the thief student to chase him out of the classes. The Zen Master forgives him, saying: "if I leave him, who will teach him. You people know right & wrong, but he doesn't." The thief student repents.


Enlightened Robber.

A robber goes rob a Zen Master. The Zen Master: "here the money, when you take people things must say thank you." The robber: "thank you" & go away. Finally the robber is caught & bring to the Zen Master. The Zen Master: "he didn't rob me, I give the money to him & he still says thank you." The robber is enlightened & repent.


Everything Again.

A person is listening to a Musician playing a song. After the song, the Musician: "what do you think?" The person: "can you tell me the meaning of the song?" The Musician plays the whole song ONE MORE TIME WHOLELY to him. The whole thing is the meaning.


Mute & Parrot.

Someone asks Zen Master: "a person who understand, but do not know how to say is called?" Zen Master: "a mute eating honey." Someone asks Zen Master: "a person who do not understand, but say out is called?" Zen Master: "a parrot." Zen is honey & not to be parrot out.


Tea Cup Dies.

A Disciple while cleaning, break his Master's favourite tea cup. The Disciple to the Master: "why is there death?" The Master: "it is a natural order." The Disciple: "your favourite tea cup has died" & quickly run away. Everythings die.


Mr Tan.

A general when seeing his Zen Master friend, asks the disciple to say "General Tan is here." The Zen Master: "I do not know any General Tan." The general then asks the disciple to say "Mr. Tan is here." Then the Zen Master goes & meets him. Zen is without class status.


I Am A Doctor.

A Doctor keep on healing soldiers & sent them to battle, until they are finally dead. The Doctor thinks: "since they are supposed to die, why I heal them?" After many years of Zen thinking, he returns to medicine, saying: "because I am a Doctor." Because I am.


Old Lady Dies.

An old lady everyday pray to Buddha statue, saying: "when are you coming to get me?" A disciple playing funs on her, one day hides behind the statue & says: "tonight." The old lady dies of fright. When actions & words do not match.


Valley Echo.

A person walking pass a valley to see a Zen Master. Zen Master: "do you hear the valley echo." The person: "yes." The Zen Master: "where you hear the valley echo, is where you enter Zen." Zen is about immediate living.


Two Heads Coin.

A General before he goes to battle. He will go to a shrine, & pray to god: "if we will win the war, please give me a head." Everytime he got a head & his soldiers win every battle. His soldiers think their fate is decided by god. The General shows the coin, "is it?" It is a two head coin.


More Haste Less Speed.

A student to a Master: "if I learn martial arts, how long will I master." The Master: "thirty years." The student: "if I very hardworking day in day out & learn, how long will I master." The Master: "seventy years." Haste less speed.


Kill The Cup.

A General is playing his favourite antique cup. When the cup want to drop, he quickly catch it, scare like hell. He reasons, for so many years in battle, he has never been so scare, why is he so scare today. After some reasoning, he throw destroy the cup without thinking. Why get scare because of a cup?


Burn The No Words Scripture.

A Disciple is learning no words Zen for many years. The master: "I am getting old. This no words scripture I pass to you." The Disciple burn the scripture, saying: "I prefer your no words teachings. I do not need any scripture." Actions must follow words.


Know Music.

Person P is good at playing music. Person H is good at hearing music. When Person P plays high mountain music, Person H will say: "high mountain". When Person P plays river flowing, Person H will say: "river flowing". After Person H dies, Person P cuts his instrument, saying: "unable to find a know music person anymore." Zen speaker needs a Zen listener.


Lantern Off.

A blind man always carry a lantern at night so that other people can see him. One night, someone knocks into the blind man. The blind man: "can't you see my lantern." That person: "your lantern always off." So if you are Zen blind, then your lantern Zen is off, you may not know. You may not know unless you are not Zen blind.


Give The Moon.

A thief comes into a Zen Master house to steal. The thief is unable to find anything valuable. The Zen Master sees him, & gives him his robe. The Zen Master: "too bad I can't give him the moon." We desire so many things, but do we see the valuable things like sun, moon, trees etc.


