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leadership teamwork


All of our students have achieved. Not all are in the Honours List, not all have achieved recognition through prizes and awards along their educational journey. All can stand proud of the wonderful young people they are and how extraordinarily well-equipped they are to take their places with pride and confidence in the Jewish and broader Australian community. Once again we have gained an extraordinarily high number of students on the Honours List; an amazingly high percentage of students scoring Bands 5 and 6; individual students achieving remarkable results in spite of some very demanding times in their personal lives and a set of results that has all of us swelling justifiably with pride. The HSC marks a major milestone in both the educational and life journey for our wonderful young people. It is both an end and an exciting beginning.

Dux 2009
Mazal Tov to Daniel Cohn on achieving an ATAR of 99.95 (highest mark achievable) and a place on the Honour Roll.

Kimble J Fillingham College Principal/CEO

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students. Another vintage year for Moriah College. I am delighted to be able to present a summary of the outstanding results that have been achieved by the class of 2009 and a snapshot of the diverse threads of students, subjects and achievements that is the rich tapestry of Moriah College.

As a College we are delighted to see that the partnership between our students, teachers and parents has borne such remarkable and laudable results. The entire Moriah Family can bask in the glory of these achievements, be delighted at the doors that these results can now open for their futures, but most importantly we all stand proud of the fine young men and women who have left their day to day attendance with us and now move on to the honoured position of Yedid/Alumni member. We know that our graduates of 2009 will follow in the fine traditions of those who have gone before they will remain as part of the Moriah Family and will in years to come contribute significantly to both Jewish continuity and the world at large. I wish them all well. Mazel Tov.

State Honour Roll

Students who have achieved >90 (Band 6) in at least 10 units of study Micaela Bernfield Jared Blumberg Adam Chalmers Daniel Cohn Adam Elliott Brett Fivelman Sean Fleischer David Hazan Leslie Landerer Batya Lepar Ashley Mazabow Dean Meltzer Rosie Meyerowitz Samantha Meyerson Nadav Michael David Moore Samuel Morris Michaela Resnick Amy Sentis Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovits Joshua Shuvalov Ariella Smith Natalie Sztolcman Stephanie Wolff

First in Subject in the State

Matityahu (Matti) Zinn Classical Hebrew Continuers Classical Hebrew Extension 1 Tali Feiglin Modern Hebrew Continuers (Year 11 accelerant)


In a recent address to the newly elected student leaders, the students were reminded of the importance of conversations in our lives. The word conversation comes from the Latin word con (meaning with or together) and uersari (meaning to turn around). Hence, to converse means to actively turn towards and stand with. The extraordinary success of all our Year 12 students is the end result of many hours of conversations between parents, students and teachers who have worked together to facilitate every opportunity for success and significant personal achievement. The experience of this dialogue stands our students in good stead as they consider, and reconsider, their options for the future. Whilst the HSC is a significant exit point for our students, it does not define, nor limit, what one can ultimately achieve in life. In the many conversations that took place during the year regarding post-schooling options it was important that our Year 12 students were surrounded by adults who stood with them as they made what can be difficult, yet exciting, personal choices. Our students are assured of our continued support during and after they have graduated. We commend the outstanding achievement of our students, both those who have been acknowledged for significant academic achievements, and those that have achieved beyond what they considered their personal best. It is testimony of their own commitment, perseverance and diligence. Their personal success is our success, and we stand proud to have had the Class of 2009 as our students. May the school motto to learn, to heed, to act resonate strongly throughout their lives and serve as a signpost and guide for the more challenging moments that they will be confronted with in the years ahead, and may their Jewish heritage always be a source of great pride, support and comfort.

John Hamey Head of High School

Vicki Farkas Head of Curriculum

HSC Fact File

Top 1% of the State Of the 141 Moriah HSC students who received an ATAR, 21 gained a Rank of 99 or over, placing them in the top 1% of the State. This equates to 14.9% of our candidates. Top 5% of the State A further 35 gained an ATAR over 95 which means that 56 HSC students or 39.7% gained a place in the top 5% of the State. Top 10% of the State A total of 87 students gained an ATAR of 90 or over, placing them in the top 10% of the State. This represents 61.7% of the cohort.

