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The company has a dominating presence in the Automotive OEM segment and currently it is enjoying a market share of around 33%. To cater to the demand of the Retailers in a faster way company maintains stock at branches also.TESTSCRIPT TESTSCRIPTID : FT_INT007 Power India Limited is catering to both Automotive and Industrial sectors. PIL is operating through it's dealers.0 . PIL has 50 branch offices all Over India and Branch offices also have limited warehousing facility. The following master data is created: Material master for Finished goods Customer Master The following data will be used in the test scenario : Material: 100009 Plant: Nashik Customer : 7 Sales Organization : PILH (PIL Head Office) Distribution Channel : DL (Dealer) Division : AU (Automotive) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FASTTRAK Integration Test Page 2 of 5 Version1. Delivery for the dealers are done from the branch Offices. PIL is supplying batteries to all the passenger car and Commercial vehicle manufactures of India. For the Retail customers. The company has a robust dealer network of 2400 dealers and the branch office does the job of coordinating with the dealers of that region.

Accounting Document will be generated. Y 6 F-36 Payment is received from the customer in the form of Bill of Exchange Customer a/c no. material and pricing details will be populated Quotation will be saved. Bills Receivable is received invoice reference and customer invoice is cleared with a special GL indicator. Document no. Material No. All relevant details will be copied to the quotation from the inquiry Order will be saved. Customer. 1500016 Y _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FASTTRAK Integration Test Page 3 of 5 Version1. is generated. plant. Deliver the order and Post Goods Issue Order No.TESTSCRIPT TESTSCRIPTID : FT_INT007 Step # 1 Transaction Code VA11 Step Details Create inquiry for dealer sales Data Requirement Expected Results Actual Results Success? Y/N Dealer Customer No. amount. with reference to inquiry Create order for dealer sales with Quotation No. Document No is Generated 10000004 Document No is Generated 20000004 Document No is Generated 23 Document No is Generated 80000031 Document No is Generated 90000019 Y Y Y 4 VL01 Y 5 VF01 Create invoice for the transaction Delivery Document No. All relevant details will be populated from the quotation. reference to the quotation Purchase Order No.0 . Invoice will be saved. Delivery will be saved. 2 VA21 Create quotation for dealer sales Inquiry No. 3 VA01 Inquiry will be saved.

1700004 Y 8 F-20 Contingent liability is reversed at Bills Receivable the end of the bill expiry date. Bills of Bills Receivable is credited Exchange document no. 1700003 Y Document no. Data Requirement Expected Results Actual Results Success? Y/N Bank a/c. document no. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FASTTRAK Integration Test Page 4 of 5 Version1. Account is cleared. Document no.TESTSCRIPT TESTSCRIPTID : FT_INT007 Step # 7 Transaction Code F-33 Step Details Bill Receivable is discounted at the bank.0 .

etc.0 .TESTSCRIPT TESTSCRIPTID : FT_INT007 Comments (Reason for new version. issues encountered during testing. ) Success / Failure Success Test Status: Review After Execution Technical: FI/CO: User Acceptance [ X ] PASS [ ] FAIL (Check One) Verified from FI/CO Team: Ruchika Havelia Reviewed Date: Reviewed Date: Accepted Date: 12/09/07 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FASTTRAK Integration Test Page 5 of 5 Version1.

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