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69 barangays in Tacloban submitted project proposals

TAC L OBA N CITY- Half of this citys 138 barangays has submitted their project proposals, raising some suspicions considering of the forthcoming scheduled barangay elections this October.
Based on the records of the Barangay A airs O ce (BAO), an attached o ce of City Mayors Ofce, 69 barangays of the city have submitted their project proposals with projects ranging from construction of plant boxes to signages to pathways and rehabilitation of barangay halls. e amount of these projects range from P30,000 up to P800,000, says BAO chief Hermilo Naputo, Jr. Practically half of our 138 barangays or 69 of them have submitted their papers to our ofce regarding their proposed projects which are mostly infrastructure projects, Naputo to page 2

Tacloban City Councilor Jerry Uy poses with author Carmen Navarro Pedrosa during 34th Manila International Book Fair at SMX Convention Center Pasay City. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

TACLOBAN CITY e Commission on Higher Education (CHED) reminded the 95 tertiary schools here in the region to o er priority courses in its bid to address the problem of labor mismatch.

CHED reminds 95 tertiary schools to o er priority courses

CHED Regional Director Libertad Garcia said schools have been given the previous and additional lists of priority courses that should be o ered by schools starting academic year 2011-2012. Priority courses not only to answer the need of the national level but the local as well. Some of the the identi ed programs are aligned with the thrust of the Regional Development Council agribusiness, ecotourism and information and communications, Garcia told Leyte Samar Daily Express.

TACLOBAN CITY Except for commercial rice, prices and supply of basic agricultural commodities remain generally stable in Eastern Visayas, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA) regional o ce here. Evelyn Mionda, DA-8 chief of Agribusiness and

DA urges LGUs to reactivate LPCCs

Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD), said that prices and supply of agricultural products, particularly livestock and poultry remain steady. Even with the stable situation, the agency is still monitoring prices of these products as we anticipate an increased demand due to the coming

Christmas season and prices are likely to rise, Mionda said. e price of commercial rice has increased between P2-5 per kilo for the last three weeks. e National Food Authority (NFA), however, said there was no cause for concern because

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Under CHED memorandum, listed as priority courses are Information Technology (speci cally computer studies, multimedia, animation, programming, information system management); Agriculture and related elds (agro-forestry, veterinary medicine, agriculture engineering, agribusiness/management, agri-tech, sheries); Teacher Education (math, science, physics, chemistry, reading, english, educational media and special education); Science and Math. Also in the priority list are Engineering courses (mechanical, electronics, communication, mining, computer, biomedical, chemical, geodetic, electrical, meteorological, geo-

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KURATSA DANCE ---- House Independent minority bloc leader and Leyte (1st dist) Rep.Ferdinand Martin FM Romualdez throws 100 and 50 peso bills while dancing kuratsa with Auditor Sorolen Ponferrada (2nd right) during the St.Michael De Archangel 41st Annual Fiesta Celebration of San Miguelnon Manila Chapter held at Aberdeen Court in Quezon City.Kuratsa is popular fund raising dance in Waray region,and the amount collected will be used for the repainting of San Miguel Church in San Miguel Leyte. photo by Ver S. Noveno

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Army cites 2 wounded sodiers

ability to defeat an enemy ambush. Sgt. Palacio and Cpl. Legados extraordinary heroism and sel essness above and beyond the call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and re ect great credit upon themselves, Bravo Company, 19th Infantry Batallion, 802nd Brigade and the entire Philippine Army, said Col. Valencia. Aside from the Wounded Personnel Medals, the two wounded soldiers were also given nancial assistance for their hospitalization. Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Nedy Espulgar, commaning o cer of the 19th IB based in Kananga, Leyte, told Leyte Samar Daily Express that such violent incident is a clear manifestation that the NPA is resorting to violence to sow fear and panic among civilians especially those in a far ung barangays. e NPA rebels continues to pursue armed violence despite ongoing peace e orts by the government. And such the npa wanted to spoil the good relationship of the army and civilians in Brgy. Robas, Col. Espulgar added. e military strongly condemned this recent attack and the battalion commander of 19th IB vowed to continue its focused security operations in the area aimed at targeting those who continue to pursue armed violence that has caused


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TACLOBAN CITY -- For the gallantry they displayed against their enemies, two soldiers were given honor by Col. Rafael Valencia, brigade commander of the 802nd Infantry Brigade based in Ormoc City. Col. Valencia said Sgt. Erwin Palacio and Corporal Rolando Legado of the Bravo Company of the 19th Infantry Batallion are still recuperating at St. Pauls Hospital here, deserved to be recognized for their courage. ey were among those who fought against a band of 10 members of the New Peoples Army that attacked them while they were navigating through a terrain on their way home together with civilians a er a `pintakasi in developing a `hot spring in Sitio Campagal, Barangay Robas, Jaro Leyte, a ernoon of Sept. 14, 2013. While under heavy enemy re, Sgt. Palacio and Cpl. Legado, immediately sprinted towards cover and engaged the enemy. Seeing that the civilians were endangered and could be caught in a cross re, Sgt. Palacio and Cpl. Legado exposed themselves to withering enemy re and raced towards the civilians, and protect them not to be hurt. According to Col. Valencia, Palacio and Legados unwavering courage, sel essness and decisive leadership while under extreme enemy re were integral to their platoons

su ering to the people and loss of innocent lives. It was learned that Robas was previously infested with rebels, thus the governments development e orts were hampered. We expect development to ow into these areas, these brgy will continue to be threatened by the NPA if their issues


and concerns are not being addressed accordingly, he added. e battalion commander of 19th IB believe that the convergence of government e orts and the key role of local government o cials were the right formula that contributed much in enlightening the people.

