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Matthew Lee Knowles

June 2009
2. IN THE 30. RATS
3. THE TO BE BY THE 31. THE (iv)
5. OF 33. THE OX
6. UNTITLED (ii) 34. THE (v)
8. UNTITLED (iii) 36. UNTITLED (vi)
9. THE (i) 37. OF A (i)
10. A (i) 38. UNTITLED (vii)
11. A FIRE 39. THE (vi)
12. PLOT 40. OF A (ii)
13. GUY DAY 41. ON THE
15. FAIR (i) 43. UNTITLED (viii)
17. UNTITLED (iv) 45. SIN
20. I’LL HAVE THE 48. THE (vii)
21. THE OF (i) 49. OLD BLUE
22. THE (ii) 50. BAGS OF MEAT
24. BIRD 52. THE FOX
26. THE (iii) 54. THE DOG
27. BLUE 55. UNTITLED (ix)
28. TO A FISH OF THE 56. OF THE (i)
57. THE VOTE 85. AND
58. UNTITLED (x) 86. FOR THE
60. UNTITLED (xi) 88. IN MY
63. THE (viii) 91. WHO WHAT
64. SNOW IN 92. UNTITLED (xxii)
66. UNTITLED (xii) 94. GIRL BOY
68. UNTITLED (xiii) 96. POEM
69. A TREE 97. THE TO
71. UNTITLED (xiv) 99. SONG (i)
72. UNTITLED (xv) 100. SONG (ii)
73. THE END OF THE 101. FAIR (ii)
74. DAY 102. SONG (iii)
75. UNTITLED (xvi) 103. SONG (iv)
76. UNTITLED (xvii) 104. O
77. OUR 105. UNTITLED (xxiii)
78. UNTITLED (xviii) 106. I ONCE WENT A
79. UNTITLED (xix) 107. LAST BUT NOT
80. UNTITLED (xx) 108. THE OF (ii)
82. SONS 110. THE OF (iii)
83. A ON 111. A (ii)
84. UNTITLED (xxi) 112. UNTITLED (xxiv)
114. THE DEAD 142. ON
115. A (iii) 143. UNTITLED (xxxi)
116. UNTITLED (xxv) 144. UNTITLED (xxxii)
117. UNTITLED (xxvi) 145. MY HOME
118. WET LEG 146. TO THE OF
119. A (iv) 147. SHIP
120. OF THE (ii) 148. THE (xi)
121. OLD 149. DUMP
122. OLD MAN AT 150. UNTITLED (xxxiii)
123. THE (ix) 151. A LYKE WAKE
124. UNTITLED (xxvii) 152. UNTITLED (xxxiv)
125. UNTITLED (xxviii) 153. WAKE
126. SONG (v) 154. PASS ON
127. JOHN 155. THE TWA
128. THE WIND 156. THE (xii)
129. WIND 157. UNTITLED (xxxv)
130. THE BIRD OF 158. THE (xiii)
131. UNTITLED (xxix) 159. ON JOHN PYE A
132. THE WIND (ii) 160. ON MR
133. ROAD 161. UNTITLED (xxxvi)
134. I’M A 162. AN AT
135. UNTITLED (xxx) 163. THE (xiv)
136. ON A 164. THE OF (iii)
138. THE (x) 166. FROM THE
139. GAOL 167. PLAY

Was a man with a of wood who to sing and in Is no one men that has not a and my in I have
it was but was one who the clip of this of away from the ties of life but this each time
wood and knew what the man to sing and with I look at a fire each time that I meet a I my
that the was. and a of and am glad as a god had my path
ever the day I was to half my time I have the
and when I have a new poem I the road to the
rock I lean my body on the of I pull down
with my a mad the and the apes and all come
to peep to a to the I a that is by men.

They hold over and at the of what can be said No I a dog the with a limp or a up of lit
has been said of like legs in the mud even with out all at a the road or a of pine for
the may keep but the of grin past they out yes and a tree with its head off a ruff of
into the and the. dead at its neck not of rain on the of this
and of that me a pub with the din it.
5. OF 6. UNTITLED (ii)

Only be to for and will be my soul a tiny is Late rain and sun for a full week the at just
my sun and are but with they can. one a clot red hard as a knot you ate that
one and it was like wine was in it upon the
and lust for then red ones up and that sent
us out with milk cans pea tins jam pots and
wet our and we and the cans were full the had
been with ones and on top big dark like a of
eyes our were with our as we the in the byre
but when the bath was we a for a rat grey on
our the was too once off the bush the the
turn sour I felt like it fair that all the of
rot each year I keep knew they not.
7. OUT OUT 8. UNTITLED (iii)

The buzz saw and in the yard and made dust But that was to what came out from the sea of
and of wood when the drew it and the saw and what were they at all of any like that what
and as it ran or had to bear a load and day were they then all of seen or or very un oh
was all but done call it a day I wish they they to had it all and and no all new each his
have said to the boy by him the half hour all came out just one of them I am what were
that a boy so much when from work his them in you’d like to see but one was puce or more like
her to tell them at the word the saw as if to but not some had no tell me had they legs not a
saws knew what out at the boy’s hand or to leg nor foot them that I saw but did come out
in any what O was it what was the day of the
leap he must have the hand it was the but the
week who else was how was the I was to that it
hand the boy’s was a as he them up the hand
was half past on last the sun was the band on
half in but half as if to keep the life from
for the of were all them in good and then in
then the boy saw all he was old to know big
his on his of the they came out on the sand not
boy a man’s work a at he saw all don’t let
time to the band at a pace but at last the most
him cut my hand off the when he don’t let him
odd of all one man see for did a well what it
so but the hand was gone the put him in the
made a a no no a a of no but a very loud like
dark of he lay and his lips out with his and
to on in the what did the do I was to that.
then the at his took no one they at his less
and that it no more to on and they they were
not the one dead to.
9. THE (i) full of and some that fain have run and some
that for not stir from they some over bent
The time I came of age I that with me I I some in and the and I knew not why a thin the
woke I told this in that the of use my poem then I in that dire dare a and man in my ears
as a to off evil and so has it its that I a and and it was the cock that dawn was is
dare not any hide it from the the are once as the sky had his and the they dawn had fled in
in the I lay by saw I in my all my was of and from the day in an the poet in the fact
that came me I and four with bird from six that many evil and have in the past been of
eyes yet part on the foul me out arms me and good duke huan of chi in the saw in a an ogre
to me from my bed then I and in my my was as as a and as long as a a coat and red cap
with all my all awry ill how dare you with it was an omen that he rise to the Wu Ting of
your dire man then I out my like them like the was in a by the face of the man who his
here slit jack O here hog face and in the wise and wên duke of chin that the of chu held
dust imps and lobs and eyed oafs and down hag
him and out his yet his chu lao tzu made use
the ear wig that me on its tail I at eyes on
of and the of so evil to good.
of I cut my way my deep in half tore at my I
slit trod on red bald by the then was a arms
and legs and a of feet lost and in the and so
I till and foul like a down they they but
turn eyes upon me to see how now I fare at
last to end I upon them and on a high and
down them and as my then by and four by four
one hop a trot they fled and till the air was
10. A (i) 11. A FIRE

The are at our like wild it is here is who is Down the with a that all else to the curb and
a TV in of a TV we who are not for our off TV hats hurl past to verb at the into gear and
with and in an so that if we ever get well make it the turn in a of the bell sure and is
and get up and the for with more than just loud I here of my mind a all I was upon has
our we may not I mean it is that when we get wing and I have you to as you howl I you into
well we will not to run or even to walk we’ll my mind and and all to your red in that not
be able to but will hold firm to our and our fire.
ever more over our and and such TV as may on
five do all our for us once even our have and
it is here.
12. PLOT 13. GUY DAY

For days buds have lain in soon the will come I am the the the man with for and thin eyes I
we pray be no rain to make less now in the they send on the air my and at my bear the I open
to the of puts its and the thin to upon the of on the dark my of with with its last wear my
a and then the guy is by the sky is with and a of with the of in the my skin of now now on
me as I it the high the fuse is lit a cat like the and with in of the with and sown at my
hiss and spit of fire a sly then the air is feet my coat of slit with the sky eyes scan
with the and in my a that the past to my side my mask of in of our fuse in my name is man.
the a ten year to walk now and so I’m to hear
the howl of and the talk of men who died am to
my fear I for a to the guns the torn how I the
past I hear a sons who’s of.
14. AT A FAIR 15. FAIR (i)

At a fair I saw a led by a with a red like a In and we poor that it in hats and as old can
long thin how much he was the the and then I sing O as they in out and caro I will sing
saw that the was and the a eyed the mild the but fair O here of all like wind and tide
as if he had no mind or will of any kind the each and and and bag and my ware and a of
to go at his the I know not like one fate fine ware O all is not at fair O here are and
bade that it must be so he or no in I have of plum and of the tap and with salt and pick
seen and more I may see yet but that it the fat and play of the plot sir wild all and hot
of if once a. sir fine and the on the wire the of and nice
pig at the fire the ups and take a seat in
the O are more ups and than at fair O cat and
the tall the and of the go come who come who
wine beer ale and fire the dog that can tell
all his and some men as are not much his this
a wide fair we mong gay our like are by play
by and by show by and by the fal lals of and
life is but a than rare O and thus ends the
of fair O.

