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Dear Editor, NACTA Polls, Vishnu Bisram and Amaila Hydro: A Sordid Hypocrisy!

I refer to the story NACTA Poll shows overwhelming support for minimum wage, Amalia, & Subsidies to GPL (KN 9 13 15) and would appreciate the opportunity to respond. It is unfortunate and disappointing that Kaieteur News chose this particular day, and this particular letters publication, to restrict timely online responses. However, the rather sad circumstances of Mr. Bisrams letter on his poll are best circumscribed by due reference to two others also published by KN: Hijacking the machinery of State ( ), and Government Ministers Above the Law Greenidge ( ). We last encountered Vishnu Bisram in the online article Bharat Jagdeo, Reepu Daman, Vishnu Bisram, Enmore Martyrs Day and an Indefatigable Hypocrisy! ( ). As Guyana spins out of control with each passing day, and as the torrent of public opinion against the beleaguered administration associated with former President Bharat Jagdeo rises, Vishnu Bisram reinvents himself, and the sordidness of his reptilian mission, yet again. His job is to defend the indefensible, to sell a basket of fake goods. It would take an astonishingly uninformed or gullible Guyanese citizen, of whatever race or creed, to NOT support the oppositions rejection of Amaila Hydro, or to NOT support calls for the criminal prosecution of the person or persons responsible for an obvious attempt to defraud Guyana and its people. We had addressed some of issues attendant to the general catastrophe outlined in the online article Bharat Jagdeo, Winston Brassington and Amaila Hydro: Whos Going to Jail for This? ( ). Mr. Bisram and his imaginary respondents seem conveniently unaware of the issues. There are still other revelations that, daily, remind us of the extremely toxic and degenerate situation in Guyana and Mr. Bisrams convenient poll and interpretation of these events reflects a continuing callousness and hypocrisy equal in depth and sordidness to the worst of the above commentary. Under his fecal rhetoric and grotesque manufacture of the outlook on Amaila, the people of Guyana become convenient statistical pawns to be used to prop up the status quo in Guyana, now undisputedly the worlds latest example of the intersection of criminal enterprise and callous governance. Bisram obviously has not polled Rama Bhajan-Singh and others like him, daily battling with the post-Jagdeo issues tormenting Guyanese as expressly outlined in the online article I Am A Nobody ( ). Amaila Hydro, and the exposure of the Jagdeo/Brassington corruption within, obviously added insult to injury for Rama and Vishnu now sets out to aid and abet that indecency. We should ignore this latest piece of self-serving gibberish by Vishnu Bisram and focus on answering the urgent questions that a group of very patriotic Guyanese (Christopher Ram, Lincoln Lewis, Ramon Gaskin, Carl Greenidge, Frederick Kissoon, Khemraj Ramjattan, David Granger and many, many others) are now asking! Yours faithfully, Roger Williams September 15, 2013

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