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Unleashing the Secrets of SUCCESS

What is SUCCESS? How to GET and ENJOY IT!


Introduction And Foreword: What Is Success, How To Get And Enjoy It An Overview And Brief Word To Get Started 3 Factors That Affect Success And Happiness SECTION 2 7

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Introduction And Foreword: What Is Success, How To Get And Enjoy It An Overview And Brief Word To Get Started
We naturally want to gravitate to what success offers. It comes naturally for our curiosity, nature, appetite, hearts desire and purpose. Success for most of us means taking the high road, aspiring to something more and beyond, reaching ever-higher, to achieve, grow, expand and get better. It is ingrained and instilled in us almost. Success is then typified as mastery and being in control of destiny, process and outcome, not feeling helpless, a victim of events, random chance and the like. Success embodies our wants, needs and desire as individuals, as human beings! Living life to its fullest potential is at stake here. Success if mind over matter and within our every easy reach. It is about the balance between moral and ambition, regardless of your role, function or contribution in society. We all want to taste of success and be successful. We envision, crave and work (even manipulate if we have to) our way for and towards it. Success is individual and unique and collective. Whether artiste, soldier, business executive, media representative, clerk, we all strive for a better life and getting ahead. It is common bond and factor we all share. Success is within reach of all, especially those who choose to embrace it fully. WE can make and claim our reality and destiny into being and some argue this is the only true path to success know and make happen what you are striving for, discover and execute for SUCCESS! YOUR SUCCESS!

BOTH choice, free will, predisposition and assets can help, hinder, improve, destroy, showcase, trip up, even grow and expand our own success. You need to know what your special gifts and talents are in order to tap into them effectively! But what contributes to being successful or tasting SUCCESS in your life? There are THREE interwoven and inter-related concepts, forces at work here in this success dynamic. They are:

Health Well-being Judgment Ability/Knowledge, Intuition Industry Ambition

We ultimately define what, who we are, achieve, plan and execute in terms of success and/or failure it is just what we do and how we go about it! It is normal and human to do so!
Success is important and means a lot in our modernistic society. We are all measures and held up to this arbitrary standard of achievement and SUCCESS in some form or another. But success does not just come by itself, without hard work, discipline and commitment amongst other things (more on this later)!

SUCCESS is also NOT GUARANTEED under all circumstances. There will be times we/others fail to achieve or be successful. That is the flip-side of the reality coin! Sometimes brilliant ideas and genius just does happen and we need to recognize that too. Focus, capacity, fore-sight, insight, gauging self and intent of others, wisdom, shared and past experiences, making sense of the present and future based on these insights and expertise, taking decisive, meaningful action in the here and now and in the foreseeable future. Success seeks the core of something with precision accuracy and purpose, taps into this wisdom and improves upon it. This is the wonder of the human capacity in action. Knowledge and sound judgment needs both to be present for successful endeavor. Our industrious nature, survival and utilizing resources work together to make the dynamics of success a reality in our lives and existence. You need to be present in the moment, at the right place at the right time to capitalize on what life and success has to offer you. We are creatures of habit, social nature, learning, mastering, improving and industry. We want to and have to learn, evolve and get better. It is ingrained and hard-wired into us somehow as a species and being. Anyone and everyone has potential and inherent success to pursue, discover and manifest. Knowing when and where to act (applied, practical, timing for industrious pursuits) is the key to success and making this real. You do need knowledge, foresight, timing and these elements work together with sound opinion, informed decision- making and meaningful, appropriate action to be SUCCESSFUL! You need them all! Focus and purpose goes without saying they are the prerequisites for successful endeavor and execution. It is a learned skill and refined art. If applied and practiced can make all the difference in your life. Our nature will help us NOT waste these talents, opportunities and gifts.

It is of the utmost importance, that we are also stewards of our self, our body, mind and soul, our total well-being. For without it, it will be almost impossible to enjoy the other aspects and success overall, allround in our lives. Balanced living, regular exercise and diet/nutrition will all contribute to ensure your lifestyle enables, empowers and effects SUCCESS! Activity levels need to be consistently upheld to get the most from life! Being fit for both work and play, will help you lead a MORE balanced life. The one is no more means to an end. They are and have their own right and influence in and on your life. Success is NOT a popularity contest. You are not in this game of life, for the sake and/or approval of others. Your endorsement and reward will come from inside, not from outside, others, work, money etc. You define the parameters of what success is and means to you. Remember also that too much of a good thing is never enough or necessarily good for you! Have and enjoy all things in moderation. Have focus and goals, but not fuss, stress or obsess over them the whole time that you get lost in the mechanics and the process, losing sight of the goal and enjoyment along the way that is life and success! Pleasure and the pursuit of happiness is not all that life and success is about either. It will not satisfy and cannot be sustained over time. Time, experience, repetition, charm, amusement, laughter, drinking, socializing, vanity all loses its appeal after a while. This is not what success really is or measured by. It is lonely and empty and existence, futile and void, not satisfying at all. What you work for now, can be enjoyed later, seems like a good plan, others live for the here and now, in the moment. To each his/her own. It takes more than brainpower and cash to be successful. If you have both, you might also have a sense of being in control and having some power or say in and over your life, happiness and success. Fame, reputation, ambition, possessions, achievement mean different things for and to different

people. We all have our own unique way of defining success. (You probably have your own vision, picture and description in mind of what SUCCESS is for you) Talent and opportunity set the stage for greater things to come. Ambition, discipline and commitment the main players on this stage at any and all phases, stages of life and pursuit. Equal opportunity for all exists. You will not be discriminated against due to where you come from, who you are and what you have you have potential you need to put that to work for yourself. Success is not a birth-right, guaranteed, can be embraced, pursued and executed by anyone and everyone who is willing to take that risk/chance and embrace their destiny. Success and power is not just for the rich and famous, genius or well-educated. Strive for your own well-being, work at it deliberately, improve your knowledge, expertise, experience, prowess, mastery and hone and harness it to your advantage, improving as you go along your journey of life and success. Be open-minded, keeping your eyes peeled for opportunities around you that present themselves, create your own, be industrious and reach constantly higher. These form the cornerstones of modern-day success.

Factors That Affect Success And Happiness

Now that we all have a better handle on what think success to actually be, it is time to take a step back and ask how we actually get at it? What is the secret of happiness and success and how can we make it part of our life and future? That is the ultimate and optimal question, now is it not?

There are indeed a wide array and variety of ways, perspectives and angles to look at and answer this pressing question. For all of us individually it may be quite different and unique. Bias, experience will all color, cloud, filter and change it for us. Even if we fail to prosper and succeed, we may still be happy this need not be a paradox, it is LIFE! REALITY! Success is not measured by material things or some of what has been mentioned or deemed in society as elements, tokens or proof of acceptance, achievement and success. To each of us SUCCESS means and can be something totally different. We are not motivated by the same things. For many of us happiness and success mean different things. We interpret success very uniquely personally. It is our own custom idea of what it represents. We oftentimes define who we are by what do. We desire and want certain things in and from life to us, this is and will define SUCCESS (for us, for me). If we are too ambitious, too selfish, we might not taste happiness at all in our pursuit of success. Morals and conscience comes into play as well. In order for us to understand, embrace and really bring to fruition in our lives, happiness AND success, we need THREE ingredients:

Fairness Empathy Humility

These are the ground-rules so to speak for attaining the optimal success, regardless of how you/others define it.

