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27 - 29 November, 2013 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

O&M and Lifecycle Management Strategies for CCGT Power Plants

Maintaining Cost-Effective and Flexible Gas Fired Operations in Today's Market

Featuring a pre-conference workshop on November 27th, 2013:

Reliable Approaches for Extending the Operational Life of Modern Power Generation Turbine Blades

Featuring Speakers from:

AON Risk Solutions, Hong Kong CLP Power, Hong Kong GDF Suez Energy Asia, Thailand GVK Power and Infrastructure, India The Lantau Group, Hong Kong

With operationally focused case studies covering:

Commercial and technical challenges of managing performance across a CCGT fleet Reducing cost by assessing the risks and rewards of third party contracting versus Long Term Service Agreements Reducing maintenance spend and increasing gross margin without impacting plant availability Extending plant life by identifying gas turbine life limiting processes, hot gas path component management strategies and enhancing your approach to gas turbine life assessment Inspection and repair of industrial gas turbine rotors requirements, needs and demands Plant flexibility and the impact of cycling on lifecycle management and balance of plant O&M Project development of CCGTs in the current market

Powertek Berhad, Bangladesh T.A. Cook Consultants, UK Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia TNB Repair and Maintenance, Malaysia Verve Energy, Australia YTL, Malaysia


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Who Should Attend?

Attendees will range from fleet director and VP level, through to plant and gas turbine engineering, operations, maintenance, engineering, production, and outage management. O&M and Lifecycle Management for CCGT Power Plants is also the event of choice for IPPs and financiers looking for O&M support, as well as OEMs and third party service providers.


Dear Colleague,
There has never been more of a need for operators of CCGT power plants to gather and discuss strategies and approaches towards cutting operating costs and improving plant flexibility. Join us on November 27 - 29, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the O&M and Lifecycle Management for CCGT Power Plants conference. This event will be the Asia-Pacific focal point for discussion of the key strategic and operational issues currently impacting the CCGT market. Meet with major power plant operators from across the region and debate how you can best reduce cost, maximise flexibility and extend plant and gas turbine life in order to tackle the current market challenges. Operationally focussed case studies will offer you insight into CCGT fleet management challenges; gas turbine life extension; reducing maintenance spend without impacting plant availability; CCGT outage management best practice; LTSA vs third party contracting; the impact of flexible operations on O&M, and more. This event is an open forum for all operators, OEMs and third party service providers to debate the key strategic themes currently facing the combined cycle community. With a vendor exhibition, multiple networking opportunities - including our conference evening event - and attendance from major operators from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, don't miss this opportunity to join the leading Asia-Pacific CCGT conference in 2013.

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Further sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are currently available on a first-come first-served basis.
For further information please contact +44 (0) 121 200 3810 or email

TARfighter - Outage Project Simulation, 25-27 November, 2013

Attendees at the O&M and Lifecycle Management for CCGT Power Plants conference are eligible for a 20% discount to attend the TARfighter Outage Project Simulation, taking place on Monday 25 - Wednesday 27 November. TARfighter is a unique and interactive outage project simulation course that will equip you with leading-edge techniques to master end-to-end plant shut down, turnaround and outage management. Working in teams, you will be tasked with delivering your project against a predetermined set of KPIs. In addition to the simulation, listen to case studies, share experiences with peers and ensure that you are in the best position to deliver best-in-class plant outages. For more information, please visit

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Cook Managing Director T.A. Cook Conferences

4 for 3: Group Offer

Its always more valuable to attend as a group. Let your colleagues know about this event and take advantage of our group offer. 4 delegates from the same company can register for the price of 3. To make a group booking, please e-mail or call +44 121 200 3810

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
This workshop will run from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Reliable Approaches for Extending the Operational Life of Modern Power Generation Turbine Blades
This one day workshop, led by ERA Technology will deliver a comprehensive overview of advanced approaches to extend the operational life of capital intensive hot gas path parts of modern power generation gas turbines. The workshop will highlight many alternative options for turbines up to 300MW, with components manufactured from conventional, Directional Solidification (DS) and Single Crystal (SC) technologies. The workshop offers attendees a unique opportunity to discover how operational costs can be reduced by stepping up repair and coating technologies, including microstructural rejuvenations of the superalloys.