Hilary Kahn Year 12 Coordinator

The students of our graduating class of 2009 have been a source of great pride to Moriah College. They have maintained the high academic standards set by their predecessors and their engagement and commitment to the extensive range of activities offered by the College has been equally impressive. They can reflect with satisfaction on their achievements, knowing that the effort they put into their work and school life has been rewarded with fine results. Equally important in their education, has been nurturing each one of them to be a mensch. At every opportunity,

we reinforce the values of derech eretz, fulfilling the creed of the College: lilmod, lishmor, vlaasot: to learn, to heed, to act. They are fine young men and women, and I wish them every success as they embark on the next phase of their lives. 3

An unprecedented seven students have had their major work nominated for exhibition at ArtExpress the prestigious exhibition showcasing excellence in HSC Visual Arts. These creative individuals have been valuable members of the College community, many of them holding leadership positions and all of them acting as strong role models for our younger students. All of them pay tribute to their teachers for their invaluable help, support and encouragement. Natalie says that Moriah is special because everyone has an opportunity to fulfil their greatest potential and achieve beyond their wildest expectations. Moriah teachers care about you and with the help of all the support teams they try to make your time at school as un-stressful as possible, says Yana.

Tal Chodos, detail from Persons of Perception, Avoid Things Coloured Red, One and Five Pencils

Yana Smagarinsky, detail from So How Does That Make You Feel?

Congratulations to Hannah Grossberg, Yana Smagarinsky and Tal Chodos for having had their work selected for exhibition at multiple ArtExpress venues. This is an outstanding achievement both in meeting the mark range for pre-selection and then making it through the curatorial selection process.

Hannah Grossberg, detail from A Gentle Courtesy 4


Natalie Sztolcman, detail from A Body of Water

Ariella Smith, detail from Pandora

Joshua Shuvalov, detail from Prosthetic/Prophetic

Eli Hochberg
Elis individual HSC Drama project, Video Drama, was selected to be shown at OnStage, the Drama equivalent of ArtExpress. Elis advice is to work consistently and not leave things until the last second, this is especially important with major works! Eli Hochberg, detail from Legacy 5


ATAR of 99 +
Brett Fivelman and Amy Sentis
As College Captains, Brett and Amy have both been outstanding representatives of the College and upstanding role models. They have demonstrated a strong ability to lead a team of students and work hard as team members. Both Brett and Amy have taken full advantage of the many opportunities Moriah has to offer, being involved in Music, Sport and Academic Programs throughout their school careers. Be involved in as much as you can is Amys advice to younger students. Dont let opportunities pass you by because often you wont get another chance. Brett says that what he will miss most about Moriah is the dedication and devotion of the teachers to the individual progress of their students. Theyve set a standard thats unlikely to be met as we enter University. Students who attained an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99 or greater include: Daniel Cohn Daniel Berger Micaela Bernfield Jared Blumberg Adam Chalmers Brett Fivelman Sean Fleischer Joshua Gottlieb David Hazan Rosie Meyerowitz Michaela Resnick Devora Robinson Amy Sentis Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovits Ariella Smith Stephanie Wolff Matityahu Zinn Leslie Landerer Dean Meltzer Nadav Michael

Sophie Don
Sophies advice to future Year 12 students is to not lose sight of who you are and what else you can get out of your final year its important to still have fun! She certainly demonstrated this philosophy by being an enthusiastic and dedicated Music Convenor, inspiring the members of her House to participate to their fullest in the Music Festival. Sophie has participated in nearly every area of College life and, in her role as College Vice Captain, demonstrated her strong leadership and organisational skills.

What happened to the UAI?

In June 2009 the Universities Admission Index (UAI) became the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). There were three changes: the name was changed the highest rank became 99.95 as opposed to 100 for the UAI the UAI indicated a students position in relation to their Year 10 cohort; the ATAR now indicates a students position in relation to their Year 7 cohort. The Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC) decided in 2008 to adopt a common name for existing selection indices across all states and territories (except Queensland) to highlight that student ranks are reported on a common scale. The change in the top rank is to bring NSW students ranks into line with their interstate peers. Some students may be disappointed at not being able to obtain a rank of 100. One of the common mistakes people make is to think that a UAI of 100 means a perfect score; this is not the case. In the past, students who received a UAI of 100 were those who were in the top 0.025% of their peers and the aggregate marks of this top group have ranged from 480 to 498. There has never, in 30 years, been a student with a perfect aggregate of 500.

