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Reiki ‘Fuushi’, Vol 5

- Reiki articles with unwritten

(yet nonetheless important)


James Deacon


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[Version 1.00]
Copyright © 2007 James Deacon
Miscellaneous Reiki articles with unwritten (yet nonetheless important) subtext
[Copyright © 2006 James Deacon]

In traditional mentor-student (sensei-deshi) relationships, an important element of the

teacher/mentor's role is to get the student to actually 'think' for themselves - to
question [in a positive way] what they are being told (and perhaps more importantly,
why they are being told what they are being told) - to develop their positive critical
faculties, not just to accept things as fact simply because someone else says it is

In this E-Book there is much that is fact, and much that is anything but.
[Of course, you will have absolutely no difficulty deciding which is which - wont you]

There is also more than a little humour and satire in some of these articles, as these
two often provide a very effective means of circumventing the conscious mind and
just 'dropping' an idea in to the subconscious.

* * * * * *

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Copyright © 2002 James Deacon

With reference to the seemingly ever-growing body of conflicting theories about the
history and origins of Reiki, the essential nature of Reiki, and the truth as to what
specific techniques were originally utilised in Reiki, someone recently asked whether
anyone has attempted to 'channel' Usui Sensei and in so doing, get the 'truth' about
Reiki direct from - I was going to say 'the horse's mouth' but ... drat, too late I've
already said it - profound apologies Sensei….

Any how, by an amazing stroke of coincidence (or synchronicity - if you're a Jungian)

I had the same thought myself - and so, channel I did...

When I asked Usui-Sensei about Reiki, he replied, via my Guide who kindly
translated Usui-Sensei's comments into English for me (- at present, due to a
personality quirk, Sensei only communicates in Venusian) that although he found
Reiki to be a highly viable healing modality and method of Spiritual Development,
personally - after seventy odd years - he had moved on to other things - had I heard
of NLP, 'Awakening Your Light Body' and 'A Course in Miracles' (- oh, but he did
suggest caution regarding that guy who promises you
immortality if you wear one of his magnetic rings on your 'pinkie'.)

Usui Sensei said he'd love to stay and chat, but he was just rushing off to reincarnate
(well he is a good Buddhist, as we all know) as a dolphin in a 'pod' down in the Gulf
of Mexico.

Seems there's some good work being done down there - therapists helping autistic
kids in a 'swim with the dolphins' project - and Sensei thought it important to lend a
hand (I think he meant 'fin'), before swimming on up to Florida to begin filming for his
starring role in the latest Blockbuster Movie Remake: Flipper

However, not one to be sidetracked from my original intent, I felt I had to insist (albeit
in a most respectful way) that Sensei tell me the Truth about Reiki - its origins and
techniques, before he went.

You see, Sensei had told me that he plans to live a long and constructive life
incarnated as a dolphin and therefore will not be available for other people to
'channel' him for many years to come (isn't that convenient - for me)

What he then went on to tell me was quite amazing - it seems that my own personal
indepth research into the true nature of Reiki (well I have read 2 articles on the
subject and watched a video about how aliens brought crystal healing to earth and
taught the dinosaurs to dance the Lambada) was 99.9% accurate!

- yes, I know, it great isn't it - I was right all along!

I will of course be sharing the precise details of "The Truth about Reiki' in my new
upcoming seminal workshop - a 4-week intensive, creatively entitled:

'The Truth about Reiki'.

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
(Residential attendance mandatory - all meals included - full payment in advance -
no refunds. No cameras, audio or video recording permitted. No note-taking allowed.
Full range of merchandise available. Authorised Training Franchises available for a
six-figure fee.)

With the Truth at last having been revealed, I foresee a vast transformation occurring
in the Reiki Community (and also a vast improvement in my own standard of Living)

I am honoured to be the vehicle through whom Usui-Sensei has agreed to

transmit The Truth to the World.

Usui-Sensei fully endorses my Trade-marking of the:
- any infringement of said Trademark will be vigorously contested via due legal process.

