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SANITATION, DESIGN & INSTALLATION 1. How do you connect pump in series? a. Different RMP b. Same gpm c.

Same horsepower d. Different pressure 2. Construction of septic tank should be located at a distance away from the source of water supply to prevent sanitation a. 15 meters b. 10 meters c. 20 meters d. 5 meters 3. It is compartment in the septic tank usually extended above the surface of the ground to overcome surface water infiltration a. Leaking chamber b. Sedimentation chamber c. Chlorination chamber d. Sewage chamber 4. The retention period or the time for which suspended matters in septic tank would settle and stabilize is: a. 24 hours b. 12 hours c. 18 hours d. 30 hours 5. A septic tank is a water tight receptacle for which the sewage is digested than a biological action mainly by microorganism. a. Facultative bacteria b. Aerobic bacteria c. Anaerobic bacteria d. enzymes 6. The top cover and the manhole of a septic tank usually extended above the surface of the ground to overcome surface water infiltration. a. 15 cm b. 10 cm c. 5 cm d. 20 cm 7. The soil branch piping installed in horizontal run must be supported by substantial iron hanger at close interval to prevent sagging, approximate a distance a. 1.50 meters apart b. 2.00 meters apart c. 1.00 meters apart d. 3.50 meters apart 8. Soil pipe is the part of the drainage system, which conveys waste water containing organic waste, whereas waste pipe is apart that conveys waste containing. a. Acid b. Salt c. Other element soluble in water d. All of these 9. The soil branch must be slope at a grade so that waste content is given a flow of pipe velocity to assure a self-scouring condition and lesson the possibility of seal losses stoppage and retarded flow. a. Acid b. Salt c. Other element soluble in water d. All of the above 10. It is temperature at which water vapor forms above liquid fuel. a. Power point b. Fire point c. Flash point d. Boiling point 11. Pour index horsepower is how many foot lbs per minutes a. 30,000 b. 33,000 c. 33,333

d. 30,333 12. The speed at which an exact model of the pump would have to run if it were designed to deliver 1 GPM against 1 feet head per stage a. Peripheral speed b. Exact speed c. Transition speed d. Same speed 13. A positive displacement pump is a. Rotary pump b. Centrifugal pump c. Turbine pump d. Piston pump 14. A pressure gage register 50 psig in a region where barometer is 1.25 psia. Find the absolute pressure a. 64.25 Kpa b. 10.125 psi c. 86.25 kpa d. 64.25 psi 15. A pump used in underground a. Surface pump b. Submersible pump c. Piston pump d. Centrifugal pump 16. The property of a fluid whereby its own molecule are united or attracted to each other is: a. Ideal fluid b. Pilot tube c. Cohesion d. Adhesion 17. A state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. a. Health b. Vital statistics c. Fitness d. Statics 18. Public health substance that deforms continuously under the application of a shear force. It cannot sustain a shear force at rest is: a. Fluid b. Liquid form c. Flowing water d. Discharge 19. Study of the distribution of the disease or condition in a population a. Public health b. Environmental Sanitation c. Epidemiology d. Environmental health 20. The physical characteristics of sewage is determined by: a. Turbidity b. Colour c. Odour d. All of the above 21. It includes the discharge from latrine, urinals, bathrooms, kitchens and stables is called: a. Refuse b. Wet refuse c. Sewage d. Waste water 22. Used to deliver water at a point higher than the position of the pump itself when the plunger decends, the valve is closed and the water in the cylinder is forced out through the valve and up to the storage. a. Pumps b. Force pump c. Lift pump d. Suction pipe 23. Bacteria which has no function in sewage treatment a. Non- aerobic bacteria b. Pathogenic bacteria c. Facultative bacteria d. Aerobic bacteria

