, Ermita, Manila COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Social Science Department

DR. DIONISIO A. ESPRESSION JR. Vice President for Academic Affairs Technological University of the Philippines Manila ATTENTION: DEAN OF COLLEGES Dear Dr. Espression: Good Day! We, the third year students of the Bachelor of Arts in Management – Major in Industrial Management (BAM-IM-L-3D), in partial fulfillment of our research course, we are conducting a study on the awareness of the TUP students concerning national issues. The respondents of our study include 1,290 randomly selected students coming from the different colleges of the university. We request that we will be allowed to visit classes to administer our questionnaire; the answering of the questionnaire will only take five to ten minutes. Thank you and God bless! Respectfully yours, Arquines, Bonna Dela Rea, Sharise Camille Gonzales, Finnesse Guiang, Ma. Jesulita Lucero, Anna Kathrina Martinez, Vincent Kenneth Santos, Kathreen Dianne Tomelden, Aylah Vendero, Caren Noted by: ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

_______________________ DR. JULIET A. CATANE Research Professor

V. MRT/LRT Fair hike i. viewings influence the awareness of the students concerning national issues?” Research Hypothesis: T. Operational Definition – Dependent Variable: Awareness on the following issues: a. Dependent Variable: Awareness of students on national issues. Operational Definition – Independent Variable: Number of Hours spent on watching T.RESEARCH TOPIC Research Problem: “Do T. Cagayan de Oro Blast e. San Juan informal settlers relocated to Bulacan h.V. New Warship for Philippines defense g.Fabella Hospital mercury spill j. viewing influences the awareness of the students concerning national issues.V.V. RH Bill b. Independent Variable: Number of hours spent on watching T. Scarborough Shoal c. Pork barrel f. Oil spill in Manila Bay that affected coastal villages in Cavite . Filipinas or Pillipinas? d.

991 enrolled TUP students Sample: 1. 2013) st Population: 18.991 enrolled TUP students Total Sample: 1.290 TUP students / respondents Sampling Technique: Stratified Total Population: 18.290 TUP students / respondents Size of Sample: 10% of total population per college and per year level. (Enrollment date. As of July 1.V. Office of the University Registrar. SY 2013-2014. . viewing affects the awareness of students on National issues. Methods: Qualitative – Correlational Local of Study: Technological University of the Philippines Respondents / Sources of data: COE COS CLA CAFA CIE CIT Total Respondents 1st year 66 37 12 41 34 176 2nd year 45 30 11 29 29 142 3rd year 71 25 20 39 42 181 4th year 52 27 19 21 52 22 5th year 55 0 0 10 0 2 Total 289 119 62 140 157 523 =1.290 *10% of total population per college and per year level. 1 semester.RESEARCH DESIGN Types of Research: Correlational Purpose: Applied – To know if T.

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