* * * * * *

Copyright © 2002/6 James Deacon

One night, a new neighbour (who had only moved in a few days earlier) called at my
home, carrying a brown paper bag.

He apologised for calling so late, but said he had a problem and hoped I might be
able to help.

He explained that he had an important job interview lined up for the following morning
and naturally wanted to look his best. However, as most of their possessions were
still in packing cases, he had only managed to locate one pair of 'formal' shoes, and
these had somehow been damaged in transit - both heels had become partially
detached and the sole of the left shoe was split.
And as the local shoe-repair shop was closed for the night he didn't know what else
to do.

Thinking he wanted to borrow a pair of my shoes, I was about to ask what size he
wore, when he produced the damaged shoes from the bag he was carrying.

In response to my puzzled expression, he explained that his wife had been talking to
one of the other neighbours, Mrs Connors, and that she had told her that I did
something called "Reiki".

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
"Yes, that's correct, but…" I started to say.

"So do you think you can do anything with these?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, shoe repair isn't really…"

"But Mrs Connors," he began, in somewhat confused tones, "she said…"

And he went on to relate how - his wife not having heard of Reiki before - Mrs
Connors had very briefly explained to her what it was all about.

"Ah!" I said, "now I understand! "

I think you'll probably find that what Mrs Connors actually told your wife was that:

"Reiki works on souls, and heals…"

* * * * * *

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
(AKA: The Reiki Light-bulb Joke)
Copyright © 2002/7 James Deacon

Version 1:

How many 'Usui Shiki Ryoho' Reiki Masters does it take to change a light-bulb?

Answer: Four:

one to hold the ladder

one to hold the energy
one to hold the ten thousand dollar fee
and of course, one to hold the light-bulb!

Version 2:

How many manic-obsessive "with time, Reiki can fix anything" Reiki Masters does it
take to change a light-bulb?

Answer: Nine

Eight people to participate in a reiki marathon/group treatment [ 2 teams of 4 people

doing shifts of: 3hrs treatment, 3hrs rest, 3hrs treatment, etc) continuously over a
period of 21 days] in an attempt to restore the bulb to fully functioning condition

- and one (not so obsessive) person to have the good sense to go to Walmart, buy a
new bulb, and redirect the groups healing resources to where they are really needed

Version 3:

How many Philosophical Reiki Masters does it take to change a light-bulb?

Answer: It doesn't matter

Change must come from within...

Version 4:

How many Buddhist Reiki Masters does it take to change a light-bulb?

Answer: None

There is no light-bulb, no Reiki master - nothing to change.

all is illusion ...

* * * * * *

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Copyright © 2002 James Deacon

A cautionary note concerning the dangers of attempting to send Reiki back into the

A psychic friend of mine was receiving impressions from the year 1830 from Japan -
turned out that an epidemic was wiping out an entire subspecies of 'dung fly' - and,
ever the eco-warrior, and friend to all scuttely-crawly and other much-maligned
insects (including dung-flies) she asked me if - "being a Reiki Master & stuff" - I would
send some healing vibes back in time to at least ensure a few of these threatened
creatures would survive and perpetuate the subspecies.

Having heard much about using the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol to send Reiki to
the past, I decided to try an experiment, and did as she requested - but still, only one
single dung-fly survived the epidemic.

However, that single dung-fly – re-invigorated by the Reiki it had received - flew off
and landed on a piece of uncooked meat which was lying uncovered in the kitchen of
Mikao Usui's Grandfather's house.

The next day, the meat which was now infected with various strains of unnamed
bacteria, was hurriedly (and improperly) cooked and eaten by Mikao Usui's
Grandfather. A few hours later he began to feel a little queazy, and decided to cancel
his visit to the 'Noh' theatre that evening, and went to bed with a bottle of saki as he
thought this might help settle his stomach - and even if it didn't, it was a good excuse
to get drunk.

Now, had he gone to the theatre that night he would have met the woman he was
going to marry - the woman who would become Mikao Usui's Grandmother.

