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Nota Importante: Si la aplicacion CenturionMaster ya esta creada y esta funcionando en la pala, y es necesario cambiar de PM864 a PM861 debido a la disponibilidad

de hardware de respaldo; el cambio S se puede efectuar, se deber cambiar los settings descritos lineas abajo pero la configuracion de inputs/ ouputs inhabilitados no se modificaran.

Changing AC800 Project Processor Types

(PM861 / PM864) P&H Mining Equipment utilizing AC800 processors have migrated from PM861 processors to the PM864 series. As existing machines operating in the field may contain either type processor, on occasion the AC800 project may require changing the processor type to be compatible with the hardware to which the project is to be installed. This simple process outlines this task and the required changes for compatibility. In the following example, we will use a project configured for a PM861 and reconfigure it for a PM864. With the exception of the actual hardware selection, the process would be the same to go from a PM864 project back to a PM861.

Note in the below example, the Hardware Processor is a PM861 / TP830. RightClick on this section and scroll down to the Replace With option. This will open up a list of choices. Scroll to and Click on the PM864 / TP830 option to select it.

A Caution window will appear. Click Yes to continue.

Selecting a new Processor will reset several settings. These settings must be reset. (The same settings will be used for either a PM861 or PM864.) Open the project tree and Right-Click on the 1 Ethernet heading. Click on the Editor option to open the next window.
What need to be change in the AC800 application if the controller hardware 1 is a PM864.doc DFS 3/05/2008

With the Settings tab selected at the bottom of the window, enter the IP address of the processor ( and the IP subnet mask ( as shown to the right in the top two value boxes. All other settings may be left as default.

Click the small floppy icon with the X on it to save this change and close the window.

Similar to the Ethernet IP change, a setting in the ModuleBus section should also be changed. As before, Right-Click and choose the Editor.

The view to the right shows the ModuleBus Setting for the Scan Cycle Time. Typically this will default to a value of zero. Change this setting by double-clicking in the field and entering a value of 20 (twenty).

Again, Save and Close by clicking the small floppy icon with the X.

The next step will be to change the processor settings Similar to the Ethernet and ModuleBus sections, Right-Click on the PM864 / TP830 heading and Click the Editor option.

What need to be change in the AC800 application if the controller hardware 2 is a PM864.doc DFS 3/05/2008

The below screen shots show the typical before and modified settings that must be applied. Specifically the following must be entered: Default Gateway: AE Max no of event subscriptions: CS Protocol Type: CS SNTP ServerAddr 1: CS SNTP ServerAddr 2: 5 SNTP



Finally, again Save and Close this window. This AC800 project will now be reconfigured for the processor type selected.

This completes this instructional document. ***

What need to be change in the AC800 application if the controller hardware 3 is a PM864.doc DFS 3/05/2008