Title: RSMeans Estimating Handbook (3rd Edition) Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Copyright/Pub.

Date: 2009 ISBN: 978-0-87629-273-0 No. Pages: 962 Author(s)/Editor(s): Edited by: Means Engineering Staff Knovel Release Date: Mar 6, 2012 Description: This comprehensive reference covers the full spe ctrum of technical data required to estimate costs for major construction projec ts. Widely used in the industry for tasks ranging from routine estimates to spec ial cost analysis projects, the book has been completely updated and reorganized with new and expanded technical information. This book will help the reader to evaluate architectural plans and specifications, prepare accurate quantity takeo ffs, compare design alternatives and costs, perform value engineering, double-ch eck estimates and quotes, and estimate change orders. The book includes informat ion on sizing, productivity, equipment requirements, code-mandated specification s, design standards, and engineering factors, all organized according to the lat est CSI MasterFormat classification system.

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