The Archangels resonate with specific oils, that usually relate to their functions. Why is that?

Because everything is an energy and energy has different rates of vibration, so as with usage of gem stones, as with oils, when we use the particular oil of the same energy vibration, we are attuning to teh vibration of particular Archangel. If we are asking a certain Archangel for the assistance, it will definitely help to fill the room with a fragrance or we may want to put a few drops of diluted oil on our hand palms or on our 3rd eye. This is not requiered in order to connect with Archangels, but it will make the connection easier and stronger..... To connect with Archangel Michael: Benzoin - helps to open the heart chakra, which is essential in communicating with all beings of Light. And this is a grounding protecting oil. (why would we need a grounding oil? That is because when we are connecting to teh HIgher realms, the balance between our grounding and connection with the Higher realms is of paramount importance. If we are ungrounded, connection wont be really strong + we might feel really dizzy or spaced out.) Ginger - Helps with courage and protection and it helps to life the veil beween us and Angelic Realms. Lemon - Helps to restore strength and vitality and to re-establish faith in spiritual matters. Rosemary - gives us protection and helps us to conenct with the guides and spirits. It helps us to remember what our life path and purpose is and clears away any confusion. To connect with Archangel Jophiel: Bergamot - Draws the Angels of Joy and Illumination closer to us and contains a very high spiritual vibration, that lets us become quickly attuned to the Angels. Frankincense - Gives us ancient wisdom of the universe and helps us to achieve a heightened state of spiritual awareness. To connect with Archangel Chamuel: Rose - Aligns our consciousness with the Angels of Love, Beauty & Forgiveness. This fragrance helps the heart throuw out sorrow, bitterness and resentment, replacing it with love and compassion. Sandalwood - Helps us to forgive ourselves as well as others and so can dispel dense negative energies. To connect with Archangel Gabriel: Cederwood - Brings the Angels of Purification near us, who help to purify us of

physical and emotion blockages, which prevent us from receiving the wisdom and harmony of the angels. Juniper - Cleanses mind, body and spirit and attracts Angels of Purification by clearing away past traumas and karma. Rosewood - Helps to show us the way forward when we are confused and uncertain. It helps us to communicate with the angelic realms and is excellent to use for meditation. To connect with Archangel Uriel: Geranium - Attracts the Angels of Peace and Angels of Love. It possesses a feminine quality and so it also connects us with the Angels of Reproduction and Birth. To connect with Archangel Rafael: Pine - Aligns with the Angels of Creativity and Illumination. It enlightens us to our inner wisdom, helps to keep thoughts positive and so helps those who feel fatigued, debilitated and unable to cope. Lavender - Helps restoring wholeness to the physical and auric bodies and helps to bring us back into balance. It also aligns us with the Angels of Harmony and Balance. Lavender is versatile relaxing and balancing oil. Sweet Marjoram - Resonates with the Angels of Healing who come down to deal with inner conflicts and torment and create peace and harmony. To connect with Archangel Zadkiel: Grapefruit - Brings Angels of Joy, who uplift us and open our hearts up to the angelic realms. It transmutes negativity into neutral or positive energy, helps us to restore our inner light and clears any blockages to the Divine. Mandarin - Connects us with the Angels of Joy and is a good oil for children. It encourages feeligns of happiness and contentment and is an excellent oil for when we are down and has even been known to produce uncontrollable laughter.

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