Joshua Hoffman
A student of exceptional insight, Joshua earned the nickname Isaac Newton in his Maths lessons. His quick mind and welldeveloped problem solving capabilities will stand him in good stead for a future in Information Technology, which he hopes to pursue at University. Joshua says that he has gained much from his role as College Vice Captain. He has definitely grown in confidence through the year and has initiated a number of excellent ideas in his leadership role.


2 UNIT COURSES Ancient History Biology Business Studies Chemistry Classical Hebrew Continuers Drama Economics English Advanced English Standard Entertainment Geography Hospitality Information Processes & Technology Legal Studies Mathematics Mathematics General Modern Hebrew Continuers Modern History Music Course 1 Music Course 2 Personal Development, Health & Physical Education Physics Senior Science Society & Culture Software Design & Development Studies of Religion Visual Art 25 12 38 10 21 12 28 86 36 5 24 5 8 24 46 20 22 13 7 5 26 10 10 8 12 19 27 31 15 45 12 29 12 31 91 51 7 33 8 9 25 64 33 22 16 7 5 33 13 11 9 12 21 27 80 79.99 84.43 83.32 72.4 100 90.32 94.49 70.58 71.42 72.72 62.5 88.88 96 71.84 60.6 100 81.25 100 100 78.78 76.91 90.9 88.88 100 90.46 100 36.89 31.68 37.68 38.64 70.26 47.12 46.99 51.89 5.35 20.88 39.71 27.24 31.56 42.45 42.45 24.66 97.42 40.92 57.83 80.62 31.64 41.56 38.86 41.55 28.69 52.79 63.99

Number of students in Band 5/6

Number of students in course

Moriah % Band 5/6

State % Band 5/6

100% of all students who took an extension course in any subject scored in the top two bands. EXTENSION COURSES Classical Hebrew Extension 1 English Extension 1 English Extension 2 History Extension 1 Mathematics Extension 1 Mathematics Extension 2 Music Extension 1 20 28 16 11 42 23 4 20 28 16 11 42 23 4 Band E3/E4 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 84.23 79.67 73.62 81.55 89.28 94.53


Amy Weiss
A student at Moriah since Kindergarten, Amy has been involved in the Music Program, the Mount Scopus Sports Tour to Melbourne and several Year 12 Committees. Her advice to younger students is to stay on top of your work, never wait until the last minute, take regular breaks, take it easy and dont stress.

Nadav Michael Rosie Meyerowitz, Daniel Cohn

High Achievers, Daniel and Rosie both have a string of Academic awards and certificates to their names. Their lists of prizes span the curriculum from Economics to English, Chemistry to Jewish Studies, Maths and Science to Geography. In addition, Daniel has gained a Distinction First Place in French Continuers this year from the Open High School. Rosie found the time to undertake a position of leadership and responsibility as Charity Portfolio Captain during Years 11 and 12. Its when you become involved in the exra-curricular activities such as leadership, charity, drama, music festivals and Jewish celebrations that you can wholly experience the spirit and Jewish ruach of the school says Rosie. This is where Moriah excels as a place to heed and to act. A worthy recipient of numerous academic, community and Music awards throughout his school career including the award for Academic Excellence Across the Curriculum for four consecutive years, Nadav gives of himself fully in everything that he does with humility, kindness and a quiet passion. Indeed, one of his passions for Eretz Yisrael will take him overseas in 2010. Nadav has been preparing himself for this experience by studying Classical and Modern Hebrew, participating in Tefillah Shleyma and working as a youth counsellor for Bnei Akiva.

Open High School

Daniel Cohn and Michaela Resnick have studied French at the Open High School. Michaela accelerated in the 2U Continuers course in 2008 and completed the Extension 1 course this year, whilst Daniel completed the 2U Continuers course this year. They both achieved 1st place in the Continuers course 2008 & 2009 respectively and Michaela was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the Extension course. They have both been awarded a Principals Award for outstanding achievement from the Open High School.

