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Issue: 2, Date: Spring 2013 Semester Updates
Danie’s day April 13- Service oriented project in the memory of Daniel Rose March 23 – Service oriented project or medical supplies Greek Honors Society Representation the Greek Life as a whole Sorority and Fraternities on campus April 21- April 27


MedWish Order of Omega Panhellenic and IFC Greek Life Greek Week

Students from John Carroll University did an awesome service! They sorted through medical supplies to give to countries in need of such supplies! This was a wonderful experience for the people who participated!

Panhellenic and IFC
These two groups over see the Greek Life here at John Carroll

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Spring 2013

Danie’s Day
April 13- Service oriented project in the memory of Daniel Rose
Ray Bradbury comments in his book Fahrenheit 451, "It doesn't matter what you long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that's like you after you take your hands away." Danielle Rose certainly had a profound effect on John Carroll University. Her legacy was greatly seen and felt during Danie's Day on April 13. Danie had a passion for helping others, especially her younger sister, who has Downs Syndrome. Danie's spirit of compassion was seen in the "Buddies", who accompanied the participants from The Up Side of Downs to different activities. Her spirit could be found in the commitment of campus organizations who came to set up activities and support. Her spirit was conveyed through the happiness and love of the children, and the parents that accompanied them. Danie has left a legacy at John Carroll University that will continue for years to come. Her spark has become a flame that will continue to burn on at John Carroll University. She was a model of what a John Carroll student should be - caring, compassionate, and committed to social justice. By Claire Grega

Order of Omega
This semester Order of Omega has transitioned a new executive board and we are to implement some new activities with our Upsilon Rho chapter in the fall semester. Order of Omega is proud to induct thirteen new members into our chapter on April 28th! All are welcome to watch the induction ceremony and support their friends. By: Anna Winberg



Spring 2013

Panhellenic and IFC
Representing Chi Omega, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha
Panhellenic Council:
       President: Deirdre Bryne VP Membership: Kelsey Lytwak VP Standards & Scholarship: Maddie Zink VP Programming: Anna Montesano VP Administration & Finance: Kailyn Petocchi Pi Chi Director: Karina DeValle PR Chair: Jenny Clesse
letters day, we collaborated with Late Night at Carroll with The Night at the Races, Kappa Kappa Gamma hosted a Valentines Party on their floor, and we are working with Megan Dzurec for a risk management presentation with Beers and Burritos. Disafilliation starts May 1st, so Panhel and Pi Chis are honored to be able to wear our letters exclusively on our hearts as we take on an unbiased role in helping new members become apart of our lifelong sisterhoods. By: Deirdre Byrns

seminars and meet thousands of other IFC's and Panhellenic Council members from around the country. March was a busy month for IFC, as we held its first brotherhood event, "A Night at The Races", in conjunction with the Late Night at Carroll series and received our charter from the North-American Interfraternity Conference. Currently, The IFC is overhauling the constitution and bylaws and preparing for an IFC BBQ on May 2nd. By : Benedek Toth

    

Inter Fraternal Council:
President: Benedek Toth VP Brotherhood and Service: Chad Feeney VP Recruitment & Membership: Nate Napolitano VP Standards & Risk Management: VP Finance & Administration: Kahim Chan

This semester has been exciting for all Panhellenic women at John Carroll. We have raised total and created a bigger, and even more united Greek community. We are so thrilled that more women are becoming interested in Panhel and have been attending our weekly 2 PM meetings. The sorority with the most attendance at our meetings will be awarded with a donation toward their philanthropy at the end of 2013. I would like to recognize and bestow my appreciation upon the sisters in Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Alpha Theta for their consistent attendance. Panhel has done so many awesome things this semester. We worked at Medwish in March with the guys in IFC, and everyone in attendance gained so much and had a great service experience. Last year we adopted The Circle of Sisterhood as our local philanthropy and it helps provide an education to women who are not as privileged as we are to receive a college education. Finally, we have had lots of fun programming from our monthly Love

IFC began the semester with a bit of a rough start, as two of the executive board members were forced to resign within the first few weeks of the new year. Two new officers were quickly elected and we hit the ground running. Nate Napolitano, myself and Kahim Chan attended the American Fraternal Leadership and Values Conference in February, where we got the chance to attend many great