Some that sing of the fair and out an but the Man to the wife sow boy girl pail and your
best old song that ever was sung it is the will be but man miss boy and wife silk and
term the term time it is near when we will and soon be.
all win free and with the will fee with and
hats and arms hawk and call the a for and go
on some mile know em and hire and them far
from home tip you on the and ask if to fee
tell you a fine word a lie tell you a fine
and get you to but lads when you are them its
like a on cold and feed you like the pigs
they sit at tea and and ride in gigs the must
be maam and you must lift your cap to her and
you find an the must get sir the time when it
you rest let you to the but they like the
best the hour it them and then to us say come
on my lads get your rest when in the clay.

Is my name my all call me joe I’m up you know My he kept the and he a mer mi ade one on of he
to game and I know ah I was as be I for it had two of them were fish and was me when I was
now if they try it on with me I tell them not but a bit of a chip I was put in of the nore I
for joe not for joe not for joe if he it not kept my in very good a of the work to oh the nore
the nore the they oer and oer no such life to be
for no no no not for joe not for oh dear no.
had on like the life that is led by the man on the
nore one as I was a of the glim a a of the hymn I
saw by the of my lamp the form of my damp just
then a out ahoy and she was a on a buoy a a buoy
for the that sail and not a boy a male says I to
me now how do yer do and hows my and my two says
she its an orph I an you are for only one and got
no pa your was with pals and by the of your one
was in a dish and one is kept as a fish at that I
wept like a soft eyes my they made the damp says I
to my won’t you step you look so wet just to dry
your skin says she I the wet my dear says I let me
you the dear my she at me with a it’s to my that I
can’t sit down says my now you go on but the man
at the nore at that I saw a and that was the end
of my tale now in to that wish I can’t my the fish
if you to see her when you go on just give her the
of the man at the nore.
20. I’LL HAVE THE 21. THE OF (i)

Hey hey hey hey I’ll have the if I may I saw Old tell how a slew at with and eyes to see and
a dog and an ape a and a a I’ll have the if I well a but he had a club this to drub or he’d
may I saw a and sew and bake and brew the have done it I ye but more of more hall with at
pots till they like new I’ll have the if I all he slew the of this had two each one upon
may I saw a corn sow and a worm a blow and a each with a in his tail as long as a made him
a crow I’ll have the if I may I saw a drag a and he had long and in his jaws four and of
iron with a hide as as any buff did him have
and yet push a and a an I’ll have the if I
you not how the held men in his this so big but
may I saw a wild pig bind and a frog wool and
very near I’ll tell ye he poor that not with
a toad fine I’ll have the if I may I saw a
him and at one sup he ate them up as you eat an
sow bear to wash the had a to I’ll have the
all of this did eat some say he ate up and that
if I may I saw an egg a pie give me my is dry
the sure he by for and were to him and he ate
it’s no time I told a lie I’ll have the if I
all and left none but some dear jack that he on
the find in near fair the I know it well some
two or or I vow I tell but is a just on the
hill edge and hard by it O and then was this
den you not but spy it some say this was a some
say he was a for from his nose a and with it he
cast off when he did in a well that he did by
made it look just like a with hard by a of whom
all did ring for he play at cuff and call rude
do any kind of by the and the mane with his he
a till he was dead and what is for very he ate thou thou so sore sure thy diet is our old on
him all up but his head as I told eat men and the side out upon the and gave the such a he
boys and came to his and made a O save us all knew not what to by cock he say you so do you
more of more hall thou of do but slay this who see and then at let him fly with hand and with
won’t us a rag on and we’ll give thee all our foot and so they went to it and the word it was
tut tut he no I want but I want in a fair maid hey boys hey the I don’t then to it they fell
of both and keen with the hair as sloe skin as one and all like two wild so if I may with two
snow with her to me oer the ere I go to and to days and a with this did our on the tho it was
me in the this done he did to hew the down but it was neat they had one at the hard to the
he went new to at town with all not but of so gave him a made him to reel and he to lift him
and both and arms legs and all oer some five or as high as a rock and then let him fall but
six long had you but seen him in this how he more of more hall like a son of as he came like
and how big you have him to be some he all cats a lout so he him and hit him a kick on the oh
dogs and all each cow each and each hog for the with a deep sigh and six and and out of his
fear they did flee for they took him to be some of more of more hall O thou I had seen thee
hog to see this all then got up on and on some with that on thy foot thou has my gut and I’m
and too but put on so’s not to hose as soon as for ever the for if you had that you have done
he rose to make him and he by the tale six pots me no then his head he and and he lay and on
of ale and a of aqua it is not that wins for one knee then on his back he so and and died.
wits do made our down into a well he did this
and so he did in and as he low he up and boh
and hit him in the oh the on thee come out thou
me in my and then he and shot at him good how
he did the soul they foul thy dung not like
22. THE (ii) 23. THE NEST

In the the the blue sky as if a and a far the Upon the of an hugh old oak year year boys mark a
the hung out they wait with for the news but nest of made up a near in size and boys to it try
all of but not a twig to with hand or foot from
in a in the a is way in the hare that hops up
the bulk tis all in vain they one make to them up
ears and away and the wren some who saw fall
but down they soon as ere they try so long hath
they they peer down a as if they a in the of
been old men when bye will and tell the ways they
the or a rare see the of dead hear it was a had when boys to that very tree as it so seem that
man fell out of the air hear now his and they very nest that neer was from that self same spot a
rip the slum of they a body that as the it on year in all and they will say that the two are now
his now that he has no they prop him up his the very that the then some it yet at loss and it
in open his eye then as in a in the noon the so they pass as old the men so and that even men
man and than own as the beat his body and the will into the fame of boys at get at that now and
eye to the like no more open or than a fist then may a one from the tree with iron and up the
and in its most dear the of eyes too to let or else by over the and so up by at one with foot
rope a way so that one and only one in of the men
to the edge of such as can to all that is
was to wear his to end and the nest and a theme
gasp of till they look down on the at he eye
that for by the not yet come with that the top and
tye their to the cock as that the deed was done
yet even now in days no one is bold to dare the
way up the old oak the two at old task the hugh
nest they live and and are and like a in the of up
yet the hugh old oak that the nest.
24. BIRD 25. UNTITLED (v)

Vlee away cap don’t ye hurt crap I vil my It was the of oil the of snug in the not too
trap and lie down and teak a nap and take much at the of the slug into the air nor yet
care of your toes or I’ll pick up my and you too a tree shot down and to the wind my turn
down shoo all away shoo away shoo. to the gun file and with of and sun we and a
of a cone the the to the next tree your turn
my turn the its head a hit let’s go back to
the lawn we can’t it lead for the rest of its
life him off it was now him and when he the
sky like a pane he away a full half had a
hole we that slow to the his back was to the
tree his eyes were gun he was dumb and we not
see past the size of his or hear for the drum
in his side four to dull his eyes a to stop
the in his a of as we up the and when not the
we like ran the of a.
26. THE (iii) 27. BLUE

The was ever dark and dark its is with and Out of the two dead in the rut as a few feet
and no one over the by and yew and down the blue a dog or fox has one by by some from his
half of its with and for the sun of the moon the elm root the a duel of the by bad the
of and all the the that are shut out but far sky’s far dome is sane and the road and the
more and dark the they the dug him out and lake bare no the look as the in a pose to how
gave him to the that most of. fury now of an old war the up in the ear of
the and I the soft pelt of the mole to them
they in it they move mute I the the fat of
root and rock by day only the down one is a
path they go the for the of to be over and
over and the of is just as far from the door
as ever what us in easy and as each.

