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IBUonline Holds the Key Points in E-business Development Department telecommunications research institute HeXia deputy chief engineer,

stated At present, china e-business has entered a golden development phase, ebusiness transaction volume has increased at a rapid pace, 2010 the volume hit 4.8 trillion and it is expected to hit 10 trillion. The numbers of e-business service providers have reached 25000, network group purchase numbers have reached 1880. In view of current market structure, Alibaba is the leading enterprise in e-business industry. It has monopoly position while e-business SMEs emerged and formed a strong market force which can not be ignored. In view of market competition, price is still the main method. Non price competition is presented on depth of service and customers experience. In the highlight, new foreign trade B2B platform IBUonline broke through the membership mode with annual fees on traditional B2B platforms. So customers could post supply and demand information and send inquires without any fees, which lower the threshold of SMEs for entering e-business. IBUonline has collected 3 hundred thousand members since it hit the market. IBUonline also staged a lot of value added services, so the members could buy according to their needs, among those services, Easy Order and Global information distribution are favored by customers since they have brought many business opportunities for SMEs. Experts in the industry said, cloud computing, network, mobile network, etc, such network technology has boosted e-business mode innovation. Meanwhile, e-business development pushed the development of basic network, cloud computing, network and mobile network, third party payment, data application, logistics and other related services. It is worth noting that mobile network development has great impact on e-business since the online transactions can be moved to offline transactions. For instance, IBUonline launched easy order which could be used on mobile networks so both sides could log on the software through order number on PC, mobile phone or Tablet PC that could be accessed to the internet. Both sides could interact with each other and it is good for optimizing the foreign trade processes and it is significant for ebusiness good faith transactions. China e-business market has a long way to go. China regional economic development is uneven, rural and city economy is dual economic structure. Marketing could be subdivided, which may bring a large number of marketing opportunities, including industry subdivision, users subdivision, and regional subdivision. In the future, e-business industry chains enter integration period, creating an e-business comprehensive eco system with basic services of manufacturing, marketing, consuming assisted by payment, logistics, credit, data etc and it is customers-oriented. From establishment period to rapid development phase, users application has expanded in depth and width. E-business is stepping forward to an integration and creation new phase. In view of the industry, diversification of the main body and application popularity is still going on; platform opening

and branding is distinctive. Terminal diversification will increase more outlets for online shopping. Opening and win-win will be the main melody of the whole network economy and the whole e-business industry.

In the past decade, there are three problems in e-business development, credit, payment, and logistics; in the next decade, three key elements are: systems, logistics, and data. Whether the policy could maintain the good conditions for e-business development is very important when ebusiness is on the rapid development phase, such as tax policy. Logistic development is also the key strategy in e-business development. The mega trend is e-business enterprises could build up storage house on their own and strengthen the regional layout to set up a third party logistic service platform. Meanwhile, open third logistic service platform will coexist with another mode that logistics combines with the third party logistic services. In view of data, E-business enterprises should put more efforts on collecting and analyzing international market information to provide more accurate and valuable supply and demand information for the customers. Taking IBUonline as an example, IBUonilne has set up sub-branches in different countries. IBUonline joined hands with global business partners to collect purchase information and update buyers list. IBUonline tries to collect more information on the database, which could be a good foundation for matching buyers and sellers information.