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Hychord ®

– The truss fabrication material

for high load applications where high strength and
predictable deflection performance are paramount.

With Hychord designers can confidently exploit the The table below summarises the design properties of
excellent strength properties for minimum sections and Hychord, and compares these with published values for
then utilise the predicted deflection performance to apply other typical materials used for trusses:
just the right amount of camber to ensure flat ceilings and
Hychord E8/MSG 8* MSG 12*
a ‘no dips or bumps’ roof line.
Characteristic stresses (MPa)
Bending, f ’b 42 14 28
Hychord provides predictable deflection performance
Tension, f ’t 27 6 14
because uniformity of Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) is Compression, f ’c 40 18 25
built-in during manufacture. Radiata pine veneer is
Modulus of Elasticity
ultrasonically graded and sorted and then laminated in a (Average) 11,000 8,000 12,000
Modulus of Elasticity
carefully controlled predetermined pattern that ensures a
(Lower Bound) 10,000 5,600 9,000
high degree of uniformity for MOE. This results in the
* NZS 3603 : 2004
predictable deflection performance needed for efficient use
of camber in truss design. Hychord also has some other important qualities –

• Straight and true for ease of positioning and assembly

To demonstrate the improved quality of finish, consider
and distortion free trusses.
the following example. A camber of 20 mm is specified in a
• Set length packs are standard – careful selection
truss to equal the calculated long-term deflection.
Two scenarios are summarised in the following table: of purchase lengths will minimise wastage and

Range of possible truss deflections

speed production
Low Average High
• Ready availability
Ordinary timber 10 mm 20 mm 30 mm
Possible variation ± 10 mm
• High strength yet light to handle
Hychord LVL 17 mm 20 mm 23 mm
Possible variation ± 3 mm • Plates readily pressed
• Distinctive purple colour – helps to highlight quality
In addition to the uniformity of MOE, the manufacturing
process for Hychord also ensures that the characteristic • Manufactured from 100% NZ grown plantation pine –
strength is enhanced. This allows smaller section sizes to a totally renewable resource
carry load, resulting in a lower truss weight. In some cases, • Wood based product – use of structural wood stores
double ply trusses using ordinary timber can be redesigned
carbon and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions
as single ply Hychord trusses, with a subsequent saving in
• Manufactured and properties evaluated in accordance
plates, labour and site erection costs. The enhanced
strength over ordinary timber enables its substitution for with AS/NZS 4357 Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber –
heavily loaded truss members such as in girder, coved, totally compatible for engineering design in accordance
cantilevered and commercial trusses. with NZS 3603:1993 Timber Structures Standard.

H Y C H O R D = P R E D I C TA B L E D E F L E C T I O N = A P P RO P R I AT E C A M B E R = QUA L I T Y F I N I S H

Hychord is structural laminated veneer lumber manufactured

in accordance with AS/NZS 4357 and having the structural
design properties specified in the adjacent table. Characteristic strength
Bending f’b 42 MPa
Tension parallel to grain f’t 27 MPa
Compression parallel to grain f’c 40 MPa
Thickness (nominal) 3.2 mm
Species Radiata Pine Shear in beams f’s 4.7 MPa
Grade D AS/NZS 2269 Compression perpendicular to grain f’p 12 MPa
Joints face Scarf
Shear at joint details f’sj 4.7 MPa
Joints other Butt/Scarf
Modulus of elasticity
Average E 11.0 GPa
Moisture Content: 7% - 15% Lower Bound E 10.0 GPa
Joint group
For nails, bolts and screws only J5
Dimensional Tolerances:
For nail plates refer to nail-plate manufacturer
Depth -0 mm, + 2 mm
Thickness -0 mm, + 2 mm
Finish: Unsanded faces, sawn edges & arrises
chamfered. Painted with one coat of
purple acrylic stain.
Density: 600 kg/m3 (approximately)
Branding: Each piece of Hychord is branded at least
once with the Hychord, PAA and JAS-ANZ
logos for identification and evidence of
Adhesive & bond: Phenolic adhesive compliance with manufacturing quality
Type “A” (marine) bond control standards.
Refer AS/NZS 2098 & AS 2754


Hychord sizes 90 x 35 90 x 45 140 x 45 190 x 45

Pieces/Pack 65 65 40 30

Lengths available in 6.0 and 7.2 metres

Enquiry recommended for sizes and lengths outside of the above range
and for preservative treatment options.

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Auckland Facsimile 0800 808 132
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