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Job application

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity. Revised September 2006
The British Council is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and the development of positive policies to promote
equal opportunity in employment.
This form is available in other formats on request; these are large print, Braille and audio disk.
This form is in two separate parts: part 1 contains personal information and is a confidential document, which will not be
seen by those making a selection decision; part 2 relates specifically to the post(s) you are applying for.
Complete the form electronically.
Please send the completed form to the address specified in the advertisement.

Part 1
Job(s) applied for

Job title Application reference
Job reference number number (for British
(Highlight all the positions you wish to be considered for) Council use only)
BCIC Assistant Information Center Officer, Karachi.

Project Officer, Lahore

Examination Officer

We aim to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the basis of gender including
transgender, marital status or civil partnership, sexual identity, religion and belief, political opinion, race, colour, nationality or ethnic
origin, work pattern, age, disability or HIV/AIDS status, socio-economic background, spent convictions, trade union activity or
membership, on the basis of having or not having dependants, or any other irrelevant grounds.

We monitor all stages of our recruitment and selection process to ensure there is no potential for unjustified discrimination on
irrelevant grounds. Our monitoring data is externally analysed each year, and recommendations are published and acted upon.

We welcome applications from all sections of the community as we believe that a diverse workforce gives added depth to our work.
Please answer the questions below, which will not be seen by those involved in making the selection decision and will help us
ensure there is no hidden bias within our recruitment process.

Personal information

Family name Muhammad Irfan Arshad Initials Mr.

Date of birth 31st May 1983

Married/civil Widowed, separated, divorced,
Marital status ✘ Single partnered dissolved

Gender ✘ Male Female

Ethnic origin
Please tick the box which most closely describes your ethnic background. This does not necessarily mean the place
where you were born.
British English Scottish Welsh (please
White specify)
Irish Other white background (please specify)
White and black
White and black Caribbean White and Asian
Any other mixed background
(please specify)
Asian, Asian British, Indian ✘ Pakistani Bangladeshi
Asian English, Asian Any other Asian background
Scottish, Asian Welsh (please specify)
Black, Black British, Caribbean African
Black English, Black Any other black background
Scottish, Black Welsh (please specify)
Chinese, Chinese British,
Chinese English,
Any other background
Chinese Scottish, Chinese
(please specify)
Chinese Welsh or any
other ethnic group
Religious Belief
Please tick the box which most closely describes your religious belief.

Buddhist Christian
Hindu Jewish
Muslim ✘ Sikh
Other, please describe

No religion

Contact details

Present address Bajwa Boring House Near Sawera Floor Mills Bypass Road Rahim Yar Khan

Telephone Telephone Can we contact

0685042342 0689230129 ✘ Yes No
(home) (work) you at work?

Mobile 03006732379 0689230130 E-mail

Additional information
When are you available to take
after 30 days
up the job?
What length of notice must you
30 days
Basic Pay: 4300/-
Please give details of your
current or most recent Medical: 600/-
remuneration package including House Rent: 975/-
salary, pension and bonuses.
Candidates will be asked for S.R 30 % 1290/-
documentary evidence of this if S.A 25 % 1050
Total Gross Salary: Rs. 8215/-

Please give details of educational and professional qualifications in chronological order.
Qualifications and grades Dates

Matriculation ‘B’ Grade 26 June 1997

National Cadet Corps ‘B’ Grade 09 March 1999

F.Sc (Pre-Engineering) ‘D’ Grade 05 January 2000

Diploma in Field Assistant ‘A’ Grade 02 August 2001

Bachelor in Arts ‘A’ Grade 22 August 2002

Spoken English Course ‘A’ Grade 14 June 2004

Computer Beginner Course ‘A’ Grade 30 August 2004

Master’s In English Literature ‘C’ Grade 12 January 2005

MBA (Finance) ‘B’ Grade 31 March 2007

Please give details of any current or planned studies.

