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Mohamed E Al Bakry

January 15, 2009

The Training Division Manager

Basic Management Skills

Ref: 002 BMS 15-01-2009
Course Objectives
As per the employer request, the following topics are to be
addressed to participants in the training program who are in
the age group of 27 years or below.
The purpose of the “Basic Management Skills “is, but not
limited to:
I. Introduce the basic concepts of management to
participants who are not totally familiar with the issues
involving management process on the personal
individual front or on collective group interaction front.
II. Reintroduce the basic concepts of management to
those who have tackled the issues in formal educational
training and might have had some sort of experience to
put these issues in practice.
III. Open assertive and constructive dialogue in the form of
open guided discussions while delivering the essential
course syllabus. Participants may be asked or invited to
form groups where every 3 or four are exchanging
round leadership to follow, record, and or debate the
lecturer (s).

In order to achieve the objectives of the training course,
suggested methodologies are to be implemented as follows:

IV. Participants are expected among completing the

training course to master the basic concept where
quizzes prior and after each session are assuring
V. Scores are given based on participation in class, writing
essays or submitting reports, presenting a problem and
asking class to join in for solutions, and finally answers
recorded on multiple choice question sheets as per
instructor judgments.

Management Training Course To Cover The Managerial


Course Code : Module 1

Duration : 5 Days

Day 1 Basic Management Skills

Basic Concepts Of Management
Managers and Management
Management Functions, Activities, and Roles

The Management Process

Planning – Organizing – Leading – Controlling
The Management Process in Practice

Management level and skills

Managerial Roles
The Challenge of Management

Day 2 Communication Skills
Basic Communication Skills
Communication Is a Two – Way Process
Types of Communication
What can I do to improve my Communication
( Workshop Approach )

Day 3 Interpersonal Skills

Critical Elements Of Interpersonal Skills
Recognize Interpersonal Skills that promote
success with co – workers
The barriers of the effective use of interpersonal
How to deal and communicate with different styles

Day 4 Team work and cooperation

Team work and the cooperation concept
Turn a group into a team
Facilitate effective team interactions
Work co-operatively with others outside the team
Barriers to effective team work

Day 5 Problem solving techniques

Overview of Problem Solving Process
Analytical tools
Planning tools
Measure of Solution Effectiveness

Notes on Course Program and Schedule:
i. Compliance with course requirements:
ii.Resources: Internet Based – All slides or
printed references are recorded and copy
write to their authors or publishers.
iii.Recording Format: Slides Handouts are to be
iv.Participants notes recording: sufficient space
is provided on training module
documentation. Notes’ recording from the
lecturer is encouraged from the participants
and or program coordinator.
v.Duration of course in hours: up to 30
vi.Number of participants: up to 15
vii.Prerequisites of participant’s educational
level: Fresh Graduate in any discipline.
viii.Participant’s background: To be given or
submitted to course instructor
ix.Number of guest tutors and lecturers (if any)
x.Study materials availability: Yes (Inter Net
Based down Loads)
xi.Description of study materials: To be
displayed on request
xii.Visual materials: Yes; Soft copies: Yes; Light
lunch: (By Sponsor- If requested); Hardcopies:
Yes (Production by sponsor from Master Copy)
xiii.Conference room lay out: Yes: (By Sponsor)
xiv.Overhead projector and data show: Yes: By
xv.Platform and flip chart: Yes: By Sponsor
xvi.Marking board: Yes (By Sponsor)
xvii.Hourlyrate: LE 50.00 Fifty Egyptian Pounds
Only per Hour for 30 Hours Course . All fees
are to be calculated on Net basis after
deducting income tax.
xviii.Mode of Payment : 50% Down Payment on
Confirmation of Materials’ Content ; 50% on

xix.Validity : 2 weeks
xx.Availability: One week notice is requested.

Disclaimer: IQS, Integrated Quality Solutions is a private

individual virtual solutions provider that is operated and
managed by Engineer Mohamed E Al Bakry in order to give
specialized training and consultation to selected clients and
corporations. IQS does not take any liability of the
regeneration of the course content delivered to individuals or
groups. IQS is not a commercial enterprise and any liability
of taxes are to be deducted from source by the sponsor on
the grounds of “Expert Limited Contract Basis “. All
information discussed or presented during or after the
training are on sponsor‘s consent and permission.