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Seminar Agenda
•08:00 – 08:30 Registration / Breakfast

•08:30 – 09:00 Welcome / Introductions
•09:00 – 09:15 About Janalent •09:15 – 10:00 Virtualization and Systems Management •10:00 – 10:15 Break •10:15 – 11:00 Virtualization and Systems Management •11:00 – 11:30 Real World Demo and Discussion •11:30 – 12:00 Survey, Give Aways, Wrap Up

Introductions - 30 Seconds

•My name is
•My company is •What I like about these types of events •What I don’t like about these types of events

About Janalent
•Innovative Solutions Consulting Organization, Founded in 2004 •Locations: •NA Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada •NA Sales: Silicon Valley, CA, Lansing, MI, Seattle, WA •EMEA headquarters: Brussels BE •EMEA Sales: Frankfurt DE •Consultants spanning North America & Europe •12 Time zone coverage •500+ successful engagements on 5 continents •Key Partnerships •Microsoft Field Managed Gold Certified Partner •Quest Software Elite Global “go to” Managed Partner •NetApp Platinum “go to” Global Managed Partner •Certified Woman-Majority, Minority-Owned, Small Business

Broad Sector & Industry Success
    Over 4 Million Users / Mailboxes to date Deployments on five continents Over 500 customers in all industries Recognized with global awards

•Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Finalist 2008 •Microsoft Regional Partner Award Winner FY 2009 Q1 & Q2 •Awarded 7 Advanced Competencies, 12 specializations
•Advanced Infrastructure Solutions •Network Infrastructure Solutions •Information Worker Solutions •Unified Communication Solutions •Security Solutions •Mobility Solutions •Small Business Solutions

•Over 4 Million accounts & mailboxes deployed/migrated •Award winning Global Directory Design & Implementation •Quest Software Platinum Elite partner, globally-managed •NetApp Platinum partner, globally-managed •Go-To partner for Microsoft, MCS, Quest, NetApp, & others

IT – trends and challenges
• Even though revenues decrease…
…expectations of IT increase

• Tensions:
– – – – – Performance versus cost Security versus mobility Innovation versus reliability and continuity Flexibility versus control Computing growth versus pressure to improve environmental sustainability

IT Manager Pain Points
“…costs are too high…”
Challenge: • Underutilized hardware • Excessive power consumption • Expensive space across data center or branch office

“…can’t meet my SLAs…”
Challenge: •Providing disaster recovery for business continuity for operating systems and applications

“…systems can’t scale quick enough..”
Challenge: Inability to respond quickly to changing needs at desktops and the datacenter

Challenge: • Application incompatibilities

Challenge: •Planned and unplanned downtime affecting server uptime

Challenge: • Server siloing

Why is everyone talking about Virtualization?

Ability to Increase
• Server

Ability to Decrease


• Downtime
• Admin and Maintenance • Hardware Costs • Provisioning Effort • Staffing • Dev and Testing Time

• Service Levels • Flexibility and Agility • Security • Legacy Application Support • Performance

Availability, continuity, and disaster recovery

• Reroute workloads from failed server to backup server • Host legacy applications securely • Restore systems easily

Improved security

• Through:
Centralized Management Streamlined security updates Lower infection transmission risk Coordinated patching & updating

Increased mobility and access

• Flexible desktop & work environment • Take your desktop experience with you • Extend to Mobile devices

Sustainability & Green Computing

Reduction in power consumption sends a positive message from your organization about sustainability & stewardship

Analyst Perspectives

“On average, respondents have virtualized 24% of their servers today and plan to have 48% virtualized in two years.”

“Virtualization of the PC has even more potential than server virtualization… it is going to be much bigger... This will help change the paradigm of desktop computer management in organizations.”

What are analysts saying?

“Consolidation, virtualization, and provisioning are the three hottest trends in servers today. If you haven’t consolidated yet… if you haven’t virtualized your computing resources… and if you haven’t learned how to provision your systems and storage—you’re needlessly wasting your precious operating budget!”
—Joe Clabby, Clabby Analytics

Virtualization Adoption

So… What is Virtualization?
Virtualization is a technique for abstracting the physical characteristics of computing resources from the way other systems, applications, or end users interact with those resources.

Sales & Marketing Application
Operating System

Accounting Application Operating System

Engineering Application

Corporate Wide Application
Operating System

Operating System

Virtual Infrastructure

Host Servers


Mgmt. Servers


Server Virtualization
Departmental / Legacy Applications Line of Business Applications Other Vendor OS Corporate Applications Specialized Applications Linux / Unix

Running multiple operating systems and applications directly on top of a server

Virtualization enabled SharePoint Architecture (example)

Microsoft’s Virtualization Solution

Desktop Virtualization Server Virtualization

Application Virtualization

Presentation Virtualization

Managin Virtual Infrastructure - SCVMM
A centralized management application solution for Microsoft virtual server software.

Increased Physical Server Utilization
• • • •

Deploys multiple virtual servers on 1 physical server Increases flexibility Sets up servers for testing Decreases hardware costs Uses MOM pack for reporting and health monitoring Reports on consolidation candidates, utilization trending, optimization opportunities Enables end users to use Self Service Provisioning UI to request and place VMs Enables administrators to configure rules and boundaries for provisioning

Centralized Management of Virtual Infrastructure
• •

Rapid Provisioning of New Virtual Machines
• •

Our Virtualization Solutions
Assessment Planning & Design

Business Integration

Production Pilot

Global Migration

Full Lifecycle Virtualization Services
•Availability & Continuity •Disaster Recovery •Knowledge Transfer •Enterprise Scalability •Application Packaging •Application Virtualization •Desktop Virtualization •Readiness Assessment •Business Req. Analysis •Business Case, ROI, TCO •Strategy & Integration Planning •Hyper-V Server Consolidation •Virtual Strategy Management •Infrastructure Management

•Production Application Environment •Test Environment Application Environment •Development Application Environment •Pilot Deployment , End-User Validation, Full Migration

Virtualization Key Points
Key Take Aways…
• Drive cost out of IT using Virtualization • Further enables IT as a service • Scales for most companies (small to large enterprise) • Failures are now catastrophes, w/out the right management/ planning/architecture • No need for “religious” discussion between MS and VMWare • Virtualization saves $, but can expose vulnerabilities • Holistic management is the key to administration

• MSFT desktop to datacenter strategy is the smart bet






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