Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology(GIFT) Admissions Timeline Application Instructions Costs and Financial Aid

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eco-friendly society and to continue the sustainable development of modern society. and to be the custodian of world steel research. and with no boundaries of research collaborations.Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology(GIFT) Steel is the backbone material of the society closely embracing our everyday life. GIFT has a mission to act as a rich source of highly trained young scientists and technologists. who has generously funded GIFT in perpetuity. with both staff and students welcomed anywhere in the world. GIFT has an international perspective. but also benefits from its close proximity to some of the major steel producers in Korea. The working language of all staff and students is English. 2 . not only to feed the ever growing demands of the steel and steel-related industries. but also to nurture creativity in this most fascinating materials. Thus. GIFT will continue to devote its utmost efforts to accomplishing its mission: To nurture the best manpower in steel technology as the “Steel Academy of Excellence”. The Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology was founded in 2005 as the world’s only fully accredited institute of higher learning offering graduate education in the field of Steel Science and Technology. ferrous technology must be advanced continually to create the steel that nurtures an affluent. including POSCO. The Institute is not only located in one of the best university environments in the world.

Applicants who satisfy the minimum standards of English proficiency can apply. high school. Your application and all supporting materials.Admissions Timeline Semester Begins September 2. Instead. 2013) although your starting date for graduate study is March 3. international schools located in Korea are not considered as foreign schools. applicants must hold.D. Note: International students of Korean origin who do not meet at least one of the above conditions CANNOT apply for International Admissions. junior high.do) Application Instructions Eligibility International applicants must meet all of the following conditions: 1. and undergraduate) outside of Korea should submit the Certificate of the facts concerning the Entry & Exit issued by the Korean Immigration Office. Ph. But in this case.Completed applications must be submitted online by 17:00 KST of the deadline date. please refer to ‘Application Requirements’. 2013 December 5. 2013 International & Domestic applicants residing in Korea only October 11. or expect to hold before enrollment at POSTECH. he or she received entire elementary. and undergraduate education outside of Korea and also received a master’s degree in or outside of Korea at the comparable and equivalent level provided in Korea (for Ph. . (1) Both of an applicant’s parents are not Korean citizens. .D. junior high. 2013 August 22.You will be notified of an admission decision electronically. (2) The applicant must have received his/her entire elementary. must be received by the deadline. 2014 September 2.If you apply by May 9. For specific information about the score and exception. and a letter will be sent to you. (Korean citizens who hold dual citizenship should apply as Korean applicants. Note: International applicants of Korean origin MUST read the instructions below. 2014. high school. 2013 International & Domestic applicants Note: . 2013 International applicants only Announcement of Admissions Decision June 27.Application deadlines are strictly enforced. MS applicants must hold. International applicants of Korean origin MUST additionally meet one of the two conditions. Also. Any materials sent via post must be received by the Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs Office by 17:00 KST of the deadline date. 2014 Application Deadline May 9. 2. Applicants of Korean origin who have completed their entire education (elementary. 2013 and get admitted. The certificate should have been issued recently. they need to apply for Korean Admissions.ac. (http://admission. Integrated Program applicants) or. a bachelor’s degree. 2013 or March 3.D.) 3. including recommendation letters. Applicants should NOT hold Korean citizenship. 2013 July 18. and undergraduate education outside of Korea at the comparable and equivalent level of those provided in Korea (for MS and MS-Ph. a Master’s degree. or expect to hold before enrollment at POSTECH.kr/mainUsko. junior high. applicants). 2013 March 3. you can secure POSTECH admission early (June 27. high school.postech. . 3 .

