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Internet Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Erupting Descriptions: Mount St. Helens Subject(s): Writing/Science Grade Level(s): 2-6 Objective(s): Students will write descriptions of a volcanic eruption by viewing pictures of Mount St. Helens. Materials Needed: computers with Internet access, pen Internet Site(s): Procedure 1. Students click on the hyperlink at the top of the task card to get to for Teaching the Lesson: 2. As they look at the picture at the top of the first page of the above Web-site remind students of some of the things that make a clear and vivid description; using exact vocabulary, describing words, and following a logical pattern. 3. Verbally give some examples ( use the central cinder cone not the littler pile in the middle, use ash white plume of smoke, not just smoke, and describe the picture from the center outward, or, top to bottom or some other organized way rather than some in the center then on the top left corner then etc. in a higgly-piggily way) 4. Using the white-board generate several descriptions with the class until it is evident that all students understand. 5. Ask the students to print out the task sheet, collect and put their names on it. 6. As Students work independently encourage their discoveries and their describing processes. (they may not describe pictures that were done collectively) Follow-Up Allow students to create more than five if they finish before hand. Activities/Extensions:

Ask students to work in pairs to do a seven sentence description of picture that neither one has done. Ask students to work together in a small group to draw an illustrated sketch sequence showing the eruption of this volcano. Link(s) to the Maine Learning Results:

Science and Technology

E. STRUCTURE OF MATTER ELEMENTARY GRADES Pre-K-2 1.Show that large things are made up of smaller pieces. 2.Describe some physical properties of objects. F. THE EARTH MIDDLE GRADES 5-8 4.Describe factors that can cause short-term and long-term changes to the earth. K. SCIENTIFIC REASONING ELEMENTARY GRADES Pre-K-2 3.Make observations.

English Language Arts

G. STYLISTIC AND RHETORICAL ASPECTS OF WRITING AND SPEAKING ELEMENTARY GRADES 3-4 1.Write pieces and make remarks that begin to use descriptive language that clarifies, enhances, and develops ideas. H. RESEARCH-RELATED WRITING AND SPEAKING ELEMENTARY GRADES 3-4 2.Use print and non-print resources (e.g., encyclopedias, dictionaries, people, indexes) to gather information on research topics. 5.Demonstrate initial understanding of how to cite sources.
Additional Resources: Images of Mount Adams, Washington Images of Crater Lake, Oregon

Lesson Plan Author: Robert Anderson Jr.