Honesty, candor, intent, purpose and practice (actually walking the talk for example) will go a long way in defining success for and in your life. It is not observed by fear alone or to avoid retaliation, but stems from a deep and general sense of doing what is right and justified, fair and acceptable. This becomes a pattern and a conscious choice in your life that drives everything that you do, fitting with your own in-born desire for just and fair, equal treatment. You can be honest, fair and successful. You do not have to cheat or be devious, deceptive, overly ambitious, using others, to get what you want, need and desire. Success does not say a lot about your character or does it now? It might actually embody and manifest who you really are, believe in, your core values etc. Success is also not defined or shaped, brought into reality by the endorsement and recognition, reward of and by others. Reputation and no self-doubt has to be present for successful pursuits and lives. Empathy and being non-judgmental, suspending judgment and having an open-mindedness about you can and will only serve your purposes well. It is not representing weakness by any means, it just stands for what is the best road and route to take, the most humane, fair and considerate path. We need to all learn to tap into this side of ourselves a little more. It is somewhat counterintuitive and is a learned skill to be mastered and refined in our lives and futures. Empathy for the feelings and situations of others and do what it right, true to core values, consistently, with concern for others is what is at stake here. You endear yourself to others without even realizing it. Just doing what is right, for the right reasons. Not tooting your own horn to much or just being in something for yourself and your selfish gain will be


recognized right away. It is undeniably present It is tender and comes from deep within you, leading to heart-felt actions you will know it when you see it and just KNOW it is right! The optimal and ultimate test for success is humility. Success not for personal gain or for the sake of success and its rewards. There is a deeply, broader purpose and contribution at stake here. It takes real struggle, courage, constant active pursuit and individual conquest, to make progress, remaining true to self and core-values, focusing on others and outcome more-so than on self and personal reward, recognition and stature. It is quite the opposite of arrogant selfindulgence. Humble, modest and honest, not seeking own interests seem so counter-intuitive when mentioned in the same breath with or of success. It is not about your own ambitions so much or per se. Not looking down or despising others is what is at stake. Leading by example and being a good role-model for and of humility is critical for this quality of success and measure of happiness. Refuse credit for self, allowing others opportunity, self-less and unselfish in thought and action, with no room for jealousy and/or price, allowing others to succeed, grow and thrive. A passion for others and genuine authentic, heartfelt, honest motives. Being humble does not mean you are without back-bone or courage self-confidence or ambition. It just means that others things matter MORE! In the words of Lord Beaverbrooks inspirational messages from the popular public press and sought-after articles: practise courage without arrogance and walk humbly without fear. This will contribute to your own feelings of well-being and all-round achievement, personal satisfaction and reward. You will be living and


picking the fruits of your definition and satisfaction of SUCCESS and happiness. It will help you gain self-awareness, insights you never before dreamt even possible.

Random Chance?
What then is the role of lady luck or random chance in this wonderful world of success and happiness? Does it have a role to play? Do you really have to be in the right spot at the right time to make things happen? Could SUCCESS happen to just about anyone, anywhere, due to sheer luck of the draw? At its very roots, this belief is based in pagan ritual and rite and goes back ages. Stars and cards may not dictate happiness and success (or not) for you! (alone) We are not just random accidents, delivered and victim to our process, circumstances and surroundings. We have a purpose . It does not determine our future and destiny. You may have something to say or a role to play in that yet! You are not off the hook that easily not by a long shot! You are definitely NOT born either lucky or unlucky. That is an excuse and what a powerless position to enforce your life and potential from! Luck, success and happiness is not a birth-right or due to a fluke or stroke of luck. You need and are intended to be somewhere, sometime, for some purpose. Luck is not a skill or a right that includes or excludes some/others. Gambling is based on this concept and belief-system and very unfavorable as a life-guideline. It is a numbers game in the end and you can master, get better at it, honestly WIN great fortunes. For real

success in your life, family, relationships, work, future, you cannot realistically have this frame of mind and expect success and happiness in the process. The onus rests on you to make a difference and tackle the chances and opportunities, even create some along the way that life brings across your path. You cannot just sit back and passively expect things to happen for the better. Ambition can cloud your vision if you have too much of it. You need to be opportunistic and industrious as well in the process to get the most out of it. LUCK will not get and guarantee you success and happiness in your life. It can also be used as an excuse for in-action and/or failure. Not having access to the ;fruits and promise of luck may be used as a verbalization and rationalization of why things are not going well, not successful or failing. It is a weak argument at best and will not hold water. Chances will not just come your way you need to make them, recognize them, active pursue or carve them open. Life will not necessarily come to you on a silver platter, announcing itself to you and the world. You need to make it happen. You have an active, deliberate role to play here. An elevated sense of self might have you turning down opportunities simply because they are below you (or so you think or mislead yourself into believing). Luck will not just give you the answers and deliver you from your evils, perils and trouble, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


There are no chance-like, ready-made solutions, answers or position to get you out of it, by doing NOTHING! You will loose out on opportunities, if you wait for luck and random chance to deliver success and happiness to you. Being informed, involved, engaged by choice and NOT DETACTHING self from others, environment, happenings, tasks at hand etc. is the way and route to go. Avoid getting the reputation of the genius of the untried. (according to Lord Beaverbrook wisdom). If you really do plan to succeed and put your mind to it, you just might and will! If you do not try, you will never know. Do not wait for random chance or luck to smile favorably on you you might end up losing out altogether! Rather make things happen! Luck means and will pocket you NEXT TO NOTHING! If you do embrace every opportunity that does end up coming your way, you might just reach new heights and potential that you never thought possible. In so doing, you will be opening windows and doors of new and future opportunities that you did not think possible before. Seize the day the saying goes! This rings true for real success and happiness. Be deliberate and action, results oriented, focusing in on the chances there and that you can create to be industrious and ambitions! Even if the knowledge, expertise and judgment is not there, you might just learn something in the process and get better at what you are doing! Your knowledge and prowess will improve, grow and expand and you will be better off for and with trying than not! In so doing, you will be successful, fulfilled and happy! LUCK will not even be a factor close in


your mind or consideration. It will be YOU, YOUR ACTIONS and proactive involvement that will make the difference. LUCK does not determine or guarantee success or happiness. Intuition, speculative guesses and instinct all figure into the gambling or lucktype perspectives on success and achievement. Instinctively, with fore-sight and/or gut-feel just knowing something beyond a reasonable doubt is at times held up as a good reliable strategy for success and happiness. There is nothing mystical or magical, mysterious about this. If you are in touch, thinking clearly, logically and work through things with your mind and heart, you will have feelings, biases and filters at work and present in your decisionmaking and other processing, how we make sense of, interact and deal with the world around us. It is NOT MERE INSTINCT or INTUITION! WE are not dismissing their role, but taking it of its pedestal. Your mind might not be able to make sense of HOW you know, just that you know, that you know! Everyone else will attribute it to luck or random chance, but you know better the truth, efforts, energy, time and what went into both process and outcome. Superstition and real luck, does not last and cannot be sustained and is therefore not a viable course of action for most. It is unreliable for a personal strategy for success and happiness. It is fleeting and futile a pursuit. If we are to succeed we are better off believing and pursuing industry creative ideas, ambition, not just luck, random chance or fortune smiling upon us.


Reputation, achievement comes through hard work, not random chance or luck. Hard work and solid judgment, knowledge, skill, discipline and commitment is what will matter most, NOT LUCK! Ambition and the pursuit of knowledge, life-long learning and on-going mastery, skill-refinement is what will be required to sustain momentum, change, growth, success and happiness! NOT LUCK!