Why thou away with fear me of near I have no A lady sent for one drug to come in an and
all with a bait alas to thee to thy fate and poor pug as the fair one he came at the word
thee from the O of the I do not wish to thy and did the in tie wig and the so and so nice
for unto thee hath a wife and dear to thy he held out his hand with you know maam my
life as she hath done for me thy O fish and your says the lady why sir he’s a and must
when an for his dish vile sin a to pull thee take fees of each.
out god give thee O to pull the in.
30. RATS 31. THE (iv)

They were of by the name of and of in a of When did you your what do you on such high legs
such as from lips from oats of the curb ah for why this of you is it so that you lift your of
and no more than air as you upon me upon me you I
hah and ah hah boys the they were as the and
a call you the in you turn your head your tail and
took the of and two of them on the same day
how can you put so much into that of a with your
at a if we the of lips.
thin and your legs how you sail like a or a dull
clot of air a yet what an aura you your evil aura
and a on my mind that is your bit of and the to my
in your but I know your game now how you and the
air in and me on and on long thin me and that I am
you I hate the way you off into air read my you
come then let us play at and see who wins in this
sly game of man or you don’t know that I and I
don’t know that you now then it is your it is your
you my to of you it is you high in my ear why do
you do it it is bad they say you help it if that
is so then I a in the but it so like a a yell of
as you my red I you for a in like my such such
such such of you as well you may only your own you
you away on the very my in its away with a of you
drop can I not you are you one too many for me am
I not to out you what a big my the of you what a
dim dark you have into.

I a fish and held him the boat half out of In a far away in the my the of my a of oxen
with my hook fast in a of his he he at all he they him the year olds and the four year olds
hung a and and here and his skin hung in like to them he will take the in the and him and
wall and its of was like wall like full and tame him he will go any whip the up and down
lost age he was with fine of lime and with the yard the head high in the air with eyes
tiny sea lice and two or rags of weed hung yet see you how soon his rage how soon this
down his were in the the and with that can him see you on the a oxen and old and he is
cut so I of the in like the big and the the the man who has them they all know him all
reds and of his and the pink swim like a big are to him see you some are such so some are
I into his eyes were far than mine but and buff some one has a line his back some are
the and with seen the of old they a but not some have wide a good sign see you the see
to my it was more like the of an the I his the two with on see the and how and they on
face the of his jaw and then I saw that from legs what fine eyes how they they wish him
his lip if you call it a lip grim wet and near them how they turn to look him what how
like hung five old of fish line of four and a they are when he away from them now I what it
wire with the with all five big in his a line can be he to them all else I I envy only his
at the end he it two and a fine from the and my whom a oxen love in his life on in the far
snap when it and he got away like with and a in the.
five of from his jaw I and and up the boat
from the pool of oil had a the to the the sun
the on the was and I let the fish go.
34. THE (v) 35. HOW A GOOD IS

The cat long of good of a in the wood with A head like a a neck like a a back like a
hair long and eyes and then the cat in size beam a like a a foot like a cat a tail like a
head and on the the and hind up he one track rat.
and in of foot is made save when the are cut
the the dog will cock and red and over eye
and the lice and bye the owl down and the
come and go the the gaps and and make his
skin for caps when any come and pass the he
at dogs and his pace and and boys look in the
hole and hear a they the tree such they and
the owl is a bird when the grey owl her ones
in down the boy and him down they try agen
and pelt to the fray the grey owl and them
all away and the his den left free from boys
and dogs and and men.
36. UNTITLED (vi) 37. OF A (i)

In the pond in the park all are long hang and All year the flax dam in the of the and flax
are bent legs on a flag wags like a down in had down by huge sods it in the sun wove a of
the sky the is an eye with in the in its lens the were but best of all was the warm of that
dip with hats that fall off dogs go by on a grew like in the of the here I fill of the to
baby to feed the down a pink for a buoy a on at the dots into miss tell us how the frog
haze of for up in the bowl of a hill from its was a and how he and how the frog laid of
a of is by a swan with twin the two she and eggs and this was you tell the by too for
all the is tree the like a fan. they were in the sun and in rain then one hot
day when were rank with in the the the flax
dam I to a that I had not the air was with a
bass down the dam were on sods like some the
slap and plop were some sat like mud and I
ran the were for and I knew that if I my hand
the it.
38. UNTITLED (vii) 39. THE (vi)

Very very our toes our take hold on the loam Just as my the pen a than a of sand from nail
the air sees us us us the make room soft on to then the vast of my hand warm it goes of
the the even the the even the our our rams and skin of of and the din of that its way
and the we diet on on of or so many of us so from to the of one now fail I say it does not
many of us we are we are we are meek we are even what I but up an the of my.
and in of our kind we by the our in the door.
40. OF A (ii) 41. ON THE

When the died was a sort of pity the tiny If I hear as well as see no man or pass by
made for the dead on the reef drew an to the me.
how must a die to a tear of a the big for the
and the tug of the tide life the air this way
like a door ajar from a pooh pooh us give us
the of a by its tiny hole not this in our bay
we are too when a dies but at the of a race

This mote a worm with a nine is he now from By the gate with star and moon into the wood
to and from to six and so on to and from one the lay in the sun as a dead but his jaw and
to no no hath he. his grin a rose over my hand I hung him his
eye with a as I him in the when I a rock one
time the bits like that dust his back to the
way sun a yet it kept its fire the the old in
each at milk and I saw coil thin as pins in
the his as if he were a he was pure the his.
44. TO THE 45. SIN

When I hung you my neck and your cold as you The man and man ape the most of all hot up to
to me gold and I felt the of you on my and that time of the they had dug a and a but how
the of your at my ears I to my that you were and the life in that hide they the pit with
but I had no and no hope only to hold you for ape in vain and the of the air of dawn but
that joy left a long wake of as the and you one of them the wood fire that the cave he
into the of and and I and to a dark. rain and him and at the edge they made a and
it into the pit and they fed it high the of
huge prey they the long over the pain and
they were the and of rose and gold and up the
sky wet were a wind the of the and the flag
the soft the low as as the sky in its hour
hour the meat to are the this is the as for
me I be a worm in a wild than a son of man
but we are what we are and we not to hate any
for all are and not be at any evil all are
and not fear it is the only way to be.
46. THE MAN 47. HOG

The heat let hear the fox’s let see a the the Whet up yer and up yer dogs away to the to
rain let fear the wire let the fire the the. hogs hog they up and went to the by damn bill
a hog sign hog down sam and in peep for I I
see him hog run here with a long pole and
this hog his hole hog work boys work as hard
as you can tear this do to eat and the do to
wear hog I him give a and a wail and I my his
tail hog him down to his head and feet boys a
fine pile O meat hog they put him in the pot
and all to they et that hog fore he a bite
hog the and the they love hog and hog up sal
with a and a grin hog all over her chin hog
run here mama run here I that hog’s me sick
hog run here mama make bill quit he’s et all
the hog an I ain’t had a bit hog ol aunt sal
came a the hall got hog to feed um all hog.
48. THE (vii) 49. OLD BLUE

My dog lay dead five days a in the of hid in I had an ol dog boys and I him blue tell you what
a of pine and a of and vine I who had him he blue do come on blue you good dog you yes come on
blue you good dog you I took my axe boys and I my
kept went only to he was to the with odor and
horn goin a just as born come on blue you good dog
hear the buzz well I was ten and very much in
you yes come on blue you good dog you old blue and
my kind the dead were out of and I not the
I went to see had him a up a oak tree come on blue
sad of in or man my took the and him last I you good dog you yes come on blue you good dog you
saw the it was the same but now it a and and he at me I at him I him out blue took him in come
saw the dog I I felt but he came in the sun on blue you good dog you yes come on blue you good
in a hymn of and was in his eyes I in to cry dog you that good and laid them and says come on
and call his name of his head I the past was blue you can have some too yes come on blue you
past but this was or I beg now and the dead. can have some too the come an he come on the run
he says old blue your is done come on blue you
good dog you yes come on blue you good dog you old
blue died an he died so hard he dug up the all
over the yard go on blue you good dog you yes go
on blue you good dog you when I get to I know what
I’ll do grab my horn and blow for old blue come
here blue I’ve got here too come here blue I’ve
got here too and when I hear my old blue dog bark
I’ll know he’s a in ark come here blue I’ve got
here too come here blue I’ve got here too.

