Ten pieces of Text for Josh Kaye For Speaking Performer By Matthew Lee Knowles August 2008

PART ONE However, even lovers listen openly. Jokers often shunt husbands in a malicious, monstrous attempt, killing intentional noise, grating. You occasionally undermine any portion in every castle ever obtained faithfully. Why rummage in tears? Instead, negate God. Fear obsolete radars, you oratorio unification. Twice on Sunday parties engineered a kindred.

PART TWO Yes, even Santa is a man, wriggling, ridiculously in the interesting North garden. Simultaneously, Oregon misses extra teaching, hiding in nobody’s gigantic windmill. If there happens a posh event … narrate.

PART THREE Thanks! How innocent someone is surfaces the hour eight Texans hurtle in, rightly disgraced. Pissing infinite everything controls ears not owned when …

PART FOUR Taken hurriedly, evermore beguiling exclusively, gaily in nothingness, nowhere inventively, not going and not denying the horror evermore. Each note, discusses openly, fantastic traitors hushing entrails. Fists of unifying rays transplant Homer’s stories, electrifying constantly, tediously, inserting orphans nowhere.

PART FIVE Tinted, harrowing around tasty sweets, operating veraciously entertaining repetition, not only when he expects rapidity . Everything instigates suspicion, talking haphazard English. Prometheus arranged rapture telling women “here in China, heavenly fanfares orate licentious liturgies.” Only women surrender faster. Only our race.

PART SIX Opulent vapour, ever resplendent, narrow on windows, turbulently ovulating, trying hard, enveloping paradise and reassuring triumph , wisdom, heroics indefinitely. Cruel hearts follow in their spirit, impartially. Now, bridges echo towns waving. Evil eminent nobody’s fracture in Venus, Earth and Neptune. Dante’s seventh entertains vile entities … narrate.

PART SEVEN Satisfying every vault, every North trance hotel. In November satisfaction turns asexual, lamenting, mourning even necrophilia. Twice in September, no-one owns women, actually reality exercises a legal injunction towards you.

PART EIGHT Enter, insert, grind, hurt, tear, howl. See, escape, catch, taste, inside, own, nemesis. Wondering, how, one, kind. Narrates our whistling sounds. How one wants more and never yearns malignantly. Open, realised - except traitors. How? Ears remember each willing inch. Leave, lament, back … express?

PART NINE Tend, hammer each next if, neither table hanging sheep ebbing cure thank in or noting possible erstwhile retelling handicaps about plain sliding toward hammocks. Experimentation plants, endings not unaware, leaving time immaterial mostly archaic then extinguished. Offering narcissism eventually, mummifying everyone, annihilating newborns, infiltrating neighbours, gratifying thunderous horror, evaporating ruling, ending will, instigating lost love. Beginning, ending. Try ending now.

PART TEN Trials, enter naughty, testify husbands. Asexual, nought, drab. Latitude acting surreptitiously, teasing.
Courteous occasions, marriage, prison and retributions - traps meaning evenings need trust

only fathers meander - your young ones, understand reality’s Soporific tracks. Reality under construction, tends (ultimately) rendered empty.

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