24. It includes the urea, proteins and amino acids is a. Non-nitrogenous compound b. Odour c. Nitrogenous compound d. All of the above 25. At a point in a horizontal pipeline, the pressure of water flowing at a velocity of 4.6 m/s is 117.3 kPa at another point closed by, where the pipe has a smaller section, the pressure is 110 kPa. If the head loss is 0.2, find the velocity of flow at the second point a. 5.57 m/s b. 6.00 m/s c. 5.79 m/s d. 5.98 m/s 26. The rate of flow of liquid measured per unit of time, usually gpm or lps. a. Capacity b. Static rate c. Flow rate d. Pump rate 27. The total relationship of man to physical, biological, socio-economic and socio-cultural environment as it affects human well being a. Public health b. Environmental health c. Sanitation d. Environmental study 28. Applied to a specific disease when it normally prevails in locality and does not fluctuate markedly from the normal expected merdence in the commonly a. Endemic b. Pandemic c. Communicable disease d. Epidemic 29. Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove a. Bacteria b. Color c. Odor d. Turbidity 30. Means by which infectious agents are transported in causing disease. Water, food, insect and inanimate object may be vehicles of infection, insects or rodents are sometimes a. Vehicle of inspection b. Host c. Vector d. Person to person 31. The unit of kinematics viscosity in metric system a. Poise b. Sq. ft per sec c. Sq. m per sec d. None of the above 32. The combination of sanitary sewerage and storm water is: a. Sewer line b. Septage line c. Septic tank d. Combine sewage 33. A type of valve which should be used only wide open or fully closed a. Gate valve b. Globe valve c. Reducing valve d. Throttle valve 34. Cast iron weighs 640 lbs per ft^3. What is the weight of the cast iron block is 14 x 12 x 18 is? a. 1250 lbs b. 985 lbs c. 867.5 lbs d. 1120 lbs 35. 1 psi is equivalent to a water head of a. 2.31 psi b. 3.52 psi c. 2.50 psi d. 3.9 psi

36. Instrument used to measure the water flow a. Venture meter b. Pressure gauge c. Dynamometer d. Pitot tube 37. What is the temperature in 0C of 2 liters of water at 300C after 500 calories of heat have been added? a. 1570C b. 2800K c. 1750K d. 2800C 38. The volume of a liquid passing through a cross section of a stream in unit time is called: a. Steady flow b. Uniform flow c. Continuous flow d. discharge 39. Determine the water nature through acidity or alkalinity is; a. pH value b. color meter c. pH meter d. none of the above 40. Pipe fitting are intended to make change direction, turn and offset, but their use must be planned carefully so that waste within the line have free passage, the fitting use in vertical to horizontal changes of direction is: a. long sweep bend b. tee c. wye fitting d. all of these 41. Waste pipe is classified into two ways, according to the type it serve, direct waste as one terminal solidly joined to the plumbing system, whereas indirect waste has terminal drain pipes simply empty into the; a. Plumbing system b. Environment c. Canal d. None of these 42. Drinking fountain or bubbler when they are located in the building may be connected to the pipe that terminate into: a. Soil pipe b. Waste pipe c. Wet vent d. Vent tank 43. Sink are patterned in two style, trap standard to the floor and trap to the wall, the sink used as a rule for janitorial services in a building is called: a. Pantry sink b. Scullery sink c. Wash-up sink d. Slop sink 44. Corrosion in pipe, what is the by-product of chemical reaction of oxidation in forming ferrous oxide or rust is covered by the action of: a. Carbon dioxide b. Sulfur oxide c. Methane gas d. All of these 45. Pipe is one of the oldest plumbing materials and very suitable for underground installation, but never recommended to convey water human consumption because it is poisonous: a. Copper pipes b. Lead pipes c. Clay pipes d. Bituminous pipe 46. The pipe that is remarkable for hot water lure installation: a. Copper pipes b. Brass pipes c. Stainless pipes d. Synthetic pipes