69 barangay....

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said. Asked if he nd it unusual or suspicious that his o ce was ooded with proposed projects as the barangay elections is coming, Naputo said that the role of his o ce is just to receive these proposed projects coming from the barangays. Of course, we cannot question their motives for submitting their proposed projects at this time. We just accept these proposed projects and forward these documents to the City Engineering O ce (CEO) and later to the O ce of the City Administrator

(OCM), Naputo said. It is the CEO that prepares the program of work of the proposed projects and the approval of these projects are being done by the OCM. e funds used by these barangays come from their 20 percent development funds. Naputo disclosed that of the 69 barangays that submitted their proposed projects to his o ce, 16 of them are chairmen serving on their third and last terms but are likely to run for councilors. e rest are reelectionists, Naputo, himself a former barangay chairperson of Brgy.77, said. He declined to say

if the apparent rush of these barangay proposals were for the prospective candidates to win votes or to raise funds out of the SOP(standard operating procedure) or grease money being given by the contractors of the projects. Elizabeth Lesiguez, whose barangay 109-A has one of the biggest funding allocation at P300,000, dismissed the speculations. We have our honorarium. We dont accept that SOP or whatever. If ever the contractor has something to give us, we will just ask him to add it to our project, Lesiguez said. She submitted a project for road re-blocking which she said would start this week. Lesiguez admitted that she would run again for a possible third-term as chair-

man of her village, which has more than 18,000 residents, 2,700 of them are registered voters. She also said that she has decided to come up with the reblocking project of less than 100 meters to beat the deadline on projects with the barangay elections approaching. Based on Commission on Elections (Comelec) Resolution No.9715 issued on June 18, 2013, ban on the implementation of barangay projects starts on October 18 until October 28, the day of the elections.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


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Military action vs rebels continues

ZAMBOANGA CITY -- Government troops continue to battle their way into the coastal villages where Muslim rebels have held residents hostages in a standoff that have killed 56 people and displaced more than 60,000, officials said Saturday. The standoff now on its sixth day continues even after Vice President Jejomar Binay announced late Friday that Nur Misuari, chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), agreed to a truce. Binay flew to Zamboanga City Saturday to help deal with the crisis. In a statement released Saturday night, the Vice President said his efforts to secure the release of the hostages in Zamboanga City did not prosper. Both the MNLF and the Philippine government wanted peace, but there were terms set that were not acceptable, the statement said. The statement failed to elaborate what terms were not acceptable. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, who has been helping deal with the crisis in Zamboanga City, said the rebels have continued to fire in violation of the agreement. Everybody wants peace, to stop this without more bloodshed, Gazmin told DZBB radio network. But as we speak, theres firing so theres no ceasefire. We agreed that government forces will not fire only if the MNLF will not open fire. Military spokesman, Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala, said they have not received any order regarding the ceasere and have continued their operations. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said government forces surrounding about 200 fighters from the MNLF rebel faction have started to advance and slowly retake rebel-held areas and clear roads in villages in the coastal outskirts of Zamboanga. Zagala said the offensive was calibrated to protect a still-unspecified number of hostages still held by the rebels. Its not an all-out war, Zagala clarified. Troops have not resorted to heavy artillery fire, rockets or launched airstrikes to protect the hostages and civilians, officials said, adding that 47 of the 56 deaths were from the rebel ranks while four civilians were killed, along with two soldiers and three policemen. Aside from the hostages, the rebels reportedly detonated bombs to set dozens of houses on fire to slow the troops advance. In rebel-held Santa Catalina village, an AP photographer witnessed how troops advanced behind armored carriers to retake a road stretch only to be stalled by rebel fire, clusters of burning houses and apparent hostages yelling, Dont fire, dont fire. Several hostages have escaped, but it remained unclear how many remained in rebel custody. President Benigno Aquino III said more firefights were expected but assured more than 62,000 displaced villagers being sheltered at a sports complex in Zamboanga city that the rebels capability to sow trouble has been degraded and the government was working to end the crisis soon. Although the fighting has been contained in just three coastal villages by Saturday, Roxas said the danger to the trading city of nearly a million people remained serious and its international airport would have to remain closed, along with the main seaport. A military helicopter securing Aquino was fired upon in the city Saturday, Roxas told a news conference without giving other details. The hostage standoff, the most serious security crisis Aquino has faced since rising to power in 2010, unraveled Monday when troops foiled an attempt by the rebels, who arrived by boat from outlying island strongholds, to march and hoist their flag at Zamboangas City Hall. They barged into five coastal villages and took more than 100 hostages as human shields. The Chief Executive visited Saturday morning the evacuees in Zamboanga City affected by the ongoing standoff. What I will do now is go around the entirety of Zamboanga. This problem of ours is getting closer to resolution. True, there will still be skirmishes, but they did not succeed in their grim intentions, he told the 7,000 families or 44,000 individuals evacuated in Joaquin F. Enriquez Sports Complex. And I am telling you: Things are changing. From time to time we are progressively reducing the possibility of wreaking havoc here in Zamboanga City, and we will end this in the soonest possible time, he said. The President meanwhile assured that the food and other supplies in Zamboanga would last at least for two weeks. From the beginning of the crisis, he said that the Department of Health has also been prepared with the health centers ready to respond to even the worst cases. So I hope that you will not give up and that you will keep the faith; you are not alone in these times, and your government is truly focused on ensuring that all your needs are met, Aquino said as he asked patience for the people in Zamboanga. Again, I ask for your patience: our work here is not easy, but if everyone cooperates, the burden that each one of us carries will be lessened, he said. I strongly appeal to all of you: Do not worry. We have your back. That will not happen. We have certain things we expect of one another so that we can help each other more efficiently, he added. Zamboanga City Mayor Isabelle Beng Climaco-Salazar, meanwhile, urged her constituents to remain united and strong. In this time of crisis, I call on all our people to remain united and strong. Our faith as a people is unshakeable. This is not an issue of religion for we have co-existed peacefully and worked harmoniously, she said in her statement which was posted on her Facebook account. Climaco-Salazar also called the attack against her city an act of misguided people. This is an issue of people with misguided principles using arms to propel their ideology. This conflict has shown how galvanized and united we are as a city. Together we can rise up from this climate of fear and doubt and come out better Zamboanguenos and a more peaceful Zamboanga that we all hope for, she stressed. Six days after the spate of incidents in our beloved Zamboanga City innocent lives have been lost, properties have been damaged and our economy paralyzed. The image of Zamboanga, which we painstakingly tried to restore, was instantly vanished because of this senseless act perpetrated by a group of misguided elements, Climaco-Salazar pointed out. The Moro insurgents, led by rebel leader Nur Misuari, signed a peace deal in 1996, but the guerrillas did not lay down their arms and later accused the government of reneging on a promise to develop long-neglected Muslim regions in the south of the predominantly Roman Catholic nation. The government says Misuari kept on stalling and making new demands. The rebels have become increasingly restive in recent months as they were overshadowed by a rival rebel group, which have engaged Aquinos government in peace talks brokered by Malaysia. The talks have steadily progressed toward a new and potentially larger autonomy deal for minority Muslims in the south. Misuari has not been seen in public since the standoff began. (SUNNEX)