Course of study and expected qualification Dates

M.A Economics Result awaiting

Competitive Exam August 2007

The British Council requires three references:

1 Your current/most recent employer (or if no employer, your school/university).

May we request a reference? ✘ At any time After offer of employment

Name Muhammad Akram Khan

Job title/position Suprintendent o/o District Officer Agriculture (Extension) Rahim yar Khan

Telephone +92689230129 Fax +92689230130

Address Club Road Near DPO Office Rahim Yar Khan

Please indicate if this is a work

✘ Work reference Academic reference
reference or an academic reference

2 Previous employer (or if no employer, your school/university).

May we request a reference? ✘ At any time After offer of employment

Name Zeeshan Ashraf

Job title/position Auditor MCB Bank

Telephone 03017643088 Fax

Address McB Bank Sadiq Bazar Branch Rahim Yar Khan

Please indicate if this is a work

Work reference ✘ Academic reference
reference or an academic reference

3 Previous employer (or if not aplicable, a personal referee who knows you well and who is not a relative).
May we request a reference? ✘ At any time After offer of employment

Name Mr.Saleem Choudhary

Job title/position Manager Café Zouk Oxford UK

Telephone 00447876744740 Fax +44 1865 251600

144 Headley Way, Headington

Oxford OX3 7SZ UK

Please indicate if this is a work

Work reference ✘ Personal reference
reference or a personal reference

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence? Yes ✘ No

If ‘yes’, please give details of the offence and the sentence imposed. Subject to certain exempted occupations,
convictions that are ‘spent’ under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 need not be mentioned. Please be aware that
declaring a conviction will not automatically disqualify you from being employed by the British Council.

Part 2
Please note, this section of the form will be detached and given to the Recruiting Manager. The Recruiting Manager and
the Interviewing Panel will have access only to information contained in this section.
Personal Information

Family name Irfan Arshad Initials Muhammad

Section One of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a person as having a disability if he or she has a physical or
mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-
day activities. It is British Council policy to interview all applicants who are disabled and who meet the essential criteria
for an advertised job.

Do you have a disabilty? ✘ No

Whether or not you are disabled, do you need any help or special consideration to enable you to
attend/participate fully in the interview and complete associated tests?
✘ No
(If your answer is ‘yes’ we will get in touch with you later to ascertain how best to assist you.)

Jobs applied for

Application reference
Job title Job reference number number (for British
Council use only)
BCIC Assistant Information Center Officer, Karachi.

Project Officer

Examination Officer

If you are applying for teaching posts please complete this section on teaching qualifications
(Please tick boxes that apply)


Qualification Date taken Examining body
Certificate ELT
Diploma ELT

First Degree

Masters Degree

Other (please specify)

Other teaching qualifications

Qualification Date taken Subject


Other (please specify)

Evidence in support of your application
In support of your application, enter in the sections below the following information, exactly as it is listed in the
information that has been sent to you:
• behavioural competencies
• skills, knowledge and experience
• any specialist qualification required for this post.
Confine your answer for each competency to a maximum of 200 words.
Evidence in excess of 200 words will not be assessed. Before completing this form you should also read the enclosed
guidance on completing the application form.
Please do not attach a CV (or any other document) unless it has been requested as part of the recruitment process; they
will not be used to make selection decisions. This is to ensure that all candidates are treated consistently.

Competency Evidence
Customer Service Orientation Level 1 Due to perfect competition we had to provide extended, effective
Keeps customers up to date and informed. Acts promptly to and quick services to the farmers. But we were facing the
ensure customer problems are resolved. Makes him- or problems of complex and time consuming information process
herself available to the customer. Interacts well with all alongwith communication gap between farmers and our field
customers. Understands that each customer is different. staff. The formation of “One Window Operation Center” ensued
Delivers what is expected, not what they think the customer timely services delivery to the farmers. My idea of “One Window
wants or needs. Operation Center” was based on the fact that farmers should get
theier problems resolved on he single window besides their
movement to different departments for fulfilling comlex criteria.. I
managed for a team , trained them who gree the farmers politely,
listen them patiently , help them to identify their problems by the
use of pictures, vedios and their problems are solved on the spot
. I also conducted a survey to identify farmers needs to extend
our services area.
Teamworking Level 1 During flood camp, I had to work with a conservative and
Willingly co-operates. Is not afraid to seek advice from traditional group where primary emphasis was on verbal
others. Puts in extra effort when needed to help others. behavior and group discussions were confined to here and now.
Recognises that the ways of getting things done in different Everyone was buy in individul effort. Any resistantwould put me
departments, organisations and communities are not the out of the the team so I agreed with all of them they are oing
same. well. Gradualy with practical examples I convinced them that
collaborative work turnover may be enhanced. I brough them to
the point that our good intensions must be transformed to the
actions. At many time I asked them for help which they ofered.
With the help of team leader I manged to divide tasks and
helped each other in achieveing the core objective. Surprisingly
each of us was excited to perform his duty in supeb way than
other. This was a nice experience for me and enhanced my
learning of behaviors and feelings of others.
Generic Skills
(Please refer to the Generic Skills Dictionary and Guidance
available on our website)
I was assigned a task to prepare a PC-1 for Wheat production
plan. I made alll necessary computations from the sowing to the
harvesting stage of the crop. Collected data from different
sectors. Arranged them under cost heads and included labour
Computing Skills – level 1 cost to opportunities cost. Final feasibility report was
accomplished by a detailed cost estimates in a bief manner.
Sources that were available and that are required were
separated. Time of the project was also computed. Stages at
which diferent requirent were needed were also mentioned
Communciation Skills – level 1
I had to present sugarcane development programe to the
farmers. I collected data and arranged it in a very brief manner.
Technical words were transferred into simpest form so that it
would be easy for the farmers to understand. Used visual aids to
expliain different situations. Involved the farmers in discussion,
spoke in local language (Punjabi) and transferred the latest
technology in effective manner. All of the farmers were
convinced and satisfied.