But as it turned out, he never met her - never married at all - never had any children -
devoted his entire life to campaging for food hygiene and wandering from town to
town the length and breath of Japan educating people to the dangers of leaving
uncooked meat where the flies could get it.

Thus, Mikao Usui's father was never born, and of course this meant that Mikao was
never born either - and never went on to 'discover' Reiki

- so, when Hayayo Takata went to Japan, Chujiro Hayashi's Reiki clinic didn't exist
and she had to settle for regular medical treatment
- which was happily very successful, and she returned to Hawaii to live a full and
happy life ( as a Hairdresser).

Now, being a fan of ‘Star Trek TNG’ and other stuff of that ilk, I am well aware of the
problems of the ‘Temporal Paradox’, ‘Time Loops and the dreaded ‘Temporal

The problem is - thanks to me saving that dung-fly, Reiki doesn't exist - as you will all
discover when the Time Tide catches up with us (any day now)
- but, if Reiki doesn't exist - does it mean that I couldn't have sent it back in time to
save the dung-fly ?

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
If so, the dung-fly didn't survive, Mikao's Grandfather wouldn't have gotten ill, would
have met and married Mikao's Grandmother, had children, Mikao would have been
born, discovered Reiki - Takata-Sensei would have been cured by it and gone on to
bring Reiki to the Western World, where I would learn it, send it back in time to save
the dung-fly and Mikao's Grandfather wouldn't have married........

Please Please Please - for the sake of your sanity - DO NOT SEND REIKI BACK IN

* * * * * *


Copyright © 2002 James Deacon

Following on from the general minimalist trends that seem to be fashionable with
some Reiki Folk lately, I thought: "why not just take it to the next level - a sort of all-
out Zen style Reiki..."

So here it is - another brand new Reiki-style, and the epitome of simplicity:

This style has no symbols, no kotodama mantras, no energy-development exercises,

no attunement process & no hand positions.

Also, there are no courses to run, no manuals, no books, videos or related

merchandising to worry about.

It doesn't bother with hands-on treatments (for that matter - it doesn't bother with
distant treatments either, so 'clients' are also not required) - and most radically,
utilises no form of self-treatment whatsoever.

For added convenience, there are no levels or degrees - and as a result, no need for
terms such as 'student', 'master', or 'sensei', etc.

I have also removed the 'spiritual development' aspect - (for purely aesthetic
purposes, y'know - to streamline it even more) - likewise there are no Principles to
worry about; and as a special minimalist bonus - the system does not even include
the Reiki energy (or any other form of energy for that matter).

As a final minimalist feature, I've decided not to give the style a special distinguishing
name (e.g.: Zen Reiki, Bare Bones Reiki, etc) - actually it isn't called Reiki at all - in
fact, as a last-minute stroke of genius - I decided not to give it a name (or number) of
any description. (That way I don't need to worry about Trademarking issues).

I'm hoping a great many people will find a special 'resonance' with this new,
minimalist, system.

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
If you think that this new system might be the one for you - that it almost meets your
personal requirements, but not quite (- perhaps you feel it still has one or two non-
essential elements or 'add-ons) - don't worry.

It's a very flexible system, and if you feel the need to, you can always 'tweak' things
here and there in order to get rid of any remaining elements you consider

So,be my guest, try the system free-of-charge for a week or so - get the 'feel' of it -
then we can talk money...

[Aw, heck! - I just remembered - as part of the minimalist theme, I designed the
system with no 'energy exchange'/'financial remuneration' element to it!

Been a bit overzealous here, methinks!]