Dip Of Water.

A Disciple is fetching water for his Zen Master's bathing. After the Zen Master says: "enough." The Disciple pours the rest of water into the soil. The Zen Master is very angry, saying: "why waste the water, why don't give the dips of water to the flowers." The Disciple is enlightened to know that very dips of water is useful & there are ways.


I Am Here.

A Man stands on top of a mountain. Other people ask Him, "are you here for the scenery". The Man says: "no." "Are you here for the fresh airs?" The Man says. "no." Other people then ask Him: "then why are here?" The Man: "because I am here." Because I am here.


Immediate Living.

A person is chased by a tiger. Seeing a vine from the tree, he climbs up the vine. However, on top the vine, one white mouse & one black mouse are biting off the vine. And the tiger is waiting vigorously below. At this moment, that person sees a red berry beside him. So he just tastes it & forget about the situation. Zen is about immediate thing. This current moment.


Heart Of Wave.

A big wrestler is very good at normal time. But in real competition, he always lose. A Zen Master teaches him to think of himself as "a wave." So he imagines himself to be a very big wave pouring to cover the Temple. Since then, he always win during competition. Zen is about thinking who you really are.


The Sun Is There.

A old Monk is working at the temple farm under the hot sun. A young monk asks him why he is working. The old Monk: "because I am here." The young monk: "why works under the hot sun." The old Monk says: "because it is there." Zen is everythings are there.


Draw Point To The Heart.

A young monk asks a Zen Master to draw "point to the heart". The Zen Monk points the paint brush to the young monk face (the Spot). The young monk is very angry for getting dirty. The Zen Monk draws a picture of his angry face. The Zen Master: "this is the heart." When People explains Zen to you, you may not understand at first.


Just One Thought.

A Zen Master walks past the Temple, always see an old lady cries. The old lady: "when it is raining, I cry for my first daughter who has no shoe business. When it is sunny, I cry for my second daughter who has no umbrella business." The Zen Master makes her happy by telling her "raining think of second umbrella daughter, sunny think of first shoe daughter." Zen is about changing your thoughts.


Robber Very Scare.

A robber enters a Zen Master's room. The Zen Master: "you are here for money or for life?" The robber: "for money". The Zen Master drops the money to the ground. "take it." When the

robber is leaving, the Zen Master says: "please close the door after you leave". Later, the robber tells everyone he has never been so scare. Zen Masters also teach sinners.


My Heart Changes.

A General is always killing in the battlefields. Feeling things change without pattern, He become a Zen Monk. When people asks him why he changes? He says: "all things do not change, what change is my heart." Zen is about your heart.


Come & Hug Me.

Monks are supposed to abstain from sex. A male monk falls in love with a female Monk in a Temple. The male monk writes a love letter to the female Monk. The female Monk in front of everyone: "if you so love me, come & hug me." The male monk is so torn by the sex force & no sex force, that he does not move. You cannot love sex & Zen at the same time.


Do Not Know.

An emperor asks a Zen Master: "according to Zen, my heart is Buddha, right?" The Zen Master: "if I say right, you may think you know. If I say wrong, I contradict public knowledge." The emperor asks again: "those who Zen know, dies go where?" The Zen Master: "I do not know, as I haven't die yet." Zen Masters always answer a level of Zen higher of the questions.


No-Sword Sword.

A master Swordsman is very good at sword fighting. So good, at old age, He is always without a sword as He fights without a sword. His student wants to test Him, starts attacking Him. He just pulls the mat under the attacking student, & send him falling into the river. Fight with nothing.


Heart Not Ready.

A general tells the Zen Master: "when I am ready, I will come again for Zen Monk cultivation." Few weeks later, the general comes saying he is ready. The Zen Master: "the earlier the heart is ready, the earlier your wife sleeps with someone else." The general becomes very angry. The Zen Master says he is not ready. According to Zen, your wife does not belong to you.


Heart Spider.