47. The non-soluble materials which is the end product after biological action of bacteria in waste and what settles at the bottom of the septic tank is called: a. Scum b. Sledge c. Sludge d. smudekne 48. Which sources of water supply that was not used in the older days? a. Rain b. Spring and wells c. Creeks and rivers d. Centralized treatment of reservoir 49. What is that appurtenant structure installed at the basement floor of a building which waste water are drained? a. Sump pit b. Septic tank c. Catch basin d. Floor drain 50. What water storage that was not used during primitive period? a. Earthen jars b. Wooden jars c. Bamboo container d. Glass container 51. Interconnection of sewer service pipe into a sewer main is made by punching the sewer main a hole to fit the sewer service. In what poit on the sewer main does interconnection made? a. 450 above the flow line of the main b. On the top of the sewer main c. At the bottom of the sewer main d. At middle side of sewer main 52. What is water that diminishes the capacity of water to form lather with soap? a. Bacteria b. Suspended materials c. Mineral that makes water hard d. Presence of sodium ions 53. Saddle clamp is a pipe fitting which is not use when water service is to be interconnected to the type of water main. a. Centrifugal cast iron pipe b. Asbestos cement pipe c. Galvanized iron pipe d. PVC pipe 54. Flowing stream of water has the tendency to purify itself which term is not applicable in the purification? a. Sedimentation b. Infiltration c. Dilution d. Aeration 55. How far should a septic tank be constructed away from the water supply source to prevent contamination? a. 20.3 m b. 10.5 m c. 7.1 m d. 15.2 m 56. What is the chief factor in clarification of still water since particles of solid materials will settle more readily in still than flowing water? a. Infiltration b. Sedimentation c. Dilution d. Aeration 57. The soil branch piping installed in horizontal run must be supported by iron hanger at closet interval to prevent sagging. What is the distance apart the hangers? a. 1.5 m b. 3 m c. 2.3 m d. 0.8 m

58. Before water from any source will be adopted for domestic water supply, what kind of examination will it be subjected to: a. Infiltration and sedimentation b. Aeration and bacteriological c. Dilution and chemical d. Chemical and bacteriological 59. Which method that is not commonly used for bringing water from its source to the customer? a. Gravity system b. Distributing reservoir system c. Domestic water softener system d. Direct pressure system 60. A well that penetrates the earth to depths of not more than 100 ft a. Flowing well b. Shallow well c. Deep well d. Artesian well 61. To reduce the excessive pressure that produces a hammering sound, how long, a pipe should be added and installed on the top of riser of the highest fixture level to absorb air pressure. a. 0.3-0.9 m b. 0.4-1 m c. 1-1.5 m d. 0.6-1.2 m 62. What is the minimum horizontal distance required between vent terminal and window opening of a building? a. 1.5 m b. 3 m c. 1m d. 0.5 m 63. What should be the minimum clearance that should be made with respect to the floor line to allow convenient opening or closing of a clean out? a. 100 mm b. 200 mm c. 50 mm d. 300 mm 64. A well that passes through one or more source impervious strata and penetrates a water bearing stratum in which water is held under pressure and water rises in the well? a. Flowing well b. Shallow well c. Deep well d. Artesian well 65. What is the size of relief vent on a circuit vented soil branch installation of plumbing fixtures? a. times the diameter of the soil pipe b. Equal diameter of the soil pipe c. 1 times the diameter of the soil d. times the diameter of the soil 66. What is the size of the yoke or by pass vent for a high rise building? a. Equal size of the main vent b. times the size of the main vent c. 1 times the size of the main vent d. times the size of the main vent 67. The top of the well is lower that the high position of the previous stratum from which the water is obtained and water will rise through the entire length of the well and way flow from the wall without pumping a. Flowing well b. Shallow well c. Deep well d. Artesian well 68. What do you call the undesirable type of vegetation formed when water reservoir is exposed to light? a. Septic scum b. Sledge c. Pond scum

d. floe 69. Which does not apply in the removal of suspended materials and color in the water supply? a. Sedimentation b. Coagulation c. Filtration d. Chlorination 70. The pipe or shaft which is used to remove foul or congested air from a fixture or a room and convey the same to the atmosphere is called _______ a. Local vent b. Crown vent c. Back vent d. Venting pipe 71. What is the process of water supply purification which consists of applying certain chemicals in particles too small to be removed by plain sedimentation? a. Coagulation b. Sedimentation c. Filtration d. Screening 72. What is the type of water closet prescribed for public toilet? a. Elongated bowl type b. Oval bowl type c. Circular bowl type d. Egg shaped bowl type 73. What is the process of exposing water in their films to the oxygen of the atmosphere in order to remove neutralize the taste, odor and dissolved oxygen? a. Filtration b. Screening c. Aeration d. Sedimentation 74. What is the pipe fitting with outside thread and projecting square head used for closing the edge of another fitting? a. Plug b. Cap c. Knot d. Bushing 75. The jelly like substance being formed in the process of coagulation? a. Scum b. Sledge c. Floe d. alum 76. The handicapped fixtures are usually designed for people with less physical ability that the general public. For the handicapped, what is the prescribed height of the toilet bowl? a. 450 mm b. 400 mm c. 500 mm d. 600 mm 77. What are the used disinfections large public water supplies? a. Ultraviolet rays b. Ozone c. Floe d. Chlorine 78. The difference between a tube and a pipe is that the tube has relatively thin wall and ____. a. Straight edge b. The listed size correspond to the outside diameter c. Relatively square edge d. The listed size correspond to the inside diameter. 79. What is the important advantage of chlorine compared to other water supply treatment? a. Control the growth of algae b. Effective in the coagulation process c. Control taste and odor