Marketing & Customer Services – level 1 As a part of my duty I used to act as Settelite manager. I have to
deal customers from a wide variety. The only way I used to
satisfy them was the essement of their needs. My aim was to
know what actually they want and I tried to provide more than
what they wanted for. A farmer wanted to have cotton variety
with short time of harvesting. I introduced hhim with a variety that
is not only shor period but also has resistant against pest and
water shortage. I also developed relations with research
department to inform them about customers nedds so that they
may introduce technology accordingly.After that I visited he
same farmer to have view about that variety which brought me to
know that the said variety has minor virus attacks about which
reaserch department was asked to work.
Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

Please give details of your employment for the last ten years, or since leaving full-time education if this is sooner, starting
with the most recent employment. Account for all your time, including voluntary work or other periods away from work.
Please be aware that it will not prejudice your application if you disclose a period of ill health or a period out of formal
employment (e.g. time spent at home bringing up children).

Dates (month/year) 5 Dec 2007 to Present Location/country Rahim Yar Khan/Pakistan

Employer Cane Advisor ESML Position held Assistant Admn. Officer

Dates (month/year) 31-12-2003 4 Dec 2007 Location/country Rahim Yar Khan/Pakistan

District Officer Agriculture
Employer Position held Development Assistant
Extension Rahim Yar Khan

Dates (month/year) 1-2-2006 to 17-3-2006 Location/country Rahim yar Khan/ Pakistan

Employer Fedral Bureu of Statistics Position held Enumerator

Dates (month/year) 17-42003 to 30-12-2003 Location/country Rahim yar Khan/ Pakistan

Pricipal, NICE Degree College

Employer Position held English Teacher
Rahim Yar Khan

Dates (month/year) 2-7-2002 to 18-10-2002 Location/country Rahim yar Khan/ Pakistan

Regional Sales
Employer Position held Settelite Manager

Dates (month/year) Location/country

Employer Position held

Dates (month/year) Location/country

Employer Position held

Dates (month/year) Location/country

Employer Position held

Continue on a separate sheet if necessary.

I declare that the information I have provided in this application form is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct
and complete.
Warning: if you include any details that you know to be false or if you withhold relevant information, you may render
yourself liable to disqualification from the recruitment exercise or, if appointed, to dismissal.
N.B. If you submit your application electronically, typing your name will be taken as being as binding as your signature.

Your signature/name Muhammad Irfan Arshad Date 08-01-2008

If you are applying for a teaching job, please additionally complete this section.
I declare that I have not been convicted, nor had any criminal proceedings against me, nor have I been warned, either orally or in
writing, in relation to a sexual offence or child abuse. I declare that there are no such proceedings pending against me at the date
of this declaration. I know of no reason why I should be considered unsuitable for work with children, the elderly or disabled, and I
have not been dismissed from such a post for malpractice.
I agree and hereby consent to the British Council seeking clearance from the police. I understand that the British Council
will not carry out these checks unless an offer of employment is made in writing to me.
N.B. If you submit your application electronically, typing your name will be taken as being as binding as your signature.

Your signature/name Muhammad Irfan Arshad Date 08-01-2008

The British Council will use the information you provide in this form to process your application.
If your application is successful and you take up employment with the British Council, this form will be kept on your
personnel file and some details from it will be held electronically by Human Resources.
If your application is unsuccessful, this form will be kept on file for one year after completion of the recruitment exercise.
If you do want to see a copy of your information, please send your request to the Data Protection Team, British Council, 10
Spring Gardens, London SW1A 2BN or send to your local British Council office who will forward it to the Data Protection
Team in London.