Lion president Benny Yao of Tacloban City Lions Club receives his Most Outstanding president and Most Outstanding Club Award from past district governor Manolo Lao at Cebu Gran Hotel on August 24, 2013.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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Pathetic civilians
for food, shelter, proper sanitation, and even protection, resulting in the same deprivations and untold suffering, particularly on the part of the elderly, women, and children. As these residents totaling around 69,000 scampered for safety elsewhere, their houses were being torched by the rebels, who shot at re trucks elded to put off the blazes. It is then easy to put the blame on the rebels as the villainous agents for without their savage incursion, the city would not have been placed in such chaos. To these forces, however, they are the protagonists whose lives are made miserable by the government. The argument on who really is to blame may drag on for decades and centuries, but if we will assess who the victims of this conict are, it is none other than the pitiful civilians whose desire is simply to live in peace and harmony with all the people around. Such desire must be respected by parties driven by their selsh interests.

s of this writing, the standoff between the government troops and the MNLF rebels in Zamboanga City was close to being resolved, thats according to the report of Interior Secretary, Mar Roxas. Accordingly, the incursion has been reduced from being contained to constricted, the MNLF ghters operating space narrowed down as a result. While this may sound good news, indeed, it is still under the umbrella of a very bad news. Consider the extent of the chaos that the standoff had caused: nearly 200 civilians were held hostage and used as human shields by MNLF forces against the attacking military units. For days, these noncombatant civilians had suffered from hunger, thirst, trauma, sleeplessness, panic, and illnesses. Many of them were wounded, and some had died. The ghting, moreover, had forced tens and thousands of people to ee their homes, not knowing where to go. Many of them ocked to evacuation areas where there are no provisions

Literary writing
Once in a while, people would ask me what makes literary writing/creative writing different from other forms of writing. And quite often, I nd myself answering this question, emphasizing the same points, getting them across to writing enthusiasts, mostly students. Let me underscore these points in this column of mine, say, to be serialized in a row. Strictly speaking, creative writing belongs to a eld of discipline called literature. It requires creativity and vivid imagination in formulating ideas, which are expressed in artistic forms such as poetry, ction, play, or creative non-ction. This can be achieved by using a owery, symbolic, and gurative language. Unlike journalistic arthat one encounters in it do not exist, or do not happen in real life. Under this are stories like fairy tales, legends, myths, fables, and folktales. Realistic ction, on the other hand, is a story that stays close to reality. Everything in it is supposedly realisticcharacters, places, events, conicts, etc. Unlike folklore, it doesnt include characters like giants, or settings like houses on top of the clouds. Such stories include the novel, the short story, and novelette. So long as these three do not use the magic realism technique, which combines fantasy and reality, they will always be realistic stories. Under non-ction, stories are classied into biography, auto-biography, an-

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ticles, which cater to the intellect, literary works particularly poetry largely cater to the emotion. They dont necessarily make a person wiser; rather, they make him emotionally active, more humane, appreciative of beauty, aware of nature, and enriched with signicant human experiences. Works in literature are varied and numerous. Broadly, they can be classied into the narratives, poetry, essay, and the drama or play.