Balanced Views, Perspectives, Plans And Actions

There is a time and place for everything or so the saying goes. There are times to show the utmost of restraint and times call for moderation. Being in control of yourself, your fate, reactions and ensuring an evenkeel response, pro-active stance will go a long way at getting you success and happiness. We are called upon constantly to do more with less, be successful at any costs and remain sane in the process. It calls on us and demands that we remain cool and collected under pressure and in control of situation, process and outcome, while striving to get better, and, and the list goes on. We feel the stress and demands of modernistic living intensely real and vividly part of our daily lives. We need to understand that health is vital and giving it you all 24/7 will start taking its toll if it is always at your own expense. You need to be healthy to be at your best. If you show courage and stamina your physical and medical condition either enables or hinders these processes and outcomes. You are MORE than nerves, stomach and


brain! You are a holistic being and mind, body, soul are one functioning and interacting whole you need it all to be in balance. TO DO THINGS IN MODERATION is the answer and the key here. This goes for drinking, partying, finances, ambition, law, socials etc. For every aspect and area of your life, balance views are important. Be strict and disciplines, committed to your personal success and wellbeing, within the boundaries of acceptable and advisable. What and how do you react and respond, when under pressure or stress? What happens to you? Going flat and all out at all times can be highly tricky and risky. Enthusiasm, skill, talent, confidence all in moderation will serve you well/best. Our physical resources we should safeguard and manage, including our nutrition, exercise, energies and more. Vigor and judgment will be affected if you are not well-rested, allow for vacation and the like, some down-time and plan for activities you enjoy, time with your family, balancing the needs and demands of work and family. Playing and working hard, with self-control, allowing for some rest will ensure balance and success in and over the long haul. You need to be able to manage and govern yourself and your resources to the best of your advantage and for your purpose, direction and undertakings. Determination, strengths, power, physique, stamina, energy all can contribute or ruin you, if you let it! Setting goals and scheduling time alone and for resting also needs to get priority for you to be at your best, especially when life throws a curve ball or new demand or two your way. Keep your life uncomplicated, simple and find routines, rites and rituals, that work for you and your needs. Schedule accordingly and do not over-commit yourself.


Fresh air, sun, health and sound judgment all go hand in hand for allround well-being and more effective functioning, helping us take care of everything that needs to be addressed. Indulge yourself in activities and hobbies you enjoy and can have fun with from time to time. Deliberately plan them into your schedule and stick to it. Make some time for yourself and the things that you do enjoy. Life is not getting any less complicated or less busy, so in our fastpaced world, moderation is more than a pre-requisite, it is a life essential and survival skill you absolutely have to have in your personal arsenal for success and happiness. Industry, invention, ambition and enterprise drive and fuel these forces in and on our lives ever-forward. WE are both slave and master of the things and world around us. We need to focus on sound knowledge, skill, experience, expertise, solid meaningful and informed judgment, courage and even self-discipline to succeed and be happy. We need to restrain and keep our lives from spiraling desperately out of control and sometimes this might actually mean saying NO to some things, prioritizing better and quitting some activities, compromise and sometimes doing simply NOTHING at al!

Monetary Considerations
Making a good living, earning enough to live and retire comfortably and enjoying the finer things in life, quality and living standards we all define individually, is motivation to many. For others materialism does not matter one bit. IT IS HOWEVER NEVER MERELY ABOUT THE MONEY! Money-making defines and shapes your character as you earn it and give meaning to your life, purpose, motivation, reason etc.


How you utilize, spend and apply these earned funds also says a lot about you and enables, empowers and infuses your life. Some factors related to money, past earning and spending it, has to do with resolution, concentration, economy and self-control. All these aspects feed into what makes us feel accomplished, successful and happy. It is not the money itself that has you standing tall and proud, but how you make/made it spend/apply it that makes the difference. Creating and enjoying wealth for some can easily become an unhealthy obsession that overshadows any and all others things in their lives. This is not the path to happiness and success. Money will not bring you either or both! You cannot take it with you after-all, so enjoying it now is part of the thinking of most, others love saving for a rainy day and everything in-between. Striving for it and using it are what matters most, more than making, showcasing and wallowing in it. Realizing the real and true value of a hard-earned dollar, never losing sight of asset and value. Tap into your own intuitive perception of the real and not the face value of any article. Never judge a book by its covers. Build and develop the capacity for determining true value, base your sound informed judgment(s) on these and enjoy the ensuing success that comes with these valuations! Focus on economy and frugality in the process, spend and save according to your means and wisely. Do not over-extend yourself and resources, flying too high too fast for example. Invest with smarts and take a longer-term perspective versus short-term gain and instant gratification.


Learn to master and treasure the small things first, before going on to tackling the larger and more. Do not let ambition and greed blind or guide you. Gain the necessary experience, expertise, input and advice you require to make the right and wise decisions required to succeed. REFRAIN is you have neither the resources nor the experience to make a success of something. Instinct, value and technique work together to make the most of your judgments and assessments, actions and decisions. How do you set out being successful, starting small as a custodian of smaller successes, building up before taking on larger tasks and responsibilities. Bite-size chunks that you feel confident in handling with ease and self-confidence should come first. Only then do you move on to more and intricate, larger type projects, tasks and responsibilities. DO NOT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN CHEW! Pay attention to both detail and big picture. Conquer difficult tasks piecemeal, one bit/bite at a time! Even if you do the above, you might still not enjoy the fruits and pleasures of achievement and happiness. How you are contributing to society out-weights personal gratification and job-satisfaction. Here are some factors that contribute and need more attention:

economy and frugality


energy extravagances eliminated find opportunity and industry high-performance commitment and excellence meeting the call of necessity new invention nurtured by depression and times of need Predictability Stability

Pursuit of money for the sake of pursuit of money is foolish and in vain. However, working towards some set goals on the other hand, still to do with making money! Can make all the difference in the world! How you earn and spend we have already seen , in how you apply the money/resources , your brain-power, discipline, strategy, overall plan, efforts are what really matters. This is what shows your character, not the amount of 00000 on a check! There is tough competition out there and markets are getting crowded, even more cut-throat than ever before. Market and earnings challenges are real just like the challenges, opportunities, obstacles of life and change. Fortune is not about fame and earning, it is about how you go about earning it, spending it and applying it for the greater good.

Knowledge and traditional training is no guarantee for success. There is more at stake here than meets the eye. It is not the main and key influence or determinant of/in life.


Study and influences from outside can be as much of a hurdle and hindrance than a help and stepping-stone. It is still what you do with that education and knowledge that matters, MORE-SO than actually having it. It can help you enter into your career, but what you do from there-on is up to you, not the piece of paper or credential you have earned or carry on your wall. Not coming from a prestigious school, Ivey-type institution is not a disqualifying factor. Reality and truth, life is the best education . educator out there. Your temperament and character are what really matters. You are MORE than your education and training, profession and/or title! Yes, compulsory, basic education we all share in common. Some self-educate and continue learning for life! Formal and information training and education form and shape us into who and what we are. Here knowledge, personal style, character and judgment all feature into the equation. Reading and open-mindedness are two top qualities for success, satisfaction and happiness. Read often and educate, empower yourself. Utilize and apply what you read to your best advantage. You will start building your own insights, knowledge and competency as you go along. It will become second nature and part of your being. Math and languages are great places to start, if that tickles your fancy. They will serve you well in your life, both personally and professionally. Set goals and certain must-have acquirements for enabling your success and happiness. Get your feet wet in the marketplace and get some real experience behind you. Discover and hone your talents and natural skills, gifts and strengths.


Even if you have not yet gained a lot of it, learn as much as you can at every stab and opportunity you get. Make the most of every moment. You need to know what your strengths and best selling points are to be successful. You need as an individual to discover it for yourself in order to let others see it too. You can triumph over any challenge, if you put your mind to it.

Exaggerated Self-Confidence
Some refer to this as over-confidence or even arrogance, entitlement and even pride. When you achieve success, it is so easy to get caught up in the rush and ego of it. We tend to easily overstate or over-estimate our own individual power and responsibilities. It goes deeper than mere conceit. It runs amuck and is a distortion or a perception of power and empowered being. You do need to not lose sight of others and what their needs are. If you do feel self-made and realize we sometimes forget about how our thoughts and actions might affect others. Our manner, behavior, words and actions do affect others, and not always for the better. Rudeness will NOT get you anywhere. Success does not give you an excuse for treating others badly or poorly, without consideration for how things might affect them or how they might feel about it or get hurt in the process. Newcomers and outsiders are often the labels assigned to this almost attitude of entitlement by the established and status quo representatives, interest parties. Criticism and hostility will show up and undermine success and happiness.