* * * * * *


A Rough Guide to 'fleshing out' your Reiki Classes
Copyright © 2002 James Deacon

I am often asked, by those who have just recently bought their way in at Tier Three (or
'Master Level') of the Reiki 'Multi-Level Marketing Scam', for what is technically referred to as:
"Help and advice concerning effective strategies for 'fleshing out' Reiki Classes with
meaningful content"
- or as I prefer to call it:
"Timewasting Tips"

My usual response to such requests is: "Yes, the help and advice you require is
available - for a modest fee..." and then I attempt to sign them up for one of my
franchised, 14-day residential courses entitled: "Snake-oil Reiki - the art of New-Age
Of course, as they are franchised, I am never there myself - I just take a healthy
(alternative healthy, that is) percentage of the "scam money" [I mean "ethically,
morally and Spiritually acceptable 'Energy Exchange'].

However, of late, I have been surprised to find that some people have not instantly
seized the opportunity and signed up on the spot for my highly informative (and - for
me - highly lucrative) course.

In an attempt to remedy this, I have decided to provide a 'free taster'

- just to whet the appetite, and hopefully sway those who are still somewhat unsure
as to just how invaluable my 'Snake-oil Reiki" course really is.

So, here are some basic extracts, culled from the section of the course dealing with
Reiki level 1 classes:

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Class size

If I do have to go through the tedium of running classes myself, I always ensure there
are at least 40 'marks' (- that is: caring individuals who wish to develop their healing
skills) on each course. I mean, why waste 10 days running 4-person courses when
you can cram all 40 into a single day (what? - you teach Reiki over TWO days -
you're INSANE!)

Also, with 40 'marks' you can fill a LOT of time easily with the old:
"So, before we get started, lets all introduce ourselves, and say a little about our
Spirituality and what led us to our respective interests in healing."

I've found that it's good to plant a couple of 'stooges' in the group and pick them to
introduce themselves first - have them talk for about 4-5 minutes each - you might be
surprised how many of the group will follow this lead, and also talk for about 5
minutes - some even longer; and when you have 40 people....

During this intro session, I usually just quietly disappear for a while - do some grocery
shopping and - well, where d'you think I find the time to read the emails from over 20
Yahoo & Google Groups every day?

The Reiki Principles

What principles?


For a group of 40, this shouldn't take you more than about 7 or 8 minutes in
total....(well, you don't want to tire yourself out by putting too much effort into it, do

But don't worry, you can easily stretch this section of the class out by once more
relying on your trusty 'stooges'.
Just as you did with the 'stooge'-led introductions - get everyone - one by one to
describe their experience of receiving the attunement
-get your 'stooges' to be really emotional and enthusiastic - the mention of coloured
lights, celestial music, perhaps even a few messages from their guides (Girl Guides,
that is) often gets the group 'warmed up' - you'll be amazed at the way things unfold.
Again, the 5-minute rule applies.

Hand Positions

Show them ALL the different variations - Usui's, Hayashi's, Takata's, etc. etc.

And most important - IMPROVISE - I remember one time I managed to create a set
with over 800 positions - and that was just for the upper body - told the group it was a
spontaneous channelling from an Ascended Mistress (of King Charles II) and hoped
they were making notes as, due to the nature of the channel I would have no
knowledge of the information channelled after the event.

(that reminds me, I must get in touch with someone from that class and get a copy of
the notes -there's a book in it somewhere - especially with a room full of eager
witnesses to the actual channelling event)

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
The Reiki History

Of course - for added effect it's always a good idea to play the tape of Takata-Sensei
relating the story of Reiki

Have you heard it - now there's a Lady who knew how to draw out a tale!

You should also stress the fact that some of the details are now believed to be
somewhat less than accurate.

CAUTION: - DO NOT elaborate on this.

If you do, you will waste a golden opportunity to sign the entire group up there and
then for your 'True History of Reiki, Honest' course
[This will be discussed in full detail on the 'Snake-oil' residential course]

If any smarta** in the group pipes up with " but I already know the True History..." or
some such drivel, again IMPROVISE - ask them what they think of the latest
groundbreaking news from ... oh ... Wishii Washii Sensei, and the recently discovered
16mm cine-footage shot of Usui-Sensei giving a treatment to - oh, I dunno, lets say -
Morehei Ueyshiba (Founder of Aikido) or some one - or some other equally
believable on-the-spot fabrication.