Representing the men and women of Greek Life on John Carroll University 3


Spring 2013

Sorority Life:
Kappa Alpha Theta
In January, Kappa Alpha Theta celebrated its 142nd Founder's Day. In February, the chapter met with the Case Western Reserve Thetas and the Cleveland Alumnae Chapter to celebrate the sorority's 110th Founder's Day Brunch. This was a memorable day for all in attendance! We honored sisters from the Alumnae Chapter who were celebrating landmark anniversaries of membership, including 25, 50, and even 75 years. In addition, to the many prestigious awards given at the brunch, one of our members was honored with an award. Lauren DiRubbo was presented the Virginia Reynold Caswall "Spirit Pin" Award, which is awarded each year to sophomore member of the Eta Kappa Chapter. This brunch is always a wonderful experience for our chapter. It was a day filled with bonding, learning and sharing many Theta memories. By: Haley Manuel

Kappa Delta

Had the highest GPA last semester on campus! Kappa Delta raised over 2000 dollars for Prevent child abuse America! We cooked pancakes from 8-midnight and had a great time. Some of our profits also went to the local domestic violence center. Shamrock is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we love hosting it. Our major philanthropy is for preventing childhood abuse in America. By Hannah Todorowski



Spring 2013

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Six men from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity went on an immersion trip to Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Nicaragua has a population of 5.1 million; 53 percent of the population is under 18 years of age. The country continues to be plagued by the results of the 1980’s civil war (often known as the Contra War) when significant foreign debt was amounted and great political divide developed in the country.

Phi Beta participated in
immersion trips this semester! Sarah Skiviat (senior, Guatemala ’13) Jessica Weisburn (senior, Guatemala ’13) Molly McComish (junior, co-leader for Guatemala ’13) Madi Maruna (senior, Nicaragua ’13) Hillary Considine (senior, Nicaragua, ’13) Courtney Radtkin (sophomore, co-leader for spring break trip to Louisville ’15) Kristen Gittinger (sophomore, spring break trip to Louisville ’15)


The breakdown
of income distribution shows that 45 percent of all income goes to the richest 10 percent of the population, while only 14 percent goes to the poorest. One of every three children has some degree of chronic malnutrition and nine percent suffer from severe malnutrition. The experience is focused on developing an understanding of the impact that trade has on the people of Nicaragua, especially the poor. The group analyzed trade from various perspectives in the coffee and apparel industries. These include opportunities to meet with workers, management, government representatives, farmers, and landowners. By: Ty Stimpert


Beta Theta Pi
On December 1st, Beta Theta Pi partnered with the Arrupe Scholars to hold our annual event “Through the Eyes of a Child”. The event gave children from the Cleveland area a chance to spend a day at JCU with a student “buddy: who made sure the kids got in the Christmas Spirit. Many activities were giving throughout the day! The day ended with our customary dance party and the kids receiving a gift from every “buddy”. They look forward to next years event, where they can keep putting smiles on kid’s faces! By: Ken Clar

Colony 293 of Lambda Chi Alpha here at John Carroll University was founded on September 19, 2011. Through humble beginnings and hard work, the original men are making themselves known to the John Carroll University Community in many positive ways. Many members have excellent leadership opportunities in their academic field as well as outside of the classroom. Not only is our individual colony special, Lambda Chi Alpha on the whole has a unique international brotherhood. We are one of the largest international fraternities with an expansive alumni network. We also have one of the most in depth educational platforms, which takes a brother out of the traditional pledge classes of repetitive facts and puts him in contact with real life experiences and challenges to cultivate our seven core values. These values are loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity and personal courage. To achieve them, we take advantage of the “True Brother” learning model as well as abandoning the typical pledge process. Instead, Lambda Chi Alpha implements an associate membership period. Associate membership holds nearly all rights and responsibilities as a brother would and is treated with the same dignity and respect as a full brother. By: Christopher Russo