A fine bag of meat says the as the a of feet The dark I a deer dead on the edge of the
at the prod of a and and a on his with a jump road it is best to roll them into the that
he’s I’d live till ends a life down in the road is to make more dead by glow of the tail
vale have they he’d be the to kill and give I back of the car and by the heap a doe a she
away for good will now a more than bid were had cold I her off she was in the my her side
she bone poor yet she’s as a of beer she’s a me the her side was warm her fawn lay to be
plum said the now this bull for that to your born that road I the car it’s the hood the I
or to the one and have his done the was on in the of the warm red our I hear the I hard
the and to make him turn well a I’ve here for us all my only then her over the edge
from town that calf she cows is not for in into the.
the high life by the born of a wife the a
true told on the of the sold and the over and
his mark on one of the hips each when in at
the ring of with a much as at kin for him to
a so mean his fate the a to kill out of hand
and a to keep on the land one can a year runs
down his face when the wins and he’s from

When I saw the fox it was in snow was to that I saw a wild for a bird will drop dead from a
on it’s the was dead save for it’s a me down ever felt for.
the hill top the wind had it into a of snow
and did the hill go now was no way round I
drew legs back out of it took to my but a
snow were and them in at the then the my mind
as if the fox hill were the of a fox and dips
of pure pile and but what I do with such eyed
by that it was like its as the tore at one’s
and each step was a at the.
54. THE DOG back you can tell the had a bite that took
half his ear the pride had a of ham off his
Down the ain’t so moey down on his flat feet rear no how them dogs on to they both was too
and his arm the of em all the as bite a bolt and too to bite he at the on the and ben at
a wall and back of the bull by ben his the his was sore them dogs at each not a paw and
the had a like a with the yaws and god help that the was a draw the he had to pay back
the dog as got in her jaws at on the a were the he was his own in the sack that was the
all and for they with the each at odds on no last by ben and his they died in the pub by
who lost he knew he had won the hard and they the moey has been able to sit the same he got
very well they miss a hair on them dogs you bit in the pit.
can tell a tot or two more and of a dog have
all the on a old was made of the the and the
was up to the bell for the the and both of
them dogs went for each the the and ben shed
a tear the the with a snap you hear five went
by with no sign of a bite it was more like a
dog for a the of em all the too to be at all
and as for the ben hung his head and to the
to say for the dead then into the pit mo with
a roar he fell on his face and lay flat on
the and then he out why them dogs bite gas in
the pit they was too to fight mo had a and
feel too well he bit at them dogs they bit
55. UNTITLED (ix) 56. OF THE (i)

The of war and the and sale that make war the They of the they died of the wall they died
and lies of the and how at a they into blue in the and were not was the food of tell the
and in the long of an and a mere a of our own we are not we have died in the and be how can
of died how soon will and in a book we have our you the deep and the in the pool were
here slow of and that can spit from an odor dark the and were by the was a was it was it
so vile and that wolf nor to come near them the was how can we give you your you your all
they walk in with this gas but far off have in vain I of you your not be for in the you
you it is it is like the of and wet deep in a went out to and at you did not.
glen in the cool over the moss the pool.

The now an hive for bees and of may for may Over the and the and the and so many how many
make for a rake and the keen of life be to a them and such a of we knew that day or knew
the was made for its and the and deep tame in the city this is the way to the and we so
our guns or ones feed in mice for the drum many the way so many how many what did it on
like in be dumb now all but of be and of what such a day are they no not yet you can see
he did in end his if good I and my true. some and hear the here they come is he the
life of our ego is a we can wait with our and
our what can you see tell us it is and guns
and guns I tell how many and now army what a
time that took will it be he now no are the
golf club the and now the de and now come the
and the look he is now look is no in eyes or
in the over the neck and the eyes O the wing
in the the at noon the at the of the O now
they go up to the then the now come the urns
urns dust dust dust of dust and now over the
that is all we see but how many and now many
and day we get to the so we took to and they
rang a bell and he said out loud away that
it’ll come in he’s will you us a et les la
haie ils la.
59. THE DRUM 60. UNTITLED (xi)

I hate that and and to it and from and from And to the gulf of the of dead come at they
to sell for of lace and arms and when to and sway and in the far but them in the foam the
and fall in I hate that and and to me it of sob and of the it has time for this to them
and and and and and and and all that hand to from the and bury them in and the sand upon
fill the of woes. and each the of the last of men with such
with such pity the as they the and the the of
the wet has as blue as mens lips dead gone in
of the same of the same as they or with us or
the sand them on the el.

In old days who went to in had one but in The and of the you have made your how do you
this war the are they must go on till they the who live will and hay do not let me hear
die on the I of you so weak and to to and you and for a is made out of ten.
that a man ever come home as as that the sky
fall I got the news that you were back I have
to the high wall of your home I your your I
your your new I am half it is not true yet I
of for you on the road each day I go out at
the city gate with a of wine lest you come oh
that I the of the so that I find you at my
63. THE (viii) 64. SNOW IN

And pack and a up guns like the of a the on The snow came down last like on the it fell
side was red they and they dug they sank like till dawn the town with snow lies on what and
into the the and soon the in felt the snow lawn as if it did not know snow the of fear
feet to at dawn the with a then and the icy and the are the pile the snow has in you the
this many days the snow was the in most of town a mile or two this the eyes of dead a
that I the in eyes how thin a and the with and in the new air and fine with at as the
all the life was. most and the from his post ten back in slow
and him with a he was the to see the snow.
65. THE LAST MAN that were the but the gave me a clap come let us
each for all the wide is dead and we are and I’ve
Twas in the year two and one a of may I sat on the a for thee in my as if we had come of one I’ve a
tree all a a lay to how the pest had my life to for thee in my that me weep for as I from town to
sing with the that day when up the came a like a town the were all but when I saw thee it made me
all in rags it made me crow to see his old duds both and leap now a I be on his love and a upon
all in the wind like so up he came to the foot and his an it were not for that man I’d be the king of
down his bags good lord how the old was at out his the but I an hour come to make him rue his so down
the very of his orts made a work in his come down we sat and till the sun was in mid sky when just
says he you bird and have a of my then down the as the west wind came we a cry up up on the tree
rope like a tar from the mast I and by him but I the man till dogs go by and lo from the far off
on the when I that food a foul beef bone and a oh they came all for gore a at once and a hart till
he the are good then this he cast him down says I he sunk at the foot and his they tore his they
get air a pace or two off on the side for the lay tore a horn to tell when the was done and was not
but he only at the and them part of his fare I a coat to it in the sun I and at the man and his
them and they won’t harm me let the and the rich one by one and with sore he chid at the till the
be I did not like that man he so up at the anon he last out of anon he let’s down and for our for the
out his old poke the he for the it made me to see all free and we may a barn for with that he set up
his face it had such a look but I made up my mind his on end and it fell with the due west so we
to a case he took he I the my is not of the full fard that way to a city the had died of the pest
like he the dram oh it came of a cask but it came it was fine to in and hall it me best for the all
to his turn to pull your good sir I must ask but I were and cold and not lift and when we came lay
wipe the brim with my when a sups at my and then the rats out of the beds the in the land were as
he so and long the was out of I the very old one free as but the man made a face and at gate it
was come to mock me my and I had the dead men’s made me to hear how he so our to hate and I bade
him walk the by for I so a mate so he and I left men’s had all gone out like in the sun but it as
as if we had met and I a fair for for the city was if I had at last a in one so I went and cut his
all to let and for my fill of the that I get and body down to bury it god send were any good soul
my was and worn I got me a vest it was a vest it to do the like by me but the wild dogs came with
was oer with gold and a star at the twas to old and bayd me up the tree my was like a and my head
joan from her to see me so but joan was dead and to swim to see jaws all with foam like the brim
the and lass in vain I soul to pass but and kine but when the wild dogs away jaws were and grim
up the and on the new come when lo I the man and jaws were and grim good lord but the man was he
he did sing his rags were in a and a he had like a was of him but some of rags the tree I know the
king so he up my gate and me a mend us all but my when I am dead will send his for me I’ve my one by
mind I had him then and to see him so like that one and dug the deep hole for joan and the of kith
was born to his fare and how he had the his were and kin and felt the old go cold to my full many a
to wear but god that a die his of the laws so I my time but I felt so lone for the lion and adam were
out and soon tied up his I was and jury and all and the him but the kine are foes to my life and
and the but the man not but like a babe how hard the are wild if the cur lick my hand I love it
it is apt to go when the law and a have was not a like a and the man’s my at to make my my is like a
soul to a word for his oh how I my gear and put on I sigh when I the foot and look at the rope and
my work day I was tired of such a long life and for but alas in vain my begs I must turn my cup of
was one of the but the man a and made many so I up and it to the for not man in the to pull my
him off to the foot and him in his bags twas a job legs.
to him up for a man lags but by ten of the he was
off his legs in the wind and his rags so he hung
and I the last man left to have my own will of all
the I now I but when was ever made with one bee in
a hive my to gnaw at my the day was done for the
66. UNTITLED (xii) 67. AN TO THE