d. Kills bacteria 80. What is the prescribed distance of vent from trap seal in plumbing installation? a. 1.5 m b. 0.6 m c. 2m d. 1 m 81. What is that vent pipe system on plumbing which liquid waste flow through? a. Wet vent b. Yoke vent c. Stack vent d. Back vent 82. The classification of water when it contains dissolved salts of calcium and magnesium? a. Soft b. Hard c. Balanced d. Neutral 83. What is that vent pipe in plumbing that serve the building drain and building sewer? a. VSTR b. SVTR c. Yoke vent d. Relief vent 84. What is that receptacle attached to the plumbing system other than trap on which water or waste may be collected or retained for ultimate discharge into the drainage? a. Catch basin b. Manhole c. Bleeder d. Scupper drain 85. How is water hardness measured? a. Ounce of hardness b. Grains per gallon c. Parts per million d. Soap suds 86. What is the pipe connection in which a ball is held in a cup-like that allows movement in every direction? a. Universal joint b. Uniform patent c. Ball joint d. Caulk joint 87. What is the good reason why hardness in water is objectionable? a. Dangerous to health b. Nuisance in household operation c. Water using equipment cannot operate d. Scaling of boilers 88. Leaching field is categorized as one of the on-site efferent disposal for septic tank. How far should be the distance from a shallow well to prevent contamination of water? a. 25 m b. 50 m c. 15 m d. 40 m 89. What do you call that process of removing the hardness causing minerals from water? a. Water softening b. Hardness removal c. Demineralization d. Dehardinization 90. In plumbing, the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere, between faucet supplying water and the flood level rim of a fixture is called ______ a. Air gap b. Airline c. Flushing lane d. Goose neck 91. What is the minimum capacity of the water tank needed for a complete water closet flushing in a toilet? a. 19 L










b. 26 L c. 15 L d. 12 L What is vertical distance between the dip and crown weir of the trap? a. Trap seal b. Crown air c. Leader d. Bleeder What is that fittings so installed in plumbing system to prevent passage of air, gas and some vermin through the pipe? a. Trap b. Check valve c. Flap valve d. Gate valve What is the type of wrench used in working with plated finish and in place with too small to admit pipe wrench? a. Strap wrench b. Closed wrench c. Open wrench d. Pipe tong What is that fitting that operates automatically when refilling the water tank after each discharge and shutting off completely when the tank is already full? a. Float valve b. Foot valve c. Pressure regulating Valve d. Check valve An oil tank is 3m long, 3 m wide and 2 m high, when it is full of coconut oil specific gravity of 0.90, find the downward force at the bottom of the tank. a. 16,300 kg b. 16,200 kg c. 15,200 kg d. 14,200 kg A swimming pool is 6m wide by 12m long, if is 1.20 m deep in one end and 2.40 at the other end. How many gallon of water does it contain? a. 34,140 gal b. 34,240 gal c. 33,240 gal d. 34,250 gal A rectangular ground reservoir is to be constructed to serve the water supply requirement for a commercial building the outside dimension of the reservoir is 8m long, 6m wide and 8m deep. Compute for the total cost of excavation if the cost of labor is P50.00 per cubic meter. a. P1,920 b. P19,200 c. P18,200 d. P1,820 Master Plumber A can finish the excavation and pipe laying of storm drainage in 8 hrs, Master Plumber B require 10 hrs to do same job. How many hours are required if both A &B work together? a. 4.24 hrs b. 3.24 hrs c. 5 hrs d. 3.5 hrs A plumber is to use a deep well as source of water to supply for the building under construction and he want to estimate the length of intake pipe, so, from the surface of the ground he drop a coin into the well and after 2 seconds he heard the splashing sound down under, how deep is the well? a. 32.2 ft b. 64 ft c. 22.2 ft d. 33 ft

