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MHSS celebrates 7th Foundation Week

Carrying on its mother school Mapa Institute of Technologys tradition of excellence, f or seven years, Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) has been moving toward becoming a global center of excellence in secondary education. With the same vision, academic standards, and quality of educational system as that of Mapa and sister school Malayan Colleges Laguna, MHSS has been equipping its students with topnotch knowledge and skills particularly in the field of science and technology. "What the three schools have in common is that they have openly embraced the outcomesbased education early on and more zealously as compared to other academic institutions. As a result, they are able to excel in their respective niches and propel themselves to national prominence," said Mapa President and CEO Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea. Famed as the counterpart of the premier engineering school in the secondary level and considered the home of future industry leaders, MHSS has established itself as one of the top performing science high schools in Metro Manila. After being named as this years Tagisang Robotics Rookie of the Year, Dr. Efren Mateo, principal of MHSS, explained that the Institution is now determined more than ever to strengthen its educational curriculum. Given the successful year that MHSS has had, we are now diverting our attention to another objective of ours which is of course to gain accreditation. We are actually using some research to determine the efficacy of our educational system. We also let them evaluate the performance of their teachers using the MHSS core values as assessment indicators, he said. As well-rounded individuals, MHSS students have also excelled in other fields particularly in athletics and humanities. Two members of the MHSS basketball team received major awards in the juniors division in the recently concluded NCAA Season 88 while members of its student council won the Best Event Proposal during the first High School Leadership Congress. Creating a Safe Environment for Academic Excellence and Values Formation MHSSs upcoming Foundation Week will be a celebration of achievements. Similar to other Malayan schools, our activities are geared towards the promotion of excellence in education within the community. I believe thats what ties us all together. Its sharing the same vision to become global centers of quality education in the country, Dr. Mateo explained.

But apart from this, for the principal, the event is also a declaration of its serious commitment to create an environment wherein not only brilliant minds are developed but sterling characters as well. It is our belief that great people are not just made of immense knowledge but also with uncompromisable values. This is what we want to share with everyone, that MHSS is working hard to be a cradle of not just future professionals but positive shapers of the world, Dr. Mateo said. MHSSs Foundation Week will kick-start on January 14. It will open with a motorcade followed by a thanksgiving mass and the launch of its new website. There will be science and mathematics exhibits and workshops and lectures given by industry practitioners. Dr. Vea will also be participating in the week-long festivities as he will be giving a talk on the Marikina-Pasig flood control scheme. To see the 2013 Foundation Weeks schedule of activities, click here.