Is it true that there are approximately 120 million people are ready to be mobilized when sudden emergencies of war

in the Republic of Indonesia beloved? Not necessarily, let alone how to use weapons, how to wear the military uniform that meets military standards or bullet proof vest, may still hundreds of millions of people in Indonesia is still completely blind how. Not to mention talk of combat strategy. This we have never faced decades of military war physically. In fact most of the young generation of Indonesia, has been born into the digital age, which is free from war, the only school brawl or brawl between village residents who capitalize sharp weapons or firearms assemblies. Differences with grandfathers and our oragtua '45 era (the revolution) first, before the war with the Dutch, they had been born in a state of war, colonized. Even before Independence August 17, 1945, hundreds of thousands of young Indonesian military had trained in the organization PETA (Defenders of the Homeland) established by the Japanese, who originally was going to be mobilized as a reserve army of Japan in their Asia Pacific War, not only in Indonesia (similar to Nepalese Gurkha soldiers Her British in the war 10 November 1945 in Surabaya). So with the Conscription is for the country is going to be easier to get ready for combat personnel to be mobilized at any time in an emergency war. With the Conscription not only stands ready to defend the country combat, but it would be very useful also for everyday life such as discipline time, in a deft act (eating, dressing), live clean, orderly. The reason why should be nimble and disciplined as such because of something that happened to us or our beloved country we can be alert and have a stock for combat. In addition both to educate and train control "anger and emotion" school students and young people who like to brawl, to know what it means to "fight" the actual. In order not to carelessly in life. Maybe with the increased discipline of the citizens of Indonesia after conscription program, will reduce the number of follow-horn looking because that often triggers brawl between school students and the fighting between residents, cowardly ways that dare fight if-do invite a friend, not a caragentleman. Overall impact is expected due to the majority of citizens, military and civilian have high levels of discipline, alertness, vigilance is high, would arbitrarily eliminate habits that are often the cause of cases brawls, vandalism, as well as improve the quality of life of citizens as was the case in South Korea , and Singapore, where the results have improved discipline conscripted citizens, easily organized, orderly and clean in every way, as a result the country became a tourist attraction of foreign brands are comfortable, though not as much as his natural charm Indonesian.

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