That row of the like my of hate and you you Why of the do you not I don’t want you to my.
you you you wait.
68. UNTITLED (xiii) 69. A TREE

As for him who may and him when you you did I was with my I told my my did end I was with
not know the of your. my foe I told it not my did grow and I it in
and with my and I it with and with soft and
it grew both day and till it bore an and my
foe it and he knew that it was mine and into
my when the had the pole in the glad I see my
the tree.
70. LIKE 71. UNTITLED (xiv)

When I wer a bwoy an a bwoy up to me so kind May they by on an dawn and dusk mile mile at
like if you do like I’ll ye wi a ride on here each and step a at each and step may they
zoo I wer like to what he had a in his mind feet and fall at each and fall they take may
like an vor a an to a wide he me in a back a bone them and may the bone that not be for
like zoo when a man do come to me so like an sake now rib now now arm now shin but fail
my hand he me by an tell me he do me this or the neck.
that I can’t help O the big like an then vor
all I can but wag my hat an en I do veel a

A flea body like bead gave me as I gave heed As the was a his and toe and the lion was in
a legs like made me as I read a rat dart and the neck of the drum and was to in time by
flit was like a to my wit a fool hung a for the the top blew off and hung over of eyes in
my a in scum was lost his tomb but the flea the dark the the with vast the in the the
too near his the wall doth and the too no now pall of at all.
can him save and when the rat rape my he the
end of his O who you of.
74. DAY 75. UNTITLED (xvi)

This the was in step out a bit you two men at Of the on I back of the one day a with as it
the last the be on our hand and the near we lay on its side over in the high I was I all
it in this the was in this the was in days that the the it lay I led it to the road and
that hill they boys that I slap em I you say with that and I was we find the end of a road
don’t here boys ere her in lay a city held is meet the sky on out I and the got back a on
sway and all the with her this the was in the we a a I was back in the I the just to he
days she the ten when her was full from here had over the rail he had on his hand was pale
once cast her gaze over an even than ours I him walk to his he ran his hand over it me
look I make out and the lies here our feet good man away I.
you and do stop your the eyes of that.
76. UNTITLED (xvii) 77. OUR

To with eyes as wide as a pool ears like and She said my had and like god that he like a
like a of a boy is his is his neck is dark like a used to run away from left for food us
and his hair is an mark his are to a crow and by had a belt with a on was we he’d wear a
his are the blue blow when he won’t hear a he’d say good and we made him we were we when
word and he down dead the bird he the off his we’d left the that was so nice and the let us
and he’s not even of the has feet and he in a give the a four dong and we’d that was to be
on suez he in a sack on the and they say boys the end of the it was time for when we got
like him any more old man his beer and his home he’d take off his and his and his and
ran off with a sits in the with a gin and we’d he’s not like god so that he’d belt us
with an the lies but the law’s as as a ten for the and we’d yell and on he’d run away
foot so his cup and goes on up at the for from.
less than and the in the room is when amen so
come one come on ten says amen amen amen amen
amen lord amen.
78. UNTITLED (xviii) 79. UNTITLED (xix)

It’s odd to be with but to have and to make I am the face I live on and time to anon and
one of a the and the and that this one by the from to over the that can in and and eye the
nose for use. span of that is I the in man that no call to

This face you got this here you you it out As as till or more as bold as till and four
for at all at all did you this here it to you as as till and ten they they or not men at
am I said now go see what you can do with it ten a at wild at tame if ever at wise at rich
it to you and it was like a no away this face at good or.
you got.
82. SONS 83. A ON

An for his own ad my I am and and I have got When I was a as big as a hen my hit me and I
five sons they all hate and ashu is for is hit her my came in and said yer bout so I up
none like him does his best but the fine arts with my fist and I gin him a.
and tuan are but do not know six from tung in
his year is only with to eat if me like this
what can I do but fill my cup.
84. UNTITLED (xxi) 85. AND

A chap be a de hove as be of a man but a boy. As tall as your knee they are to see as tall
as your head they wish you were dead.

Now fred she said you must it your and then I play it cool and dig all jive the I stay my
your it’s most did god that man be a flue as I live and is dig be dug in.
then fred let it be said haw well my dear
said fred I fear that will not be so easy but
like a man I’ll try a plan and do the best to
ye did god that mind such brew love as or de
do love but if wif wif wif wif and mind you
I’m not if you by jove I I’ll give up.

Don’t it he said then off and gave me a of You must lie in and knit the left the let the
his plum. and and as you at knit a knot this knot I
knit to know the I know not yet that I may
see the man that my be how he goes and what
he and what he does all days and.

A man had neer been born than have his on cut He that a G take away L and that is he.
them on cut them for cut them on cut them for
cut them on cut them for news cut them on a
new pair of cut them on cut them for cut them
on see your.
92. UNTITLED (xxii) 93. HOW MUCH

Old old wilt thee gang a a I am very hard O How much do you love me a oh a lot more than
old old wilt thee gang a a or the use O old that oh a lot more and only half a not even a
old wilt thee let me kiss thee yes kind sir half a and is this your this is the way the
and the lord I thee. wind the.

This girl at the for this boy on his she a in If so be a toad be laid in a skin and that
her hand a gold in her she the sun with his tyd to man twil him and his ever.
the boy to her he a that like the wind this
boy this girl they walk in step with the wind
arm in arm they the to laid on the the is and
as the sun.
96. POEM 97. THE TO

You my face oh but so I at the. Her eyes the glow lend thee the thee and the
also eyes glow like the of fire thee no will
oth mis thee nor or slow bite thee but on on
thy way not a stay none to thee let not the
thee what the do’s the of the will lend thee
like then let me wooe thee thus thus to come
unto me and when I meet thy feet my ile into

The crow sat on the tree a up his and was his I wish I was I be with love to was I but her
coat to see and loud the I love my love I or she but me then love all be well I wish to
know the she me and the crow upon the tree I send my to her as as can fly but as the wind
love my love the sung and all the wi rung I the stir the and flye.
love my love a lass she her so and she the
dewy at and at a drab her gown her face was
she the up and down and was her he sung and
each down his love in gown my love is and as
any in the town she’s a in the drab gown he
sung and his oer and his team on the as the
old crow his song the sung his lay and sung
of all the day the crow he was in love no and
wi a many the many a bout and he my love she
is a maid wi red and O drab her gown was made
I her many a week his maid the sung till all
the him rung.
100. SONG (ii) 101. FAIR (ii)

I hid my love when I bear the of a flye I hid Are you to fair sage and me to one who for
my love to my till I not bear to look at I once she was a true love of mine tell her to
dare not gaze upon her face but left her in make me a sage and any seam or she be a true
each ere I saw a wild lye I and bade my love love of mine tell her to wash it in dry well
good bye I met her in the dew the wood blue sage and neer nor drop of rain fell she be a
the lost her blue eye the bee and went bye a true love of mine tell her to dry it on sage
sun beam a a gold her neck so fair as as the and neer adam was born she be a true love of
wild bees song she lay all the long I hid my mine will will you find me an acre of land
love in and town till een the me down the sage and the sea foam and the sea sand you be
bees oer the buss a roar and even a to me all a true love of mine and will you it with a
the long the not was else but love. horn sage and and sow it all over with one
and you be a true love of mine will you reap
it with a of sage and and tie it all up with
a and you be a true love of mine and when
done and your work sage and then come to me
for your and you be a true love of mine.
102. SONG (iii) 103. SONG (iv)

O wert thou in the how I thee to keep thee My love my love is a box tree and the give me
dry and warm a camp I thee the not a drop five on a sea and a lute to be then we in
harm thee the of wind and rain thee o wert star sewn and be O what is the her eye O let
thou in the a shed I thee to keep dry and me her as the sky we lie cold it is out but
warm how I thee the rain wet thee nor clap not O my my and put away your for the ship is
harm thee by thy side I sit me to and warm a and you and I have the.
thee I sit by thy side love the was over and
the of an my.
104. O 105. UNTITLED (xxiii)

O as your love the hill your lamp is out and Oh read me this and read it was I last the
all the for her and do not miss for soon is wind blew the cock crew I for one and came
past and kate fly not so fast for when none two the did the did to see the hole the fox
may kiss be to his soot and to his be. did make too for a too big for a bee I saw it
was a hole just a fit for me.