The workshop will cover the following main topics:

Introduction to the hot gas path components Superalloys for turbine hot components Coating for turbine hot components Review of major damage and degradation mechanisms Mechanical testing for the lifing Life extension I: Repair processes Life extension II: Coating processes Life extension III: Redesign considerations Strategies to reduce operational costs

This workshop is fully interactive and will present several examples and case studies from heavy duty gas turbines from a range of types and technologies operating worldwide. Review the principals of superalloys and coatings, as well as the most advanced repair processes and modifications. Leave the workshop fully informed on how you can increase the durability of parts and reduce your maintenance costs. At a time when operators must take advantage of every opportunity to reduce spend without impacting plant availability and reliability, attendance at this workshop will provide a substantial commercial incentive for plant engineers and managers to reuse service run components beyond the notional design life.

Workshop Leader:
Dr. Siavash Pahlavanyali, Gas Turbine Principal Metallurgist, ERA Technology

Dr Siavash Pahlavanyali has been working on gas turbine components for around 20 years. As a research associate at Cambridge University (since 2003) he was involved in a Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Program. Siavash then worked at Rolls-Royce UTP at Cambridge University on a range of coating and advanced superalloys. He joined ERA Technology in 2008 and has been involved in gas turbine failure assessments, and lifing turbine critical components such as blades and rotors and relevant repair/rejuvenation processes. He has long experiences of damage and degradation of gas turbines and reliable operation of the machines from 3MW up to 300MW.

AGENDA DAY ONE Thursday, November 28, 2013

08.30 09.00 09.15
Visit the event website: Registration and Coffee Chairmans Opening Remarks David Woods, Senior Manager, T.A. Cook Consultants Fleet Overview, Life Extension Strategies and Contracting Philosophy at GDF Suez Asia An introduction to our diverse CCGT portfolio outside Europe managing an effective O&M programme and taking advantage of fleet synergies Developing and implementing strategies for fleet management and technical procurement Reducing costs of hot gas path parts re-engineering for a better understanding of parts life time and costs? Lifecycle management and life extension strategies and challenges case study of a combustion turbine rotor The CCGT market from an operator perspective the potential of new project investment in the region Benoit Ribesse, Vice President Operations, GDF SUEZ Energy Asia, Thailand Ensuring Long-Term Success by Implementing a Comprehensive Combined Cycle O&M Strategy Tenaga Nasional Berhads (TNB) Approach TNBs experience in improving CCGT plant performance reliability, availability, capacity and efficiency TNBs practices in cost optimisation TNBs long term lifecycle management Ir Hj Azman B. Hj Talib, Senior General Manager, Operations, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia Morning Refreshments and Browse Exhibition Gas Turbine Technology Life Extension of Hot Gas Path Components HGP components and materials Degradation mechanisms Life cycle and life extension Methods and strategies Case studies Noordeen, Manager, Procurement and Gas Turbine Engineering, YTL, Malaysia Resolution of a Complex Vibration Problem; Frame 9 Open Cycle Gas Turbine Evolution of the issue Preliminary investigations Initial rectification works Further research Ultimate resolution Peter South, Manager, Gas Turbines and Sustainable Operations Branch, Verve Energy, Australia Networking Lunch O&M Challenges on CCGT 2-Shifting Operation Mode CCGT two shifting operation mode O&M challenges on two shifting operation mode Formulating maintenance strategies based on 2S cycling effect on CCGT major plant equipment Optimization of machine start-up and shut down process Our ways to archive high availability and reliability Shunkin Ho, Senior Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Black Point Power Station, Hong Kong Extending the Life of Mature Assets with an Effective Lifetime Extension (LTE) Strategy Commercial and operational drivers for implementing a LTE Reviewing the current and predicted market conditions and the impact on operations Technical considerations on pre & post LTE outages Detection and assessment of degradation / damages Speaker to be confirmed shortly Afternoon Refreshments and Browse Exhibition Outage Management Best Practice for CCGT Power Plants Background to the outage - Overall scope, life extension and need for regular maintenance turnarounds Planning and scheduling best practices Delivering the outage project on time and to budget Approach to insourcing and outsourcing Team building of a turnaround team David Woods, Senior Manager, T.A. Cook Closing Speaker Question Time Chairmans Closing Remarks and Close of Day One Networking Evening Event