101. A secondary pipeline in sewerage a common sewer to which no other sewer is tributary is called a. Interceptor b. Lateral c. Dead end d. Branch 102. That pipe which conveys waste water and water carried waste without fecal matter a. Waste pipe b. Wet stand pipe c. Vent pipe d. Wet vent 103. A bacteria living or active in the absence of free oxygen is called a. Aerobic b. Anaerobic c. Facultative aerobic d. All of the above 104. A vent for a single fixtures or battery of fixtures which is connected into the same stack, is not which the fixtures discharge a. Unit vent b. Local vent c. Wet vent d. Continuous vent 105. A vent which also serve as a drain is called a. Wet vent b. Local vent c. Loop vent d. Back vent 106. A method of installation not allowed in a lateral to avoid pressure and retardation of flow of waste water causing deposition of solid is a. Sharp curve b. Elbow c. Gate valve d. Cross-connection 107. The sanitary drainage system for public health reason, must discharge to a. Waterway b. Public storm drainage c. Public sewer system d. Septic tank 108. What do you call that vents for fixtures intended to ventilate the foul odors and remove air from adjacent area? a. Local vent b. Ventilation pipe c. Vapor relief pipe d. All of these 109. What happen when air comes into contact with wastewater in the drainage system a. Dragged along with the fixture along the system b. Sudden vacuum occur in the system c. Flooding of the fixture along the system d. Circulation of the air in the system stop 110. What is that device use to prevent backflow whereby air is admitted to the supply pipe whenever a vacuum occur? a. Gate valve b. Air relief valve c. Float valve d. Vacuum breaker 111. Pipe materials used inside the buildings and premises shall conform to standard specifications set forth this organization? a. American Water Works Association (AWWA) b. Philippine Standard Council (PSC) c. American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) d. United Laboratories (UL) 112. When heat is applied to water; molecular activity intensified and such particle expand in itself, followed by the change in behavior a. Became abnormal













b. Increases the volume c. Decreases the volume d. Became contracted What is the prescribed color coding of piping under Steam Division of a high pressure pipe a. Black b. White c. Red d. Blue What is that controlled outlet in a pipeline used to discharge water or drained the system a. Blow-off b. Dead end c. Clean-out d. All of these Which of the following is not a function of all faucets? a. Temperature control b. Volume control c. Level control d. On/off control What is the basic element of a cold water supply in a building? a. Downspouts b. Subsoil drain lines c. Riser run outs d. Water closet What is that receptacle installed at corner wall that collect rain water from a balcony a. Downspout b. Bee-hive roof drain c. Roof drain d. Scupper drain What is that system of arrangement of venting so installed that one vent will serve two traps? a. Relief vent b. Unit vent c. Wet vent d. Local vent What is the minimum size of fire hose outlet of an interior wet standpipe? a. 25 mm dia b. 41 mm dia c. 20 mm dia. d. 38 mm dia A building subdrain is located at what level? a. Below the level of the public sewer b. Above the level of a public sewer c. Below the basement floor level d. Above the basement floor level What is the term with reference to the load producing effect on the plumbing system for different kind of plumbing fixtures? a. Flush tank volume b. Demand load c. Fixtures value d. Fixture unit Caulk joint shall be firmly packed with oakum or hemp and poured with pure lead, what is that depth of lead over oakum? a. 25 mm b. 32 mm c. 38 mm d. 13 mm What is the depth of the building sewer when installed? a. 1m b. 0.3 m c. 0.65m d. 1.2m Which of the following is not a type of lavatory? a. Splash-back b. Ledge-back c. Reverse trap d. Countertop