Matthew Hoenig, Michaela Resnick

Between them, Matthew and Michaela have represented Moriah in a myriad of sports. Passionate about both Cricket and Soccer, Moriah gave Matthew the opportunity to represent the College in these sports numerous times including a sports tour of Melbourne. He has been awarded numerous sports awards and due to his perseverance and time management skills, managed to maintain a rigorous extra-curricular sporting program during his final year. Michaela has also excelled on the sports field, particularly in Athletics, gaining the award for Athletic Champion for her outstanding performances. Michaela feels a strong connection to Moriah having attended the College since Kindergarten. 8


Students achieving in the top band within particular courses of study
Ancient History Adam Chalmers (2008) David Hazan Eli Hochberg James Israel Ricky Melamdowitz David Moore Samuel Morris Talia Mowszowski Carla Sank Sarah Segal Brendan Teplitsky Biology Robyn Ordman Alon Salby Joshua Shuvalov Yana Smagarinsky Business Studies Jared Blumberg Adam Elliott Sean Fleischer Ricky Glezerson Gali Gold Miki Hendler James Israel Eliezer Jacobs Leslie Landerer Lewinsky Kevin Ashley Mazabow Ricky Melamdowitz Shaun Meltzer David Moore Samuel Morris Devora Robinson Jonathan Rod Carla Sank Joshua Shuvalov Zachary Veksler Stephanie Wolff Chemistry Adam Bermeister Jared Blumberg Classical Hebrew Continuers Ilan Lavan Samantha Meyerson Nadav Michael Devora Robinson Jeffrey Schumer Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovitz Matityahu Zinn Classical Hebrew Ext 1 Ilan Lavan Samantha Meyerson Nadav Michael Aviva Monk Devora Robinson Jeffrey Schumer Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovitz Matityahu Zinn Drama Micaela Bernfield Hannah Grossberg Eli Hochberg Daniella Kroser Natalie Stzolcman Yehudit Ungar Economics Adam Bermeister Jared Blumberg Daniel Cohn Sean Fleischer Joshua Gottlieb Michael Immerman Adam Kupferman Leslie Landerer Gavin Levy Dean Meltzer Shaun Meltzer Samuel Morris Gil Pollak Brett Rosenberg English Advanced Ross Allen Micaela Bernfield Jared Blumberg Adam Chalmers Rebecca Chalmers Tal Chodos Alon Cohen Daniel Cohn Talia Diamond Sophie Don Adam Elliott Rachel Epstein Nicola Filler Carri Fisher Brett Fivelman Sean Fleischer Sara Garfagnini Gali Gold Joshua Gottlieb Samantha Harris David Hazan Eli Hochberg Michael Immerman James Israel Galit Jones Hayley Kaplan Jade Krug Leslie Landerer Batya Lepar Gavin Levy Dean Meltzer Rosie Meyerowitz Samantha Meyerson Nadav Michael Aviva Monk David Moore Samuel Morris Jonathan Moss Talia Mowszowski Robyn Ordman Gil Pollak Michaela Resnick Devora Robinson Alon Salby Carla Sank James Schey Sarah Segal Amy Sentis Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovitz Joshua Shuvalov Ariella Smith Tiffany Stoliar Nasya Sutherland Natalie Stzolcman Amy Weiss Stephanie Wolff English Standard Hannah Apfelbaum Samantha Border Hannah Grossberg Kevin Lewinsky Ashley Mazabow Montana Meyer English Ext 1 Micaela Bernfield Adam Chalmers Daniel Cohn Rachel Epstein Brett Fivelman Joshua Gottlieb Samantha Harris David Hazan Galit Jones Hayley Kaplan Leslie Landerer Batya Lepar Dean Meltzer Rosie Meyerowitz David Moore Samuel Morris Jonathan Moss Amy Sentis Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovits Joshua Shuvalov Ariella Smith Natalie Sztolcman English Ext 2 Micaela Bernfield Adam Chalmers Rachel Epstein Sara Garfagnini David Hazan Hayley Kaplan Leslie Landerer Samuel Morris Amy Sentis Amy-Lee Sesel Doron Shmilovits Ariella Smith Entertainment Jonathan Kaplan Nasya Sutherland Geography Samantha Border Sara Garfagnini Kevin Lewinsky Dina Mekler Michaela Resnick History Ext 1 Adam Chalmers (2008) David Hazan Galit Jones Joshua Shuvalov Hospitality Dina Mekler Information Processes & Technology Samantha Border Ricky Glezerson Leslie Landerer Ashley Mazabow Simon Molnar Aaron Muller