10:45 11.15


12.45 14.00

PLUS: Networking evening event on 28th November. Be sure to confirm your attendance!


15.30 16.00

16.45 17.30 18.30

AGENDA DAY TWO Friday, November 29, 2013

08.30 09.00 09.15
Early Bird Discount: Don't forget to take advantage of our early bird discount and register before 27th September, 2013 Registration and Coffee Chairmans Opening Remarks David Woods, Senior Manager, T.A. Cook Consultants Asia-Pacific Gas Market Developments Long Term and Short Term Predictions Evaluating how the current commercial climate has impacted and is impacting the energy market The competitive economy the struggle between European, American and Asian markets where does Asia fit? Energy supply and demand movements Assessing the security and reliability of gas supplies The future outlook for CCGT power plants and new investment in gas fired power generation in todays evolving market Sarah Fairhurst, Partner, The Lantau Group, Hong Kong Long Term Third Part O&M Provision Does this Present a Credible Alternative for Operators? How can plant flexibility be maintained in the third party market? Potential cost savings in the third party market Risk related issues Introduction to an in-house O&M model benefits and challenges Senior Representative, TNB Maintenance and Repair, Malaysia Morning Refreshments and Browse Exhibition


10.45 11.15

Insurance and Risk Issues when moving into Third Party Contracting
Perceived risk appetite of the insurance market Legacy issues and the OEM Comparing risk implications for OEM / third party contracting Brian deBruin, Regional Director, Construction, Power & Infrastructure, North Asia, Aon Risk Solutions, Hong Kong


nel Interactive Pa

INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION Third Party O&M Contracting A Credible Alternative? Considering the risks and rewards of third party vs OEM contracting Maintaining plant flexibility in the third party and OEM markets Operator needs, requirements and experiences Insurers and risk perspective when moving to third party contracting
Confirmed Panelists: Noordeen, Manager, Procurement and Gas Turbine Engineering, YTL Peter South, Manager, Gas Turbines and Sustainable Operations Branch, Verve Energy Venkata Ravi Ram, Deputy General Manager, Gautami Combined Cycle Power Plant, GVK Power and Infrastructure, India

12.45 14.00

Networking Lunch Overview of Haripur Combined Cycle Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Strategies An introduction to Haripur Power Maintenance history and maintenance philosophy Major gas turbine inspection, February 2013 Energy audit before major inspection and after major inspection Performance monitoring system Life time extension plan Kazi shamsul Alam, Plant Manager, Haripur Power Limited, Powertek Berhad, Bangladesh Balance of Plant - Operations Optimization Strategies Overview of GVKs CCGT power plant portfolio Stakeholder and regulator focus areas - environment and natural resource conservation Why balance of plant can offer maximum potential for optimization and savings Chemical conservation: case studies and data Energy conservation: operations cost optimization case studies Resource conservation: cooling tower operations case studies Venkata Ravi Ram, Deputy General Manager, Gautami Combined Cycle Power Plant, GVK Power and Infrastructure, India Chairmans Closing Remarks, Close of Conference and Afternoon Refreshments

Group offer: 4 delegates for the price of 3



27-29 November, 2013 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

O&M and Lifecycle Management Strategies for CCGT Power Plants

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