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OMW003: Oracle Service Oriented Architecture

Course Description: This course is designed to prepare you independent Oracle SOA/BPEL. You learn how to create the ODI Topology, organize ODI models and design ODI interfaces, procedures, packages and other objects. You will the Architecture and Philosophy of Service Oriented Architectures and how to build, deploy and manage SOA solutions. In this training you will learn development of various components in SOA 11g. You will also learn configuration of various SOA 11g components/adaptors and their deployment to Weblogic server. Participants will also get to understand how Oracle SOA Application are deployed, monitored and tested on Oracle Weblogic using Enterprise Manager. Course Duration: 30 hours. Take Away: Student Guide, Lab Guide, Practice Material and sample case study. Class Delivery: On Line (Interactive Web Based)
An Introduction Identifying the Course Units What is Oracle Data Integrator? Why Oracle Data Integrator? Overview of ODI 11g Architecture Overview of ODI 11g Components About Graphical Modules Types of ODI Agents Overview of Oracle Data Integrator Repositories

Introduction and Concepts of SOA Definition of SOA Standards and Specifications that make SOA Describe SOA Reference Architecture Advantages of SOA Understanding SOA Suite 11g Product and Product Features Understanding Service Design Considerations and different Service Components Exercises Q &A Understanding SOA 11g List SOA 11g Components Describe Service Components Define Composite Application Describing Enterprise Manager Concepts of Oracle Weblogic Server Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 11g Exercises Q &A

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Providing Services for SOA Defining a Service Describing key Service Artifacts Reviewing Web Service Concepts and Architecture Reviewing Concepts of XML schema, XSLT and WSDL Documents Introduction to Adapter Framework Exercises Q &A Introduction and Concepts of SCA ( Service Component Architecture) Explain SCA and its components Defining Composite Application Creating SOA Composite in Jdev Exercises Q &A Managing and Monitoring SOA Composite Application Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the SOA Composite Working with Enterprise Manager Deploying, Undeploying and Testing SOA composite Debugging SOA Composite Exercises Q &A Introduction to Concepts BPEL Understanding Orchestration Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Components Overview of BPEL Designer Environments Overview of Activities. Concepts of Partner Links and Service Invocations Exercises Q &A BPEL Concepts In depth Invoking WebServices using BPEL Interaction patterns in BPEL ( Synchronous/Asynchrnous) Concepts of Variables and uses in BPEL Implementing Parallel flows in BPEL Conditional Branching in BPEL Suspending threads in BPEL Manipulating and Transforming XML Data in BPEL using XSLT Explaining Data Manipulation and XPath Standards Explaining Adapter concepts and Framework Explaining different types of Adapter Implementing Adapters using BPEL Debugging BPEL Processes Concepts of Fault Handling in BPEL Exercises Q &A

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Working with Mediator Components Introduction to Oracle Mediator Oracle ESB and Mediator Content and Header based Routing Concepts of Service Virtualization Transformation in Mediators Exercises Q &A Human Tasks Concepts of Human Task Implementing Human Task Components in SOA Exercises Q &A Business Rules Concepts of Business Rules Component Implementing Business Rules Components Exercises Q &A Oracle Service Bus ( OSB) Concepts of Oracle Service Bus Virtualizing Services using OSB Concepts of Business and Proxy Services in OSB Designing and Implementing Business and Proxy services using OSB Exercises Q &A BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) Concepts of sensors Implementing real time dashboards using BAM Exercises Q &A

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