125. The connection of sewer service line into a sewer main is made y entering the sewer pipe at what point? a. Above the flow line of the sewer b. At the bottom of the sewer main c. At the top of the sewer main d. At the side of sewer main 126. What type of end connections which are used for valves smaller than 2 inches in diameter? a. Flanged b. Threaded c. Compressive d. Union patent 127. What do you call that point which is unobstructed open edge of the fixture? a. Flushing surface b. Rim c. Blister d. Drain board 128. Normally, storm water should not be discharge into this body of water? a. Lake b. River c. Dry well d. Ground water 129. Dry standpipes shall have sufficient strength to withstand a water pressure of how much when ready for service? a. 5 kg/cm2 b. 10 kg/cm2 c. 20 kg/cm2 d. 25 kg/cm2 130. PD 1095 prescribes that dry standpipe is required for every building of how many floors? a. 3 storey or more b. 4 storey or more c. 2 storey or more d. 5 storey or more 131. On most two-handle faucets, the stems: a. Rotate clockwise b. Rotate in the same direction c. Rotate counterclockwise d. Rotates clockwise & counterclockwise 132. Flush meter is another name for: a. Flush tank b. Relief valve c. Vacuum breaker d. Flush valve 133. The water service is a pipe that extends from the a. Water riser run out to the water tank b. Water main to the water meter c. Water main to the water tank d. Water main to the building 134. In term of discharge, one fixture unit represent the flow rate approximately: a. 4.75 gal b. 5.2 gal c. 7.48 gal d. 6.5 gal 135. The area of hole of roof drain to effectively collect and drain rain water in roof is: a. 2 x the area of drain pipe b. 3 x the area of drain pipe c. 7 x the area of drain pipe d. 5 x the area of drain pipe 136. The space between the liquid level line to the inside top cover of septic tank is called: a. Air space b. Freeboard c. Overflow d. Ventilation space 137. The trap provision required to restaurant and other establishment where sewage covers large amount of grease prior to discharge to sewer a. Drum trap b. Grease trap c. Catch basin

d. S-trap 138. It is the pipe extension of a solid or waste stack above the highest horizontal drain connected to the stack: a. Vent stack thru roof b. Stack vent thru roof c. Local vent d. Loop vent 139. It is the arrangement of venting so installed that one vent will serve two traps? a. Local vent b. Unit vent c. Wet vent d. Relief vent 140. It is pipe which convey only liquid waste free from fecal matter a. Back vent b. Loop vent c. Wet vent d. Yoke vent 141. It is a portion of the vent pipe through which liquid waste flow: a. Local vent b. Utility vent c. Individual vent d. Relief vent 142. It is a loss of trap seal due to unequal atmospheric pressure condition and due to rapid flows of water thru the trap: a. Wind effect b. Capillary attraction c. Siphonage d. Back pressure 143. It is a loss of trap seal due to suspension of foreign object such as string rugs or lint into the trap seal extending over the outlet arm of the trap: a. Wind effect b. Evaporation c. Capillary attraction d. Siphonage 144. The top cover and the manhole of a septic tank usually extended above the surface of the ground to overcome surface water infiltration a. 15 cm b. 10 cm c. 5 cm d. 20 cm 145. It is a compartment in the septic tank for the settlement of floating or suspended matters, sand debris and any excessive amount of grease or oil from sewage: a. Bathing chamber b. Sedimentation chamber c. Chlorination chamber d. Sewage chamber 146. A septic tank is water tight receptacle for which sewage is digested than a biological action mainly by microorganism such as a. Facultative bacteria b. Aerobic bacteria c. Anaerobic bacteria d. Enzymes 147. The retention period or the time for which suspended matters in septic tank would settle and stabilize is: a. 24 hrs b. 12 hrs c. 18 hrs d. 30 hrs 148. The soil branch must be slope at a grade so that waste content is given a flow of pipe velocity to assure a self-scouring condition and lessen the possibility of seal loss stoppage and retarded flow: a. inch per foot b. inch per foot













