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Revised 10/28/13

By Dean T. Hartwell

A recent reviewer of my book Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11 (2nd edition) wrote that the book needs a third edition. He is right. I write this “edition,” or update, online to first of all distill the message of the first two editions to just one sentence: THERE WERE NO HIJACKINGS ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. In short, the stories of plane hijackings and the use of the planes by hijackers to strike buildings was a complete hoax. So, too, were stories of distressed passenger calls from planes. The more I researched and debated this matter, furthermore, the more it appeared that, with some exceptions, the alleged passengers were manufactured or used identities.

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This analysis led to my books Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11 , 1st and 2nd editions. These books form the basis of what I say in this essay in which I give my best hypothesis as to the identity of the passengers and what happened to them. Finding the truth when few facts are available never really ends. I look to you, the reader, to carefully read what I have written here and to challenge what you do not believe is correct. If I believe you are right, I will update this page accordingly. ONE ALLEGED PASSENGER ON ALLEGED FLIGHT AMERICAN AIRLINES 11 According to the official theory of the events of 9/11, this flight took off from Boston at 7:59 AM and was subsequently hijacked. All of its passengers crashed into the World Trade Center north tower and died upon impact. Twelve years of research have produced a number of facts to contradict this assertion. Among them are these two courtesy of the original Bureau of Transportation records before they were altered: American Airlines Flight 11 was never scheduled. American Airlines Flight 11 never took off. From these two facts, we can make a necessary inference that no one boarded Flight 11 and took off in it. We can also infer that people said to have been passengers on Flight 11 were either (a) real people who went somewhere else or (b) were not real people. Recently, I received an email from a man who claimed he knew a specific person said to be a passenger on Flight 11. He alluded to a source who claimed that he overheard the passenger, whom I will call “11X”, calling a taxi on the morning of September 11, 2001 and then saw board with luggage a taxi shortly thereafter. He claims neither he nor anyone else who knew him has seen 11X again. I will assume the good faith of the claims of the man who emailed me. Let’s say that 11X was in fact a real person who indicated to others he would take a flight from Boston to Los Angeles on that morning and that 11X’s name ended up on a passenger list (whether it was an unofficial list or the manifest is not at issue here). How does this stipulation fit in with the facts established about the flight? 11X shows up at Boston Logan Airport. He goes to one of the two gates alleged for Flight 11’s departure, Gate 26 or Gate 32. He boards the plane he believes is Flight 11. A link on Let’s Roll Forums gives evidence that Flight 11 was really a simulation. It is worth a read to get a picture of what really happened on the plane. Here it is.

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Upon realizing that Flight 11 was not going to fly, 11X most likely would have looked for another flight to go to Los Angeles. This would put him at Gate 19. In any case, 11X now boards United 175. If he had an American Flight 11 ticket, he could have quickly gone to the United Airlines booth and exchanged tickets for the 175 flight. And who is to say what ticket 11X held? With no direct information on this matter, it is possible he was instructed to go to United 175 all along. United 175 takes off (late, according to some sources). Thanks to ACARS, a system similar to email that records the times messages are sent to and received by planes, we know that this flight was flying WEST over Western Pennsylvania several minutes AFTER its supposed crash into World Trade Center Two. We also know that an unidentified plane (by flight number) landed in Cleveland some time later, matching the description of the plane for United 175. This places 11X at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Newspaper articles quote Cleveland Mayor Michael White as saying there were 200 passengers in a plane later believed to have parked near a building managed by NASA. Did passengers go into the NASA building? That may never be known. Let’s say that 11X goes into the NASA building. There are no facts available after this point. His execution or his decision to hide both explain his absence. Those who insist he was murdered could point to his character or his ties to the community but neither prove the point. If he went hiding (as an agent, for example), there may be circumstantial evidence of participation but no proof. ALL 9/11 PASSENGERS So I have speculated what may have happened to an alleged passenger of American Flight 11 on the day of September 11, 2001. Now I have identified all of the passengers alleged to have been on American 11, United 175, American 77 and United 93 whose names were found on the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and I paint a more complete picture of my hypothesis.

