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Nature of the Business: MANUFACTURING OF FURNITURE Furniture is the second basic needs of human being.

From the very beginning, when human being came on the earth thought of furniture also to live well. It is the part and parcel of human being. It is like garments. Since human being needs garments for his/herself or his/her family members, following this, they need furniture also to live well. In an ancient time, human being used garments as their very basic needs to cover their body but now-a-days, they make it for their fashion. Similar to this, once upon a time, furniture was the need of human being but now-a-day, it becomes fashion. Like garments they want to change it time to time. That is why; demand of furniture manufacturing is increasing day by day. In all over the world, yearly about 1000 Billion USDs furniture is manufactured and sold. It is one of the good profitable business sectors in the world. It is a challenging sector also. To perform furniture manufacturing and selling business, all entrepreneurs have to follow some special tricks; otherwise, they may fail to do good business. ** OUR COMPANY 100% inspection policy extends from raw material to finished product and packaging. This is the heart of our business and what wins us our business. We know there can be no compromise in the attention to detail, quality of materials and disciplined process when dealing with professional discerning customers around the globe. This same philosophy applies also to our service as well as products (communications, project management and after-sales service). We bring experience and professionalism in the manufacture of furniture to the project team. HOTELS The overall environment and ambience of the hotels is greatly affected by the use of furniture. The beauty and comfort of a hotel is hugely influenced by variety of furniture being used in it. Elements like texture, colour, shape and style are very much important for the overall appearance of the hotel. Use of right set of furniture proves to be of great help in deciding the look and impression of the hotel. Every part of the hotel including bedroom, bathroom, reception areas, dining room and even lounge need to have proper set of furniture. Hotels can opt for either antique furniture or modern looking furniture. Keeping in mind that furniture quality is very integral to overall appeal of the hotel, we give our best in making all things fit to perfection. The quality aspect of hotel furniture can never be compromised. Similarly, price plays a major role in finalizing hotel furniture. There must be a furniture strategy in a hotel which takes into consideration space available, frequency of usage and customer segment as well. Overall aim of any hotel is to provide guests with an unforgettable experience and memorable impression. We keep an eye on these important aspects as well and offer designs while keeping original structure and design of hotel in mind. The hotel furniture prices are also affordable

without ever compromising on quality. Buyers can always ask for samples and decide accordingly. CONDOMINIUMS With the ever rising prices of real estate, and the shift from suburban to urban living, many more people are living in condos and town homes than ever before. The objective of 'condo' furniture is to have impact with smaller scale, and to do it with style. We can help you to find pieces that will meet your needs, just bring in your floor plan, descriptions or samples of your flooring and other furniture, or even just a photo of your space. Decorating these spaces can sometimes prove challenging, especially when the trend in outdoor furniture is large and luxurious. While some private terraces provide impressive square footage, some condominium balconies may have a more restrained surface area to work with. Today, there are more and more options on the market that cater specifically to these needs. Even if your balcony is small, it is no longer necessary to settle for a cheap plastic fold-up patio set.

RESTAURANT COMPANY [Company name] is a one priced, all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. We are offering a hot and cold comprising starters, main dishes and desserts all at competitive prices. Customers have the chance to choose exactly the food they want from the buffet. Foods choices will vary regularly including salads, soups, vegetarian options and other food choices from around the world. Our target market is the lunchtime food market, currently comprised of fast food outlets, chain pubs, bakeries, and meal deals from retailers and with no one provider gaining a large market share.. Our target customers will include professionals, shoppers and students fromlocal Universities. We hope to appeal to customers who are frustrated with either paying a premium price to eat a basic lunch on the move or with spending time waiting for food in restaurants. We aim to provide a venue more suitable for social or business liaisons

Nature of the Business: HARDWARE

Big League began operating with the opening of its first branch in SM North Edsa. It introduced to the public the convenience of hardware shopping in malls. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the most aggressive hardware and home improvement centers in the country, with 100 branches nationwide and has now expanded with different Business Centers and still growing. This company had one purpose: to bring to the Asia market the ultimate one-stop-shop for the latest solutions for home improvement. We know there can be no compromise in the attention to detail, quality of materials and disciplined process when dealing with professional discerning customers around Asia. This same philosophy applies also to our service as well as products. We bring experience and professionalism in the distribution of hardware supplies to the consumers. Behind this massive project and wide array of products is a strong customer service philosophy. Big League does not only take pride in offering quality hardware and building products, but also providing well-trained sales personnel ready to answer questions and professionally handle requirements. There are over thousands of items for gardening, pet care, automotive and motorcyle, home safety and security, electrical and wiring devices, building materials, lumber, flooring and tiles, paint and chemicals, hardware, houseware and home improvement merchandise that Big League carries.