As far as you are concerned, strive for justice, moderation, and courtesy to enable and set up yourself for success. Self-doubt is another complex behavior to deal with here. Stumbling and learning in, through and throughout this process is what it is all about. Do progress and process checks with yourself and not wait for failure or disaster. Despair and invincibility is not what it is about either. Humiliations or mistakes are humbling experience, but can also be powerful tools of growth and motivation. Early successes might have you stepping into this trap, so watch out for it. Years gone by and experience will be good teachers, but guard against coming across to others as arrogant, self-absorbed and/or reeking of a culture of entitlement. Ambition is one thing, haughtiness, quite another. Again, everything in moderation will be the best approach to have. Selfconfidence will not hurt you, just not too much of it! Arrogance, tempered by experience and defeat, builds and strengthens character. Retaliation might come at a time that you do not expect it from a corner you did not expect either and it might just be retribution for what they felt was arrogance. Guard against merely serving your own self-interest. Do not merely pursue your own gain and/or interest Be interested in the greater good Do not just propagate your own ideas, solutions and answers Avoid being arrogant and over-confident, rather opt for humility, empathy and the other success qualities mentioned earlier in the text. This is how you set yourself up for success! Arrogance can afflict and affect BOTH young and old.


We are more flexible and forgiving if we are in learning mode and willing to forgive or give second chances, solve problems and address issues openly. DO not get caught up in your own self, self-esteem, and personal interest at the expense of others or the greater good. You will be undermining your own success and set yourself up to fail. You will start losing support and supporters, champions and advocates faster than you imagine and just be tolerated as opposed to be respected and followed. Work towards securing for yourself and others a place and position of inner calm and happiness, stemming from deep within the mind and place of confident knowing and acceptance. Arrogance does not endear you to others. It will almost assuredly cloud your judgment and decision-making. Although it is harder to take the higher road and be the least, humble, it is the better path to success and happiness.

Bravery, not bravado!, not bravado!, not bravado!

Courage, the ability and power, personal prowess and ability to endure physical danger or threat is a great trait to have that can guarantee success. It is about MORE than fight or flight, survival type responses thought. You are drawing on your inner core and strengths to effect and showcase courage/bravery, not bravado!, not bravado!, not bravado!. You can come across quite easily as rigid, stubborn or close-minded, even if you are not. Your words and actions can be seen as resistance

and not being a team-player. Obstinate and a hindrance, showing some real weakness as perceived by others. It might not even be true, but pretty soon you will find yourself defending and on your hind legs the whole time fighting for your life! You need moral fiber and core to draw upon. Avoid things like resistance and complaisance, arguing, compromise and the desire for futile battles and differences of opinion(s). We always want to get better and being open-minded somewhat, suspending our judgment all helps us in and through these processes. Stick with it and with what you know to be right. You need sound judgment and clear thinking to ensure success and happiness. Sometimes the transaction itself is not that important BUT the manner in which it is done mattering MORE-so! Be reflective, receptive and open to new ideas, suggestions and opportunity. See challenge not mere obstacle.

Never fight, always negotiate Contest, confer and collaborate You might sometimes have to bite the bullet and make unpopular decisions, but stick with what you know and believe to be right and go about it practicing the principles mentioned earlier that affect success and happiness, consistently and you might be surprised at how quickly things resolve themselves. Be careful with one-sided representations and/or critique and do not flee from personal attacks or injustices against you. Train yourself to be MORE resilient, robust and ready for anything. Be flexible and accommodating, without compromise necessarily!


Bias and habits will always be a part of you recognize when they are at work, when they help and when they hinder progress, success and happiness and then do something about it! Be firm and flexible, accessible and approachable, but non-negotiable when required to be and when it does matter! Be responsive to others, needs the world and realities around you Also be sensitive to your own needs, agenda, risks, fears, rewards etc. Weigh all circumstances and test your judgment, opinion, words and actions, self-reflect often, sound-board and verify understanding, underlying values and decisions, agendas etc. Never bully or strong-hand for no reason, other than because you can. It is never a good idea. Resolve conflict and address differences of opinion. Be both intellectual and moral in your actions and decisions. Nobody is perfect and courage is not born, it is mastered over time, like most other qualities that sets you up for success and happiness!

Anxiety And Angst

Emotion-driven, characterized by fear would be an undermining aspect as far as success and happiness goes. It makes us act irrationally and irresponsibly. We need to learn how to hone, harness and master it properly to succeed and be happy. If not it will take over and ruin our lives quite easily. It can be highly debilitating and undermining. Stubbornness will not help you, it will just increase your feelings of loss of control and generate more discomfort and feelings of anxiety. Anxiety can and does happen to anyone and everyone. Some just ignore it in the hope that it will go away. The question however

remains whether and if you allow it to get to you! It might seem illogical but to the party suffering its impact and consequences it is very real! The views and perspectives, words, thoughts and actions we then take, might be totally wrong and we are oblivious of and blind to it, due to the pre-occupation of and with it. There are different ways to deal with these panic-type situations: Take notice of the facts *as they really are Take everything into account You need to be able to allow for the misreading and interpretation, even judgment of and by others. It will or might let you down in unfamiliar territory or under unusual stressful circumstances. Upset the apple-cart somehow, challenge the status quo and cause some discomfort. Business has its challenges, but the mind is the real danger here for individual success and happiness. There are things that will and might keep us up at night. We worry and we are filled with anguish, sometimes justifiably so, other times for no real reason at all. You do not have to be a victim of your own vivid imagination. You need to dig deep and have resolve, nerves of steel in order to succeed. When the going gets tough, the tough get going holds true here. If you act with courage you are MORE likely to win! Avoid being too pessimistic, you will lose your clam spot and expect the worse, not take on new or other challenges and undermine your own success. Work from a spot of confidence, calmness and courage rather than uncertainties and maybes.


Curb your own internal panic and fear Do not let these negative emotions and musings set you up for failure. Do not climb up the ladder of inference too quickly, jumping to conclusions prematurely or acting without all the information, quality checks etc. at your disposal. Be thorough and meticulous, attentive to detail if you feel the panic and negativity welling up. Do not hesitate, be precipitate and be constantly aware that Impulse or irrational behavior often follows. If necessary delay any final and allow time for reflection do not be hasty under these circumstances. Look at the situation from all angles before making decisions, based on how it/they/others, process and results/outcome may affect or make you feel. Be a step ahead if you can and do not fear the uncertain or unknown, embrace it! This emotional grip and prison you are in will not disappear by itself. Think in the moment about how you dealt with similar situations or feelings in the past, when you were successful and draw strength from that knowledge and experience. Asses the real risk and danger consciously and it may not be quite as bad as you initially anticipated. Still your own heart and know that there is very little to really fear per se. Storms typically rage outside, can cause lots of damage but they pass! Keep your emotions and responses in check and avoid extreme behavior. Self-control matters and is possible for you. You can pass this test of your body, soul, mind and resolve.


Combine the forces of your will, intellect and subconscious self. This is part of reality and life and you need to learn how to best control and address it. Pick the techniques and calming strategies that work its magic for you. Build and call on your reserves of character and mentality Think rationally and clearly about things PRIOR to speaking or acting out of fear alone! Watch that your pride and ego do not feed, fuel and carry this further. Be courageous and show some real courage and heart and you will be well on your way to success in business and life! Do not obsess over the unknown, unlikely or that which might never come, happen or unfold.

Depressive States
Up and down-swings, business cycles, booms and depressions they are very much part of the markets and world we function in. They are part of the stories that make up our lives, success and happiness (or lack thereof!) Typically they can be predicted and seen and do not have to catch you by surprise. You can plan to conquer them. They are part of the tides of life. The corrective part of the equation and delicate balance in business in life It is easy to believe that the tides turn against you and that everything in the market is working against your interest, but this would be an exaggeration of a very natural occurrence. Output and needs and natural rhythms, patterns and balancing acts dictates these markets and our lives in general.