Lambda Chi Alpha


Spring 2013

Chi Omega
On February 3rd, 2013, the Chi Omegas at John Carroll University held a Walking Taco Takeout Event on Super bowl Make-A-Wish Foundation in a child with a life-threating great support from the John community, with large orders Delta Tau Delta. Tacos were freshly made the Campion Classroom on with Doritos and Fritos chips in campus. Once the tacos were Sunday to raise money for The hope of granting another wish for illness. The Chi Omegas had Carroll students and the Greek from Sigma Phi Epsilon and

prepared, the Chi Omegas delivered the tacos to various dorm rooms on campus, hence the name, “The Walking Taco Takeout”. Students had the option of pre-ordering tacos by emailing with their order, their dorm room location, and what time they would like the tacos delivered. Customers were also able to submit taco orders throughout the day and purchase something sweet from an assortment of donated desserts. Overall, the philanthropy event was phenomenal success and the Chi Omegas look forward to holding another “Walking Taco Takeout” in 2014. By: Erica Ruszczyk



Spring 2013

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Standards and Sisterhood Chairs, Lindsey Beran and Katlyn Klare, planned an Emmaus retreat for our chapter at the end of March. Many of us spent the weekend at Thorn Acres Lodge sharing special parts of our lives with our sisters. We heard witness talks, participated in trust-building activities, and reflected on the importance and beauty of our sisterhood! We left feeling rejuvenated, with the mindset that no matter how large our obstacles, we are never alone .
February was Academic Excellence month for Kappa Kappa Gamma! We had a blast sharing study tips, doing homework together, and supporting our sisters throughout midterm season! Nationally, our organization recognizes the value of scholarship. We strive to give each member the opportunity to achieve academic success in an encouraging environment. For these reasons, each Kappa signed a pledge at the beginning of the month, which stated both her commitment to trying her best and also to reassuring her sisters. Each week offered a new challenge for us to meet! Our wonderful Vice President of Academic Excellence, Mariah White, helped make studying fun by offering academic incentives. While it was academics that brought us together, what became more important was the reminder to treat our minds (and our sisters’ minds!) with continual respect and support. We were so thankful to grow closer while simultaneously committing to academic success! By: Aly Monteleone



Spring 2013

It has truly been an exciting semester for the Iota Iota Chapter of Delta Tau Delta here at John Carroll University. This past February, the JCU Delts traveled south, to Columbus, for their annual Northern Division Conference. Here, they attended various leadership seminars and informational sessions offered by the Fraternity, along with the much anticipated awards ceremony. Iota Iota was honored to take home the Hugh Shields Award for Chapter Excellence; an award given as recognition to the top ten Delt chapters in the nation. The JCU Delts were ecstatic to hear that they were ranked fourth in the nation among all chapters of Delta Tau Delta. Along with the excitement resulting from our national accreditation, we were proud to have welcomed three new gentleman- Ali Al-Ali, Evan Meindl, and James Miller- into our brotherhood on April 20th, 2013. We started off their special day with the Rite of Iris, our pre-initiation ceremony. This public ritual has historically been performed by Delts all over the world to pay homage to the Rainbow Fraternity, whom we merged with in 1886. The Rainbow Fraternity performed the Rite of Iris to initiate their members, and Delts still use it today to remind brothers and new members of their highest duties to themselves, and to their fellow men. We were glad to welcome the many families and John Carroll students who were in attendance. The Delts look forward to continuing growth within the John Carroll community and commit themselves to developing men to lead lives of excellence.



Spring 2013

Greek Week 2013 will be co-chaired by Marisa Rodriguez ('13) of Kappa Kappa Gamma and Mike Spettel ('14) of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Greek Week 2013 is going to be a fun and exciting time! Our theme this year is SuperGreeks, with Superheroes as our main inspirations. This year, the week will go from April 21st to the 28th. Each day of the week has designated events. The Greek organizations will be competing in healthy competition and are challenged to show their spirit they have for their own chapter and the Greek Community here at John Carroll. The week will be a mixture of athletic events, academic challenges, and finally talent performances in Talent Show and the infamous Lipsync. Not only are the Greeks challenged in these areas, but they will also be challenged to do service and philanthropy, as well. Every year, the week has a designated philanthropy, and this year there will be two. The first is the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation, which is an organization that helps fund education in third world countries for women. The second organization will be Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital to help children in need and help promote research for the hospital. Overall, the community is excited to host such a wonderful event, and to show others what they community stands for; to be men and women for you, for others, and….


By: Marisa Rodriguez


Produced by: Jenny Clesse


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