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MC Nylon
Monomer casting nylon is called MC nylon for short, which is a kind of widely applied engineering plastic and covers all industrial fields. Through anionic polymerization technology, it formed by casting molten hydantoinate monomer into all shapes mould under normal temperature and let it reaction. MC Nylons molecular weight can reach 70-100 thousand, which is 3 times of common Nylon 6 or Nylon 66. Because of it more excellent mechanical property than other Nylon material, it is one of the important energy saving material that heavily promoted by the State Development Planning Commission. Property Good integrative property, high intensity, rigidity and hardness, anti-creep deformation, abrasion and heat aging (application scope -40-120), good machined property, etc. Use Casting Nylon can institute abrasion resistant parts of mechanical equipments and copper and alloy equipments, such as: shaft housing, bearing pad, bush, scaleboard, gear, worm wheel roller copper guide, piston ring, seal ring, slider, ball bowl, impeller, lamina, cam, screw, valve plate, pipeline, packing box, rack, strap wheel, pump rotor, etc. It is the ideal material to institute copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and PTFE, etc because of its simple technics and mould structure and lower producing cost. A MC Nylon product of 400 kilograms, its actual cost is equal to 2.7mt steel or 3mt bronze. Components made from MC Nylon can increase mechanical efficiency, reduce maintenance times, and has use life 2 or 3 times longer than the common material. (1)Gear and Worm Wheel Gear and worm wheel made form MC Nylon have the advantages of light weight, fatigue resistance, impact absorption and good self-lubricating property. Especially in the sections that could not be stained with lubricant or lubricant should not be often used, MC Nylon is the best choice, and it wont be harmful to the related gear or connecting joints. It has low noise, only 1/4-1/2 of steel ones. It has excellent effects in industries of textile, paper making, printing and food machinery, etc. (2)Glider MC Nylon is used as material of metal stretching machine, forging machine and other industrial machinery in heavy industry. It has long use life, short exchanging time and low cost of repair and maintenance. It can keep lubricating property for long time after oiling once. It has the capabilities of fatigue resistance, strong vibration repellency, low noise, light weight, easy installation and good abrasion resistance. (3)Piston Ring and Supporting Ring MC Nylons Advantages: Light weight (about 15% of Bronze), low motional loss and mechanical power, good gliding property, small discrepancy of static and dynamic friction coefficient. Therefore, it doesnt have adhesion as other metal. It has good physical property, self-lubrication without oil, good sealing property, uneasy to leak oil, long use life, and it can avoid cylinder liner napping, improve working efficiency. (4)Shaft Housing, Bearing Pad and Bearing MC Nylons Advantages: Good abrasion resistance and self-lubrication. It has much higher PV value among common heat plastic. It has small friction coefficient, impact resistance, uneasy to stick on axle and weld, not damaging the shaft neck, long lubricating period, low maintenance, good adaptability in severe environment, long use life.(5)Wheel Roller and Drum Because of the medicine resistant, abrasion resistant and self-lubricating property of MC Nylon, it is appropriate to be used for metal roller cover to transport guide roller, reverse roller and nomadic roller. MC Nylon has longer use

Hebei Hengshui Jinggong Rubber and plastic products co.,ltd

No.148, Yafu Road, Jingxian, Hengshui, Hebei, China T: 86-311-89622388, F: 86-311-85213655 E: life than other material, easy to be processed, fewer oiling times, no oil leaking, no rust and dirt, so it wont pollute the fiber. (6)Other Fields Besides all the information above, MC Nylon is widely used lots of fields, such as: agitator carrier wheel, valve, valve core gasket, insulating cover, guide board, gliding wheel, etc and driving box scale board, dynamic wheel spring, check ring, crosshead slipper and rocker small square tile in railway field, and bearing, water pump bearing, glider, chain wheel, handle electric proof, seal in shipping industry. MC901(PA6, Blue):Striking blue color, it has higher tenacity, better elasticity, fatigue resistance than ERTALONZ 6 PLA. It is proved to be the ideal material for gear, rack and driving gear. PA6+Oil (Nylon with Oil, Green):It is self-lubricating Nylon, specially developed for the components that have high load, low running speed and not self-lubricate, which widens Nylons application scope. It has lower friction coefficient (can reduce 50%), while its anti-abrasion property increases (10 times). PA6+Supramoly(Cinereous): It contains Supramoly powder, can increase unmodified casting Nylons carrying capacity and abrasion resistance without affecting its anti-impact and fatigue property. It is widely used to process gear, bearing, star wheel and cover. PA6+Solid Lubricant (Grey):It adopts casting Nylon 6s formula with patent right. It contains solid lubricant, and it has the properties of self-lubrication, excellent friction, abrasion resistance and pressure speed capacities(5 times higher than common casting Nylon). It is practically suitable for high running speed driving implement with lubrication, which is the perfect supplement of Nylon with oil. Production Place:Ensinger GMBH, German/Swiss Engineering Plastic/ China Color:Original Color/ Blue/Green/Black

