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Name: Luis David Monzon

Exercise No. 1

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SERIES 1: Fill in the blanks with the words in the box related to the functions of engineering:

Design Construction Development Operation Production Research Management

1. An engineer makes an Operation inside the factory for the transportation problem to find a solution. 2. Mr. Hudson is selecting the materials to Design the new product that will hit stores next week. 3. A group of engineers will make a Research to create a new process for the production of soap. 4. Some Management programs are being implemented because clients have been sending recommendations to the enterprise. 5. Some creative ideas were included into the new system for the Development of the mechanical machines. 6. Production is important to integrate the flow of materials and components by choosing processes and tools. 7. Yesterday engineers started planning the Construction after determining which tools and the place to work.

SERIES 2: Complete the chart: Design, manufacture and operation of engines and machines in manufacturing processes. Production of products and power;
ability to analyze a complex system into its basic factors

Mechanical Engineering

It is the profession of designing and executing structural works that serve the general public. The functions of the civil engineering: those performed before construction, during construction, and after construction.
Application of principles and techniques of scientific management to the maintenance of a high level of productivity at optimum cost in industrial enterprises.

Civil Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Its consists on the development of processes and the design and operation of plants in which materials undergo changes in their physical chemical state.

Chemical Engineering

Involves aspects of computer and software design, and integrating software options with
the hardware that will drive the applications.

Science and Systems Engineering

It is the science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe.
Careers concerned with Practical applications of electricity, uses of the electromagnetic spectrum and electronic devices.


Electric and Electronics Engineering Mathematics

It is the science that deals with the structure, order and relation that has evolved from elemental practices counting, measuring and describing the of shapes of objects. Development processes and infrastructure
for the supply of water pollution and protect public health and they preserve the quality of the environment.

Environmental Engineering

SERIES 3: Make a Timeline about History of Engineering, add the most important facts.

Step Pyramid at saqqarah

The Pharos of Alexandria

Civil Engineering emerged as a separate discipline 18th Century

Mass production of Chemical

2550 Bc.

247 Bc


Temple in Jerusalem

960 Bc

Villard de Honnecourt, reveals a wide knowledge of maths, physical science. 13 Century


The growth of knowlegde of electricity from Alessandro Voltas 1800

SERIES 4: Write a brief essay about your career.

Science and Systems Engineering

The Science and systems engineering involves many aspects of computer designs, database managements, development of software, and more. One area where opportunities are expanding for computers engineering is the robotic industry. This career is so important in this century because the technological development is growing.