Great Britain.All documents must be original and issued by the institution that bears the actual signature of the registrar in ink and its own seal. POSTECH ITP 550.ac. documentation has been altered or if there has been an omission of significant information. Other English versions are not acceptable.Must be mailed or emailed directly by the reference Certificate of English proficiency test (Minimum score: TOEFL PBT 550. 3786/ Fax: 82-54-279-3788 Email: grad-admission@postech. 4 .Applicants who have graduated from a university in Australia.kr GIFT doesn’t charge an application fee.Transcripts must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with either the official security seal or the signature of the registrar or a representative Degree certificates . programs.ac. 790-784 Phone: 82-54-279-3782. New Zealand.0) Scores must be sent directly from the administering institution to POSTECH (POSTECH Institution code for ETS: 0329) and received by the Office of Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs no later than the application deadline. Ireland. . Nam-Gu. . POSTECH reserves the right to revoke the admission or terminate a student’s attendance. IELTS 6. Gyungbuk. Accuracy of Information POSTECH’s decisions on applications and admissions are made in good faith on the basis that all of the information and documentation submitted by applicants is complete.Non-native English speakers from a university where English is used as a means of education may instead submit ‘Proof of Instruction Language’.D. a false document has been provided. Notarized documents are not acceptable. Optional Materials List of honors and awards Degree Theses School profile and credit rating system Note: . should it be discovered later that: a false statement has been made. accurate and truthful.From all undergraduate and graduate institutions you attended .kr Application Procedures Online application Submission of the required materials by post Admissions decision & notification Visa application Arrival at POSTECH Orientation Enrollment and start of graduate study Application Requirements (1) Online application Complete your online application at http://admission. TOEIC 800. (2) Documents to submit Note: Following documents must be submitted by post to the Office of Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs. Pohang University of Science and Technology 77 Cheongam-Ro.All documents should be delivered to the office of Graduate Admissions and Student Affairs.For all undergraduate and graduate degrees you have received Two letters of recommendation* . iBT 79. All official academic records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translation prepared by the issuing institution. Canada.postech. CBT 213. Pohang. Curriculum Vitae* A copy of passport Signed Consent Form* * Applicants should download the forms from the POSTECH website and use them. TEPS 680. and the United States are exempt from the English proficiency test requirement. Republic of Korea. Checklist of documents* Personal statement and research plan* Official academic transcripts . Exception: .Programs and Degrees Offered GIFT offers MS and Ph.

Doosan Heavy Industries. (2) Early Participation Research Program All POSTECH undergraduate students are allowed to apply for this program to participate in research activities at a GIFT research lab according to their research interests. as of March 2013) US$ 747 US$ 10. and other clubs are active in various fields.032..272 US$ 27 US$ 120 US$ 3.100 KRW.032.000 KRW 132. Employed students who pass the POSCO special recruiting will be paid an additional living expense assistance and given benefits as POSCO employees.000 KRW 3.000. GIFT Olympic.364 US$ 886 822.000 KRW Tuition (per year) Housing Deposit (one time only) Housing (per year) Graduate Student Association fee (per year) Health Cooperative Fee (per year) Meal costs estimated (per year) Financial Aid and Other Supports POSCO Fellowship for GIFT students (1 US$ is approximately 1. GIFT futs.599.100 KRW.938 MS Ph. GIFT provides financial supports for the laboratory trips and student activities.Costs and Financial Aid Estimated Costs Matriculation Fee (one time only when enrolling at POSTECH) (1 US$ is approximately 1. Visiting POSCO plant. (3) Laboratory Trip.000 KRW Matriculation Fee Tuition (per year) Living expenses assistance (per month) Housing assistance (per year) Supports for Student activities (1) Short-term Study abroad Program All GIFT students are encouraged to participate in the short-term study abroad program (up to 6 months for MS and 1 year for PhD students). (2) Plant tour GIFT operates a Plant Tour visiting the ferrous industries every two years. Student Union. etc.000.000 KRW 12.727 US$ 3.000 KRW 1.000 KRW 100. Employment Opportunity GIFT students who are in the 4th semester of their master's or doctoral program are eligible to apply for POSCO special recruiting. Hyundai Heavy Industries. There is financial aid for transportation and housing. 5 .000 KRW 200. lab members promote friendly relationships and create nice memories.938 Dormitory Apartment for non-married Apartment for married Dormitory Apartment for non-married Apartment for married US$ 90 US$ 181 US$ 886 US$ 2. US$ 910 US$ 1. etc. students can experience how ferrous technology is applied in industries.700.000 KRW 975.000 KRW 3.D. Also. the GIFT student union and various clubs have year-round activities such as a welcoming party.364 822. Wine class. and Club Activity Summer and winter laboratory trips occur annually. Opportunities for GIFT applicants (1) GIFT Summer/ Winter Internship Undergraduate students in 3rd and 4th year who are interested in GIFT are allowed to apply for Internship Program to obtain practical experience in steel production and processing. as of March 2013) US$ 747 US$ 10. Through the trip. Ruder's band. Students can experience and participate in research projects of ferrous technology with global perspective.000 KRW 975.500.000 KRW 1.000 KRW 3.000 KRW 12.200 KRW 30.

CAMPUS MAP Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT). Nam gu. POSTECH 77 Cheongam-ro. Pohang. Kyungbuk. (790-784) 6 .

9203 Fax: 82-54-279-9299 Email: youahsel@postech.postech. (790-784) Phone: 82-54-279-9205.kr (Academic affairs & Admission) Email: aja0106@postech.kr . Kyungbuk.ac. POSTECH 77 Cheongam-ro. please contact us or check our website: Administration team Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT).ac. Nam gu.kr (GIFT internship/ Early Participation Research Program) Web: http://gift.ac. If you have questions about admissions or financial aid. Pohang.For More Information We look forward to receiving your application.

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