Students achieving in the top band within particular courses of study
Legal Studies Samantha Border Carri Fisher Helen Helfenbaum Miki Hendler Paul Khodor Steven Levy Rosie Meyerowitz Natalie Sztolcman Mathematics General Alexandra Cohen Hannah Grossberg Eliezer Jacobs Jonathan Kaplan Kevin Lewinsky Ashley Mazabow Itamar Steigrad Nasya Sutherland Mathematics Adam Bermeister Adam Chalmers Alon Cohen Ari Gorney Matthew Hoenig Ilan Lavan Batya Lepar Gavin Levy Dean Meltzer Shaun Meltzer Samantha Meyerson Simon Molnar Aviva Monk David Moore Robyn Ordman Michaela Resnick James Schey Amy-Lee Sesel Ariella Smith Brendan Teplitsky Yehudit Ungar Matityahu Zinn Mathematics Ext 1 Daniel Berger (2008) Adam Bermeister Micaela Bernfield Jared Blumberg Judah Caplan Adam Chalmers Daniel Cohn Adam Elliott Brett Fivelman Sean Fleischer (2008) Joshua Gottlieb (2008) Raphael Grossman (2008) David Hazan Joshua Hoffman Paul Khodor Adam Kupferman (2008) Batya Lepar Dean Meltzer Shaun Meltzer Rosie Meyerowitz Nadav Michael David Moore Talia Mowszowski Aaron Muller (2008) Avital Olshansky Robyn Ordman Jeffrey Schumer Amy Sentis (2008) Ariella Smith Brendan Teplitsky Stephanie Wolff Matityahu Zinn Mathematics Ext 2 Daniel Berger Micaela Bernfield Jared Blumberg Daniel Cohn Adam Elliott Brett Fivelman Sean Fleischer Joshua Gottlieb Raphael Grossman David Hazan Adam Kupferman Rosie Meyerowitz Nadav Michael Talia Mowszowski Aaron Muller Avital Olshansky Jeffrey Schumer Amy Sentis Stephanie Wolff Modern Hebrew Continuers Tali Feiglin (Year 11) Jessica Glanz (Year 11) Ilan Lavan (2008) Daria Manor (Year 11) Samantha Meyerson Nadav Michael (2008) Aviva Monk Avital Olshansky (2008) Erez Rachamim (Year 11) Nicole Raymond (Year 11) Devora Robinson Tobi Schneider (Year 11) Ron Schwarzmann (2008) Amy-Lee Sesel Ariella Smith Tiffany Stoliar (2008) Yehudit Ungar Modern History Michael Immerman Dean Meltzer Joshua Shuvalov Music Course 1 Hannah Apfelbaum Adam Goldstein Jason Podgoetsky Daniel Rose Music Course 2 Alon Cohen Sophie Don Paul Khodor Nadav Michael Benjamin Seidman Music Ext 1 Alon Cohen Paul Khodor Nadav Michael Benjamin Seidman PDHPE Rebecca Chalmers Ricky glezerson Miki Hendler Michael Immerman Steven levy Gil Pollak Michaela Resnick Brett Rosenberg Carla Sank James Schey Physics Daniel Berger Brett Fivelman Amy Sentis Software Design & Development Daniel Berger Adam Chalmers Adam Elliott Brett Fivelman Ashley Mazabow Amy sentis Doron Shmilovits Studies of Religion Micaela Bernfield Sophie Don Rachel Epstein Galit Jones Batya Lepar 10 Ricky Melamdowitz Rosie Meyerowitz Samantha Meyerson Natalie Sztolcman Visual Art Tal Chodos Carri Fisher Hannah Grossberg Samantha Harris Eli Hochberg Paige Hurvitz Hayley Kaplan Jonathan Kaplan Batya Lepar Daniella Maryasin Dina Mekler Shoshana Port Joshua Shuvalov Yana Smagarinsky Ariella Smith Tiffany Stoliar (2008) Nasya Sutherland Natalie Sztolcman Amy Weiss Stephanie Wolff Courses External to Moriah French Open High School Daniel Cohn Michaela Resnick (2008) French Ext 1 Michaela Resnick Philosophy Distinction Course Adam Chalmers (High Distinction) Joshua Gottlieb (Distinction) Doron Shmilovits (2008) Matti Zinn (2008)


Amy-Lee Sesel
Having topped her year group in English and English Extension several times during the course of her school career, including Year 12, Amy-Lee has an excellent record of academic success. She has managed to balance this with an enthusiastic involvement in the Band Program, as a member of a Touch Football Team, as SRC Captain and a myriad of other activities both within and outside the College. Amy says that the most valuable lesson she has learned from her time at Moriah is that good work will always pay off not necessarily in the short-term, but one way or another, the rewards will come back to you.

