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UJIAN TENGAH SEMESTER Mata Pelajaran Kelas Waktu : Bahasa Inggris : VII (Tujuh) : 60 Menit

The interrogative form of the sentence above is . a. Do father washes the car twice a week? b. Does father washes the car twice a week? c. Do father wash the car twice a week? d. Does father wash the car twice a week? 8. Ryusuke, your guitar is very nice. Can I borrow guitar? a. You c. Yours b. Your d. Yourself 9. Sunny usually at five. a. Get up b. Getting up

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d! Text for number 1- 5

My classroom is very big. There are twenty classroom and forty chairs for students. The teachers table is in front of the classroom. The teacher sits behind the table. Behind her is the whiteboard. Beside the whiteboard is a map of Indonesian archipelago. Under the map, there is a bookshelf. There are two windows in the room. Between the windows is a picture of Prambanan temple. I like my classroom very much.
1. How is the writers classroom? a. It is very big b. It is very clean c. It is in front of the school d. It has forty chairs for students 2. Where does the teacher sit? a. In front of the classroom b. Behind the whiteboard c. Behind the table d. Under the map 3. Where is the whiteboard? a. Behind the table b. Beside the teacher c. Behind the teacher d. In front of the window 4. Where is the picture of Prambanan Temple? a. Behind the teacher b. Between two windows c. Beside the teacher d. Between the door 5. Does the writer like his class very much? a. No, it is not b. No, it does not c. Yes, it is d. Yes, he is 6. Change the sentences into negative form! Dina gets up early every morning. a. Dina dont get up early every morning. b. Dina dont gets up early every morning. c. Dina doesnt get up early every morning. d. Dina doesnt gets up early every morning 7. Father washes the car twice a week

c. Gets up d. Got up

10. The umbrella which is on the table is Yuis. The umbrella is . a. His c. Hers b. Her d. Herself

Complete the sentences with the right form of possessive pronoun and possessive adjective. 1. I always put pens and pencils in the second drawer. 2. Mr. Caesar seldom drives car to his office. 3. I am on time for my school, but Linda is late for 4. Nisa enjoys games, and Rama enjoys his. 5. Naruto and Sasuke are walking home with friends. Fill in the blank with Simple Present Tense in the brackets. 1. The sun (rise) in the east and (set) in the west. 2. They (go) to the mosque on Fridays. 3. If she (study) seriously, she will earn good grades. 4. Mr. Saif AM (fly) to London today. 5. They plays badminton at school hall. (-) (?)