It gives time for reprieve, innovation, restoration etc. even creativity and invention. These natural down-ward cycles help restore and replenish the economy, getting things back on track. Making it successfully through these and not panicking is the answer and best strategy. You are not a victim of chance or the market you can master your own destiny, process and outcome. There are ways to make the most of flourishing and declining trade, to have it count in your favor. It drives the buying and selling in the markets and trade arenas every day! There are ways to capitalize on these situations and it is up to every individual to make it work to their advantage. Doing the unexpected for example, planning for the longterm may have you see , seek and find opportunities that others might have missed and are not capitalizing on. Do not be hesitant or afraid to move out of your comfort zone and making tough or gutsy moves and decisions.

Not Succeeding
Nobody likes to fail, err or suffer of misinformation or misconceptions. Every failure or not succeeding should rather be viewed as a learning opportunity. These can assist you finding your niche, calling and speciality. WE have to take the time individually and collectively to see and uncover where our strengths in fact lie. Most of us choose a career at an early age, not even knowing if that is the right thing for us that we will be able to excel and grow into, outperform later in life. WE accept mediocrity and failure and very often just accept our fate and keep going. WE find it hard to admit that we have in fact failed


even our own expectations. WE despair and claim ruin and disrepair! WE rely on what we think is our natural abilities and skill-sets that enable us to utilize and tap into our transferable skills and talents in almost every situation, context and circumstance. This is not necessarily true for everyone, not even for most of us. Being good at one thing under certain circumstances does not automatically follow that it is great on other fronts as well by default so to speak. Our capacity and abilities will vary in context and circumstance. If you are great at finance, it does not obviously follow that you are great at sales for example. Avoid feelings of despair over initial or any failure for that matter. Do not fight the tide or try to swim upstream all the time. Timing is everything, seek new openings that might lend themselves better to your skill-set and special talents. You too can find your destiny, calling, success and happiness if you know what to look for, when, how to find and make the most of it, FOR YOU! YOUR LIFE! YOUR FUTURE! Push the boundaries and capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way, without hesitation. It is very hard to admit failure to thrive, succeed or achieve. Its lessons are hard to learn. These include: making the most of these opportunities to form and shape us, refining our mastery and ongoing success, we need to keep going, find our niche and specialty, optimize our strengths and talents and not be derailed or discouraged so easily.

Predictability And Consistency

Who would ever think to say that these two aspects might actually HURT, HINDER success and/or happiness, business, politics and the like? This is a true paradox! Sometimes used for defensive justification.


Consistency is often used as a bad excuse for failure and is dead wrong, simply put. You in essence are placing yourself at risk of sacrificing judgment, dismissing knowledge and experience, ignoring facts, changes and unfolding events, implications etc. just for the sake of constants Being consistent is very different than being stagnant of inflexible, rigid or set in your ways. Raising inconsistency is not the idea either, rather propagating some open-mindedness, rather than closed or narrow-mindedness. Life is about change! Reality is filled with it. Lack of consistency does not necessarily mean that you are inconsistent or lack character, turns as the wind blows, have no morals etc. In life, there are no one size fits all rile, situation, circumstance or context, solutions and answers for everyone and anyone. Life is simply not like that or that simple. Lack of consistency does not mean inconsistency. On this we need to be very clear. You can be responsive and still act, think and do from the core of your values, true to self and purpose, success and happiness principles and practice put forth here. Life is not theoretical. It is practical, demanding, dynamic and everchanging, expecting you to act accordingly. If you are propagating consistency against all odds you are running the risk or putting predictability first and foremost, regardless of risk or reality. This is dangerous and risky! It is the wrong strategy to follow and propagate for success and sustained change. You will be asked and asking to give up good, solid judgment and common sense Ignore expertise, experience, dismiss insight based on past, input etc.


Facts matter more than opinions etc. It does not mean you are sacrificing all for being inconsistent, but MORE open-minded, flexible, agile and adaptable. That is what will bring you success. You will find yourself more open to changing your mind, more receptive to new information or changes of circumstances, factors etc., crisis or pressure situations will be faced more easily and readily as part of life and not a weird occurrence or set-back necessarily. Evidence and proof does not become the only determining factor, rather fluidity of judgment rules and rises above. Politics and business are great playing and practice fields for these techniques. Cycles of their on-going, dynamic being and functioning, being in touch with and aware of them, will guarantee successful processes and outcomes. Decay is oftentimes a symptom of the lack of these dynamics. Being too set in your ways may actually hurt you in the long-run. Being too narrow, or closed-minded can put you at risk. Beliefs in consistency against all other odds, is a false sense of security. It will not help you, it may hurt you. It can lead to irresponsiveness and make you slow to act, react, in a context and world that demands adaptability and agility! A pre-requisite for success and happiness is life and movement at all costs, being open to changes and what they may bring. Handling and responding to these changes do not make you inconsistent per se, but rather constant in your approach to consistency and inconsistency! Success and happiness finds the midway! Dedication, rigor, courage and according to own rules, definitions, principles of success and happiness will triumph in these situations.


This is the only way to taste success on your terms and by your definition of what it is and means to you. You do not need to be fickle and inconsistent, a hypocrite, but rather pursue to please and appease, but still do what is right, build your repute and reliability (even if perceived to be somewhat inconsistent (for the right reasons), while keeping your self-respect intact!

Bias And Filters, Preconceptions And Prejudice

We all have it and suffer from them! AND UNFORTUNATELY WE ALSO ACT ON THEM! Preconceived ideas they plague and bless all of us, in different ways and to different extent. It is extremely hard to identify and break with. It is a habit and so natural that we do not even realize or recognize most of the time that it is actually present and/or happening! It is not a virtue and does not do much to help and empower us. Quite the contrary, this true vice can oftentimes trip us up and make us less effective, unsuccessful and even unhappy! It causes damage and corrodes our relationships, interactions and exchanges we have with and in the world around us and those in it. These evil habits creep up on us when we least expect them to. Destructive, negative and often judgmental, they are out before we even had the time to think about what we are thinking, saying or doing (Based on or coming from these deeply ingrained bias, filters, prejudice and preconceived notions and interpretations) Ever being called narrow-minded ? This means that your own opinions, outlooks, and even prejudice are all hard at work and very much alive and well. (despite our best attempts and efforts to curb them)

Conscious and subconscious they direct our actions and words (sometimes we are oblivious and other-times aware of their workings, yet it is very hard to shake or get rid of their influence completely) They are so inherently part of whom we are, becoming and others know! They are mostly learned behavioral patterns and habits that exist, that we have become extremely comfortable with. Youth, religion and politics even family and school can all be powerful forces and experience to be reckoned with! In-born, training, socializing, reason, prejudice are and can all be weaknesses that trip us up and make us less effective. They are not necessarily strengths to be relied upon in crisis for example. They are highly bias and unreliable and might even distort our views or lead us to the wrong conclusions. Hating others or discrimination is a great example of this. We make our judgments based on what we see, think we know, hear, perceive, filter, think, have experienced etc. It is almost inevitable. We just need to be aware that it is happening and then do something to counteract it! Forms of personal prejudice can only be disproved by the actual fact and experience to the contrary. You have to be curious, open-minded and aware of these things to actually change it. Other examples could be irrational dislikes and accepted patterns of behaviour, predictable choices for comfort, habit or other ingrained reasons missing out on great opportunities potentially! We need to have the courage and wherewithall to break through these biases. We need to keep our habits and/or traditions at bay when it matters most.


Political conceptions can be extremely powerful too. Conflict, partisanship might actually cloud our vision and decision-making. We might not recognize change of circumstance and opportunity. Lack of adapting to the demands of the environment and even a type of trained brainwashing can keep us from achieving our utmost! Get rid of prejudices in your life and be more open-minded Success will come quicker if we do fight against prepossessions, born of the past Pursue actively those thoughts, behaviors that will ensure and sustain a happy, successful, and active life. Lord Beaverbrooks words echo well here: Prejudice is a mixture of pride and egotism, and no prejudiced man, therefore, will be happy.