AMERICAN 11 Alleged to have struck the World Trade Center north tower Jeffrey Coombs, 42 18 Sep 1958 -- 11 Sep 2001 Tara Creamer, 30 30 Nov 1970 -- 11 Sep
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Thelma Cuccinello, 71 THELMA R CUCCINELLO 01 Feb 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001 Brian Dale, 43 BRIAN P DALE 23 Oct 1957 -- 11 Sep 2001 Alex Filipov, 70 ALEXANDER M FILIPOV 11 Apr 1931 -- 11 Sep 2001 Carol Flyzik, 40 CAROL A FLYZIK 13 Mar 1961 -- 11 Sep 2001 Paul Friedman, 45 PAUL J FRIEDMAN 13 Aug 1956 -- 11 Sep 2001 Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31 KARLETON D FYFE 10 Feb 1970 -- 11 Sep 2001 Linda George, 27 LINDA M GEORGE 11 Jun 1974 -- 11 Sep 2001 Peter Hashem, 40, PETER P HASHEM 20 Mar 1961 -- 11 Sep 2001 Robert Hayes, 37 ROBERT E HAYES 09 Sep 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001 Ted Hennessy, 35 EDWARD R HENNESSY 01 Mar 1966 -- 11 Sep 2001 Barbara Keating, 72 BARBARA A KEATING 23 Dec 1928 -- 11 Sep 2001 (PAUL H KEATING 04 Sep 1963 -- 11 Sep 2001) Carlos Montoya CARLOS M MONTOYA 01 Mar 1965 -- 11 Sep 2001 Laura Lee Morabito, 34 LAURA L MORABITO 04 Oct 1966 -- 11 Sep 2001 Mildred Naiman MILDRED NAIMAN 24 Mar 1920 -- 11 Sep 2001 Laurie Neira LAURIE NEIRA 08 Dec 1952 -- 11 Sep 2001 Robert Norton, 82 ROBERT G NORTON 11 May 1916 -- 11 Sep 2001 Thomas Pecorelli, 31 THOMAS PECORELLI 08 Oct 1970 -- 11 Sep 2001 Richard Ross, 58 RICHARD ROSS 29 Apr 1943 -- 11 Sep 2001 James Trentini, 65 JAMES A TRENTINI 24 May 1936 -- 11 Sep 2001 Mary Trentini, 67 MARY B TRENTINI 11 Feb 1934 -- 11 Sep 2001 Mary Wahlstrom, 75, MARY A WAHLSTROM 19 Apr 1923 -- 11 Sep 2001 Kenneth Waldie, 46 KENNETH E WALDIE 13 May 1955 -- 11 Sep 2001 Sources: I will assume for the sake of argument that these 24 alleged passengers (and those listed in the SSDI on other alleged flight) were real people whose families reported their deaths to the proper authorities on or around September 11, 2011. Those not listed in the SSDI will be assumed to be fake identities or the identities of people who really died prior to that day. Now we have 24 people who may well have gone to Boston Logan Airport on September 11. As was mentioned above, Flight 11 never took off and was not even scheduled. Let’s place the 24 at Logan Airport and assume they (a) get word at the airport that Flight 11 is not available and that they should exchange their tickets for American 11 for United 175 or (b) they know all along to go to United 175. Either way, they get to Gate 19, the gate for United 175. Their presence does not likely cause any attention because they probably appear to anyone watching as passengers arriving for the flight they wanted. They then board the plane.
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Their takeoff is approximately 8:23 AM (some sources say 8:14 AM, but evidence suggests a similar plane took off at that time, perhaps as a decoy for United 175). Who else was on this plane? Various media sources have indicated that 65 people, including crew, were on United 175. UNITED 175 Alleged to have struck the World Trade Center, south tower. In terms of the SSDI, what do we know about these alleged passengers?

PASSENGERS Mark Bavis, 31 MARK L BAVIS 13 Mar 1970 -- 11 Sep 2001 Touri Bolourchi, 69 TOURAN H BOLOURCHI 10 Jun 1931 -- 11 Sep 2001 Lynn Goodchild, 25 LYNN C GOODCHILD 27 May 19 -- 11 Sep 2001 The Rev. Francis E. Grogan, 76, FRANCIS E GROGAN 13 May 1925 -- 11 Sep 2001 Carl Hammond, 37 CARL M HAMMOND 04 Oct 1963 -- 11 Sep 2001 Gerald Hardacre GERALD F HARDACRE 21 Nov 1939 -- 11 Sep 2001 James E. Hayden, 47 JAMES E HAYDEN 29 Mar 1954 -- 11 Sep 2001 Herbert Homer, 48, HERBERT W HOMER 05 Feb 1953 -- 11 Sep 2001 Brian Kinney, 29 (BRIAN T KINNEY 09 Aug 1947 -- 18 Jun 200) Robert LeBlanc, 70 ROBERT G LEBLANC 28 Oct 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001 Maclovio "Joe" Lopez Jr., 41 MACLOVIO LOPEZ 29 Apr 1960 -- 11 Sep 2001 Patrick Quigley, 40 PATRICK J QUIGLEY 25 Feb 1961 -- 11 Sep 2001 Jesus Sanchez, 45 (JESUS R SANCHEZ 04 Jul 1956 -- 04 Apr 2001) Kathleen Shearer KATHLEEN SHEARER 11 Mar 1940 -- 11 Sep 2001 Robert Shearer ROBERT M SHEARER 01 Mar 1938 -- 11 Sep 2001 Brian D. Sweeney, 38 BRIAN D SWEENEY 10 Aug 1963 -- 11 Sep 2001 Sources: By this count, there are 14 names shown by CNN for the passengers who are on the SSDI list. Combined with the 24 “passengers” from Flight 11, we now have 38 people noted in the SSDI as having died on September 11, 2001. What we do not know is how many people were actually on United 175, although we do receive a hint of this number later.

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The flight allegedly crashes into World Trade Center south tower at 9:03 AM. ACARS shows the flight to have been flying over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 9:23 AM. It lands in Cleveland at approximately 10:45 AM. Newspapers report a plane matching the description of United 175 parked near the NASA building at Cleveland Hopkins Airport not long afterward. Mayor White had reported a plane with 200 passengers having to make a landing in Cleveland around that time, but gave no source for this number. Were the 38 passengers later recorded on the SSDI on this plane? We do not know. Perhaps this group of people went inside the NASA building. No one has reported where, if anywhere, they went after that point. The next we hear of the 38 is that they are among those listed as having died on either American 11 or United 175. Friends and relatives learn this news on September 12. On September 13, the Boston Globe publishes a list of American 11 passengers without saying anything about the source. The 38 were last seen around noon in Cleveland on the 11 th. This gives whoever wrote the list that the public would rely upon a whole day to get the names in order for their presentation (the fact that different lists have emerged and that the authenticity of the manifests was STIPULATED to in court but never PROVEN enhances the idea that someone made them up). Why wouldn’t this “list maker” for the American 11 and United 175 flights be present in the NASA building? This person could confirm which names were to be used by seeing the passengers and any agents first-hand. There they could make mistakes in spelling because they did not hear something right. They could watch who left. Better yet, they could control when people would leave. Word by now was getting out in the news that American 11 and United 175 had crashed into the towers at the World Trade Center. This lie sank into the public’s perception of this event fairly quickly. So the list maker had to make sure that the 38 would forever be associated with the crash site in New York and not associated in any way with Cleveland. And this is the best reason why these 38 were not executed. Killing people leaves evidence. Their executions would have had to have taken place in Cleveland (no one could fly for a week and transporting them would carry with it the passenger perception of duress, not to mention more opportunities for the public to notice them).

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If any evidence of their deaths were found to have happened in Cleveland, the proverbial ballgame would be over. The die had already been cast that they had died in New York! So, upon the news reaching relatives and later the media that they had “died,” the passengers were allowed to leave the NASA building one by one. Monitored. Watched. Listened to. One person contacting the public could be written off by the plotters as a “no show.” Once the last passenger left and followed their directions as to their new life, the Cleveland chapter was done. How about the other “flights”? Here is what the SSDI has to say about American 77 passengers, courtesy of Web Fairy and CNN:

FLIGHT 77 Allegedly crashed into the Pentagon. Yeneneh Betru, 35 YENENEH BETRU 21 Jan 1966 -- 11 Sep 2001 M.J. Booth MARY J BOOTH 18 Nov 1936 -- 11 Sep 2001 William Caswell WILLIAM E CASWELL 22 Jun 1947 -- 11 Sep 2001 Zoe Falkenberg, 8 ZOE E FALKENBERG 08 Nov 1992 -- 11 Sep 2001 Dana Falkenberg, 3 DANA C FALKENBERG 21 Jul 1998 -- 11 Sep 2001 Wilson "Bud" Flagg WILSON F FLAGG 26 Oct 1938 -- 11 Sep 2001 Ian Gray, 55 IAN J GRAY 01 Sep 1946 -- 11 Sep 2001 Stanley Hall, 68 STANLEY R HALL 14 Apr 1933 -- 11 Sep 2001 Ann Judge, 49, ANN C JUDGE 28 Dec 1951 -- 11 Sep 2001 Chandler Keller, 29, CHANDLER R KELLER 08 Oct 1971 -- 11 Sep 2001 Lisa Raines, 42 LISA J RAINES 30 Dec 1958 -- 11 Sep 2001 Bob Speisman, 47 ROBERT S SPEISMAN 09 Aug 1953 -- 11 Sep 2001 John Yamnicky, 71 JOHN D YAMNICKY 08 Jun 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001 Vicki Yancey VICKI L YANCEY 14 Jan 1957 -- 11 Sep 2001 In summary, fourteen “passengers” show up in the SSDI records as having died on September 11, 2001. Thanks to the Bureau of Transportation Records, we know that American Flight 77 was neither scheduled nor did it take off. So where did these “passengers” go?

