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LETTER WRITING TRAINING CHECKLIST Divide your letter into paragraphs.

raphs. Avoid using contractions both in semi-formal and formal letters Avoid using direct questions and exclamations in semi-formal and formal letters. Use appropriate expressions to refer to news in the letter you have received. Use some linking words to organize ideas (Firstly, Secondly, In addition,. State the reason for writing in the first place. State what you want them to do at the end. (formal letters) If you begin your letter Dear Sir or Madam, end it Yours faithfully, If you begin your letter Dear Ms Smith, end it Yours sincerely,

Test 1, Writing Part 2 (page 27) You have seen this advertisement placed by the Tourist Information Office.
Summer Tourist Guides Required Do you speak English? Do you like meeting people? Do you know your own town or city well? Is you can answer yes to all these questions, apply to the manager Miss Evans, explaining why you think you would be a good tourist guide.

Model answer (A letter of application)

Dear Ms Evans, I am writing to apply for the position of summer tourist guide, as recently advertised. I feel I would be well suited to this kind of work as I have good knowledge of the citys history and culture, in addition to its entertainment, sports and leisure facilities. I also know my way around the city centre extremely well, having grown up here. I have had a considerable amount of experience of working with the public, including four weeks last summer as a shop assistant. I have always thoroughly enjoyed talking to people and helping them. I think I have a high enough level of spoken and written English for the job. Although I have not yet taken Cambridge first certificate, I have traveled widely in Englishspeaking countries and have many friends there. We keep in touch by email and online chat, which I find excellent for improving my fluency. I enclose a copy of my curriculum vitae, and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,

Test 2, Writing Part 1 (page 75)

Model answer (a formal letter)

Dear Ms Romero, Thank you for your letter. In reply to your first question, my group would like to participate in the high jump, the 100-metre sprint and the triathlon, as well as in the swimming and the tennis. We are in fact quite relieved to hear that the activities will not continue late into the Sunday evening, as we will have a long rail journey home after everything finishes. In addition, we are very pleased that you are able to arrange accommodation over the weekend. As I have been unable to find a reasonably-priced hotel in the area where the event will be held, I would be most grateful I you could book rooms for us for both nights. Finally, In case I need to contact you urgently, Could you please let me have your telephone number and email address? (indirect question) Yours sincerely, Test 3, Writing Part 1 (page 114)
Model answer ( an email)

Hi Kay Ive bought lots of things over the Internet and I definitely think its a good idea. I know some people have had problems sometimes but Ive only had positive experiences. I agree with Mark that books and CDs DVDs too are some of the best things to buy online. Its much quicker and easier than going into town and trying to find what you want in a shop there. It would be very risky to send cash through the post. It could easily get lost. Websites all accept payment by credit card and its safest to pay that way. I think if you dont like what youre sent or if it gets damaged in the post, then you probably have the right to return it and get your money back. Therell be information on the website of the company youre using so read that before ordering anything. Good luck.

Test 4, Writing Part 1 (page 133),

Model answer ( an informal letter)

Dear Ronnie, Thank you very much for your invitation. It sounds fantastic and Id love to spend a week or two with you this summer. July would suit me better than August because Ive already agreed to help in my uncles shop in August. My cousin usually helps him but hes going to be away on a school trip then. I think Id prefer to stay in your apartment. Itd be nicer to be there with you and your parents rather than sleep somewhere else on my own. The beach is good but Id definitely prefer to do other things too. I love sightseeing in new places and I know there are some very interesting old castles not far from your place. How about visiting one or two of those? Looking forward to it so much, Nico
Test 5, Writing Part 1 (page 152), Model answer

Hi Chris, Its no problem if you come the second week in August instead of the first. In fact, it really suits us better because my brother will be away on a tennis course then so you can use his room. Im sure youll love Egypt. Its a very beautiful country with lots of interesting places to visit. I think youll particularly enjoy snorkelling in the Red Sea. Some people say that our underwater wildlife is the best in the world. Its much hotter here in August than it is in Scotland. So bring light summer clothes. Make sure you dont forget your swimming costume! When you arrive at the airport, just take a shuttle bus to the city centre. They go every fifteen minutes. Text me to say youre on your way. Then get off at the stop by the Metropole Hotel and Ill meet you there. Best wishes, Alim

Test 6, Writing Part 1 (page 171) Model answer

Dear Mr Wilson, Thank you for your letter. I am afraid I would not want to do just evening work as I am anxious to find a full-time position. I would, however, be very interested in your alternative suggestion for work at the summer camp in the mountains. When are you likely to know whether there will be a vacancy there or not? I am available for work from 4th July to 31st August and would be happy to work for you for all of that period. However, if you would only want to offer me work for one month, then my preference would be for August. My spoken English is good as I spend a lot of time with English-speaking people. I am a sociable person and I definitely get on well with people of all ages. Yours sincerely, Bruno Schneider

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