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Ellipse VT

... and thank you for your purchase of the Ellipse VT acoustic preamp system. This unique onboard package offers incredible acoustic sound by bringing you a high quality preamp paired with our most popular undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix. A dedicated volume control is complemented by an incredibly effective tone control that simultaneously tailors bass, middle and treble in a single movement. It also offers a feedback-fighting phase switch - all easily adjusted within easy reach of the fingers. And the Ellipse VT installs easily inside the soundhole without altering the look of your guitar. For the wide variety of body styles and performance situations, the preamp’s voicing is selectable and the entire installation requires no soldering.

User’s Guide

Volume Generally set the Volume as high as possible (without causing your amp or mixer to distort) to achieve the cleanest sound. Phase Switch Push the phase switch in and out until you find the position that sounds best and reduces feedback. Tone This innovative one-knob tone control lets you choose between a natural, undersaddle sound with no EQ (Flat) on up to a “Scooped” tone with emphasized treble and bass and reduced midrange. • To make single notes sound thicker and punchier, move the Tone slider toward the Flat position. • Try the Tone slider in the middle position for fingerpicking, when you need just a bit of midrange cut. • Move the Tone slider all the way to the “Scooped” position for more depth and clarity to your sound, especially for hard strumming. Voicing Switch (Natural I & II) Reach into the soundhole with your index finger. You will find the voicing switch located behind and to the right of the phase switch. Push the voicing switch away from you for more bass (Acoustic Matrix Natural I voicing) and toward you for a leaner response (Acoustic Matrix Natural II voicing). Choose the setting that works best with your instrument and your performing situation. Here are some guidelines. •The deep, bass enhanced Natural I voicing (switch toward bass side) compliments solo guitarists and singers who accompany themselves, especially with smaller bodied instruments. Note: If the amplified sound is too boomy when you move the Tone slider to the Scooped setting, choose the Natural II voicing instead. •The Natural II voicing (switch toward treble side) cuts through the mix if you play in a band and does a good job controlling boominess and low frequency feedback onstage, especially with full-size guitars.

Ellipse VT
Battery Remove the strings, to access the battery inside the guitar. Replace with a 9V alkaline battery. We recommend that you remove the battery prior to shipping or airline travel. If loose inside the guitar, the battery may damage the instrument.

General: Typical 9V alkaline battery life: Typical current consumption @ 9Vdc: Nominal output impedance: Maximum output level (onset of clipping): Input: Gain: Baseline noise (A-weighted): Dynamic range (A-weighted, referenced to onset of clipping): Signal to noise ratio (A-weighted, referenced to -10dBV output): Voicing Switch: Natural I setting: Frequency response (-3dB referenced to 2kHz): Bass boost: Natural II setting: Frequency response (-3dB referenced to 2kHz): Tone: Flat position: Scooped position: 220 hrs. 2.3mA 1k Ohm +8dBV +4.5dB -95dBV 103dB 85dB

50Hz – 160kHz +3dB @ 90Hz 80Hz – 140kHz Neutral (see Voicing Switch specs) -10dB @ 630Hz, +4dB compensation gain

Because we continually improve our products, all specifications and information in this manual are subject to change without notice.
513-000-030 Rev A 2-05 • This product is protected by one or more of the following patents: 6,278,059, 4,774,867, 4,727,634, 4,944,209, 5,029,375, 5,155,285, 5,319,153, 5,189,771, 5,463,185, 5,670,733, 5,817,966, 4,911,057, 4,984,498, 5,693,898, 6,239,349, 6,429,367, 4,785,704, 4,356,754, 6,680,431, and 6,677,514. Other patents may also apply.

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