The narratives, or stories, can be classied into ction and non-ction. Fiction is an imaginary story, or one that is merely invented by a writers imagination and didnt happen in real life. Non-ction, on the other hand, is a true-to-life story, or one that happened in reality. Fiction could be classied further into fantasy, or folklore, and the realistic ction. Fantasy stories are those that are doubly ctional for their being too far from reality. Many things

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

of sympathy appeal to the emotion and e ectively heal the pain in the distressed heart. In the same way that mothers could not withstand the agony their children go through so they rush to their succor with dispatch if possible. Again, this is generally speaking. It is a public knowledge that there are women who could not be moms to their own brood simply because they are not that responsible. A responsible and doting mother is a person whom everyone wants to be a friend. She is ready to listen, give advice and prayer with the weary child. She never calculates her sacrices and even more ready to give up more for her childrens betterment. is is one thing I admire most about my mom, Exaltacion Saavedra Buban. She is all what I have thought an ideal mom is thoughtful, sel ess, faithful to her family, kind, loving, forgiving, generous to the most that she can and above all Godfearing and prayerful. Oh yes, she was a Gintong Ina Awardee, a recognition she would rather keep to herself than brag to everyone she comes across with. On the social side, she is the career woman I have wished I could be an entrepreneur (selling just about anything like Mondragon toys, Beautifont and Avon cosmetics, now insurance policies) just to help my father (who was usually working abroad) eke out a living for the familys daily sustenance and upkeep. She was a trainer in government service going around the archipelago imparting her skills to others. She sacri ced a lot. In was in her so-called martyrdom that I have started to believe that strong faith in the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother will pull us through hard and trying moments in our lives. Her being a pious, tagging me and my siblings, to prayers meetings of the St. Peter Charismatic Community along Quezon Avenue in QC during my high school days were among the events that set an impetus within me to follow her track in the realm of my life, besides the fact that I grew up in a Catholic school and my residence located a house away from the Chapel of St. Martin de Porres, whose feast day would sometimes fall on my birthday. I could not imagine myself without having been introduced by my mom to God. Having strong faith in the Holy Trinity and Mother Mary have equipped me with the strength to overcome the adversities that almost pinned me to the ground. e care and compassion of the Blessed Mother, more popularly named Our Mother of Perpetual Help and Our Lady of Peafrancia whom Bicolanos more fondly call Ina, are relief to the yoked believer. Countless are stories of miracle that Our Lady has done on millions of believers. One of these is the improvement in the health of Mrs. Rosalina Macabingkel-Buban, wife of retired Trial Court Judge Marino Saavedra Buban. She got into coma for months for an ailment which cure could cost a for-

Leyte Samar Daily Express

tune. When she regained consciousness she almost lost her memory but the family continually showed her the love and a ection a mother deserves from her children - three NCR-based lawyers and one working at the ASEAN headquarters abroad and grandchildren. ey would regularly visit her in Tacloban and have her travel to Metro Manila to bond with them. Judge Buban, who like my mom is also a churchgoer and raised by my very prayerful grandmother, amazed me seeing him praying the novena of Our Lady of Peafrancia from memory and the Holy Rosary, with my sick Aunt Lina facing the image of Ina. e devotion showed its blessing. In over a years time, my Aunt Lina astonishingly had the reverse health condition, as if she never went into coma, lost her memory and got into delicate diet. She now could

Mother, a friend

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.- Washington Irving, author and essayist. Not all humans have their own father, but all have their mother, at least as re ected in their respective certi cate of live birth. is is the reason that only paternal liation

is to be proved not the maternal because the mother, in whose womb a child is brought to life and born, is known but not necessarily the biological father. And as a universally accepted view, children are closer to their moms than their dads, save again certain instances of solo male parents, absentee moms and where fathers a ection is more felt by the children. Largely, the mothers caress and consoling words are most needed by their minor o spring and even adult children when things turn rough and get hurt. is is because these gestures of comfort and words

talk, recognize relatives and friends, loved to travel again and watch tele-novenas, and eat on her own. She looks better now. anks to Ina, my Uncle Nonoy would o en say. For me, all these blessings came because of an unfaltering devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a mother and a friend. She is the model of ideal motherhood. Persons with such kind moms have fortune in their chest. Abraham Lincoln once said, No man is poor who has a Godly mother. is makes me feel that I am rich because my mom introduced me to Someone so incomparably rich God. George Washington was right in his quote, My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. # # #

September 17, 2013 Tuesday of the 24th Week 1 Tm 3:1-13; Ps 101; Lk 7:11-17


[Jesus] journeyed to a city called Nain, and his disciples and a large crowd accompanied him. As he drew near to the gate of the city, a man who had died was being carried out, the only son of his mother, and she was a widow. A large crowd from the city was with her. When the Lord saw her, he was moved with pity for her and said to her, Do not weep. He steeped forward and touched the cofn; at this the bearers halted, and he said, Young man, I tell you, arise! The dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother. Fear seized them all, and they gloried God, exclaiming, A great prophet has arisen in our midst, and God has visited his people. This report about him spread through the whole of Judea and in all the surrounding region.