I once went a an old she out what us uns was The bill was to a of this some ten or ago mr
with arms in mood she that she’d our if she esq dr to to and miss mary to and miss to and
but she down down down day she shut to the miss to a few in miss from the is a who’s
and the door then I the and and when she to he’ll wed but the of the are to make his miss
slap bang in my face she I’d be off and the to the shoe shop gone to ask him to sowl her
but I down down down day she got an old our but for two and two he’s not the one to and
wits for to he his up to the and when he it her miss went to shop him to and welt her he
to my head it went off with a bang and I I took his to that and belt her miss if he’d
was dead but I down down down day you may now and her said he I’ll you till if you come any
I go many more ever this old door in this I miss such a fool and his she her foot up on
been long you may long to my song but isn’t his and he all her has mr have feet but not
down down down day. so slow a fool now her shoe shop neat.
108. THE OF (ii) cold and up to him did go I’ve come to take
you unto the door come now you poor boy and
A aged was near ford on moor on by her man a you must know what for she is as pure as is
farm hand aged two a the spot it was a and in the dew her only it is the pain that her neck
the rain that went from our and came home her I drew she is as as the day she from her the
of she wore a she the she in town her her and only sin upon her skin is that she they took
in her her as she out one her at her side out him off to they the bell they sent him up to
the the with her at her four and in her her and him down to hell all the and on its airs
as she out one her at her side out the the ask of two the most your and your that you
with her at her with the mist saw the at his may and pray for who come not to bed upon day
she was but they her in the her the with her but lie the the snow the and the salt sea go.
is and has she for you out and now are come
why do you not as a tree your all to the knee
why do you mend your with a and fall with and
upon your bed why do you sit so your face the
of clay and with a wipe the sour away has she
gone to to seek an and is that why your eye
won’t dry and your face take me home I lie
here in the pit a red rock upon my and my
neck is her skin was soft as her eyes were
wide as day her hair was than the bog that
her life away her were made of her was made
of all the had its red name as at the hoe the
109. THE AND LAST TO THE OF JOHN for to be for with his my was dyd a that not
be to gaol then I was taen in to in cell so
May my fate be a to men they may evil ways very till the come on when at the bar I did
and may the of a man them to this that they the it was so the jury all did cry and I was
may be of its in to for in this and in the to soon to die john now it is my name from in
come my end have been had I this and is my came at old you see I come to die on the tree
for from it good all I pray unto here is a I may and old a take and on my fate here you
did and now I do of it I had a very kind but may see the and for I in my.
my on me did set her mind and she did me and
day to take his life away soon unto her I did
on I was bent for she told me in a I be in
his my had some got not of our plot to bed he
went did and not he rise no more my he was
then from her room did and she did come to my
bed side to kill him now’s the time she cryd
I him on the head and he had been dead but he
did out on the much us to be sure my by me
she did all with a in her hand take this says
she and end his life and I will be your wife
I cut his and out the did fly all over me and
on the the was to be sure then to my room I
did my did like fuel burn my was of so deep a
dye that did for cry now as you see I was the
110. THE OF (iii) 111. A (ii)

In sits a maid by loo my baby she know I my He has two the at can’t give him more than he
or if land or sea he’s in then at her bed the look at his a lady too good by half for
feet and a I’m sure it was he here am I thy such as he so said the one with yet or but at
that I am not I am a man upon the land I am a the inn the dame now he was what I call a he
in the sea and when I am in my own my is in went with and when she had a baby he paid up
sule then he hath put it upon her knee give so his half a just like him a have been more
to my wee son and take thee up thy fee and it like him for I knew him mean oh but he was
come to pass on a day when the sun hot on such a nice oh last time we met he said if me
that I take my wee son and I’ll him for to and joe was near we must be sure and call he
swim in the foam and you will a good and a put his arms our amos all as if he were his
I’m sure he’ll be and he’ll go out on a may own son I pray god save him from man trod.
and he’ll kill both my wee son and me and lo
she did a good and a good I’m sure it was he
and the very shot that eer he did he the son
and the in sits a maid by loo my baby she
know I my or if land or sea he’s in.
112. UNTITLED (xxiv) 113. ON THE SWAG

In the who six in the them one by one when His body the pack that on his old back the
they meet eyes the for a of wait only for the cold wet up the the cook out oh that old lag
to to nine in a town now dead from the up for here with his swag made of a old bag him in
are the and the they with but at the drop of cook from the grey put silk on his body on
a card will guns out of air on the bar top his feet give him fire and and meat let the
the lamp with a star the one with the grin be and the cake be iced the bed be snug and
the one with the scar done and seen to be the wine be in the old for this is.
done a in for the one in the back the on the
off and to feet in the one and into the dark
and ride home each like a his to the of.
114. THE DEAD 115. A (iii)

His left the tree a root most away his in In this not once was I of my self high me my
case of he lies in the and his ease like a self my rage less part a cone drip drip drip
the he came one when the tree its back the drip so down the I in now to the cave who
rain and made his camp and and did not wake come to chip off what they can prod me with
again now ants make a home his his old fire like look look it’s like a man.
has the hill and the old tree and the old man
and him half in he lay it be a the tree led
its own life the sun yet both to the bush and
now are one the and lie the soil and he in
the sky.
116. UNTITLED (xxv) 117. UNTITLED (xxvi)

He was a and did earn a and did I not have When I wish I was rich then I know I am ill
you that was any more a than you or I for to tell the I have as I am so when I ah if I
when they told him that his wife must die he was rich I say to I’m not well my is low.
at them and with and and like a baby half
that and made the cry to see him cry and she
was dead and he had paid the and and the rest
he a lot of that she had made most away in an
old of hers and out some up in with them and
tore down the.
118. WET LEG 119. A (iv)

I can’t wet leg can’t him at any he’s and A of in an old she them the bulk of her her
when you hit him he lets you hit him. to as she into the she on her way is she but
an from a of of two she not what she does
than walk the the as a so in the.
120. OF THE (ii) 121. OLD

Of the they say naz flew to she will no more That hump of a man or back or and dirt into
as a this door with her book an arm her step pots how he and pick or or out a weed to or
one the sari in a the wind bus to stare at a make the dust buzz with a or down a bug in
bird of. one spit of or fan life into peas with his
hat or all his feet blue in.
122. OLD MAN AT 123. THE (ix)

No no in the year old he the are in the the The was an with the you can do it and make a
day the into away a boy who came back one arm of it the hard way for the hell and of it but
and said I hear you all but I cry out for the day when you the of it and camp till the
fear the had to be a one and we did the old down then find the easy way in the dawn till
man says see a like him in new. that vein of a and bill set up his camp and
his self cold and and up the and back on
124. UNTITLED (xxvii) he had his head from his fair body on my men
all and see that none of you be taen for than
A man in fair men did him call he had nor in men say we were let them how we were then god
yet he kept men in his hall he had and for fair rose and so poor that and ten of best
them all were all milk O the and they were men lay all upon the then like a man mad than
all news then was unto the king that was such he a scot came and ran him the fair body on
a one as he that like a bold and all the the my men all and see that none of you be taen
king he a then a was and long he it with his for I will by and but and then will I come
own hand and he to do him no when this came and news then was to as he by his knee who if
to his it was as as on the tree was I sent eer he for to be a man of the he’d be.
for any king my my nor none but me and if we
go the king I we went most man of you have
his with one of you have his coat with lace
so O the your hats all by the at ten of the
gone was he and with him all his men good
lord it was a for me to see when came the
king he fell down on his knee O my he said O
my men and me have no thou for thy men nor
thee for by ten of the both thou and them
hang on the tree but over he left good lord
what a look he of a face why is none for you
nor me but had a by his side and it was made
of the so free that had not the king his foot
125. UNTITLED (xxviii) 126. SONG (v)