When a monk go into Zen mediation, he always see a big spider to disturb him. His Master asks him to draw a circle on the spider next time it happens. So he draws a circle on the spider next time it happens. When he leaves Zen mediation, he sees a circle he drawn on his stomach. It is himself.


Rich & Poor.

A farmer finds a golden Sub-Sub-Buddha statue in the forest. He becomes an instant millionaire. But this farmer is not happy everyday. Other people ask him why. He says: "I do not know where the rest of 17 golden Sub-Sub-Buddha statues are." You are rich, but you may be very poor.


Handicapped Hand.

A rich man is very stingy. A Monk comes & tells him "if a hand is forever fist, it is handicapped right? If a hand is forever palm, it is handicapped right?" The Monk leaves. The rich man is enlightened. Since then, he has been giving foods to the poor. Forever spendthrift = handicapped. Forever stingy = handicapped. Zen is about using money in a flexible way.


Lose Zen Fight.

2 small Zen monks are always Zen fighting. Zen monk 1: "where are you going?" Zen Monk 2: "where my legs take me?" Zen monk 1 teacher teaches him to follow "what you don't have legs?" But next time, Zen Monk 2 answers: "where the winds take me?". Then next time, answers: "go market". Zen monk 1 loses terribly.


Laugh Loud.

A Zen Master visits the mountain top. When He sees the moon out of the cloud, he laughs very loud. So loud, the laughter can be heard 10 miles away. Everyone wants to know where last night laughter comes from. The Zen monks: "it is our Master laughing on the mountain top last night." When you are with Zen, you can be heard from very far away.


Zen Cannot Say.

One day, a student asks the Zen Master to give a class. The Zen Master says "ok. Please gather all the students." When all the students gather for the class. The Zen Master just

leaves without saying a word. When ask why. The Zen Master: "Zen is cannot say." Zen cannot be said, it is just to know.


Water In A Bottle.

A person hears of a Zen Master's great name so go visit. After seeing, the person says: "he is not as great as heard." The Zen Master: "you believe you ears, but do not believe your eyes." The person asks what is Zen? The Zen Master: "cloud in the sky, water in a bottle." Cloud & water are all water in different forms.


Fall At Right Places.

A Zen Student: "all the snows fall at the right places." Another student: "falls on what places?" The Zen Student gives that student a tight slap, saying: "you are like having eyes but cannot see, having mouth but cannot speak." You may call yourself a Zen student, but you are not one.


Temple Rock Bridge.

A Zen monk comes to visit a Zen Temple which is said to have a rock bridge. But the Zen monk only sees a lonely wooden trunk bridge. When asks where is the rock bridge? The Zen Master: "you only see the lonely wooden trunk bridge, but you do not see the Temple rock Bridge which saves all souls." Seeing & understanding are two different things.


Wash The Bowl.

A Zen student first meeting with the Zen Master: "it is my first time here, can you teach me about Cultivation." The Zen Master: "you have eaten your meal, right? Now it is time to go wash that bowl." The student is enlightened. Cultivation is just doing.


Eating Rice.

A person asks a Zen Master: "what is like for a Cultivator?" The Zen Master: "like me. Wearing clothes & eating rice everyday." That person: "cultivating is doing such routine stuffs?" The Zen Master: "then what you think Cultivation is all about." Zen is about everyday life.


Tree Become Buddha.

A student asks Zen Master: "does a tree has Buddha nature?" The Zen Master: "yes." The student: "when the tree become Buddha?" The Zen Master: "when the heaven fall down." The student: "when does the heaven falls down." The Zen Master: "when the tree becomes a Buddha." Zen start goes to end. Zen end goes to start.

59. 60.

All To One. Four Doors.

A student asks a Zen Master: "the Universe become one, what does the one becomes?" The Zen Master: "at my hometown, I make a robe, weighting 7kg." All is one. A Zen Master has been living in Zhou Province for years. Someone asks him: "what is Zhou Province?" The Zen Master: "north door, east door, south door, west door." Zen Master sees things differently.


Straight Ahead.