People are getting a clearer understanding as to how taxpayers money was expended out of the pork barrel system. The lump sum that is allocated as pork barrel is placed at the discretion of the lawmaker for his pet projects. It is out of this fund that the lawmaker wields power in the locality as local ofcials would beg funding for their programs and projects. The needs of the people in the locality are ideally determined by a local development council that exists in every barangay. It is based on the formulated local development plan that programs and projects are identied and prioritized so that public funds would be utilized responsively to meet the pressing needs of the people. In most instances

however, the development plan of the locality requires funding that is more than the resources of the locality. It is due to the lack of local funds that resort is made to tap other sources which in most cases are from the higher levels of government. Local ofcials know too well that funds that could support the needs for their programs and projects are not with agencies of government. While the identified programs and projects are concerns of the different line agencies, the funding are in the hands of lawmakers in the form of pork barrel. This is why local ofcials need to establish connection to the lawmaker in order to have access for funding of their projects in the locality. The funds that are lumped in the lawmakers pork barrel are disposed

at the discretion of the lawmaker, often no longer in accord with the priorities in the local development plan. Factors other than the pressing needs of the people at the local level become basis in the disposition of such funds. The close ties of the local officials with the lawmaker tilts the priority in the utilization of such funds. Projects that are supposed to be given priority may no longer be the priority at the level of the lawmaker. Localities that have pressing needs may fall last in the queue among localities where the local ofcials have closer links to the lawmaker. With such setup of the pork barrel system, funds are disposed at the discretion of the lawmaker. Only those who have good access to such funds could get the better chance of obtaining a share out of the pork barrel. It is not ordinarily easy for anyone among ordinary people to have access to the pork barrel of lawmakers. Only those who have link and access could tap such government resources for their pet projects. Under such setup, the disposal of the pork barrel funds puts the lawmaker accountable to the people. It is great folly for any lawmaker to explicate in

If we want a stable world, the root of it is a very simple thing. It is a thing so old fashioned that if I mentioned, I might face a derisive smile from many. Yet I cant but mention it. The root is love Christian love or compassion. If we believe in compassion, then we have a motive for existence, a reason for courage, a basis for hope; Compassion is an imperative necessity for a stable world. We learn compassion from Jesus. See how Jesus, without being asked, went to a sorrowing widow, who had lost her only son, and raised him to life and gave him to his mother (Lk 7:15). When we know someone is grieving over the loss of a loved one, we may not have the power to raise the dead. But still, we can show compassion to the bereaved in many other ways. Go to him or her; dont delay. Your visit will tell the person, I care, I love you; but dont say too much. Words get in the way of grief. Sit gently by the persons side knowing that comfort comes from your presence. Allow the person to tell of the loss over and over again. The repetition defuses the intensity of the loss and makes it possible for healing. Open your eyes and be sensitive to whatever the bereaved needs to be done, and do it with the persons permission. Sowers Seeds: What we have to suffer now in comparison with the reward that awaits us in paradise is always very little, says Saint Paul. Take note, too, of these words of a convert: I lost honors, riches, friends, everything; but it was when I was at my lowest that I found God. I had found Everything. Blessed James Alberione, Founder of the Pauline Family

an exculpating manner that the determination and identication of the person who is to receive public funds out of the pork barrel in not their responsibility. Such an excuse is too moronic an insult to the intelligence of the people which may only be worthy for the lawmakers pets. Comments to alellema@

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

DA- 8 to spearhead forum on upland rice, native chicken

TACLOBAN CITY -e Department of Agriculture regional o ce 8 through the e orts of its Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division (AMAD), is going to spearhead a forum on upland rice and native chicken investment on October 3- 4, 2014. e Agribusiness Investment and Marketing Forum for the Production and Marketing for Upland Rice and Native Chicken is intended for investors from Ormoc who wish to venture in the production of the said commodities. It will be held in Ormoc Villa Hotel in Ormoc City with at least 40-50 expected participants, including sta of the City Agriculture O ce. Initially, this forum was scheduled on September 19- 20 but due to unavailability of the guest speakers, the schedule was reset. e said activity will comprise lectures regarding upland rice and native chicken production and marketing. AMAD has invited Angelita Macabenta and Dr. Francisco Dayac to speak regarding these matters. Elvira Hipe, technical sta of AMAD, shared that the primary objective of this forum is to encourage farmers to venture in the production of the said commodities. Also, it aims to increase the awareness of the farmers regarding the advanced technology they can use in upland rice and native chicken farming. Moreover, DA wants to expand the production as well as the volume of upland rice and native chicken. We are trying to maximize the production in upland rice and native chicken since they exhibit high demand nowadays, Hipe said. (MARY SHARMAINE



the prices of commercial rice usually increase from June to September, which are non-harvest months. Early this month, the agriculture department in the region has reactivated the Regional Task Force on Price and Volume Watch in anticipation of price adjustments on agricultural products from September until late January. Prices of products basically change as the holiday season starts, thus the reactivation of the price and volume watch taskforce, Mionda added. Mionda said the task force would periodically update on the comparative market prices of livestock and poultry products in selected trading areas in the region. She added that it would also tackle issues and concerns and come up with situational reports, recommendations and potential solutions for the stable supnarrative, descriptive, and lyric. Narrative poems are those that tell stories like epic, ballad, and metrical tales. Lyric poems are meant to be sung like hymns, psalms, ballads, and other lyrical poems. Descriptive poems, based on the name, are those that largely describe a sensory experience focusing on people, places, things, ideas, motion, scenes, shapes, sounds, animals, feelings, experiences, etc. The so-called standard forms of poetry are inclusive of the following: epic, ballad, ode, sonnet, elegy, haiku, bucolic, chant or mantra, eclogue, folk song, hymn, idyll, limerick, lyric poem, nursery rhyme, riddle, and psalm. Non-standard forms include those poems written by poets who had developed their own unique styles. The essay is another form of literature. It is a short prose composition on an interesting topic trying to inform, explain, or analyze something from a limited point of view. Using the writers opinion, it may try to persuade readers to take action, to interpret something, to describe an event, or any other intent it may wish to focus on. Essays could formal or