Tranquility And Acceptance

Life can be hard and the practical challenges we face and suffer can really pose some serious challenges for us. Whether unpredictable or foreseeable, sudden turmoil throws us off balance and risks our success and happiness. We need to calm the storm so to speak and be ready for whatever life tends to want to throw at us. This asks for self-awareness, prepared states of mind and some optimism. Remaining positive and focused even amidst chaos, uncertainty and unsettled times, challenges and life-turmoil, is


essential for sustained success and happiness. You do not want to risk losing it, just because the going is getting a little tougher or that there is more at stake ? Where does this inner-peace, calm, tranquility and acceptance, stem from. Self-acceptance, self-confidence and happiness with process, time and period in life, reward, satisfaction and acceptance of state of affair come into play here. No more turbulent, upsetting, career-obsessed frenzy. Ambition does not dictate any more. Reward and satisfaction come from other sources and places. Reflection on achievements and goals are in order and helps you keep your focus crisp and you not stagnating. Looking both forward and back, might sound like a paradox, but for balanced, happy living you need both perspectives, balanced and in moderation. The result and/or failure is not what matters, it is that both are or might be present that helps you venture and keep traveling. You are willing and more open to try new things and pursue new avenues than before. Success comes first, happiness later that is the real challenge. Your pursuit of fulfillment, legacy and meaningful contribution is what this is all about. If you are practically focused and oriented this process unfolds organically and naturally for most people in mid-age range. If you are focused on your purpose and working towards it with vigor, determination, consistency and commitment, you will taste it earlier! Talent and education is not the only guarantees of advancement, success or happiness. Everyone can try their hand at this, young and old. The factors of and for success to bear in mind are



Economy Moderation Humility Minimizing arrogance and panic Dealing effectively with depression and failure, loss of direction, lack on interest and related conditions/states Realistic in expectations Inspired and transforming knowledge into meaningful action at the right time. Believe that you CAN DO what you desire and then go do it! Happiness is a state of mind, an on-going journey, harnessing your outer circumstances, environment, resources as well as you inner mind.

In the words of a famous poetic influencer: One or another In money or guns may surpass his brother. But whoever shall know, As the long days go. That to live is happy, has found his heaven. The advice and shared insight from this inspired quoted messages is pretty clear HAPPINESS LIVING THIS IS YOUR HEAVEN your success, your happiness on your terms! REMEMBER

Do not pursue merely success for the sake of success Success and happiness go hand in glove and both are needed for sustained sense of well-being.


Knowing when to quit and not proceed or pursue further is the true art and test of/for wisdom and achievement! Money is not everything in life know when to let go and worship it no longer or let it rule or ruin your life

Wise sage-like advice flow so easily from and for some here is an illustrative example of the key message here Succeed young, and retire as young as you can. This might ring true for you or still sound a little less familiar on the ear, depending where on your journey you might personally be. Also, most if not all of these habits and techniques can be learned, mastered and you too will gain the wisdom to know when to do what, even when and how to not pursue or even quit (when called for and applicable)! These can all become second nature and ingrained in your being and core, driving you ever-forward. Success is pleasure BUT OH SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!


But, what can happen to success and happiness, achievement over time? (that is entirely up to you too!)

Changing occupation, hobby and interests can be helpful to sustain some degree of and practice field(s) for these talents and skills.

delusion flatterers It becomes a habit


It does not last forever It will decline, degrade eventually judgment begins to waver or go astray overwhelming success can change quickly to imminent failure if we are not aware and guard against it Put your capacity and experience to work, applying the principles of success and happiness and you will benefit both yourself and society at large.

Reality will be sharply in focus for you if you have tasted success and happiness in and through your life. Retirement can be a blessing in disguise! self-satisfaction becomes too prominent again Success and happiness for you will just don other cloaks and contexts! Volunteer work, public works, politics, journalism, the management of Commissions or charitable organizations are great pursuits to sustain these over time.

What is your situation, life, future like when seen through the eyes of success and happiness? Pass on and share the wisdom with the crowds and future generations to come! You too can win in business and life, by tapping into these dimensions and dynamics, all individually, but also collectively. You can make the most of every single one of these success factors for life and business. When you start contemplating how you too can be unearthing and unleashing the Secrets of SUCCESS, asking yourself constantly and seriously: What is SUCCESS? How to GET and ENJOY IT! the insights, musings in themselves will be inspirational and inquiry will spark your interest and commitment further to reach even higher. These personal reflective moments and personal action plans for success , is what in the end will make all the difference in the world for you.


You can view these insights and factors as a checklist of sorts for yourself to gage how you are doing on the success and happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction scales of life and business.

Success dictated or effected by Random Chance? Balanced Views, Perspectives, Plans And Actions Monetary Considerations Education Exaggerated Self-Confidence Bravery, not bravado!, not bravado!, not bravado! Anxiety And Angst Depressive States Predictability And Consistency Bias And Filters, Preconceptions And Prejudice Tranquility And Acceptance

Here is another gurus take on what it takes to be successful in business and life

SET YOUR OWN STANDARDS BY WHICH TO OPERATE AND KEEP RAISING THE BAR stick to being committed, dedicated and disciplined.

BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT AND PLAN FOR FUTURE SUCCESS. Motivated and disciplined workers/partners and clients make for a great match-up

Be punctual and keep your word Be constant, consistent, stick to your guns and be persistent. Grow and expand your own abilities, competencies and skill-set


Have a goal and vision, plan for your life and business, success and happiness do not leave it up to random chance. Take control of both process and outcome.

Always be non-ambiguous, honest, and stay focused on what really matters do not get side-tracked, distracted, panic or depressed.

Plan and then take action! Reward yourself and celebrate achievement and success, accomplishments and reached goals. Take a longer-term perspective Take deliberate steps everyday to get you closer to your goal(s) and definitions of what success actually is and constitutes for you.

Always start what you finish and do not give up on your dream, your goal and definition of success and happiness FOR YOU! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT AND STICK TO YOUR GUNS/PLANS!

You can achieve your full potential and be successful and happy!
Whether you are a business entrepreneur, CEO or just pursuing some self-developmental goals and dreams, there is hope for everyone and anyone! YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE! Most of us almost by default seem to be focused on accomplishing great(er) things and keep on raising the bar. For others they do not see the need to push the envelope and everything in-between gives us each a spot on this scale to fit into.


For most the principles of practice for success and business, like honesty, integrity, hard work, value of money and the education it enables, takes them out on the journey of life, work, career and future. However, success-oriented living for the sake of it quickly feels void and unfulfilling. Societys emphasis on values of money, possessions, power, prestige, pleasure can be highly disappointing and its pursuit seemingly futile. Power, money, corrupt values, focus on materialistic rewards increasingly robs us of the pure joy and happiness that success can and does bring. Strategy # 1: Find personal motivators, incentives and solutions that pose and provide lasting value and makes a difference (for all), not ONLY for yourself and your own pocketbook. Strategy # 2: Focus on getting and keeping a healthy, balanced lifestyle, within your means, not overextending yourself or resources job, family and community, priorities, tasks and responsibilities. Strategy # 3: DO NOT TRY TO ALWAYS GO EVERYTHING ALONE! Tap into your support networks around you Strategy # 4: Come to appreciate the true concept of significance, meaning and purpose in life and pursue what really matters, what you are passionate about and where you feel you can add some value! Strategy # 5: Be others-centered and not self-centered Strategy # 6: Learn from the inspirational, giving lives of champions and leaders like Mother Teresa, President Lincoln, Gandhi, Jonas Salk,


Martin Luther King, Bill Wilson (founder of AA Alcoholics Anonymous) and many others. Strategy # 7: Make serving others and establishing a legacy a top priority and see how the scales of success and happiness shifts in your favor! Strategy # 8: Raise the bar and keep challenging yourself, pushing the boundaries of performance, to consider how the totality of what is your LIFE can have significant and lasting impact, value and meaning for others and society at large. Strategy # 9: Let your labor, influence, finance/resources and expertise be one of caring, emphatic, honest, authentic, contribution and giving back to society. Widen the circles of your influence and be engaged in what happens in and around your community, the place where you work and live. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND DISCOVER THE TRUE CORE AND HEART OF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS! Strategy # 10: Seek wisdom above all else and contribute to the transformation of neighborhood, company, communities Strategy # 11: Lead by example and teach personal and corporate leadership, live and showcase, model and share time-tested values, standards and principles of success and happiness and see, feel and experience the rewards that it brings, in conjunction with and according to your own definitions of success and happiness. ALWAYS REMEMBER: there is nothing inherently wrong in seeking success, as long as it leads to and results in something of great significance, serving a benefit for others and the greater good.