Daniel Berger, Gavin Levy

Although their chosen fields of excellence are worlds apart, Daniel and Gavin share the common bond that they have both represented Moriah College at National Competitions. Gavins prowess in the sporting arena, particularly in Tennis, has earned him a swag of awards and certificates including the New South Wales Olympic Committee Pierre de Coubertin Award in recognition of sporting achievements; the prize for Best AllRounder and a selection for the Australian Schools merit team the highest honour a student in Australia can attain in school sport. Gavin says he will always be grateful that Moriah provided me with a solid academic foundation that also enabled me to participate in school sport at a high level which I found very rewarding. On the other side of the spectrum, Daniels talents in Mathematics, Physics and Software Design and Development have gained him a bronze medal in the International Informatics Olympiad in Bulgaria, a prize for winning the French Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad and the prize for Most Outstanding Ambassador for Moriah College to the World at Large. His key to surviving the HSC was careful planning and the Band Program is what he will miss most about Moriah.

Distinguished Achievers in a Course

Best in the State by Place
Classical Hebrew Continuers Matityahu Zinn 1st Ilan Lavan 2nd Devora Robinson 3rd Doron Shmilovits 4th Jeffrey Schumer 5th Classical Hebrew Extension 1 Matityahu Zinn 1st Devora Robinson 2nd Amy-Lee Sesel 3rd Ilan Lavan 4th English Standard Montana Meyer Ashley Mazabow English Extension 1 Rosie Meyerowitz Entertainment Nasya Sutherland 13th 19th 7th 5th

Nasya Sutherland
A vibrant and enthusiastic student, Nasya has often demonstrated her creative flare during her school career most notably in Drama and Music productions. Nasya believes that she has learnt much about herself and others through her experiences at Moriah and leaves the school gates as a confident and proud young woman. Nasya has successfully balanced her creative pursuits with academic success having been the recipient of academic excellence awards and she has also shown a commitment to the community as a whole through her involvement as a Hineni Youth Leader.

Modern Hebrew Continuers Tali Feiglin (Year 11) 1st Daria Manor (Year 11) 2nd Devora Robinson 3rd PDHPE Michaela Resnick 17th


David Weiss
Recipient of the Moriah College Prize for School Service, David has consistently given his time to be involved in many aspects of College life. From his keen participation in House Challenges to his assistance in preparing the Year 12 Yearbook, David's enthusiasm to lend a hand and work with others has gained him the affection and respect of both staff and students. He is known to be honest, reliable and hard working, all qualities which should ensure success in whatever he undertakes in the future.

Rebecca Lewis, Micaela Bernfield, Samantha Border

Is it a coincidence that these three girls all claim that chocolate got them through their HSC? Having spent their entire school careers, from Preschool to Year 12 at Moriah, these girls have taken full advantage of the many opportunities that the College has to offer. Both Rebecca and Micaela were awarded prizes for Outstanding Commitment to the Instrumental Program having participated in International Band Tours and playing in several bands and ensembles over the years. While Rebeccas love of Music featured in her HSC subject choices, Micaela chose Drama and Studies of Religion, both subjects that she has excelled in. Always setting high standards for herself and working purposefully to achieve them, Samanthas advice to the Class of 2010 is inspiring: always get involved and try your best as the more work and effort you put towards something the better you will do. She also credits her success to the amazing and dedicated teachers and their willingness to support all students with whatever their needs may be.

Alon Salby
Joining Moriah for Years 11 and 12, Alon proved himself to be a determined, dedicated student and an independent learner with considerable academic ability. In the short time he was at Moriah, Alons sense of humour and love of life made him popular with his peers and an excellent role model to the younger students. Alon's advice is to work diligently, stay organised and focussed it pays off.