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ply and prices of beef, pork, chicken and eggs this coming holiday season. Based on the Price Situationer of Basic Agricultural Commodities for Tacloban City issued on September 6 by the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), the retail price of beef (lean) is P280 per kilo; beef (with bones), P180; pork (lean) P200; pork (liempo), P200; chicken (dressed) 115. e price of dressed chicken was lower by P5 per kilo during the previous week of monitoring. is early, we are taking steps to prevent any runaway prices of agricultural products stemming from perceived shortages during the Christmas season, Mionda said. e DA however has persuaded livestock and poultry industry players to maintain current prices until the end of the year. Meanwhile, to ensure that prices of agricultural products and other basic goods remain low and reasonable this informal. Formal essays are so serious, dwelling on serious topics, and using a standard form of language complete sentences, high sounding words, fully developed paragraphs, coherent arrangement of ideas, etc. Under this are expository essays, essays of opinion, biographical or character sketches and personal narratives, and persuasive essays. These are mostly published in technical and educational journals. Informal or familiar essays tackle familiar subjects in a manner that is generally characterized by a humorous, light, and entertaining tone, the author sharing his personal feelings and attitudes towards those subjects. Included in this type are reective essays, light personal narratives as well as light biographical or character sketches. You can nd these mostly in commercial magazines. Last but denitely not the least is the drama or play. This is a type of narrative that is acted out or dramatized. Its script could be in prose or verse portraying life or character, telling a story through action and dialogue in a theatrical presentation. The story could be ction or non-ction, depending on the playwright,

Palo Mayor Remedios Petilla (center) received a plaque of appreciation from DILG 8 Regional Director Pedro Noval (2nd from left) as guest of honor and speaker during the 2013 National Crime Prevention Week culmination program held at Matapat Hall, Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte, September 11. Also in photo are PCSupt. Elmer Soria, NAPOLCOM assistant regional director Danilo Rosillo and PCSupt. Edgar Basbas.


logical); Health Sciences (pharmacy, radiology tech-

from page 1 ogy); Arts and Humanities;

nology, medical technolAtmospheric Science; and Environmental Science. Last month, CHED has identi ed additional priority courses as Natural Sciences (biology, chemistry, marine biology, applied physics, geology, earth science); Psychology; Mathematics (applied mathematics, statistics/applied statistics); Accountancy; and Social Work. e CHED o cial said they are funding scholarship programs of schools o ering priority courses. Currently, the region has more than 700 scholars of the national government. We are very active in career advocacy for graduating high school students to advertise priority programs. It seems that students want to take courses that would easily get them jobs abroad, she added.


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ecdote, and other shorter non-ctional prose like memoir, diary, and vignettes. Another type of literature is poetry. This is a form of literary piece that makes heavy use of gurative language in order to express an experience, an idea, an emotion, or any other thing using symbols, images, sound, meter, and other poetic elements. Poetry could be written either as free verse, or as a metrical form. When patterned after the Victorian and Elizabethan poetic styles, a poem has to follow the strict rules of versication using metrical and rhythmic patterns, following stressed and unstressed syllabication, observing rhyme schemes and xed numbering of syllables. When written as free verse, however, a poem does not have to observe these structural patterns but may just proceed to the creation of symbols, imagery, metaphor, and other poetic elements. In its manner of development, a poem could be

Christmas season, Mionda has called on local government units to reorganize their respective Local Price Coordinating Councils (LPCC). Mionda added that the LPCC could facilitate close coordination with and between and among member agencies for rationalizing and implementing the agencies programs to stabilize prices and supply. e council, through its chairman, which is the local chief executive may also conduct public hearing or dialog with representatives of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), producers, manufacturers, distributors, sellers and consumers to arrive at a reasonable price ceiling. e council is also mandated to conduct in-depth analysis on cause of price uctuations and recommend action steps to correct unwarranted price increases and supply shortages. (REYAN L. ARINTO)

e CHED regional ofce is also monitoring programs with oversupply of graduates. We dont schools to o er these programs for the rst time, she said. e ve common courses Included in the moratorium are Business Administration; Nursing; Teacher Education (speci cally elementary, secondary, masters, doctors); hotel and restaurant management; and information technology. According to the Professional Regulation Commission, the region has an average of 15,000 to 18,000 examinees seeking for professional license. Most of them are graduates of teaching and nursing courses. Eastern Visayas has 95 tertiary schools with 41 are government-owned and 54 being managed by the private sector. (SARWELL Q.