c. 1/8 inch per foot d. 1 inch per foot The cold-water supply is delivered into the hot water-tank by means of a boiler tube; this tube has a hole within 6 inches from the top of the tank, the purpose of which is to serve as: a. Vacuum breaker b. Ventilation c. Inspection hole d. Blow-off What vent pipe installation in the building which has no connection whatsoever with the plumbing fixture a. Bleeder pipe b. Ventilating pipe c. Side vent d. Exhaust pipe Water closets shall be computed as ____fixture units when determining septic tank size a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 8 Galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel pipe shall not be used underground and shall be kept at least ____ above ground. a. 200 mm b. 312 mm c. 152 mm d. 225 mm One fixture unit is equivalent to a. 30 lit/min b. 1 cu.m./ min c. 1 cu.ft./min d. 25 lit/min For assembly places for public use, how many water closets are required if the capacity is 115 males? a. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 5 In above scenario, how many urinals are required? a. 4 b. 3 c. 2 d. 5 There shall be a minimum of ______drinking fountains per occupied floor in schools, theater, auditoriums, dormitories, offices or public building a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 Drains in gutters in public shower rooms shall be spaced not more than___ apart a. 3.50 m b. 4.50 m c. 3.90 m d. 4.90 m All shower compartments shall have a minimum finished interior area ______sq.m a. 0.60 sq. m b. 0.75 sq. m c. 0.80 sq. m d. 1.00 sq. m Cast iron fitting up to and including 51mm in size, when used in connection with potable water piping shall be_____ a. Welded b. Soldered c. Galvanized d. Anodized Water pipes shall laid a minimum of ______ above the sewer or drainpipe













a. 0.25 mm b. 0.30 mm c. 0.40 mm d. 1 ft No building water service pipe shall be less than _____in diameter a. 19 mm b. 25 mm c. 1 inch d. inch Shower head used in private has ___water supply fixture unit a. 1 b. 2.5 c. 3 d. 2 Clean-outs shall be provided at every ____ length or a fraction thereof a. 15 m b. 10 m c. 20 m d. 18 m Clean-out may be omitted on a horizontal drain line less than ____in length a. 2.0 m b. 1.80 m c. 1.50 m d. 2.5 m The minimum slope required for 102 mm diameter pipe or larger drainage piping a. 1% b. 2 % c. 1.5 % d. None of these Vent opening shall terminate not less than ____ from any window, door or any opening a. 1.0 m b. 0.90 m c. 3.0 m d. 0.30 m In hospital wards, 1 bath tub or shower shall be provided per ____ a. 10 patients b. 15 patients c. 20 patients d. 30 patients Lavatories not affected by side walls, with effective opening not greater than 13 mm dia. Has minimum air gap of _____ a. 25 mmm b. inch c. 38 mm d. 2 inch Water supply wells shall be located at least _______ from building sewer a. 10.00 m b. 12.00 m c. 15.20 m d. 20.50 m Gate valve used in drainage work having a 102 mm diameter or larger shall have ____bodies a. Cast iron b. Cast brass c. Bronze d. Galvanized iron Manhole in septic tank shall be provided with minimum dimension of _____ a. 600 mm b. 508 mm c. 400 mm d. 458 mm Roof deck strainers shall have a total net inlet area less than ______ times the area of the outlet pipe to which the drain is connected. a. One and one-half b. Two c. Three

d. Two and one-half 173. Which of the following fitting is not recommended to be used in the change of direction in drainage line? a. 45 wye branches b. 90 elbow c. Combination wye and 1/8 bend d. Long sweep elbow 174. A private plumbing system is composed of a flush tank water closet, a lavatory, a shower head and faucet. What is the total FU (water supply)? a. 9 b. 16 c. 10 d. 7 175. Plumbing symbol for cold water line. a. . b. . c. . d. . 176. Plumbing symbol for elbow-turned up. a. . b. c. d. .

182. Plumbing symbol for riser down (elbow) a. . b. c. d. 183. Plumbing symbol for point of connect a. . b. c. d. 184. Plumbing symbol for service sink a. . b. c. d. . . . . .

. . 185. Plumbing symbol for globe valve (bell & spigot) a. . b. c. d. 186. Plumbing symbol for bushing (welded) a. . b. . . . .

177. Plumbing symbol for soldered reducer (concentric) a. . b. c. d. . . .

178. Plumbing symbol for soil, waste pipe above grade a. . b. . c. . d. . 179. Plumbing symbol for safety valve a. . b. c. d. . . .

c. d.

187. Plumbing symbol for stop cock (screwed) a. . b. c. d. 188. Plumbing symbol for vent pipe a. . b. c. d. . . . .

180. Plumbing symbol for shower stall a. .


c. d.