David Moore
The true value of Moriah as a Community school is what David believes makes Moriah special. Its the interconnectedness of the school and the community explains David. Most students have friends in multiple years be it through a relative or family friend. With a healthy list of academic awards and certificates to his name, Davids consistent application to his studies allowed him to continue his involvement in the Music Program from 2000 to the present. A self-motivated student, David took every opportunity to submit practice answers and consult his teachers in order to improve his performance in the HSC.

Jonathan (Yoni) Kaplan

Yonis achievements as leader of the Tech Crew have made a huge impact on the quality of school assemblies, performances and other College events. Crediting Schweppes Lime Cordial and the unique technique of studying while hanging upside-down for getting him through the HSC, Yoni urges Moriah students to take the time to look for all the help and opportunities available. Yoni has a particular talent for drawing which he hopes to pursue through a career in animation. 12

Stephanie Wolff
Stephanies involvement in leadership positions during her High School career includes Ezra House Captain in 2009 and a member of the Charity and Social Action Committees. This connection, together with her participation in Hineni, Maccabi and JNF events demonstrates a keenness to help make a difference in the community. Confessing to an addiction to the TV show Friends as a study diversion and studying in the shower as a quirky technique, Stephanie admits that it will be difficult to adjust to life outside of the Moriah: I have been at Moriah since Preschool and so I feel a strong connection to the school as it has given me so many different opportunities.

Hannah Apfelbaum, Daniel Rose, Dale Scheftz

In addition to the many academic, sporting and community achievements of these three students; Hannah, Daniel and Dale have been actively involved in the Moriah Music Program for several years. Both talented singers, Hannah and Dale participated in many House activities, notably the popular Music Festivals. Hannahs advice to the class of 2010 is dont stress and make sure you dont leave anything till the last minute! Daniel was part of the Moriah Tour Band in 2007 and has claimed the prize for First in Music for two consecutive years. He was also awarded the 2009 prize for Outstanding Commitment to the Instrumental Program and his musicianship has been recognised in his nomination to the HSC Encore. Green Tea and TV got Daniel through his final exams as well as, not surprisingly, working with music in my head!

David Hazan
In addition to being extremely capable academically, David is also a talented musician who has made a signficant contribution to the musical life of the College. Describing his experience at Moriah as something that will stay with him forever, David is grateful to the teachers who gave of their own time to make sure he achieved the best marks possible. Choosing a range of extension subjects for his HSC, David has worked conscientiously over the years and has achieved good results as a consequence.

Joshua Gottlieb
Joshua describes Moriah as one big family with endless support in order to help everyone achieve their individual goals. Since joining the Moriah Family in Kindergarten, Joshua has endeared himself to staff and students as a committed, dedicated and reliable person who has succeeded in subject areas across the board. Joshuas advice to future HSC students is to never give up on your goals in life. If you try hard enough there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Ben Seidman and Rachel Epstein

With a string of awards and certificates to their names including academic, community service and in Bens case, music awards, these students have spread themselves over a vast and varied number of interests and been actively involved in many of the activities that are offered to our students in the College. Having developed a strong love for Eretz Yisrael and a passion for Zionism, Ben and Rachel will be participating in Israel Study Programs in 2010. Both of them have been enthusiastic participants in the Jewish Life of the College and also in the greater Community. Rachel is grateful to Moriah for giving students the opportunity to take whatever their special talents or passions are and nurturing them while Ben will always remember his Musical involvement with the school. It has truly provided me with experiences I will never forget. 13

Robyn Ordman
A Moriah student since Kindergarten, there's no doubt that Robyn will miss seeing her friends on a daily basis around the College. With her love of life and wonderful sense of humour, Robyn has been an integral member of the Class of 2009, a popular and well respected student by both her peers and her teachers. Robyn managed to find the perfect balance between her studies and sport, demonstrating her considerable academic ability while enjoying Touch Football and Soccer. Her committment to helping others saw her bravely crop her hair to raise money for the World's Greatest Shave.

Joel Einstein
Joel most definitely puts in practice the advice he gives to others: That you should never allow the HSC to completely take over your life as there are still so many other things that are important. During his school career, Joel grasped the opportunity to be involved in a diverse range of activities many of which have given him future prospects to pursue. These include being selected to attend the National Constitutional Convention in Canberra, being selected to participate in the NSW Youth Parliament, taking on the role of Deputy President of the Young Australian Democrats and volunteering for Oxfam Australia. His desire to make a difference and his commitment to social issues is a testament to his strong and caring value system.