NOTICE is hereby given that heirs of the late Rutchel Lois A. Holderman executed a Deed of Absolute Sale over a parcel of land Lot 2892-A, Psd-08027353-D, situated in Brgy. Caibaan, City of Tacloban, Province of Leyte, embrace by T.C.T. No. 122-2011000552, containing an area of 400 square meters, more or less in favor of Lemuel Rex G. Abella as vendee; per Doc. No. 1232, Page No. 124, Book No. XXI, Series of 2013 of Notary Public Atty. Alfredo C. Verona. LSDE: Sept. 17, 24 & & Oct. 1, 2013 NOTICE is hereby given that Marivic Villacorte Decio heir of late Victoria Cornejo Villacorte executed an afdavit of Self-Adjudication over a parcel of land, located at Sta. Cruz, Palo, Leyte, containing an area of 307 square metrers, more or less, and covered by Tax Dec. No. 005-30-006-00398; per Doc. No. 493, Page No. 99, Book No. 16, Series of 2013 of Notary Public Atty. Samuel C. Lagunzad. LSDE: Sept. 17, 24 & & Oct. 1, 2013 NOTICE is hereby given that heirs of the late Marcelo Kuizon extrajudicially settled, partitioned and adjudicated over a parcel of land, situated at Brgy. Iniguihan, Bato, Leyte, under Tax Dec. No. 06000300161, with Cad. Lot No. 2211-A, containing an area of 618 square meters. A Deed of Sale was executed in favor of Sps. Sydney Rey R. Aguilar and Ma. Trisky R. Aguilar as vendee for a portion of 100 square meters designated as Lot No. 2211-A and another sale in favor of Sps. Eulogio, Jr. and Susan R. Villacorte as vendee for a portion of 150 square meters, designated as Lot No. 2211-D, from the above-described property; per Doc. No. 454, Page No. 91, Book No. 26, Series of 2012 of Notary Public Atty. Rico E. Aureo. LSDE: Sept. 17, 24 & & Oct. 1, 2013 NOTICE is hereby given that Felipe B. Quemada, Jr. heir of late Cornelia A. Kaesbauer executed an afdavit of Self-Adjudication over motor vehicle described as: Make: Isuzu; Type: Wagon; Engine No.: 4JA1BY0041; Serial Chassis No.: PABTBR54F42026234. A Deed of Sale was executed in favor of Sps. Lope B. Pinguel and Natividad D. Pinguel as vendees for the above-described motor vehicle; per Doc. no. 359, Page No. 69, Book No. LXIII, Series of 2012 of Notary Public Atty. Celestina A. Cabato LSDE: Sept. 10, 17 & 24, 2013 NOTICE is hereby given that Genara I. Berenguer and Susan Leah Berenguer Caing executed a Deed of Donation in favor of Francis Nio I. Berenguer as Donnee of a motor vehicle described as: Isuzu Crosswind XUV, Plate No. GTM-932, Certicate of Reg. No. 4122726-6; Motor No.: BR-6792; per Doc. No. 437, Page No. 89, Book No. 7, Series of 2012 of Notary Public Atty. Eric T. de Veyra. LSDE: Sept. 10, 17 & 24, 2013



and it could be traditional or contemporary depending on the form of script, staging, and manner of presentation. Ancient Greek and Modern dramas were based on mythological and heroic themes often in praise and worship of their pagan gods, and these were presented in open-air amphitheaters. Renaissance/Shakespearean plays, mostly on contemporary or historical personages, were shown inside theaters. But modern plays are staged inside auditoriums equipped with modern electronic audio and visual equipments with elaborate props and sceneries; sometimes broadcast on radio or lmed for later showing on TV or movie houses. (to be continued)




Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Leyte Samar Daily Express

LP board members in Samar deny they joined the NP

CATBALOGAN CITY We have not jumped ship - we remain loyal to the Liberal Party. is was made clear by Board Member Charlito Coejos of the rst district of Samar, during a press conference they held to clear their side on accusations that they are already with the party of Vice Governor Stephen James Tan who is with the Nacionalista Party. With him during the presscon were party mates Board Members Alvin Abejuela and Lee Zosa. e three board members were apparently answering to the allegations made by a fellow partymate Board Member Alma Uy-Lampasa over interviews on media that they have le the Liberal Party and sided with the Tans. But the three board members belied the allegations saying that while they support the cra ing of ordinances for the programs and development projects it is not because they are pro Tans but for the welfare of their constituents in the province of Samar. When it is for the welfare of the people, it must be without any political color, said Coejos. In a related story, Board Member Abejuela, delivered a privilege speech during their regular session. According to Abejuela, the series of events that has happened in the session hall is becoming a hindrance to their unity as an honorable and respected body that are supposed to protect and bring forth common good and general welfare to the province. e walkouts, unhealthy arguments that took place right before the eyes of the people inside and outside the session hall, the aggravating issues taken from the session and were exposed thru the tri mediaincluding social media were quite disturbing and diminishes their credibility as legislators, he said. is continued political bickering hampers them to move forward thus preventing each one of them to bind and sit down peacefully for the advantage of the constituents, Abejuela added. Further, Abejuela called upon media to conduct investigative journalism and be a vehicle for a balanced news and information. Do not allow that your profession be used by other peoples personal promotion, but be discerning enough to unveil what are only bene cial for the peoples consumption, said Abejuela. But Lampasa said media should not be lambasted when they tackle issues in the province or against any public o cial because that is their job as watch dog of the public. Medias job is not only to announce or publish good news but also to expose wrong doings, she said. Lampasa said every issue or concern that she questions or raises during session has factual basis which needs factual answersuch as the issue on ghost employees- that is why because she is convinced that she has legal and factual basis, she asked the Ombudsman to investigate the issue on the undocumented job order workers at the governors o ce and at the Sanggunian Panlalawigan.