This was and in no wit and out and for wept I come from the grow the is as an feet and
as the red the home the and sang the due oxen the blow I walk the blue bone in the snow
on the spit were lit with yet were and rue no when the bees take ease and the moon low my
was deep to hold the who days came out from maw on the in a the in jam jars hang in a
rump to his cere with the nor sea hold him hoop to town I seen paw a in when he his snap
with huge he and them up as as with deep sea in a mess trap and said he’d be home by tea
ooze and lime not burn him nor the fire so as fled is my all like the and dead is the I
the good him with of hair and the from the like no who once did my I fly the run the O
pyre in the city the lie the for all his ay the talk to see me walk six off the the map
on he slew even me the that city a man and of I the sky in my the salt pass the moon her
for the was over dead with no red but and and fire by the go gay in the when the boys come
not all the he nor mild laws nor nor wars down from the farm don’t run my joy from a
wage in bury that same in the a to the went poor I won’t do you no harm the of my I with
to a far cell but the as his and drew for him the sun I my eyes with lies I’ll see one is
and wood with else all day with long at the my with and with lead my hood oh my face as I
bawl to for a dole of to feed the sick who pass is a of and my suit is made of wood.
once him with so and grim set a of his head
him wort from the brim and into his when he
was dead.
127. JOHN 128. THE WIND

Have you been to john my son have you been to The wind like a man and like a host come in I
my man a and make my bed soon I’m sick at my then my a to whom a were as as hand a sofa to
and I fain lie down your hawk and your then the air no bone had he to bind him his was
john my son and dead make my bed soon I’m sick like the push of at once from a bush his a
at my and I fain lie down what had you for john his as he let go a as of in he then like a
my son eels and make my bed soon I’m sick at my man he twas and I.
and I fain lie down they in no they in the sun
and in O make my bed soon I’m sick at my let me
lie down O then you are john my son it was my
own make my bed soon I’m sick at my and I fain
lie down my ate the and fell down ere he’d done
at her door like a O make my bed soon I’m sick
at my and am fain to lie down my hawk on her
hand for and none for O hear my will soon for
I’m sick sad and and fain to lie down what you
your john my son my and my make my bed soon I’m
sick at my and I fain I lie down what you your
john my son my and my make my bed soon I’m sick
at my and I fain lie down what you your john my
son the of god O make my bed soon for I’m sick
at my and I fain lie down.
129. WIND 130. THE BIRD OF

Like from the with of the rain as in to and A is the its don’t make a its are long its
foam and all the the at his door half it be beak is its eyes try all the of the it and
or wind and the of that has to find in garb all the air and and up and down like the ear
and the loud the soon when to by the hand of that to the owl in the bat the the the are as
dame who the in and a to the land nor she go the owl’s air them like the owl goes back and
to bed the. the and the its.
131. UNTITLED (xxix) 132. THE WIND (ii)

The wind in the wind in the they in they are If one meet the wind in the he be I don’t so
only in ease soft warm or it in the. I see in m eye a kind of a in a flat for the
out in the with talk of the and then up to
his cold bare room at to lie in the dark in
the I am dye hear.
133. ROAD 134. I’M A

I’m a road for the to fly by on a road the I’m a youm a on the line five and bob a week
for and to on a road for the rich old men to and all the beef beef made of eggs up a with
over in big cars and me here sure a road all a pair of legs.
of us ride and I get to see em ride I ain’t
seen ride so fine hey look at me I’m a road.
135. UNTITLED (xxx) 136. ON A

Mary has a on her ears and sits all day out It on a day in four we went to her a from the
and in and and for ears to pour in at the tour on a on a when went a of the said now
ends of for at the of all day out and in mary but mind you make it so as a from your well
has a on her ears. when we saw the boys it made our on the one
you hold your hats at five at five what said
on the two you wave your hats your and when
you go to be what you say the word you use
for is and not we the boys the ever seen with
man a like a but when we the boys that a of
as big as bats on our the boat was with arms
the air was with as and to keep them from his
eyes the duke he his head as he us all the
time I’ve seen boys a from we our way the bay
till we were out of we our way all the day
and on into the ah the day we met the is a
day I won’t if we to feet we’d all be yet.
137. SEND OUT YOUR DAI 138. THE (x)

Send out your dai your blue grey hard as send Of the the that was paid two and two were
them with tied to of your of your love send lost and men of a it in the of at in the that
them to to cork send them to the of hull and pit was by a in the dust lay so the gas in
of to the of and and send them to the and out the deep was like snow in a and many a man
of the to the wild wet of the sea grey go out had to the coal face he had out his a the to
in the at the hour of dusk to gaze on the and the shot if you fire that shot we’ll all be
send them to the of the the and his tall lady to hell and no one can say that he lied the
walk and the rose pink day day day send out they are the of two days the had them to his
your dai send them out with of your and your ways down in the dark they are they died for
love and your with in your send out your and nine a day out and it’s now they must lie in
the sun go out bach and do what dai you. the day the lord of to help both the and the
have sent some to pay for the our dear and
our our dear as well don’t send your sons in
the dark mine be like the in hell.

All have of gaol but it you much to see the Who was born on a fuss and both in and in
in the yard when on the yard is with so and town we have got a and an heir unto the a of
so goes has to bide time be it or long no so and so sly and the with what a boy he must
good luck in gaol no good luck at all what is have a a and a kite a and so a cap and with
and for just to make you when you go to gaol coat so and a to ride the park he will take
find you with you up so in a suit of a cap a the on his lap and him so he the pap he will
peak and ask your size and like your suit pin on his he his nap then him out so with
it’s and down oer your eyes the is the of all his and cap he must have a suit to the town
your they will try but two of wood on you john bull must rake six or you’d to see his
have to lie then that you get a bed but it is at he runs with some or and he will want a
as hard as at you make a turn for fear you and a a pair of and a pair of with a pair of
some all of work on upon them and coco mats and a cane and a of as long as lane an old
when you go in you may be thin but they can maid ran the did the nobs out he’s got his
make you if your isn’t sure to stop the you his nose and eyes he be as like his as a to a
get is tens the size is nine big to make a ship if he’d only got upon his lip now to get
for boyd upon the tyne and if you be cold at the must be rose for the of so many of so
just make at home lap your and get of them. they must tax the pan the and the the and the
and the.
141. MUST BE VERY 142. ON

Must be very when they take the fine the On like gold says to alls made of on and says
life. to all be ours.
143. UNTITLED (xxxi) 144. UNTITLED (xxxii)

Of span in fire of is. My of is but a of my of joy is but a dish of

pain my crop of corn is but a of and all my
good is but vain hope of gain the day is fled
and yet I saw no sun and now I live and now
my life is done the is past and yet it hath
not the is dead and yet the are my is gone
and yet I am but I saw the and yet I am but I
saw the and yet I was not seen my is cut and
yet it is not spun and now I live and now my
life is done I my and it in my womb I for
life and saw it was a I trod the and knew it
was my tomb and now I die and now I am but
made the is full and now my is run and now I
live and now my life is done.
145. MY HOME 146. TO THE OF

My home when I come to thee when my have an Our who lies this was of a all his own and
end thy joys when I see O of the O and soil land had he and gold in he the and if ten
in thee no may be no no care no toil lust and more for he in a bed and his head he not to
envy no sway is no heat nor cold but way thy the poor go for his not let him to the at of
are made of thy thy are of rich and rare thy day used to him from his bed of hay unto the
and thy with do thy very are with gold and and quay he then to see what up the oft in
fine ah my home god I were in thee god my the week he used to view the bay to see what
woes were at an end thy joys that I see thy were in from sea to he the news and to the
and thy are such and as else are seen the of all at last poor was ill and to the his
with the of life doth flow upon on side the will but of this life he a and then.
wood of life doth grow for bear and do the
sit and do sing our lady with tune and all
the bear part her feet my home god I were in
thee god my woes were at an end thy joys that
I see.
147. SHIP 148. THE (xi)

He who has ship to upon the seas with a gale. He ask us that when he died so many to last
rest if out of us any here and it not task us
we with our play over him by his brim the he
best the one and we seem to him in like the
as soon as I knew that his was gone I that
his due and I said the a read than out of in
and that old way a fine day and it to me it
had not be that knew he that his wish not be
to get it they the any tune but twas said
that when at the dead of next the out on his
ken the was the a band all in like the in and
the by the such the man told when he had old.
149. DUMP 150. UNTITLED (xxxiii)

As slag slug soft beds of on a pile dead over The dies at the edge a a last of lies on a
with like fine hair each in the of a pot limp gray all are thin and the has the mass a like
but one on top one head over the the dead. a from the dry.
151. A LYKE WAKE 152. UNTITLED (xxxiv)