MCTechnical Value . Basic Value 1.Density 2.Water Absorption Rate 3.Chemical Repellency 4.Continuous Application Temperature (In the Situation of No Strong Mechanics Load) Temperature Upper Limit(Short Time ) Temperature Lower Limit . 23 Mechanics Property 1. Bend Tensile Strength 2.Tensile Strength at Break 3.Tensile Elastic Modulus 4.Compressive Anti-creep Deformation Test: 1% necessary Stress(1000h) 5.Anti-impact Tenacity(No Gap) 6.Gap Impact Tenacity 7.Ball Hardnes

Standard ISO1183 DIN53495 DIN53479

Unite g/cm3 %

MC901 1.2 2.3

PA6+Oil 1.15 2

PA6+Supramoly 1.2 2.4





179 30 81 35 3200 21 No break 3.5 160

165 20 70 25 3000 18 50 4 145

170 30 78 25 3300 21 No break 3.5 160

ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 527 ISO 899 ISO 179 ISO 179 ISO 2039-1

MPa % MPa MPa kJ/m2 kJ/m2 MPa

Hebei Hengshui Jinggong Rubber and plastic products co.,ltd

No.148, Yafu Road, Jingxian, Hengshui, Hebei, China T: 86-311-89622388, F: 86-311-85213655 E: 8. Rockwell D Hardness . Calorifics Property 1.Melting Point 2. Conductivity at 23 3.Flammability Monooxygen Index According to UL94 (3/6mm Thickness) 4. Heat Linear Expansion Coefficient Average at 23100 Average at 23150 . Electrics Property at 23 1.Volume Resistance 2.Surface Resistance 3. Permittivity1HZ 100HZ 4.Anti-electricity Intensity 5.Anti-electric arc Track IndexCTI . Other Numerical Value 1.Adhesion 2.non-toxic By Standard 3. Friction Coefficient 4.Combustibility 5.Ultraviolet Radiation Property .Chemical Property 1.Anti-acid 2.Anti-alkali 3.Anti-Carbonic Water 4.Anti-Chlorine Carbonic Water 5.Anti-Aromatic Compound 6.Anti-Ketone 7.Anti-Hot Water + +/0 +/0 + +/0 + +/0 +/0 + +/0 + +/0 +/0 + +/0 EEC90/128 FDA DIN 53375 UL94 HB HB HB + + + + + + + + + VDE 0303 VDE 0303 DIN 53483 DIN 53483 VDE 0303 60(112) kV/mm cm 1014 1013 3.2 6.6 25 600 1014 1013 3.1 6.5 22 600 1014 1013 3.2 6.6 25 600 m/(m.K) m/(m.K) 80*10-6 90*10-6 80*10-6 90*10-6 80*10-6 90*10-6 W/(K.m) 220 0.29 25 HBHB 220 0.28 HBHB 220 0.3 25 HBHB H ISO 2039-2 MPa M85 M82 M84



o_B_ = No Fracture in the Process of Testing


0 = It Depends


The data above can be used directly to a great degree, but not in all situations. The property of the products manufactured as to the value measured by the raw material may differ. And they may be different due to different customers. Therefore, the data cant be regarded as the guarantee of the material choice.

Hebei Hengshui Jinggong Rubber and plastic products co.,ltd

No.148, Yafu Road, Jingxian, Hengshui, Hebei, China T: 86-311-89622388, F: 86-311-85213655 E: