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I Fur Official I >t- Onh

Texas Service Center

Enforcement Operations Division
911 Terrorist Review
I United Airlines #93

I Non-Immigrant Information
Newark to San Francisco
Stony Creek Township
Inter-Agency Border Information System
(National Automated Immigration Lookout
(Treasury Enforcement Control System)

I 1-94:0709203108
Visa Issued: Jeddah, 10JUNO 1
Type Visa: B2
(National Crime Information Center)

Tecs Record ID: P9B53605100CDA

DOA: 27JUNO 1 P9B53605100CIQ
Admitted to: 26DEC01 P9B53605100COL
Port of entry: Orlando, FL P9B54816700C1Q
Arriving Carrier: V. Atlantic, Fit #15 P9B54816700OJO

I Intended Address:
Hotel (Prob Hyatt Intl Dr)
Orlando, FL

I Departure date: NA
Port of Departure: NA
Carrier: NA

Computer-Linked Application
Information Management System
Comments Saeed(ayed) ALGHAMDI
Negative results
Entered the U.S. at Orlando on Virgin DOB:21NOV79
Atlantic Airlines flight #15 from Alt DOB (TECS) 5NOV60 Student School System
London, England on 06/27/02 with COC: Saudi
Fayez BANNIHAMMAD. COR: Saudi Negative results
Saudi Dassport: C57389S
According to FAA there is a Saeed Florida State # Unk (obtained ;7< 10-01} Refugee, Asylee, and Parolee vstein
Ahmed ALGHAMDI that holds an
Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Known Addresses, Cont Negative results
I Licenses.
(LEA 9:16/01) Central Index System
Known Addresses Fkorham Park, NJ
Negative results
I (LEA 9/16/01)
(CDB 10/01) I S C 2 Box 2422 Deportable Alien Control System
(LEA 9/16/01) Lackland AFB, TX
2401 Quarters Rd Negative results
I Fort Lee, VA 23801 (LEA 9/25/01
7 j5 Dotterel Road Marriage. Anti-Fraud Accountability
(CDB 10/01) Delr •• Beach, FL 33444 System
f LEA 9/25/01)
4521 N ViaEntrada EA 9/25/01) Negative results
T :son, \Z 11111

i (CDB 10/01)
1600 Spring Gate Drive
28: sdford Ln Apt
mo Hills, CA

LEA 9/25/01)

i McLean, VA 22102

..£;-, 9/14/01)
2840 Flig, Safety Drive Ap -V208
V' kach, FL 329f
55 Medford Rd (TEf >9B53605100C
Fc -Vc >,TX76103 Dhs ; Camp 376 Hi
.ahran, Saudi

-LAW ENI CEMENT SE E— Revised: 27/02

I F )fficial Use Or
11.s r UKUJC.AIC.N i iti.NM i i S t.---

I For Official Use Only

Texas Service Center

Ij Enforcement Operations Division
911 Terrorist Review
I United Airlines #93 Saeed(ayed) ALGHAMDI
Newark to San Francisco DOB:21NOV79
I Crashed in Stony Creek

I COC: Saudi
COR: Saudi

I 10JUN01
Terrorist Timeline

B2 Visa issued in Jeddah

I 27JUN01 Entered the U.S. at Orlando on Virgin Atlantic Airlines flight #15 from
London, England

2Opened a Florida SunTrust bank account with cash
lALGHAMDI stayed at Unit 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club, Delray beach
with Hamza ALGHAMDI and Ahmed ALNAMI
V 10JUL01 i Obtains a Florida State ID Card
05SEP01 lALGHAMDI and ALNAMI buy one-way tickets to Newark from Mile
High Travel in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
07SEP01 lALGHAMDI and ALNAMI travel from Fort Lauderdale to Newark
11SEP01 2 Saeed ALGHAMDI hijacked United Airlines Fligh* 93, a Boeing "57,
which had departed from Newark, New Jersey, boun.. for San Francisco.
Flight 93 crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Washingtc ost
205 F.R.C 3,30 Media L


For Official Use Onb

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