You might be surprised just how quickly this will get their interest - and their signature
on your 'True History' booking form...

Remember, there are some sharp-witted 'marks' out there - but being a Reiki Master
means always keeping at least one step ahead of them.

And the very best way to ensure you gain the skills to enable you to keep ahead of
them, is to sign up for one of my franchised, 14-day residential course entitled:

"Snake-oil Reiki - the art of New-Age Bulls%^&ting".

For full details and dates of a course near you, call our information hotline, toll-free
(well almost), today!

* * * * * *

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Copyright © 2005 James Deacon

Challenge your perceptions…

The ReiKi Code - the international bestseller from renowned Japanese Cultural
Historian and acclaimed Reiki Researcher, Jan Frown.

A skillfully written account of conspiracy, mis-information, intrigue, menace, cover-up,

and Taisho-era politics. Exhaustively researched. Masterly and insightful. A must-read
for everyone connected with the Art of Reiki.

Within pages of The ReiKi Code you will discover:

How, from the outset, the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai - hailed as the 'Keepers of the
Flame' of Usui-sensei's Gift - actually preserved an intentionally corrupted version of
his teachings.

Why the author believes that the modern-day Gakkai might actually be a recently
'restablished' society - in much the same way that, in the West, long-defunct esoteric
orders have been re-established by those with no direct connection to the originals.
Or alternatively, how the modern-day Gakkai's supposed existence may be nothing
more than a convenient 'mechanism' invented to 'lend weight' to certain individuals
personal views concerning the nature and practice of Reiki.

You will learn that, contrary to what has been suggested, Usui sensei was not a
Tendai Buddhist - in fact not even a Buddhist at all.

How supposedly 'original' versions of Usui-sensei's early teachings, apparently being

taught by two exceedingly long-lived Tendai Buddhist nuns, are - like these very nuns
themselves - merely figments of an overactive Reiki-imagination.

That the term 'Reiki' has nothing to do with 'universal energy' but rather, speaks to
the healing power of the individual's Spirit/Soul Essence - their Choku Rei ('Spirit
Direct from Kami').

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Discover the real reason it was initially claimed that the symbols were no longer used
in native Japanese Reiki.

Read how - in an attempt by one Japanese Reiki Master to 'save face' - the name of
a popular brand of Japanese aloeswood incense accidentally came to be presented
as the allegedly 'proper' name of the Reiki power symbol. And how a 'secret' trigger-
word, claimed by some to be the means of activating the mental-emotional symbol,
was actually borrowed from a well-known brand of Sake!

See how the 1925 Chian Iji Ho (Peace Preservation Law/ Public Security Act), was
also implemented to control the growth and activities of religious and spiritual groups
considered to be promoting 'dangerous thoughts' - i.e. ideas in any way conflicting
with, or critical of, the official views and doctrines of the State.

And how elements of Usui-sensei's teachings may have been seen to fall within this

Learn why Usui-sensei's Spiritual Healing Group was deemed a shûkyô ruiji dantai
('quasi-religious organization') - and as such, fell under the control of the Japanese
Home Ministry. How it was, to all intents and purposes, taken over by officers of the
Imperial Navy, who had been assigned the task of 'realigning' its activities, aims and

Learn the real reason for the introduction of the practice of chanting Meiji Poetry at
'Reiki Meetings'.

Discover the secret subtext in the documents such as the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei.

See how Usui-sensei may not actually have died in 1926, as is commonly believed.
How dates and age references given in the text of the Usui Memorial, hint at this.

Discover the correct ordering of the Reiki symbols and learn about the true
significance and function of each individual symbol - newly disclosed insights that
show the symbols in their true light - not merely as 'energetic tools', but as vital keys
to the very Spiritual Core of Usui-sensei's Gift.

Discover how, conscious that essential elements of his teachings were being
'reworked' so as to support beliefs and practices more in keeping with the State ethos
- and that under threat of imprisonment as a 'thought criminal' he was powerless to
protest - Usui-sensei decided to pass on the core teachings concerning the Reiki
'Phenomenon' solely to his wife and children.