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The answer has to do with another list maker. Someone had to keep track of the names that would go to the media as the names of passengers on this phony flight. In addition to the false names (or names of prior deceased), the person in charge of the list for Flight 77 had to keep track of these people who are on the SSDI. The most logical way would be to have them meet in person. That way the “passengers” could get their instructions as to what to do and where to go next. As with the other flights, the official story circulating in the media has the Flight 77 list passengers dying in a place where they did not die. Here, it was the Pentagon in Virginia. These 14 could have met anywhere. They did not likely go to Dulles National Airport. There was no point in putting them on board a flight that did not fly. There was additional business that included Barbara Olson. She and others on the plane had to go somewhere secret and make calls from the ground and convince the listeners they were really on the flight. The list maker then likely carefully screened the group, got their names and drove the list of names to the appropriate contact in the media. The 14 then went about their directions. Here is the passenger/SSDI report on the fourth alleged flight, United Airlines 93: FLIGHT 93 Allegedly crashed into ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania PASSENGERS TODD E BEAMER 11 Sep 1968 -- 10 Jun 1997 William Cashman WILLIAM J CASHMAN 06 Mar 1941-- 11 Sep 2001 Joseph Deluca JOSEPH F DELUCA 05 Apr 1949 -- 11 Sep 2001 Patrick Driscoll PATRICK J DRISCOLL 06 Dec 1930 -- 11 Sep 2001 Colleen Fraser COLLEEN L FRASER 29 Jul 1950 -- 11 Sep 2001 Andrew Garcia (ANDREW V GARCIA 02 Jul 1999 -- 18 Sep 2001) Richard Guadagno, 38, RICHARD J GUADAGNO 26 Sep 1962 -- 11 Sep 2001 Mark Rothenberg MARK D ROTHENBERG 24 Feb 1949 -- 11 Sep 2001 John Talignani JOHN M TALIGNANI 31 Aug 1927 -- 11 Sep 2001 No crewmembers from United 93 are on the SSDI list. And only seven passengers show up as having died on that day. Note Todd Beamer (of “Let’s Roll” fiction) actually died four years prior, according to the records! (It seems likely that someone simply used their identity – see this link.)

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We know from BTS and ACARS records that United 93 took off and was flying over the Midwest long after it allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania. It most likely landed in Akron, Ohio later that morning. Those who are said to have made phone calls stayed on the ground to make those calls (none of these “passengers” made the SSDI list – people may have assumed names, as was likely the case with Beamer). These seven were noted by a list maker as well. SUMMARY The paradox remains that no one can prove who boarded the two planes that flew. To assert that any one person did or did not fly is simply non-falsifiable. Passenger lists or even manifests could be faked, for example. People could have boarded under false names. Passengers could have included those not listed in SSDI, which is, in a recent study, about seventy-five percent accurate. And so on. I have written out the most plausible hypothesis based on the few facts that are available. I have made the assumption that those listed as having died on September 11 did in fact live prior to that day and that someone close to them believed them dead and contacted the proper authority. I have no idea what directions the passengers would have received. The controversy over whether they were killed will continue, but the assertion and its opposite are also non-falsifiable.

In conclusion, here are some questions and answers about the alleged planes and passengers: Did they go to the airport/to the gate of flight? – There is no mention of anyone saying publicly that they went with an alleged passenger to the airport or the gate in the official report. Did the alleged flights take off? – The Bureau of Transportation Statistics says no for Flights 11 and 77. The same source says that Flights 175 and 93 did. Where did the flights land? – I don’t know – ACARS records (similar to email but for use for control towers and airplanes in flight) say 93 and 175 flew west of New York hours AFTER they allegedly crashed in Pennsylvania and the World Trade Center, respectively. Read the book to see why I think Ohio is the most likely landing place. Are the passengers dead? – I don’t know
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Is there a death certificate for the passengers? – Yes, for some of them. The death certificate would likely have been necessary for passengers to be listed on the Social Security Death Index (see below). Are they on SSDI? – Some are (about 20% of the passengers listed) Does this status prove they died? – No. It is worth noting that people buy the SSDI from the government, which casts doubts upon its reliability. Consider where the lists of passengers came from: the FBI, which also chose the autopsy doctors who “declared” the dead. Did they exist? – I don’t know. The assertion of their existence is not provable or disprovable. With a number of “passengers” from Flights 11 and 77 not passengers on those flights, and probably not passengers at all, it is clear that at least some of the identities are manufactured. This is a work in progress. It is my gift to those who seek the truth. If you can better my hypothesis, please do so, not for me but for the simple cause of getting an answer to the question of what happened. You can reach me at

Source (unless otherwise identified): Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11, 2nd edition

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