1. Please give some background to the project or program including how it originated.

Give details of the extent to which the project improves the efficiency or effectiveness of co-departments or employees who are “internal customers”. Outline any specific goals or targets you had in mind prior to the project being put together. MAX 350 words. Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is the first of its kind in Dhaka to receive an accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) in June 2007. Even though it successfully obtained the right to have the “Gold seal”, some JCI requirements were partially met. In order to fulfill those requirements, a “Safety First” plan was set up so that it becomes easier to eradicate any flaws in the process of Re-accreditation which was to be held in June 2011. On 1st March 2011, the project was implemented for both clinical and non-clinical staff s to ensure safety of internal and external customers. It was of utmost importance to verify authentication of staff credentials. Along with authenticity, the target was to ensure that the the right staff for organization. The “safety First “project gave birth to the following: File Compliance: This program is a detailed filing procedure which enhances the quality of compliance. It contains all information related to an employee. Primary Source Verification (PSV): The PSV is a thorough procedure that authenticates clinical staff to touch a patient. Before the recruitment of a clinical staff the PSV process ? to ensure that the individual is the right fit. Because health care is a very sensitive and critical area, the PSV is designed to ensure that the “lives” of our patients are in safe hands. Vaccination Program: For all employees in direct contact with patient care, it is mandatory to go through the vaccination programs such as Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox and Typhoid are given to comply with the infection control rules as per JCI standard. Yearly Health Check-up: This program protects the rights of all those employees who are working in areas of Sound exposure, Laser exposure and Radiation exposure. A yearly health check-up is mandatory to measure the level of exposure and to identify any serious ill health. 2. Please explain how the project benefited a large number of internal customer staff or a select group? Or what other benefits were derived. MAX 200 words. The “Safety First” project enhanced the quality of the overall organization and individually benefited stakeholders in the following ways: File Compliance: This program helps us to provide privileges to doctors on the basis of their performance appraisals. This also improves patient care because in an attempt to improve their appraisals, doctors provide quality care to patients. Files have now been updated to the complaint stage. Primary Source Verification (PSV): The PSV protects the rights of the patients and ensures safety of the patients by giving the clinical staff the right to touch the patient. It also enhances the quality of workforce because only verified individuals will be allowed to be in the patient care area which ultimately raises standards.

Vaccination Program: This program has not only helped our employees to remain healthy but it also abides by the rules of infection control. Our internal customers feel extremely safe as they know that all the clinical staff has gone through vigorous procedures and are “licensed” to touch them. but also helps us to maintain a healthy workforce. MAX 200 words When the need for change was realized. patient safety or service. a team of experts came together to put ideas forward to take necessary compliance related steps. This program ensures patient safety by keeping the patient and the employee away from any infection that can cause great harm. Also. The aim was to maintain law and order in the hospital to ensure that we have authentic and qualified individuals working collaboratively to . 5. This helps to control any infections or diseases coming from the patient care staff thus protecting the lives of patients. we are being innovative in our own ways considering that we are the first of our kind to come up with such a compliance plan. Please describe IF and how the project of internal customer service was also beneficial from the patient’s perspective and experience. It can be seen from the line graph that Radiation and Chicken Pox vaccines were provided to 100% of the employees entitled to it. Please explain how the project is innovative and what the reaction of the internal customers that benefited was. Max 200 words Serving the internal customer through vaccinations has not only helped the staff but also helped the patient. Yearly health check-up: The program helps us to ensure that we are not putting the lives of our employees in danger by exposing them to hazardous environment. MAX 150 words “Safety First” project has not only helped the organization to receive Re-accreditation but it has also improved the overall quality of the workforce and patient care. The target of this program was to ensure that patients are in safe hands and that the quality being provided to them is coming from authentic sources. it is checked whether the employee received his/her yearly vaccinations so that they can be declared safe to touch the patient. (Please see the attached) 4. Therefore. Then. studied and developed the project or program. this process is beneficial for both patient care and safety. when different clinical staff works with patients. Please give some background to the project team that originated. it is checked whether they’ve caught any germs that can be injurious to their health. 3. MT and Sound exposure ranged from 70-98%. Additionally. By dividing our compliance plan into different creative parts. Preferably please present quantifiable information such as “before and after” measurement if any. we ensure that internal and external customers are satisfied. Providing yearly vaccines has helped to control infection in order to provide quality patient care. This not only helps us to gain our employees’ confidence. other vaccinations such as typhoid. after observing our procedures internal customers feel very relaxed and stress-free to avail any health care opportunities available to them. During File compliance. and how it improved patient care. By giving them the “license” to touch.

Director – Human Resources:Due to the chaotic situation in the HR function with frequent turn over of head of HR and the other staff. Sarath N.Deputy Manager –Human Resources (Compliance) Ms. Ismet Jerin joined the organization on the 1st of June. 6.She assisted consistently in developing the programs and provided her valuable input in preparing different reports that helped to take the program further. MAX 200 words The success of “Safety First” project was not only recognized by the top management of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka but it was also highly appreciated by Dr. The following members make up the “Safety First” team: Mr.Aytun Nahar. Trainee. there was huge task ahead of JCI Audit 2011.2011. She identified that there was a strong need for a compliance program in order to maintain the authenticity of the organization according to the JCI requirements to fulfill the patient safety criteria.provide a patient with care and safety. Ms.Human Resources(Compliance): Ms. Sarath N. Jayasinghe was brought in from the Corporate Group Office to provide HR leadership at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Ms. Ismet Jerin.During his audit on 9th June 2012 in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. he commented: . Mr. Deputy Manager in Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. has joined the organization the month of March 2011. Jayasinghe.Aytun Nahar. Sujoy Kar who is the Head of Quality & Clinical Research representative Apollo hospitals . Please give any other information including third party testimonial regarding your project which you think would help convince the judges that this project (or program) should win this category.

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