That while his original philanthropic intentions had been to share his 'Spiritual
Method' (of Healing) with the world, he eventually came to the conclusion that the
only way to preserve the True Spirit of Reiki was to keep the Spiritual Lineage of the
'Gift' within his own Blood Line...

And all this is just a taster of what awaits the reader within the pages of the
astounding piece of scholarly research that is The ReiKi Code...

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Now read what the critics have to say*

Impossible to put down...

Not even an A-list thriller-writer could make up something like this...

Fascinating, absorbing; possibly the most controversial piece of Reiki-investigation


This intriguing volume is cram-packed with amazing historical detail...

An engrossing read - it provides rich food for thought...

A real page-turner....
You will never look at Reiki in the same way again...

An enthralling read that at once informs, educates and entertains...

About the Author

JAN FROWN (also writing as A. Parody) is the best-selling author of: "Figments of an
Airbourne Pig's Imagination", "The Truth Is Out There: it just doesn't want to be
found", and the seven-volume Angling classic: 'The Japanese Art of Fly-fishing'.

Thanks to massive sales of The ReiKi Code, Jan has been able to purchase the
small West-Country village of 'Conspiracy-Theory-on-the-Wold', in the North of
England, where she now lives with her collection of antique motorcycles, the
mummified remains of a Meiji-era puffer-fish, and an 'Imaginary Friend' named

The ReiKi Code by Jan Frown

Not available for sale from any good bookstore near you.
Also not available directly from the Author/Publishers

* Though not necessarily about 'The ReiKi Code'!

* * * * * *

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
Copyright © 2007 James Deacon

Probably not many people are aware that the Harley Davison Company began selling
motorcycles in Japan in 1913.

Even fewer people realise that one of the first Harleys to go on sale there was
purchased by a clerical officer at the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Fewer still are aware that the gentleman in question, one Herbert Dalfoyle-Briggs,
was a good friend of Mikao Usui.

Apparently the two used to meet regularly at the Embassy, where they would pass
several hours playing chess and discussing a wide range of shared interests
including Philosophy, Poetry, Literature and most importantly - Cricket. (Seems Usui-
sensei had an absolute passion for the game.)

Now, as luck would have it, it transpired that Usui-sensei visited the Embassy later on
same the day that Dalfoyle-Briggs had taken delivery of his brand new Harley-
Davison motorcycle.

Dalfoyle-Briggs, who it seems could hardly contain himself, was waiting in the
Embassy foyer.

Following brief yet formal greetings, eagerly, Dalfoyle-Briggs ushered Usui-sensei

through the Embassy gardens to a small yard in which his new prized possession
stood gleaming in the late afternoon sunlight.

After some moments of fawning over his new acquisition, singing its praises,
recounting its specifications - oh, and every now and then polishing away some
almost invisible mark or fingerprint from the wonderful piece of American engineering
with a large white (and up to this point, immaculate,) handkerchief - Dalfoyle-Briggs
straddled the machine and attempted to fire the great engine into life.

But to no avail.

Again and again he tried, without success; as slowly the expression on his face
turned to one of dejection.

It took Usui-sensei a couple of moments to realise what the problem was; and as if
not wanting to be overheard (even though there was no-one else in sight) he leaned
forward and quietly spoke to his friend:

"May I make a suggestion? Perhaps you might try pulling out the choke"

"Hurray!" cheered Dalfoyle-Briggs as the Harley Davison instantly powered into life.

"Hmm", Usui-sensei thought to himself, as he watched his friend roaring across the
yard on the splendid machine, "...choke. Hurray! and the power is suddenly there...
Choke. Hurray... choke-hurray...
Yes, I like the sound of these English words... Must remember them...
I don't quite know why, but I have a feeling...

I might just possibly have some use for them, one day..."

James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES - w w w . a e t w . o r g
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