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Writings after “One hundred and twenty days of Sodom” - De Sade Matthew Lee Knowles August 2008

Own nothing. Enjoy hatred, ugliness. Never deny rancid elders. Do anything. Nobly devastate (reality. Enslave darkness. Antagonise normal duty.) Touch women everywhere. Nastily touch your dick and your shit, offering fisting, sex, offering dildos, offering murder, dreaming evil. Suck all dicks, enter all orifices, nibbling, eating hearts, undercooked nipples. Deep red entrails, destroyed and nuzzled. Dangerous tricks will ensue; necrophilia, torture, youthful deflowering, all yearning, spitting on feet, sodomising older diplomats, offering more decapitation, enjoying supposed anguish - delightful evil!

Delighting in tErrorising

S Anguish prepareD machinEs

D widE

S As the warm blooD tricklEs from a
fresh woun

D, as hE

S Alongside the rich stabbeD corpse, fading from this lifE

ejaculate , cumming