This ae this ae and all fire and and and thy Dog draw back hand.
soul when thou from away art and all to muir
thou at last and thy soul if ever thou and
and all sit thee down and put them on and thy
soul if and thou neer nane and all the thee
to the bare bane and thy soul from muir when
thou pass and all to brig O thou at last and
thy soul from brig O when thou pass and all
to fire thou at last and thy soul if ever
thou meat or and all the fire make thee and
thy soul if meat or thou neer nane and all
the fire wll burn thee to the bare bane and
thy soul this ae this ae and all fire and and
and thy soul.
153. WAKE 154. PASS ON

Tim livd in a odd he had a both rich and an to Pass on nor your time on bad and what I was
rise in the he a hod now tim had a sort of a well to my what I am now is no of.
way with the love of the he was born an to help
him on with his work each day he’d a drop of
the evry morn fol the dah to your welt the yer
it the I told you lots of fun at wake one tim
was full his head felt made him he fell from
the and his so they him home his to wake they
him up in a nice and laid him out upon the bed
with a of at his feet and a of porter at his
head his at the wake and mrs for they in tay
and cake then and miss O to cry such a neat did
you ever see tim why did you die ah your gab
said then O took up the job says she I’m sure
but gave her a belt in the gob and left her on
the oh then the war did soon twas to and man to
man law did all and a row and a soon then his
head when a of flew at him it and on the bed
the over tim he see how he and from the bed
says your like on do ye I’m dead fol the dah to
your welt the yer it the I told you lots of fun
at wake.
155. THE TWA 156. THE (xii)

As I was all I twa a mane the tane unto the Were sat on a tree down a down hay down hay
did say whar sall we gang and dine the day in down were sat on a tree with a down were sat
yon auld fail dyke I wot lies a new and kens on a tree they were as as they be with a down
that he lies but his hawk his and his lady down down the one of them said to his mate we
fair his is to the gane his hawk to the wild our take down in lies a his his they lay down
fowl hame his taen mate so we may mak our at his feet so well they can keep his they
yell sit on his bane and I’ll pike out his flie so no fowl dare him come nie down a doe
een wi ae lock O his hair we’ll our nest when as with yong as she goe she up his hed and
it bare many a one for him maks mane but nane kist his that were so red she got him up upon
sall ken whar he is gane oer his when they her back and him to lake she him the she was
are bare the wind sall blaw for. dead ere even song time god send such such
and such a.
157. UNTITLED (xxxv) 158. THE (xiii)

Here lies in the case of in that line were an The line to by was made with the were laid
to his was the and the of all the of his life from to the line to life it ends is the then
and his hand till he had so were all his that are in no fee for them is to pay for is the
he went when set a by who did not know his way god’s word is the it the way to so dark
key even then he was set he had the art of and here it does the way to god’s love the
his time so well that his away in one of and fire his the the and the all you who to ride
an put a to his he this life aged up in of in must come to in him in and and and you must
hand by his and of and set a in the to come. the way to gain or you with will not come
then poor now’s the time at any on the line
if and turn from sin the will stop and take
you in.
159. ON JOHN PYE A 160. ON MR

Here lies john pye oh oh does he so let him Here lies one may save for has now one the.
161. UNTITLED (xxxvi) 162. AN AT

A was er biby one the of ten and a tiny mite Here lies a man who was by he died when his
the was poor and the biby was thin only a in to be he have cut a in this of but the cut
skin the for the soap off the rack she was him and he lies in the.
but a but when she back the biby was gorn and
in she oh is my biby the your biby as fell
dahn the plug ole your biby as gorn dahn the
plug the poor was so and thin E been in a jug
your biby is E won’t need a barf any more
your biby as fell dahn the plug ole not but
163. THE (xiv) 164. THE OF (iii)

Once were some who all time they in don’t The of were fast and the rain was when an an.
that they made them to ioux oh no they just
sold them for.
165. ALL 166. FROM THE

Was an old man and he had a calf and half he The now no more doth the up to kiss the maid
took him out of the and put him on the wall the of that each beam is seen wi like gay the
and all. of what hath been away and too a at morn wi
yet the song and and mid the that dies and by
fits in the of the and when its past a crew
in and gay the and act play the for wi the
and and a to his hump back and bell and oft
for and ale wi pind the her tale and her oer
the boy wi face and from door to door wi pace
to his box.
167. PLAY for all when I die when I die up the I did no
joke up the I did no joke up the I did and the
Song then in as they come in they form a each the rope oh but a word said I down down fool
has his over his and the man hold of the of the come come thou of thee st for all to see now st
man in of him the fool the man and that he his thou bold thou has much as I’ve been told if
the fool with it song they back and at once who that be true pray tell us now thou hast and
and then in a ring here come I old or not I when and how st here I the man with my and in
hope old will be my head is my back is bent my hand who the and him to the and for this won
are weak my is and is a very age for me and if the king of what man or me to I’ll cut him down
I had been all what a I be fool an old man thou with this hand I’ll slay him and cut him as as
must be and thou but and fool a room a room a and send him to to make pies who be as tall as
room and give us room to we’ve come to show here come I the in land I to I’ll st with bold
upon this time or age the like was seen upon and if his is hot I’ll run it cold as st tut
this back fool room room give us room to for to tut thou thy talk is very bold just like as
this room we wish now to at and a room for me I’ve been told if thou be a pull out thy and or
and all our a am I will for one and all oh my pull out thy and pay for I’ll have I go away st
name it is jack hall oh my name it is jack hall st thou dost not well to the of is my name and
oh my name it is jack hall and I’ve and and my by my at my side I hope to win the game my with
neck pay for all when I die when I die I have lead my head is made of so to to let thee and I
in no joke I have in no joke I have in and I’ll try to see on the lie they some one some the
rob for more and my neck pay for all when I die the st O and you see what I have done I’ve this
when I die oh they tell me that in jail I die turk down like the sun fear not I have a by my
oh they tell me that in jail I die oh they tell side in it a spar I’ll his eyes nose and chin
me that in jail I no more ale and my neck pay and say rise dead man and he’ll turk up to and
they go at it even more turk and lies moll moll me to flee st go home go home thou go back to
st st what has thou done thou has by my only own land and to tell them all the sea we’ll a
son turk is a to be can cure a man lies on the men like thee fool st thou very bold and hast
fool come and see this man is in the knee come good as I’ve been told st here I am st in I am
and try this man is in the do thy part this man a a long in a cave was kept and out of that
is in the I be the good and with my I’ll stop into a many a did I and the too I in I in and
his my fee’s ten but only five if I don’t this now I’ve come to the to back to on head on feet
man fool what do then moll cure this man no I meat meat meat for me to eat I am the here are
see he’s too far gone moll then walk in jack my jaws I am the here are my meat meat meat
jack to left of body jack my name is not jack for to eat on head on feet at all who draw back
my name is mr john a man of fame come from do in fool to side of st now bold down the make to
more than any man what thou do jack jack cure a kill the in the st rise I’d them all your eyes
with the fool how do that then cut his head off and now I’ll slay the my to a fell and he but I
and his body in the any fool do that jack thou will clip his wing they them on st hand st man
me a fool dost thou fool now up jack don’t get to help and him his knee or you are the play
thee jack take care you fool or I’ll chop thee hand my he has send tell the he must come here
as fine as dust and send thee to make pie fool come I the good I’ll stop the hand pray do you
away and jack to the body now jack cure this come from I come from and to dead to life hand
man jack give me my he is a huge pair of now pray what can you cure I have some to cure all
give me my he is to do and a huge a to kill any ills hard soft any that be the itch the the and
man but he will cure this man turk is up and the gout and and any old been dead year if got
hand jack I come from thou from call in the men one left to one of here up box and it to the it
let’s have a men come and hey with when this is out a huge pill and it into st rise up st and
over st and come st st me me and from this give and may the yet be they at last dead st but on
one knee now I the and him to the fool to hunt 168. F FOR FIG
for alas is the king of st long ago she died
and lies at rest but I to the st thou hast the F for fig I for jig and N for I for john the
with thy hand his life is taen away from here and S for.
his body fast go his feet and then his head
come last all is his head is this it is that it
out feet big head big head in I as hant been
hit with my big head and wit my so big and my
wit’s so come in jack to them all some of the
jig over in I in my hand I a club and in my
hand a pan and don’t you I’m a old man jack
jack here I jack wife and on my back out of
nine I but five and half of them are the are
and our are bad so put into our bag and our
play is our box is goes with the box sing good
king off with too to maid O the mill room and
out fool last to the end.

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