A monk asks an old lady how to go Zhou Province. The old lady: "walk straight, don't go east, don't go west." That monk tells: "that old lady may know Zen." So the Zen Master asks the same question to the old lady. And the old lady repeat the same answer. The Zen Master: "she does not know Zen, Zhou Province isn't it right in front." Zen is about answering straight to the point.


The Tree In Front.

A student asks Zen Master: "what is the meaning of Zen?" The Zen Master: "the tree right in front." The student: "do not use things to elaborate." The Zen Master: "I do not use things to elaborate." So the student asks the same question again. And the Zen Master again says: "the tree right in front." Sometime to explain Zen is to repeat everything.


Cannot Replace.

A student: "what is big meaning of Zen?" Zen Master: "I have to go toilet now. This kind of thing I must do myself, are you able to replace me." No one can replace you yourself finding out the true meaning of Zen.


No Thing.

A student: "I do not have a thing at my heart." Zen Master: "drop this thing." The student: "I already said I do not have a thing at my heart." Zen Master: "then carry it." No thing is also a thing.


Drink Tea.

Zen Master asks new comers goes drink tea. For old comers, he also asks them go drink tea. An old monk: "how can there be no difference in treatment." Zen Master to old monk: "go inside drink tea." Drinking tea is just a show of common natural heart.


Heart Foods.

A monk wants to buy heart food (heart food in chinese 点心) from an old lady. The old lady: "if you can tell me your heart, I then sell you heart food.“ The monk is unable to answer. And the old lady walks off. The monk is enlightened. Sometime common People understand Zen better than monks.


Without Candle Fire In Night.

A monk always depends on books Scriptures. At night, Zen Master offers to give him a candle fire to send him on his way. Before the monk goes off, the Zen Master blows off the candle fire. The monk is enlightened in the dark night. If you rely on candle fire scriptures all the time, you are unable to see in the dark night.


Shout Heh.

1 Zen Master shouts "heh" to the other Zen Master. And the other Zen Master shouts "heh" to him. All the student monks copycat the "hehing" thinking it is enlightenment. The Zen Master: "if 2 monks shout heh, who shouts heh first. Since you are unable to answer, please do not copycat the hehing again." Do not copycat answers without understanding the true meanings.


Heh To Stop Thought.

Zen Master to student monk: "a heh is sometime like a roaring lion. A heh is sometime like a shiny sword. A heh is sometimes like a bamboo shadow. Sometimes a heh is not a heh. Do you understand?" When the student monk is thinking. The Zen Master: "HEH!" The answer to what is Zen is very simple.


Do Not Pray Buddha Or Old Masters.

A monk asks Zen Master: "you pray to Buddha first or old Zen Masters first." Zen Master: "Buddha & old Zen Masters both I do not pray." The monk: "how can you like that." Zen Master just walks off. The monk is enlightened. When you need not have Teachers to understand Zen, then you understand Zen.


Cannot Say Die Cannot Say Alive.

A student monk asks Zen Master about a dead person: "is he die or is he alive." Zen Master: "cannot say die & cannot say alive." he monk: "why cannot say." Zen Master: "cannot say means cannot say." So the monk angrily hits the Zen Master. When the Zen Master passes away, the student monk asks another Zen Master the same question. That new Zen Master also says: "cannot say die & cannot say alive." The student monk is enlightened, walking in circles to look for the soul bones of the dead Zen Master." Sometimes you need to consult many differnet Zen Masters to understand Zen.


Take Off My Hat.

A new monk is approached by a nun. Nun: "if you say one Zen thing, I take off my hat." The new monk is unable to answer. So the nun leaves. The new monk cannot sleep for months thinking the answer. In a dream, he is approached by a deity, telling him the answer: "pointing a thumb up." The one thumb signify all things. Zen is no female & no male. Do not think it is because of a female testing about Zen, then you don't know what to do.


Cut Off Thumb.

The enlightened Zen Master has been pointing a thumb up to everyone who comes & asks him about the meaning of Zen. His student monk begins to copycat also pointing up the thumb to everyone. The Zen Master cuts of his thumb, telling him to show the meaning of Zen. The student monk has no thumb To show. He is enlightened. Do not copycat.


