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Assalammualikum and a very good day I bet to our respected lecturer, Mr. Loh and my fellow friends.

On this bright day, here I am, standing at the front of the class to deliver a brief public speaking entitled Modern Communication which is under Communication topic. Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I would like to define the definition of modern communication. For your information, modern can be defined as a relating of recently development of the things around us. While communication is a two-way conversation in which the first person is conveying or delivering information. The second person will act as the receiver of the information whom will hear and find the information. So, here I can say that modern communication is a way to channel information to the entire world that is far away in a short time by the help of modern gadgets. I repeat. As we all know, the opposite of the modern communication is an early communication. But today I will share about the modern communication only. Fellow audiences, Here I want to tell you a few examples of the gadgets that we use for modern communication. They are cell phones, computers, laptops, and fax machines. Unfortunately, most of them can only works with internet. As the time is running out, I will go straightly to the main point of the modern communication which is its advantages. First of all, the main advantage is to enable people to connect with each other even from a long distance easily without any barriers. Secondly, it shows the achievement of certain country to show that they are up-to-date as it shows the technologies achievement by inventing new gadgets. After all, modern communication is absolutely different from early communication as there are no limits of sharing your information to the whole world in a very brief time. For instance, internet fax is very secured, reliable, fast and less maintenance like paper or ink. It has more features than traditional fax machine and can be access anywhere with the present of internet. Beloved friends, Next, I would like to share about my third point which is the disadvantages of modern communication. Actually the disadvantages will not exist if the users themselves use the facilities wisely. The first disadvantage is most modern communication can be conducted in the present of internet. So, if there is no internet people cannot share or deliver their information. After that, minority of the users will misuse the gadgets for modern communication. For example, the invention of computer or any technologies gadgets are disturbed by the existence of the virus inside the software. This make people cannot use the gadgets to give information.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, I believe that modern communication are widely used nowadays by majority of the people in this world rather than early communication as early communication was no longer used and getting forgotten as the high achievement in technologies of communication. As the conclusion, there are the advantages and disadvantages of modern communication. It is depend on the user themselves to use the technologies achievement in order to get rid of the problems that might disturb other users. So, that is all for now. Thank you for hearing my public speaking. BY : NURUL FATIN BINTI KAMARUDIN TESL SEM 1 JUN 2011