Retire Col. Salvador Estudillo,head of the Tomeco(Trafc Operations, Management,Enforcement and Control Ofce) explains to the local media regarding their

Prices of commercial rice seen to normalize soon

TACLOBAN CITY -e prices of commercial rice is expected to normalize in the third week of September, as lean months in Eastern Visayas is about to end. In July, sales value of well-milled commercial rice raised to P37.48 per kilo while P35.17 per kilo on the regular milled rice in the market basis. In August, an increase of P1.94 was experienced in the wellmilled commercial rice and P1.80 was observed in the price of regular milled rice. e countrys lean months usually starts in July and is estimated to end in the third or last week of September. Traditionally and historically, rice stocks are depleted due to no harvest of palay during lean months, which then causes to insu cient supply of rice, said NFA public relations o cer Mary Agnes Militante. Department of Agriculture Regional Executive Director Antonio Gerundio ,meantime, issued a public statement a rming price trends in commercial rice yet negating rice shortage in the region. Supply manipulation and hoarding are allegedly identi ed as the main causes of the continual price increase in the com-

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mercial rice not just in the region but also in countrywide. However, the DA and NFA assured that it is not happening here in Eastern Visayas. Moreover, the NFA and DA appeal to the public to stop worrying about the continual increase of rice prices. (ELAINE FAYE

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Leyte Samar Daily Express


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez signs a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Regional Director Edgardo Esperancilla (left) and DOST provincial director Glenn Ocaa (right) for the installation and maintenance of a Hybrid Weather Monitoring Equipment in the city. The solar-powered equipment installed last July 5, 2013 at the Tigbao River Bridge serves as an early warning system against oods by monitoring the water level, rainfall, temperature and pressure. Data which is generated every 15 minutes by the equipment is transmitted automatically to the data base of Project NOAHan integrated, and responsive disaster prevention and mitigation system DOST. Also discussed during the MOA signing was a possible tie-up of the DOST and the city government in other projects. (Text: Henry James G. Roca, Photo: Alex D. Alamos, CIO)

Brgy. 75, Fatima Village Tacloban City Tel. No.: (053) 520-3161/ 341-3907 Cel. No.: 0939-193-8030 0926-528-3946 e-mail add: aep_signshop@ MR. AVELINO ESPINO PINPIN Manager/Proprietor

VP Binay to visit LNU, says Duarte

TACLOBAN CITYLeyte Normal University (LNU) president Jude Duarte showed enthusiasm as he con rmed in an interview the impending visit of Vice President Jejomar Binay this coming Wednesday, at the LNU Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) gym. Yes, Vice President Binay will be dropping by this Wednesday at around 1 in the a ernoon and we are very much happy he accepted our invitation, said the university president in a dialogue. Duarte said the visit of the Vice President was a personal invitation of him subsequent to the con rmation made by the O ce of the Vice President last Friday. He added that he requested Binay to drop by and share to the administration, employees and students his skills, strategies and experiences in leadership. We actually want

Ombudsman asked to probe alleged ghost employees at Samar SP

CATBALOGAN CITY -- Board Member Alma Uy- Lampasa, a former regional trial court judge, has asked the o ce of the Ombudsman to conduct a fact nding investigation on the alleged ghost employees at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. In her letter to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, received on September 2, 2013, Board Member Lampasa alleged that Vice Governor Stephen James Tan allows the board members to him to share his experience on how to level up a certain place, we want him to share his knowledge on how he level up Makati, how he made it successful because we have this purpose of making LNU as one of the leading schools in the ASEAN by year 2017, said Duarte. We are very much thankful and happy that he accepted our invitation, he added. Asked if the university is already prepared for the event, he said they are alhave a sta , most of whom are never seen at their ofce, does not render work thereat and are not also the ones claiming their salary. Lampasa further stated in her letter that is situation is allowed to continue though there is a recent 2012 COA report where it is stated, that in the Ofce of the Governor itself, there are more or less 1,222 job orders which are undocumented. e former judge said she is outraged at the misuse of government money. ready set enough, from the administration, to the sta and down to the students. We are prepared enough, from the whole sta in the admin even the students, we are already excited to welcome him on Wednesday, he said. Moreover, a short and simple program with a colloquium and an open forum is to be expected this Wednesday, according to Duarte. ( ALFRED MARK


e giving of job order workers to board members is a reward scheme to those who are cooperative to the ruling administration. Vice Governor Stephen James Tan opted not to give to the media any comment on this issue. In a related story, while Lampasa was asking for an investigation of the alleged ghost job order workers at the Ofce of the Vice Governor, in their September 3 regular session, she once again asked Vice Governor Tan to give the sta due her o ce as well as other bene ts that the other members of the legislative area enjoying such as fuel allowance, travelling allowance, and all that is due to a board member. Board Member Lampasa is not politically aligned to the Tans, she being a member of the Liberal Party.


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