Mouth On Tree.

Zen Master: "if a person is mouth on tree, someone comes & asks what is the meaning of Zen. If he answers, he falls. If he doesn't answer, he is impolite. What should he do?" A enlightened Student: "I ask him how he gets to the spot at mouth on the tree." The person mouths on the tree is the Zen Master.

75. 76.

Different Zen. Sound From Six Windows.

Someone asks Zen Master: "Buddha Zen & Zen Master Zen how different?" Zen Master: "duck cold goes into water. Chicken cold goes up the tree." It is the same thing. A student monk asks: "how to see buddha nature?" Zen Master: "it is like calling a monkey in a house. When the monkey answers, his sounds can be heard from all 6 windows." All at the same time.


Do Not Answer.

A traveling monk asks an old Monk cutting grass on the road: "where is the Temple?" The old Monk: "my axe costs 6 copper coins." The traveling monk: "I am not asking about the axe, where is the Temple?" The old Monk: "this axe is very sharp." The traveling monk is enlightened. Sometime Zen is about not answering to the questions.


Universe In A Sesame Seed.

A scholar asks Zen Master: "Scripture says the Universe can be put into a sesame seed. How can that be done?" Zen Master: "you read so many books & put into your brain, isn't it the same." Our minds & the universe are Zen.


No Feeling.

An old Lady keeps a Zen monk in the hut at the back of her house. One day, She asks the daughter goes hug the monk to test him. The daughter goes hug him & asks him how he feels. The Zen monk: "feeling like dead wood." The old lady becomes very angry & burns the hut, saying: "all these years I have been feeding a dead wood." You should not be feeling nothing to be Zen.


Do Not Be Fooled With.

A Zen student Monk everyday wakes up will say to himself: "you are the master. Yes. You must stay awake. Yes. You must not be fooled with. Yes." We are fooled all the times by everyone.


Kid Also Know.

An old man asks Zen Master: "how to cultivate?" Zen Master: "do good things, do not do bad things." The old man: "this 3 years old also knows." Zen Master: "3 years old knows, but 70 years old man does not know." Zen is very simple, even a three years old will know.


Eat & Sleep.

A student asks Zen Master: "how to cultivate?" Zen Master: "hungry eats, sleepy sleep." That student: "isn't that what everyone does." Zen Master: "no. Common people eats with desires, sleeps with desires." Zen is about no desires.


Isn't Everywhere The Same.

A monk walks pass the market place, overhear a person asking the butcher: "please give me 1 kg of good meat." The butcher: "isn't everywhere on the pig is good meat." The monk is enlightened. Isn't everywhere a good place for Zen.


Smell Of Flowers.

A person asks: "what is the secret meaning of Zen." Zen Master asks him to go along with him into the garden. Zen Master to that person: "do you smell the flowers." The person: "yes." Zen Master: "then I have nothing to hide from you about the secret meaning of Zen." That person is enlightened. There is no secret hidden things in Zen.


Low Bamboos, High Bamboos.

A student monk asks: "can you tell me the meaning of Zen?" Zen Master: "when everyone leaves, I tell you." Student monk: "now no one is around. :Please tell me." Zen Master brings the student monk to a forest of bamboos, telling him: "some bamboos are high, some bamboos are low." The monk is enlightened. Some students are smart, some students are not smart.


Someone Needs.

A Zen monk sees old Zen Master working hard on the field. Zen monk: "why do you work so hard on the fields." Old Zen Master: "because someone needs it." Zen monk: "then asks him comes & does." Old Zen Monk: "because he cannot lives without farming on the fields." The Old Zen Master is talking about himself.


I Am Here.

A monk sees Zen Master pouring a cup of tea. The monk: "the tea is for whom." Zen Master: "someone wants to drink." The monk: "then why don't ask him pour himself." Zen Master: "because I am here." Zen is about speaker.


I Am Rain Sounds.

