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Truth-Rita and satya (The words in italics are the Sanskrit words. These words can be read in the Sanskrit English dictionary by Sir Monier Williams, available in Internet at <> The Sanskrit words in italics are in Itrans version.)

In the Vedas/ Upanishads, there are two terms used for the word 'Truth'. Rita and satya. The word satya means something that is positive, something that exists. The word Rita designates the state before manifestation. Like a photo is developed from the Negative film, similarly any positive entity has its root in negativity. This is ''Rita''. Any thing revealed, created, expressed is just a part, the origin remains as obscured behind it. This obscured part is the greater part and remains in the Negativity, and called Rita. The word ''amRita'' (meaning eternal, divine etc.) in the Vedas has an etymological meaning---it can be considered from two words, ama (without measure) + Rita (who flows to manifest and becomes revealed or the truth). So, amRita is our source, which/who is beyond measure and whose measures are the creation, created entities. The Vedas have recited "paadasya (in one phase or step is held) vishva bhUtani(the universe with all the objects) tripaadasya(in the rest three phases or steps is held) amRitam divi(amrita, the divinity)"-------the whole universe is just in one part(one fourth), the rest three parts (three fourth) is the divinity, amRita. (You know, the modern physics regards the revealed universe as a 'tip of the iceberg''). In one part we are mortal, measured,

shaped by the lines of limitations and in the other part we are eternal, beyond measure. Vedas have recited, ''naama rUpey satyam, praaNo vai amRitam, tasyayam pranoshchanna'----naama (name, definitions), rUpa (dimensions, shapes) satyam (are the Truth, the expression of Amrita), praaNo (praaNa, THE LIFE, from whom we are created) is amRita (divine, eternal), and praaNa is covered by naama and rUpa ! Thus Vedas have cited that we are all expression of amRita. The creatures, the creation covers the creator! The source remains obscured, covered by its own expressions. We are the decoration, our names, our expressions, our shapes and dimensions are the coating and decoration which cover the praaNa, the eternal life, our source, our origin. This whole world is established in the sense of positivity. This positive world is established, realized in your eyes! The most dominant feelings of revelation are in your vision. The eye is the centre or pivot of the revealed world. This is why the eye is called ''akShi'' (related to the word ''akSha'' in Sanskrit'' meaning axis, centre, pivotal point etc.) the centre around which you revolve, or your sense of time is controlled. Corresponding to eye (in our inner sky), the Sun is there in the external, in the outer space as the centre of Vision (light, revelation) and time. There are plenty of hymns in Upanishads and Vedas addressing the Eye and the Sun and the One who has the seat in both the eye and the sun. What is eye in micro is the sun in macro. Each is the centre of vision/shapes and dimensions and centre of time. The whole mystery of time and space is held in this eye, in this sun!

In the "second Brahmin of the fifth chapter" of the Brihadarannyak Upanishad it is mentioned that the Sun or the One in the sun is the Truth and so also is the same One in the right eye! They are in each other by the rays, by the Life/Feelings (Vedas).That is why the One in the Sun is called ''aha"(meaning day in Sanskrit, and the One in the right eye is called ''aham''(meaning ''I am'', expression of self, in Sanskrit). The scripts say that both (aha and aham) kill the sins (darkness, death). aha (the day) and aham (I am) are the first visible expressions who rises above the darkness above the obscurity of death! By reciting like this, the Vedas have also told us that what we think as obscure, darkness is actually the source of the revelation, life. It is rather not darkness, it is Light of the light. It is rather not the death, it is the Life of the life. {This is written from the teachings received from the seers Shri. Bijoykrishna Chattopadhaya (1875-1945), and his principle disciple Shri Tridibnath Bandopadhaya(1923-1994). --Debkumar Lahiri} (you may write to the author at or for any comments or query)