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List # ID 'Full Name Alias DOB FOB S3AN Address Phone

List #11 77 Jarrahi, Ziad S. Jarrah, Zia 5/11/75 Beirut, Lebanon 954-920-5190 Hansa Str 40 954-920-5190
List #26 Jarrah, Ziad Samir 888-00-7106 Hamburg, 20144 0234-7089936
List #27 Jarrah, Ziad S Germany
Jarrah, Ziad Jarraj Laerholzstr 3 44801
List #28 Laerholzstr 3 44801
Jarrah, Ziad Borchum,
List #30 Borchum,
List #31
List #33

List #34
List #43
106 Falls of Venice
List #45
Venice, FL
List #49

150 E. Airport Avenue

Venice, FL 34285

18 Harding Street
Hollywood, FL

1816 Harding St
Hollywood, FL

1816 Harding St., Apt 1

Hollywood, FL

400 Base Avenue, #221

Venice, FL

4641 Bougainvilla Dr
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4641 Bougainvilla Drive

Laud by the Sea, FL

Status. Deceased-on flight UA73, source: Remarks: Used same ISP address to make reservations at Kinko's as Ahmed Al Haznawi &
terrorist Mohammed Atta (suspected hijackers on 9/11/01) & Hady Omar; UA#93 / German

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List # ID -utt Name Alias DOB POB SSAN Address Phone

3; HQ1639; HQ1945
Canadian Embassy #
Newark EC
US Customs Service
Berlin EC
Charlotte EC

9/11 Personal

Passport # 1619505 / Application for (light training at FL Flight Training Center date
1 1/12/2000 / Reported SSAN. Credit/debit card # 4011-8060-7080-4835.
Investigation determined that JARRAHI of Springfield, VA, stayed at the Newark
international Airport Marriott, and was listed on the UA flight 93 manifest. During
flight training in FL, between November 2000 and May 2001 . subject operated an
aircraft identified as tail no. N633OU. a Piper ChcrnkBa PA?fl-lfii ThA numar ar ni D n n 74 of 96
this rental aircraft is|
#J600987751710. Subject was issued a private pilot's license on 7/30/01 , flight
certificate #002633773. Subject's father, BADRIEH ALI JARRAH, (DOB 02/15/39)
i arrested on 05/26/91 in Newark, NJ, by U.S. Customs for importation of two
Kilograms of heroin. Additonal addresses, travel information, and descriptive info
contained in watchlist files. For brief, contact SIOC, Project Lookout. Citizen of
Lebanon. Private pilot. Lebanon Passnnrt #1619505 fsanpft a AS qprmar. P3g|
"Photograph in file." Jarrah's girlfriend Aysel Sengun. | I
accessed a accounts at the same time kiaa jarran irom a pubic
access computer at a Kinkn'g gtnro |n [>••*""" Mf " O/OPOT< Siddiqui DOB

9/11 Personal Privacy

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