Zen Master asks student monk: "what is outside?" The student monk: "rains sounds." Zen Master: "confusing human making confusing statements." The student monk: "then, how to say?" Zen Master: "I am rain sounds." The student monk is enlightened. Everthings are Zen.


Do Not Know Everyday.

A person asks a Zen Master: "someone says we everyday uses but does not know. What that?" Zen Master: "please eats a biscuit." The person eats a biscuit. Zen Master: "it is this biscuit. Everyday you eat, but you do not know." Zen is every day you do & eat.


Know I Do Not Need.

A Enlightened Monk returns from Sixth Zen Master Temple. A monk: "what have you learnt?" The Enlightened Monk: "I learn I do not need anything there." The monk: "if you do not need anything. Why go there?" The Enlightened Monk: "if I do not go there, I will not know I do not need anything." You need to walk the whole path to understand Zen.


Do Not Wet One Person.

Zen Master: "rains fall on 2 persons, & do not wet 1 person, why?" All students do not know. Zen Master: "do not be tricked by wordings. When I say do not wet 1 person, means it wets both 2 persons." Do not be tricked by words to understand Zen.


No Hell & No Heaven.

A person asks Zen Master 2: "why Zen Master 1 says there is no Hell & no Heaven, while you say I am going either Hell or Heaven." Zen Master 2: "Zen Master 1 does not has any relatives, he is a monk. You are not a monk, you have a family of wife & 2 children." Have sex & do not have sex will go different worlds after you die.


Just Flow Out.

A Zen Master is discovered living in the mountain. Traveling monk: "how long you been here?" Zen Master: "as many as the leaves turn autumn." Traveling monk: "where does the river leads to?" Zen Master: "it just flows out." Zen speakings are like waters flowing.


Cannot Front Cannot Back.

Zen Master asks all his students: "if you go front, you loses Zen. If you go back, you lose money. If you do not move, you are dead wood. What will you do?" No one knows. Zen Master: "you move one step front, then one step back." Move many steps & stay in the same spot to understand Zen.


Clown Wants People Laugh, You Do Not.

A student monk lacks a sense of humour. His Zen Teacher: "when Zen Master A falls into pond what he says." The student monk: "he says he is like a shining pearl washed." His Zen Teacher just laughs very loud. The student monk is sleepless for many nights. Next day, he asks his Zen Teacher why he laughs. The Zen Teacher: "a clown wants people to laugh, you do not." To understand Zen, you need a sense of humour.


Burn Buddha Statues.

A Zen Monk feels very cold in a Temple. So he cuts the Buddha Statues into firewoods to burn. A monk: "why you so disrespectful to buddha statues." The Zen Monk: "can these statues burn out buddha body seeds." the monk: "how can statues burn out buddha body seeds." Zen Monk: "then burn that 2 statues also." Statues do not lead you to Zen.

97. 98. 99.

Hot & Cold. Turn Self To Universe. Flowers & Rivers.

Another monk asks Zen Master: "when Zen Monk burns buddha statues, is he wrong." Zen Master: "when cold burns woods, when hot goes under bamboos." Depend on situations. A student monk: "how to turn the Universe to self." Zen Master: "turn self to the Universe." Turn Zen to self easier, or turn self to Zen is easier? A student monk: "all physical things with forms die someday. Is there something that do not die?" Zen Master: "like the flowers are beautiful & the rivers look stopping but actually it is flowing." Zen speakings are like water flowing in a river, it is ongoing.


A Buddhism Thread.

A student monk thanks his Zen Master: "thank you for your teachings, I am leaving to travel for other Buddhism Teachings." The Zen Master takes out a clothing thread: "isn't this here another Buddhism Teaching." You cannot learn finished for Zen.


Catch Voidness.

A Zen Monk asks another monk: "are you able to catch voidness." That monk catch empty space. The Zen Monk: "I show you the correct way to catch voidness." The Zen Monk catches the nose of the monk. The physical body is also voidness.


Fire God Asks Fire.