181. Plumbing symbol for tee-outlet down a. . b. c. d. . .

189. A pipe fitting, which is threaded on both the inside and the outside so that it can be used to connect two pipes (or other fittings) of different sizes. a. Cap b. Bushing c. Adapter d. Flange 190. A pipe made from an alloy containing 85 percent and 15 percent zinc and generally used in local branch lines and in alteration to match existing work. a. Brass pipe b. Galvanized iron pipe c. Copper pipe

d. Lead pipe 191. A small concrete receptacle between the septic tank and the drain field in which lines of drain tiles extends and which acts as surge tank to distribute the flow of sewage equally to each line of drain tiles a. Distribution box b. Digestive cesspool c. Domestic sewage d. Drainage system 192. The least expensive but the noisiest water closet; only small amount of standing water-susceptible to fouling, staining and contamination. a. Siphon jet b. Siphon vortex c. Siphon washdown d. Reverse trap 193. A plumbing fixture used for washing the middle part of the body, especially genitals. It is also known as the Sitz Bath. a. Bidet b. Lavatory c. Water closet d. Urinal 194. Minimum trap diameter for laundry tub a. 38 mm b. 32 mm c. 51 mm d. 72 mm 195. It is considered to be the most quiet, most efficient and most sanitary water closet. a. Siphon jet b. Siphon vortex c. Reverse trap d. Siphon washdown 196. Minimum trap diameter for shower bath a. 38 mm b. 32 mm c. 76 mm d. 51 mm 197. A receptacle attached to a plumbing system other than a trap in which water or waste may be collected for ultimate discharge into the plumbing system a. Water closet b. Fixture c. Drainage system d. Storm drainage 198. Each shower receptor shall be constructed to have a finished dam, curb or threshold of at least _____ mm lower that the outside floor. a. 25.4 mm b. 52.4 mm c. 24.5 mm d. 54.2 mm 199. A plumbing fixture usually located in the operating room in a hospital to enable personnel to scrub their hands prior to a surgical procedure; the hot and cold water supply is activated by a knee-action mixing valve or by wrist or pedal control. a. Slop sink b. Scrub sink c. Shower bath d. Laundry tub 200. This is less esthetic than aeration but more certain oxidation process. It is commolly used in cooling lower treatment and in addition ozonation has very wide range of treatment application a. Coagulation b. Filtration c. Disinfection d. Ozonation 201. A pipe within the structure or on the premises which conveys water from the water service pipe or meter to the point of utilization





a. Water distribution pipe b. Water pipe c. Riser d. Water service pipe What is the size of downspout if the rainfall intensity is 100 mm (4) on a 1200 m2 deck roof a. 75 mm b. 100 mm c. 200 mm d. 150 mm What is the size of horizontal rainwater pipe with 2% slope if the max. rainfall is 100 mm on a 206 m2 a. 250 mm b. 100 mm c. 300 mm d. 375 mm How many lavatory shall be installed in a school with 240 male students a. 6 b. 3 c. 5 d. 4 What is the size of downspout if the rainfall intensity is 100 mm (4) if the deck roof is 435 mm2 a. 50 mm b. 150 mm c. 75 mm d. 100 mm

a. b. c. d. 214.

Inches/ hr Inches/ min Inches/ sec Inches/ day

206. What is the size of gutter 2 % slope if the max rainfall 150 mm on 13 m a. 175 mm b. 120 mm c. 200 mm d. 150 mm 207. What is required when cast iron pipe and fittings of different sizes are to be joined or connected? a. Gasket b. Nipple c. An increaser or reducer d. Union patent 208. What is the fixture unit of 18 storey dormitory building with 6 bathroom group on every floor with class 2 a. 763 b. 765 c. 756 d. 645 209. What is the recommended size of service pipe approved by MWSS for a 2 storey residential house? a. 1 -31 mm b. 1 -25 mm c. 12 mm d. - 19 mm 210. what is the cause of object desirable taste and odor of water a. mineral b. nitrogen c. oxygen d. algae 211. How does the safety features of a service hot water system works? a. Automatically b. Electrically c. Mechanically d. Manually 212. What is the minimum size of water supply for water closet flush valve type? a. inch b. 1 inch c. 1 inch d. inch 213. How do you measure the rainfall intensity?