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Notes on Ja arvis, J. (2011 1); What would Google do? ?.


It seems s as if only y Google knows k hot to survive and prosp per in the Internet. It doesn't break the rules. It si imply plays s by new r rules m marke et is dead. The mass of niches in king The mass
The most m success sful enterprises today ar re networks: really cheap p for a really big amount of consu umers Marke ets are conversations The economy e is now n based on abundance e, rather than n scarcity

Ownership is no o longer the key to su uccess. Op penness is s
People can find each e other an nd coalesce anywhere a Custo omers are no ow in charge e

Owners of comp panies like Google, Facebook, F Craigslist and Digg a are different from us u and we must stud dy how they y think if w we want to succeed a as they do Google is not a po ortal. It thin nks in dist tributed wa ays. It goes s to people e Googl le exploits the wisdo om of the crowd. It lea arns with e each click Howeve er, Google could fail It coul ld become e so big tha at is unman nageable Gover rnment cou uld try to break b it dow wn It coul ld reach a point where it could not grow anymore Because Google could c fail, do not try to imitate it. Instead, try to see e the world d as Google sees it We sh hould study y the wisdo om of Goo ogle's way as a set of f rules to live and do o busine ess How these laws can be applied acros ss many in ndustries How Googlethin G nk is affecting our lives

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