A student monk asks: "what is Zen?" Zen Master: "fire god comes look for fire." The monk shouts: "I know already. I know already." Zen Master asks: "what you know?" The monk: "I know Zen, yet look for Zen." Zen Master: "I thought you know, but you don't know." The student monk asks again: "what is Zen?" Zen Master: "fire god comes look for fire." The monk shouts: "this time I really know already. This time I really know already." When you explain, you do not know Zen.

103. 104.

Road To Enlightenment. No Cold & No Hot Place.

A student monk: "the road to Enlightenment starts from where?" Zen Master uses his stick to draw a line on the soil in front of the student monk: "the Road starts here." Zen starts here. A monk: "how to escape from hot & cold weathers?" Zen Monk: "why don't you go places where there are no hot & no cold." The monk: "where is no cold & no hot places?" Zen Monk: "when cold, turn yourself cold. When hot, turn yourself hot." Turn self to environment, not environment to self.


Turn Male Monk.

A nun asks Zen Master: "what to do this life, so that next life turn into male monk?" Zen Master: "you male or female?" The nun: "you should know I am female." Zen Master: "who knows?" For Zen, being male or female is the same.


3 Kg Firewoods.

A monk asks Zen Master 1: "what is Zen?" Zen Master 1: "3 kg of firewoods." The monk does not understands & asks another Zen Master 2: "what is Zen?" Zen Master 2: "flowers blooming." The monk still does not understands & asks another Zen Master 3: "what is Zen?" Zen Master 3: "north bamboos, south bamboos." The monk still does not understand. Zen Master 3: "do not be a dog who chases the rock throws at him. Be the lion who chases the human throwing the rock." Understand the meaning of Zen from that person, not from that person's words.

107. 108. 109.

Cow Tail Stuck. No Season. At The Moment.

Zen Poems: "a cow big body pass through the small window. But his tiny tail is stuck at the window." Let your whole Zen body flows out. Zen Poems: "have things first have Heaven & Earth. Nothing is originally quiet. Able to become all things master. No driven by any season." Do you see Zen here? Zen Poems: "not for one full moon, & forget all the times in the Universe. Not for all times in the Universe, & forget one full moon. Zen where is one full moon. Everyone hates hot, but I love summer sun. Winds come & you feel cool, cool or not cool depends on self." Zen depends on self interpreting.


Tail & Head.

A snake tail talks to the head. Snake tail: "I want to be head moving in front." Snake head: "I have eyes, so it is safer." The tail does not care & knot himself to the tree stopping the snake head from moving. Finally the snake head: "ok, you go front." Snake tail without eye, keep moving, until the snake falls into a cliff. Do you have Zen eyes?


Snake Is For Frogs.

Some frogs live happily in a pond. The frogs: "the water is for us. The air is for us. Insects foods are for us." Then appear a snake & eats a small frog. The big Frog: "even the snake is for us. Without the snake, we will be overpopulated." Everything has a reason.


Spider Web Thread.

Buddha from Heaven sees a group of sinners suffering in Hell from the Heaven Well. The sinners are crying painfully inside Hell fires. Buddha pity them, & "sees" whether any one ought to be saved. Buddha sees sinner A that during his lifetime, he once pity a spider & do not want to step on that spider. So Buddha makes appears a spider to lay down a web thread to Hell to save that sinner to go Heaven. That sinner A seeing the web thread, starts climbing away from the below Hell fire. After some time, he sees down that many sinners are also climbing that web thread. Sinner A: "this web thread is mine, everyone goes down." He cuts the below web thread. Then, on top of his web thread also breaks. And all sinners drop down into Hell again. Buddha this time does not listen to these sinners' crying for help anymore.


Tit For Tat.

A good person is finding it hard to live during famine years. He sees an old lady cutting hair from dead female bodies. The good person shouts: "what are you doing?!" The old lady: "she is already dead anyway, so I cut her hairs To sell for foods." That good person turns bad: "I finally understand." So he robs the old lady's clothing. Do not care for the old lady also. When you do not care, why should we care for you.

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