So what is SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FOR YOU? What does it mean to you personally to be successful? What will it take? These are questions and fundamentals you have to work your way through in order to move forward and tap into the riches and treasures of a rewarding, purposeful life! What have you accomplished and what are your goals? What are your strengths and own capability and wisdom? Do you believe that you can accomplish anything if you just try/tried hard enough, more , a little harder? How is your knowledge, strength of will, qualifications, business success serving you, your family, needs, want and desires? Have you tasted success and happiness, either or, both or none at all? What do you plan to do about it? Believe and hold onto the fact that there is and can be joy in YOUR life TOO, no matter what happens, regardless of the presence of success per se! How do you define success FOR YOURSELF, FOR OTHERS and how does it effect your daily life, priorities, commitments, relationships etc. ? What are you striving, working, dreaming for? How close or far are you from achieving it? What do you need to do to get there? Persevering is the key to SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS! Making any kind of failure, not-succeeding into the greatest learning opportunity of your life, can make all the difference as well. Re-group, re-coup and start over! Make that you motto and learn, build experiences and expertise, hands on and pro-actively. Do not get discouraged by failure. Real failure is when you actually stop


trying, which will be a tragedy. Keep on going, tap into your inner strengths and resilience when the going gets tough. Take this quick quiz: Start by assessing your own situation. As an individual answer the following as honestly as you can - do you persevere? What happens to you under stress and/or pressure? What happens if you hit a snag or set-back, after meeting rejection or difficulties? What makes you quit? Next, assess and try to calculate how persistent you really are and if you have what it takes to make it count, when it matters! What is Your rating of your own performance and competence when it comes to sticking to your guns/plans? Rate yourself on a scale of one to three, one being low and three being high on each of the following:

I address my limitations. I believe in myself. I bounce back from disappointment. I can adapt to change. I can take unpopular actions when I believe Im right. I focus and complete projects. I have clear career goals. I have the stamina to persist. My family and friends support me in my pursuit of goals. My goals are consistent with my purpose and values.

The higher your final score the BETTER you are at having what it takes, when the going gets tough! If your scores are


really low, you have a great place to start focusing your attention to start enjoying, unearthing and unleashing the power of success and happiness into your life, dreams, work and purpose. Here are some suggestions on how to effectively include success and happiness in your daily life and living:

ALWAYS BE SELF-AWARE AND PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, focus on what really matters and makes a difference and do not stress unnecessarily about might be or could be. Know your very own desired outcomes, what you want and wish to accomplish. Be as detailed, specific, positive and focused as you know you can be in order to make it real and attainable, actionable and feasible to execute.

Be deliberate, intentional and committed to achieving your goals. Put a time-frame to it and line up what needs to happen and be done to get you there. Tap into resources and support that can help you do what has to be done.

BE positive and believe in yourself at all times, even when self-doubt or pity takes hold. Believe in yourself and that you will be able to do what it takes, when it matters persist and persevere. BEWARE OF CHANGING WHO YOU ARE, what you believe in for the sake of or for others or comparing yourself with others.

Break the larger tasks into smaller pieces to make it more manageable. Care for you mind, body, emotions and spirit. Develop the will to risk and take some chances. Seek out opportunity, challenges and promise/potential in all. DO NOT BE AFRAID OR FEAR error, oversights, risks or mistakes. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!


ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE A CLEAR PICTURE set goals that are SMART, achievable, realistic and within your reach and capabilities. Take into close considerations your personal passion, needs and abilities. Ask and answer for yourself how it can/will benefit self, others and society, community, life etc.

Focus on what you can do, not what you cannot do or do not have. Give yourself some credit when/where it is due also for others, not taking credit that does not belong to you. Honestly and thankfully, yet humbly acknowledge your accomplishments and successes.

Journal successes and lessons learned, tracking your progression and development, achievements and even the smallest of steps that get you closer to your overall goal.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make being most productive a top priority. Have the right discipline, attitudes and behaviors that will help you reach and achieve your goal(s).

Make the extra-ordinary part of your ordinary re-define your life, parameters, possibilities and dream Practice stress relievers such as deep breathing, exercise, meditation. Get sufficient sleep, eat healthy. Reinforcement and encouragement can go a long way in ensuring you stick to you plan and path to success and happiness, not lose sight of your goal, or get so wrapped up in the mechanics of the process that you miss out on all the fun and reward along the way. It is a journey and a destination but the going and getting there is the GREAT part of the process and outcome, interwoven reality and enjoyment!

SAY a constant and consistent yes to success and happiness in and for your life and you will be presently surprised by its impact and significance!


Schedule quiet times to think and reassess. Set and raise your own bar, definition of success and happiness throughout your life set quality personal standards of self-improvements and keep developing, learning and growing, refining your skills, applying them to greater power.

STICK TO YOUR VALUES And stay true to your inner core. Show the tenacity, nerve and courage of your convictions, beliefs and values

Surround yourself with success and happiness, positive, encouraging influencers, people who support you, your goals and can help you celebrate your achievements.

Suspend negative thoughts and judgments that can only hurt, damage on hinder your cause(s). You are not a victim or passive receptor of what life doles out. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Take time for fun and friends.

In a recent publication, (Pat & Ruth Williams with Michael Mink, entitled: "Women of Influence"), about great women in life, politics, society, tapping into the riches and treasures of the principles and practices of success and happiness, comes some great advice on how to make these a reality in your daily life:
FIND AND LIVE YOUR PASSION pursue what you love, find your purpose. What do you think or know your calling, gifts, contributions to be? How can you make a difference here and now and in the future? If you find your path, the joy and happiness, satisfaction and inner knowing that you have found and are living your dream becomes reality!


Keep expanding your mind, knowledge, pursuits and meaning, be a life-long student and master, deepen your understanding and probe, gain wisdom that can guide your efforts forward and throughout life, so you can experience true success and happiness, reward of a fulfilled life. DO NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRE take the higher road, even if it is the MORE difficult path to seek and take step-by-step. Do not place limits on yourself or what might be! Make your desires known and let go of restraint, doubt or fear. Expel fear from your life. Do not fret, stress or lose control and ask for the help you know you need when you need it. Tap into your support networks and tackle life, challenges and opportunities with guts and glory! Be and set out with bold conviction and a positive attitude, with your clear goals front-of-mind and achieving them a top priority. Be a true human leader and champion and set an example that matters and lasts. Tap into your strengths and always seek and portray the joy, success and happiness (even when you do not necessarily feel it claim your victory and triumph and suspend negative emotions, self-doubt, fear, depression, self-or over-reliant arrogance and the like. Show love and caring and your authentic self, make connections with others, not merely transact with the. Have an eye and heart for others. In the words of Mother Theresa: The greatest evil is the lack of love and charity, the terrible indifference towards ones neighbor.