Nikki Hirsch
Nikki describes Moriah as a school of enjoyable learning where true Jewish souls can shine together. An excellent role model for younger students, Nikkis experience working as a counsellor for the Bnei Akiva youth movement has provided her with valuable skills which will stand her in good stead for the future. Within the College, Nikki was involved in the Music Festival and undertook positions of leadership and responsibility as a Herzl Music Festival Convenor and a Year 10 Prayer leader.

Subject Rankings
English (all courses) 4th Mathematics (all courses) 18th Economics English Advanced Studies of Religion Visual Arts 9th 5th 8th 8th

Adam Chalmers Matityahu (Matti) Zinn

Mazal Tov to Matti for achieving first place in the HSC for Classical Hebrew Continuers and Classical Hebrew Extension. A highly valued member of the Moriah College community, Matti has managed to balance his diligent approach to his studies with an active involvement in College activities including Charity Captain, Toastmasters and the UNSW Science Mentoring program. Outside of the College Matti has maintained his dedication to the wider community through B'nei Akiva, Kehillat Moriah and other organisations. His advice to those facing the HSC exams is to take it one step at a time: Life is full of challenges so stop stressing and relax! Having goals for each day was Adams key to surviving the HSC. Accelerated in his HSC courses in Ancient History and History Extension while in Year 11, Adam studied the Distinction course in Philosophy during Year 12. He contributed actively across many facets of College life including debating, Tech Crew, the Band Program, interfaith activities and leadership positions. His easy manner allowed him to relate easily to his peers and his sense of humour is demonstrated in his quirky study technique of studying upside down. Adam says that he will miss seeing the teachers and my friends in the year below and his advice to the Class of 2010 is to help each other, and find a quiet place to study together. 14

Adam Kupferman
Adam echoes the words of many of his classmates when he says that what he will miss most about Moriah will be seeing all of my friends on a daily basis. Earning a prize for Outstanding Commitment to the Instrumental Program, Adams talent in music saw him performing both for his peers and the wider community on many occasions. Adam has applied himself independently and successfully across all academic areas throughout his time at Moriah and, in particular, in Mathematics. He was an accelerated student in 2008.

Romi Adler, Pnina Miller

One of the proudest moments for Pnina and Romi during their Moriah careers was receiving Certificates of Recognition for having completed 100 hours of early childcare work experience at our John I. Einfeld AM Preschool in Randwick. The girls are not only graduates of the College, but also of the outstanding Educational Support Program which was established in 2003 to provide individualised educational support for students with special needs. Through this program, both girls were given the opportunity to pursue a keen interest in childcare. Pnina has also completed the Certificate 3 Childcare qualification which allows her to work as an aide in any Early Childcare Centre. Both girls have been integral members of the Class of 2009 and have earned the greatest respect of their peers and teachers.

Jeffrey Schumer
The one thing that stands out for Jeffrey as making Moriah special is the personal treatment given to each student, encouraging them to excel in all aspects of their education. Jeffrey undertook the important position of leadership and responsibility as Gabbai of Tefillah Shleyma and extended his commitment to the community outside the College as a Youth Leader for Juniors at Bnei Akiva and a member of the Maccabi U18A Soccer Team. Jeffreys passion for Zionism is taking him on an Israel Program in 2010.

Ricky Glezerson
Rickys Moriah career began in Kindergarten so its no wonder that he says that he will miss being at the College every day a place that has encouraged and supported him and provided a strong sense of security. Ricky has involved himself in voluntary work, particularly during his last two years at Moriah, proving himself as an empathetic and compassionate mentor.

Creative Excellence
100% of all Music, Drama & Visual Arts students scored in the top 20% of the State.

Paige Hurvitz
There can be no greater example of Paiges creativity and originality than in her HSC Design & Technology Major Work a dress, made entirely of parking tickets! In fact, many Moriah staff members claim to have invested heavily in Paiges creation. Paiges cheerfulness, good humour and thoughtfulness have made her popular with her peers and she has been rewarded for her efforts by her diligence and attention to detail. Here, Paige's creation is modelled by her Year 12 classmate Nicola Filler. 15

The Board of Studies information is accurate as at 17 December 2009. Information relating to the ATAR is kindly provided by individual students as it is not disclosed to the College.

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