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Students are required to select any one topic from the below:1. Factors influencing purchasing decisions of consumers for any one product/brand. 2. Compare Product Strategies of 2 leading brands (in any category). 3. Compare distribution strategies of 2 leading brands. 4. Buying influencers of consumers for any product. 5. Consumers shopping online from various online platforms. 6. Recent Media options used by various markets. 7. Internet Marketing 8. Social Media Marketing 9. Viral Marketing 10. Comparing promotional strategies of any two competitions in any category. 11. Diet/health conscious consumer as an opportunity to marketers. 12. Diet/health conscious consumer as a threat to marketers. 13. Mall culture: actual buy or entertainment place for family. 14. Impact of opening of Malls on smaller stores nearby. 15. Strategies used by marketers today to delight customers. 16. Children: major influence in purchase of families today 17. Ten most successful promotional campaigns in India till today. 18. Strategies of Worlds most powerful brand. (any one) 19. Loyalty programsFreebees or future investment 20. Content marketing. 21. Competitive analysis of any Indian brand using Porters Five forces of Industry attractiveness. 22. Measuring customer satisfaction. 23. Customer Value analysis. 24. Brand elements: choice criteria 25. Niche Marketers in India 26. Mobile: just a communication device or a tool for marketing

Instructions for the project report: 1) The students are required to write a report based on the primary and/or secondary data on the topic selected by them. 2) If the project is based on primary data, the students are required to administer the questionnaire prepared by them (containing a set of questions on the topic) on atleast a sample of 50 respondents. The respondents response (in the questionnaire) is to be analyzed and presented as research report,. 3) The project should take care of the following: 12 Times New Roman Font. For headings:14 Times New Roman Font. Page limit: 30 to 35 sides, Line spacing: 1.5, Alignment: Justified. 4) For further queries please contact your professor Dr. Pooja Ramchandani on the email id provided in point no. 3 above. Format of the Project. Index with contents and their respective page numbers. Introduction to the topic Objectives of Study Research Methodology along with the details of Sample Selected-(No. of respondents and their Profile). Details of sample will be given when the project is based on primary data. Review of literature (review of books, journals, newspapers, articles, reports published). (Note: Source to be mentioned in references at the end of Report in APA style/Harvard style). Analysis of data collected (with the help of tables & Graphs/Charts etc).(when primary data is collected) Findings and Conclusion. Suggestions/Recommendations. References in APA style/Harvard style. If any web resources are used detailed webliography with the names of the site along with the exact link/URLs. Questionnaire copy to be attached.

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