Tap into experiencing, living and learning even failures, mistakes and hard lessons can help you grow and enjoy success and happiness in life and work MORE! Get personal, stay in touch and do the unexpected! Be earnest and hones, keep going, even if and when the going gets very tough! Do things with humility and remain humble, thankful and ever forward-looking/ Allow yourself to define who you are, what success and happiness means and is for and to YOU! You do not have to live your life according to someone elses standards or get permission from anyone to live like you want! Dream and follow your heart, taking personal responsibility for both process and outcome. You are not a victim of your birth, circumstance, education, means and stance in life!

Overcome difficulties in your life and hardship that you might have to encounter these do not have to define who you are and what you are capable of at all! Find and live the deeper meaning of life. What is your foundation, purpose, direction? Have and show a heart and compassion for others and just be true to your authentic self. Do not try to be something that you are not. Be passionate and positive about and in your life and you will experience how this joy, success and happiness redefines and shapes your life and those of others you come in contact with, for the better. Be generous and give openly of yourself to whatever you pursue and whomever you choose to. Have impact and meaning, keep on learning about yourself, life and others and deepen your understanding of what


success and happiness for you, for others would entail DISCOVER AND LIVE YOUR PURPOSE! Always continue to growpersonally and professionally and make this a personal commitment, daily and throughout your life. DO NOT STAGNATE. Avoid being a hypocrite, selling yourself short or compromise/sacrifice of your personal beliefs and core values. Always strive to be the best that you can possible be and PERSIST! In an excerpt taken from Oprah Winfrey Speaks: Insight from the Worlds Most influential Voice, by Janet Lowe, we list here - Oprah Winfreys Ten Commandments for Success. They are insightful and can act as a frame of reference for your life, joy, success and happiness in all realms, aspects and areas of your life:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Be nice. Be persistent in pursuing your dreams Dont depend on forces outside of yourself to get ahead. Dont live your life to please others. Get rid of the backstabberssurround yourself only with people who will lift you higher. If money is your motivation, forget it. Never hand over your power to someone else. Rid yourself of your addictionswhether they are food, alcohol, drugs or behavior habits. Seek harmony and compassion in your business and personal life. yourself with people who are as smart or smarter

6. 7. 8.


10. Surround



Be grateful. Keep a daily journal of the things you are thankful for. It will keep you focused on the abun-dance in your life.

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe. Life is a journey. Everyday experiences will teach you who you really are. Turn your wounds into wisdom. Everyone makes mis-takes. They are just Gods way of telling you youre moving in the wrong direction.

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. This is especially helpful with men. Dont force them to beat you over the head with the message.

More insights on how success and happiness CAN BE YOURS in business, life, work, family, relationships, YOUR FUTURE it is yours for the asking and taking

Do not allow others to dictate what you can and can not do embrace your destiny and potential define and set your own parameters of performance and prowess!

Do not get discouraged by obstacles and set-backs Live a deeply authentic life, true to yourself and pursue wisdom and insight throughout your life grow to be what you are and were intended to be!

Make education a top priority life-long learning can make all the difference and delight in pursuit of learning, reading and gaining more knowledge and experience

Make others a priority and actively, decisively think, talk and act while doing and daring to risk all and even do the impossible *(or what everyone else thinks might be unattainable!)


Set goals that matter and make a difference


Conclusion Success and happiness is each of ours to find, discover, unearth, unleash in our lives, work and futures. No two journeys or travelers on these paths and routes are or will be the same. The recommendations and suggestions in this guide are conversation starters and inspirational thoughts being how success and happiness can make all the difference in your life! We trust these snippets of shared wisdom will make a difference for you! To serve as a source of inspiration and to move you into action in your own life to embrace what success and joy/happiness can do for you in all arenas of your life, here are some quotes, insights and wisdom from various walks of life and online sources, gathered here to move you into ACTION that can and will change your life for the BETTER! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PERSONAL JOURNEY OF DISCOVER OF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS! Pursue the right things for the right reasons find your passion and follow your heart, calling and purpose Try not to be a man of success, but rather to be a man of value. - Albert Einstein Stay positive and on track, regardless of set-backs, worry, panic, and other discomforts, failures etc.


Motivation will almost always beat mere talent. - Norman R. Augustine Push the envelope and raise the bar constantly Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can. - Henry Drummond Be authentic, true and different, caring for others and true to yourself They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel. - Carol Buchner TAKE THE RISK AND CHALLENGE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE! Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down. - unknown Know what to do when Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength. - Henry Ward Beecher Suspend and expel doubt, fear and anxiety from your life and purpose A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory. - Arthur Golden Sometimes take the plunge and then trust yourself! Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome. - Samuel Johnson MAKE YOUR LIFE MATTER AND COUNT!


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt


A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. - John C. Maxwell

Any coward can fight a battle when he's sure of winning; but give me the man who has the pluck to fight when he's sure of losing. - George Eliot

It is time for us to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it. - Vince Lombardi

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas Edison

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. - Marie Currie

Prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth best discover virtue. - Francis Bacon

The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation...The hand is the cutting edge of the mind. - Jacob Bronowski

SEEK YE FIRST WISDOM AND PURPOSE the way to success and happiness!


After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. - Italian Proverb

Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. - Abraham Lincoln

Empowerment is all about letting go so that others can get going. - Kenneth Blanchard

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. - Henry Ford

The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook. - William James The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. - Confucius

We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow. - B.J. Palmer

What comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside you. - Wayne Dyer

What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail? - Robert Schuller


Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. - Cherie Carter-Scott


I talk and talk and talk, and I haven't taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week. - Mario Cuomo

Not every successful man is a good father. But every good father is a successful man. - R. Duvall

The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. - Benjamin Mays

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. - Malcolm Forbes

Victory belongs to the most persevering. - Napoleon

AND FINALLY RECOGNIZE THE TRUE FACE OF SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS in yourself, others and things around you! Pursue, enjoy and take pleasure in the bounty it has to offer

I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. - Christopher Reeve

If you are to be, you must begin by assuming responsibility. You alone are responsible for every moment of your life, for every one of your acts. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts. -Sir Winston Churchill

The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing. You measure yourself


against yourself and nobody else. - Geoffrey Gaberino

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. - Anonymous

To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up. - Ralph Bunche


In the inspirational words of Lord Beaverbrook we conclude this summary of musings on success: Dare all, yet keep a sense of proportion. Deny yourself all, and yet do not be a prig. Hope all, without arrogance, and you will achieve all without losing the capacity for moderation. Then the Temple of Success will assuredly be open to you, and you will pass from it into the inner shrine of happiness. Resources and Publications Suggested further readings Passion To Win : Seven Leadership Secrets for Success in Business, Sports, and Life by Jim Calhoun and Richard Ernsberger Jr (Hardcover - Dec 26 2006) The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It by David Niven (Paperback - Oct 26 2006) The Simple Secrets for Becoming Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It by David Niven (Paperback - Oct 26 2006) How to Be an Entrepreneur: The six secrets of self-made success by Steve Parks (Paperback - Sep 5 2006) 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace by Wayne Dyer (Paperback Aug 31 2006) Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most by Brian Tracy (Hardcover - Aug 21 2006)


The Transparent Leader I: Spiritual Secrets of Nineteen Successful Men by Dwight L. Johnson and Dean Nelson (Paperback - Aug 2006)

How To Make Money as a Mediator (And Create Value for Everyone): 30 Top Mediators Share Secrets to Building a Successful Practice by Jeffrey Krivis and Naomi Lucks (Hardcover - Jul 28 2006)

Seven Secrets of Great Entrepreneurial Masters : The GEM Power Formula For Lifelong Success by Allen E. Fishman (Hardcover - Jul 19 2006) Win the Crowd: Unlock the Secrets of Influence, Charisma, and Showmanship by Steve Cohen (Paperback - May 18 2006) The Grand Book of Business Success & Leadership: 150 Millionaire Success Secrets for Business by Volkmar G., Dr. Hable (Paperback April 27 2006) Other sources and links: