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For more than 75 years, the best athletes in the world as well as top guides and mountain rescuers have trusted in POMOCA skins. In the past decade, these skins have gained exceptional global recognition in the world of snow. Our textile engineers are continuing to apply this knowledge in cutting-edge inventions and technologies. In the pages that follow, you will discover the technological secrets that allow for faster gliding and better grip on snow.

Snow is more than frozen water

Mountain villages have an almost intuitive understanding of snow. The survival of the Inuit, the indigenous people of the Arctic, is characterized by a precise understanding of the phenomena of snow, especially the different types of snow in their fantastic variety. Not all snow is alike. Believing that snow is nothing more than frozen water is, quite simply, a trivialization brought about by a lack of understanding in our modern society.


Snow is created only at temperatures below -12C in the form of splendid 0.1 mm hexagonal crystals (known as dendrites). Lower temperatures produce plates or prisms. Humidity also plays a role in the growth of the crystals. In all, there are more than 5,000 different types of snow crystals. When it snows, the location, humidity, the freezing process and formation of crusting are factors which simultaneously determine the formation of the crystals and therefore their structure and nature. Within the structure of snow, crystals display a distinctive symmetry and striking similarity. It is thanks to this that engineers at POMOCA have been able to develop skin technologies for the widest range of snow conditions and types of ascent.

Snow falls very slowly, at four kilometers per hour, a speed five times slower than that of raindrops. It consists of up to 95% air and curiously always falls with the crystal's flat side facing down, and when it hits a damp surface creates a vibration of approximately 60,000 to 180,000 Hertz. This vibration is not audible to human ears, but the development of the resulting humidity is very important for mountain ski skins. As a result of POMOCA's research, we have dealt with the issue of why conventional skins become wet very quickly even at very low temperatures and therefore lose their initial gripping and gliding properties. This and other snow-related phenomena form the basis of research and development at POMOCA.

Swiss engineers have researched the criteria for achieving the maximum gripping and gliding properties in the greatest variety of snow structures. To do this, they analyzed not only the snow crystals themselves, but also, and especially, different blocks of snow. Computerized tomography allowed them to analyze these snow samples under different conditions without destroying them. The results speak for themselves: countless world, European and national champions.

This is why the best athletes in the world, prestigious mountain guides and alpine rescue volunteers trust in POMOCA's know-how when it comes to snow.

The POMOCA Formula

How did POMOCA become the leading manufacturer of winning skins? The answer is simple: with a deep understanding of snow, enhanced by research and development. Physicists and chemists work hand-in-hand with textile engineers and athletes. Together they modify the materials' contact surfaces and thus push the effectiveness of climbing skins to heretofore unimaginable heights.

Applying countless physical and chemical methods, POMOCA develops skins that combine the properties of good skins: climbing and gliding ability. But optimizing functionality can only be achieved by first improving qualities such as hydrophobia, fiber tension, restoring strength and gliding coefficient. Another potential advantage of these skins is their adaptation, or the qualities that allow them to be adjusted at room temperature, for a POMOCA skin must work equally well at -40C as at +20C, in hard or soft snow, damp or dry. With the support of fiber researchers and experts in textile technolo-

gies and finishes, POMOCA research sets new standards for the future of ski mountaineering. Currently, POMOCA's innovations such as GLIDE, EVER DRY or SAFER SKIN provide better gliding and climbing properties in top back-country skiing and ski mountaineering competitions. Comments and daily test results from athletes, mountain guides and active ski mountaineering skiers provide researchers with the strength and motivation to develop new high-performance features. This is where the requirement profiles for the RACE, CLIMB and FREE operational ranges originated. Analyses showed that

each target group required very well-defined gripping and gliding performance.POMOCA met these requirements with a clearly structured skin development program aimed at meeting individual mountaineers' requirements. POMOCA's range of colors is emblematic of these results. As a result of these efforts, POMOCA has expanded its role as world leader by also demonstrating that it is an innovator in ski mountaineering.

Robert Antonioli World class athlete of the Italian national team

" I'm a Racer: I want to glide fast."

Competitive ski mountaineering skiers do the same times in vertical kilometers (1,000 meters in altitude) as mountain runners, even though their equipment, such as skis and ski boots, is much heavier than running shoes. How is this possible? The main reason lies in the increased stride length provided by continuous dynamic

gliding. The acceleration force reached through the force applied to the skis and legs is transformed into dynamic gliding motion. This gliding motion allows for longer strides. The engineers at POMOCA have managed to achieve the lowest gliding coefficients under the most varied snow conditions, which makes it possible to extend stride length by up to 20mm. This may seem like an insignificant amount, but if one takes into account that every 1,000 meters in altitude gain requires 4,000 strides, it's easy to see that 8,000 cm can be saved: a sensational advantage of 80 meters in sprinting distance.

Gliding to the finish

Ideally, ski skins should have high static friction when pushing and low dynamic friction in the gliding phase. An apparent contradiction.



When ascending mountains, the binding-gliding effect changes several times in a single second. It's what is also known as the "slip-stick" effect. This effect is created when the static friction is greater than the dynamic friction. The snow and water particles bound together by moisture create a rapid sequence of movements, a resonating vibration. This, in turn, produces reciprocal effects of adherence, tension, separation and gliding. During this complex process, the mechanical effect of the skin's structure and the fine microscopic structure of the surface are both decisive. Substances with low drag coefficients are combined with POMOCA fibers to create specialized GLIDE equipment and reduce frictional forces. This can be clearly measured by the dynamic friction value.

Even with cold virgin snow, snow crystals are very sharp. These can become stuck to conventional skins, producing an intense braking effect. In the worst cases, cavities can even be created ("glopping" effect). During the manufacturing process of POMOCA's GLIDE equipment, the entire length of the skin's fibers is subjected to a chemical treatment to reduce the friction on each of the fibers so that even crystals in virgin snow won't stick to them. At the same time, the skins' surface is permanently protected. POMOCA athletes glide to the finish. For other winter sports enthusiasts, POMOCA's intensive research helps them save their energy so that they not only reach the top more quickly but also more comfortably.

Patrick Jost Mountain guide and professional mountain skier

"I'm a mountain guide. I need grip."

"My mountain guide colleagues and I spend 250 days per year working in the Alps, more than half of them on snow and ice", says Patrick Jost form the Hindelanger mountain guide office, and adds: "A secure grip is of vital importance for me and my clients in the mountains".
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Professional mountain guides not only earn their livelihoods in the mountains, they also require the right equipment and binding to stay alive. These same issues are also applicable to all mountaineers and active ski mountaineering skiers. It allows them to save energy all the way to the top, but more importantly, it increases their safety in difficult situations in the mountains or when the snow conditions aren't the best.

Gripping in decisive situations

Ski mountaineering skins were invented to transform alpine skiing, which is focused on descending, into ski mountaineering, which is climbing oriented. POMOCA's original seal skin was replaced in the 1940's with mohair.



The word "mohair" is derived from the word "mukhyar", which means something like "the best wool". The long mohair fibers taken from Angoran goats, known also as mohair goats, are spun to get POMOCA's unique thread, the lightest textile thread in the world. The raw fabric is woven thick so that it takes on its heavy appearance with POMOCA's typical silky shine. The homogeneity of the elastic mohair fibers also keeps it from becoming tangled or from electromagnetic charges forming during intensive use. From a chemical standpoint, mohair fibers, like polyamide, are macromolecules whose monomers are joined by bonds. Polyamide chemical fibers (nylon) are especially known for having longer molecular chains.

Hair, wool and silk are also polyamides from a chemical standpoint, even though they have molecular chains that are considerably shorter than the synthetics derived from them. Mohair is used in a wide variety of possible combinations in the textile industry. In addition to 100 % mohair skins, POMOCA chemists have developed special material combinations. POMOCA's 70 % mohair and 30 % nylon skins combine the durability of nylon with the dynamic tension of mohair fibers. POMOCA's nylon fibers are known for their high elasticity and their resistance to twisting and abrasion, in addition to their quick drying properties. POMOCA has been able to increase static friction and therefore gripping ability in its CLIMB and FREE series to levels unheard of before.

POMOCA's technology portfolio

Admittedly, many of the research results obtained by POMOCA are not apparent at first glance. But some technologies give way to clear results: SAFER SKIN is an exclusive 3-layered membrane technology; EVER DRY not only keeps the skin dry, it also makes it 20 % lighter than conventional skins.

3-layered skin structure: SAFER SKIN The 3-layer principle has already been transferred to functional clothing. Now POMOCA uses this know-how on layered textiles for all POMOCA skins. A razor-thin membrane is layered between the skin and the adherence layer. The advantages of the 100 % impermeable SAFER SKIN can be appreciated under an electron microscope: POMOCA's grid-like membrane consists of micropores of between 0.2 and 0.5 m in diameter. The membrane's pores are 500 times smaller than water drops and large enough to allow air to pass through and provide maximum drying and adhesion. This way, water droplets are constantly wicked away from the ski's surface, through the skin. This provides numerous advantages:
-  Complete water impermeability, which means that water is not absorbed into the critical adhesion area -  Maximum sticking stability without the slightest adhesive residue on the ski -  Exceptional resistance to ripping with stable edges which won't come undone -  Easy folding, with the sticking surfaces touching, thanks to great dimensional stability -  Optimal sticking power even after applying the skins several times at low temperatures



POMOCA skin equipment: EVER DRY As its name suggests, EVER DRY keeps POMOCA skins dry. This proven procedure protects each one of the skin's fibers and prevents the unwanted formation of cavities (the "anti-glopping" effect). Constant application of waterproofing sprays is no longer necessary and the complete coating keeps the skin dry during its entire useful life. POMOCA's technologies are analyzed and optimized by many ski mountaineering skiers and mountain guides during the testing phases which last several years prior to their introduction on the market. All technologies are subjected to testing and optimization in the extensive research and testing procedures.

Robert Antonioli et Michele Boscacci World class athletes of the Italian national team


"In ski mountaineering races, every hundredth of a second counts. Thanks to our close collaboration with POMOCA, we have been able to put the gliding capacity of POMOCA RACE PRO to the test in direct, person-to-person competition. With this new design you can glide a couple of extra millimeters with every stride, which translates into several decisive meters at the finish line. It's our secret weapon for the ski mountaineering World Cup."



Formula POMOCA


Glide forever.
In Formula 1 racing, the rubber compounds used in the tires are a decisive factor. In ski mountaineering, a proper skin formula can be the difference between victory and defeat. POMOCA's research and development has been able to raise the glide coefficients of the new POMOCA RACE PRO skins to previously unimaginable levels. Testing and competition alike confirm that stride length has been increased by up to 20 mm.

The secret of POMOCA RACE PRO's success is its hand-selected raw materials, along with the new GLIDE RACE equipment. This formula, a POMOCA trade secret, has been achieved through a lengthy testing and selection process. The result: a skin with a totally new quality. Continual glide and grip measurement, together with our quality control measures, ensure constant cutting-edge quality all

the way from the prototypes to each and every competition skin in the POMOCA RACE PRO collection. GLIDE RACE technology optimizes the dynamic friction value; SAFER SKIN ensures complete waterproofing, and EVER DRY equipment prevents the dangerous formation of cavities known as "glopping". All the more reason why POMOCA RACE PRO is the first choice of the world elite in mountain skiing.

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Martin Anthamatten World class athlete of the Swiss national team

"I have put my trust in POMOCA RACE for years. This gave me a new course record in 2010 at the Patrouille des

Glaciers, and made me the world sprint champion in 2011. There is no other skin that I would trust with my eyes closed in such a wide variety of conditions. And now POMOCA's technicians have once again improved the quality of the mohair skin."



Formula POMOCA


The winning skin.

Almost every race held last years throughout the world was won by a skier using POMOCA RACE. And the results of the 2011 ski mountaineering World Cup qualifiers were no different, with POMOCA athlete Kilian Jornet emerging victorious. And now we have made this prize-winning skin even better, so that the string of victories will never end.

We asked ourselves: why do 9 of every 10 elite mountain skiers trust in POMOCA RACE? The clear and unequivocal response that we got was that it was because of its gliding properties. But the POMOCA glue technology also came up. Why? Because POMOCA RACE skins can be placed more quickly and securely, because they retain their sticking power even after several skin changes, and

because the SAFER SKIN design always keeps the edges of the skin smooth, which reduces unpleasant braking effects. And the list of advantages goes on and on: Extreme lightness. Impermeability. The absence of water absorption and weight increase. Fast and secure folding. Better gliding under any snow conditions. POMOCA RACE: the winning skin.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10


Patrick Jost Mountain guide and professional mountain skier


"For me, as a climber, the direct route is always the most challenging. And that's why I need an excellent grip. A good grip ensures climbing power in any critical situation. The new generation of waterproof POMOCA CLIMB skins is, for me and my clients, an assurance that I'll get that same grip in difficult and often rapidly changing conditions. And the GLIDE equipment ensures gliding that is unequalled in its class, so that I don't run out of energy before reaching the peak."




70 % Mohair 30 % Nylon


The best of two worlds.

OK. Some people want to glide fast, others want a firm grip. POMOCA PRO GLIDE offers both possibilities. POMOCAs textile engineers created a synthesis with the gliding properties of 70 % high-quality mohair fibers and the stability, durability and climbing properties of POMOCA nylon fibers. This excellent starting point was further improved with GLIDE technology to make the most versatile skin of all time.

For day-long excursions, selective climbs or crossing glaciers, CLIMB PRO GLIDE can be used in many different situations. When moving slowly, the skin structure grips all kinds of snow firmly. Once the pace picks up, the friction decreases and, when moving at over two meters a second, the GLIDE effect comes to the fore and the resistance to gliding

is reduced. CLIMB PRO GLIDE is the perfect all-purpose skin. It hardly needs adding that SAFER SKIN ensures that it is 100 % waterproof while allowing air to pass through, and EVER DRY completely prevents glopping in even the most difficult conditions. POMOCA PRO GLIDE is the skin used by mountain professionals.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10


Sverine Pont Combe Alpine skier and climber

Alpine skiing is pure fascination. You feel as though your body, your equipment, the snow and your descent all merge

into one. It all comes together, the adrenaline gets hold of you and suddenly you are moving and descending more quickly than you expected. I have trusted POMOCA CLIMB PRO for years, because it gives me what I need to make downhill skiing so beautiful while keeping it safe.



100 % Mohair


Pure, unadorned nature.

CLIMB PRO skin is 100 % POMOCA mohair with the very best adhesive properties. The selected threads of mohair are given the exclusive POMOCA SAFER SKIN and EVER DRY treatment to make them the perfect universal skin for ski touring, with impressive climbing properties for the medium to high speed category.

The many strengths of POMOCA CLIMB PRO are most noticeable in long treks in changing conditions. The densely-woven mohair fibers and are extremely durable and their climbing qualities are impressive. POMOCA CLIMB PRO has the advantage of being a climbing skin for rapid competitive ascents in tricky areas. At the same time, its glide

properties are impressive and enable the peak to be reached quickly and easily. The POMOCA EVER DRY and SAFER SKIN technologies prevent water absorption, ensure high dimensional stability and prevent glopping. There are many skiers today who are fans of POMOCA CLIMB PRO, and their numbers are growing day by day.

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Alexander Dewald Freestyle and downhill skier

"I want to avoid the morning mists and get to the sunshine at the top. So, what does my skin need to do for me?

Obviously I need the best grip possible, because I wont get very far unless I have good climbing equipment. However, when I push myself forward, I need good gliding properties, because I dont want to struggle every inch of the way. POMOCA CLIMB has convinced me after a lot of trying out."



70 % Mohair 30% Nylon



The all-rounder.
Its the technology in the POMOCA formula that makes POMOCA CLIMB so convincing. EVER DRY makes sure that the skin does not absorb a drop of water, even when it is used often. SAFER SKIN guarantees one hundred percent waterproofing. The outer layer stays dry and the sides of the skin stable, so glopping is a thing of the past.

Climbers and other open-air sports enthusiasts want to be able to enjoy nature and activity in the wintertime. Thats why they look for a skin that is as simple as possible and which lasts practically a lifetime, which is why we developed POMOCA CLIMB. CLIMB is 70 % mohair and 30 % nylon and has very good adherence. It has also been refined by applying the POMOCA SAFER SKIN and EVER DRY treatments. It helps downhill skiers to make ascents

as directly as possible. It stays dry, and its extremely long-lasting. It helps you get uphill easily and enjoy the mountains to the fullest. Its excellent grip is a demonstration of the quality of the CLIMB universal ski skin, especially in the low to medium speed range. It doesnt matter whether the snow is cold and dry or wet and sticky: POMOCA CLIMB is the right skin for ambitious leisure skiers who want to have equipment they can trust.

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Ruben Blanco Mondes Freestyle and downhill skier


chairlifts, and I can get there easily with POMOCA FREE, the simplest skin in the POMOCA range. I love the fact that there is also a skin with the original Swiss POMOCA formula at an affordable price.


The best starting points are naturally off to the side of the


100 % Nylon


All starts are easy.

An increasing number of skiers want a start with powder snow. It is clear that such starts are more often found right next to the chairlift. However, in many cases, you can find ideal, untouched slopes just a few hundred meters farther on, if you take the trouble to go a little bit higher.

With just this in mind, POMOCA's technicians developed the FREE, a 100 % nylon skin, refined with POMOCA's proven processes of SAFER SKIN and EVER DRY. Waterproof. Dry. Resistant. The POMOCA FREE makes climbing especially easy. Its grip is un-

equaled at low speed, its glue technology makes attaching the skin easy and the problem of glopping a thing of the past. The POMOCA FREE is the right choice for back-country and freestyle skiers looking for more fun and more exciting starts.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10



Formula POMOCA

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Ski mountaineering world elite Competitive ski mountaineering

There is no skin with better gliding and traction properties. It's the non plus ultra in gliding, the racing skin for the world elite: RACE PRO.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10


Competitive ski mountaineering

 Mountaineering skier in search


Formula POMOCA


of speed

RACE's tested technology is responsible for countless world records. The highest quality resources, the best production, the fastest glide. Simply fast; simply RACE.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10



70 % Mohair 30 % Nylon

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Mountain guides Mountain rescue team Ski mountaineering expert

Often, it's not only important to be safe, but to be fast as well. In these situations, CLIMB PRO GLIDE offers extreme safety and decisive speed.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10


42 u  Mountaineering skier who



100 % Mohair

seek to climb

Long distances athlete

Those who people trust with their lives every day in the snow need a skin that can be trusted too. CLIMB PRO offers just this kind of safety.

GRIP 10 5 0 5 10



70 % Mohair 30 % Nylon

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Amateur mountaineering skiers

 Mountaineering skier who

seek to climb

CLIMB offers the perfect grip, no more, no less.

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 Mountaineering skier who in


100 % Nylon

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search of descents Off piste skiers

Comfortable support. With the FREE ski skin, everybody can experience the freedom of the mountains.

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PARALLEL TOP FIX RACE 59 mm 62 mm 10-0001305905 10-0001306205 ROLL 59 mm 62 mm 10-0001305999 10-0001306299 21 m 42 m TOP FIX RACE 59 mm 62 mm 65 mm 67 mm 70 mm 59 mm 62 mm WITHOUT 65 mm 67 mm 70 mm 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm 100 mm BACK FIX 120 mm

CARVIT 10-0001110001 10-0001112001 PARALLEL 10-0001105905 10-0001106205 10-0001106505 10-0001106705 10-0001107005 10-0001105907 10-0001106207 10-0001106507 10-0001106707 10-0001107007 ROLL 59 mm 10-0001105999 10-0001106299 10-0001106599 10-0001106799 10-0001107099 10-0001110099 10-0001112099 21 m 42 m 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm TRADITION TOP FIX 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm BACK FIX READY 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm


CARVIT 100 mm 110 mm BACK FIX 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm 10-0000310001 10-0000311001 10-0000312001 10-0000313001 10-0000314001 10-0000310003 10-0000311003 10-0000312003 10-0000313003 10-0000314003 10-0000310004 10-0000311004 10-0000312004 10-0000313004 10-0000314004 10-0000310006 10-0000311006 10-0000312006 10-0000313006 10-0000314006 PARALLEL 62 mm TOP FIX 65 mm 67 mm 70 mm 10-0000306204 10-0000306504 10-0000306704 10-0000307004 ROLL 62 mm 65 mm 10-0000306299 10-0000306599 10-0000306799 10-0000307099 10-0000310099 10-0000311099 10-0000312099 10-0000313099 10-0000314099 Art. Nr. Length Fixation 21 m 42 m 160 cm 170 cm 180 cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm TRADITION 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm TOP FIX 150 160 170 180 cm cm cm cm BACK FIX READY 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm BACK FIX

CARVIT 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 10-0000710001 10-0000712001 10-0000714001 10-0000710003 10-0000712003 10-0000714003 10-0000710004 10-0000712004 10-0000714004 10-0000710006 10-0000712006 10-0000714006 ROLL 65 mm 70 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 140 mm 10-0000706599 10-0000707099 10-0000710099 10-0000711099 10-0000712099 10-0000714099 21 m 42 m 21 m 21 m 70 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 140 mm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm TRADITION 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm TOP FIX 150 160 170 180 cm cm cm cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm BACK FIX 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm BACK FIX READY 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm

CARVIT 10-0000510001 10-0000512001 10-0000514001 10-0000510003 10-0000512003 10-0000514003 10-0000510004 10-0000512004 10-0000514004 10-0000510006 10-0000512006 10-0000514006 ROLL 10-0000507099 10-0000510099 10-0000511099 10-0000512099 10-0000514099 21 m 42 m 21 m 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm 150 160 170 180 cm cm cm cm 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm BACK FIX 100 mm 120 mm 140 mm

CARVIT 10-0000110001 10-0000112001 10-0000114001 ROLL 65 mm 70 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 140 mm 10-0000106599 10-0000107099 10-0000110099 10-0000111099 10-0000112099 10-0000114099 21 m 42 m 21 m 21 m 170 cm 180 cm 190 cm



CARVIT This product allows you to custom trim the adhesive ski skins yourself and adapt them appropriately to all ski models. PARALLEL The preferred option for fans of narrow skis. The most significant advantages are better gliding properties, lightness, comfort on soft starts, and easier handling when attaching the adhesive ski skins. ROLL An cheap solution for trimming several adhesive ski skins.

62 mm 65 mm 67 mm 70 mm 100 mm 120 mm

67 mm 70 mm 100 mm 110 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm



Art. Nr.




Art. Nr.





Art. Nr.




Art. Nr.




Art. Nr.





Tip stretchers for elite sportsmen and women POMOCA has adapted over time to changes in skis and to the different application methods for skins. POMOCA makes use of a diverse range of systems that respond to the different needs of its most demanding users. The first tip stretcher designed specifically for competitors, perfect in combination with the incomparable RACE skin model. This product, developed with the aid of the Swiss national ski mountaineering team, weighs only 5 grams and consists of a strong and elastic 3.5 mm traction cord, a new grip system, and an elliptical ring with excentric holes.

Clip Fix with back hooks BACK FIX is an innovative, light and simple binding system. It consists of a strap on the tip of the ski and a plastic back hook, easily adjustable thanks to very strong synthetic belts. It is adaptable to all ski types.


Strap with back hooks BACK FIX READY is a fast and simple kit. All you need to do is place the skin on the ski and trimm it with the POMOCA cutter and the skin will be ready.

Tip stretcher and back hook POMOCA's range of tip stretchers adapt to all ski types and skin widths. The fastening belt makes attachment fast and easy, even with your gloves on. A back hook with rivets ensures that the adhesive skin of the ski fits perfectly at the back.

Strap without back hooks This direct, fast and very strong fastening system is ideal for short ski runs. The adhesive ski skins are easily attached to the tip of the ski with a riveted tip buckle.

Weight of binding system per ski skin (+/- 2g) Easy fitting Gliding of the binding systems Pulling off the skin without removing ski Adapted to flat ski tips Lifetime Probability detachment tail end of ski skin

8 g ***** ***** yes **** *** ***

38 g *** *** no **** **** **

32 g ***** **** no ***** ***** **

44 g *** ** yes * *** *

19 g ***** **** no ***** ***** ***



A kit consisting of a pair of skins with Back Fix, two Clip Fix, a cutter and a bag.

CARVIT Back Fix Ready

A kit consisting of a pair of skins with Back Fix, two riveted straps, a cutter and a bag.


A kit consisting of a pair of skins with back hooks, two stretchers, a cutter and a bag.

CARVIT Tradition
A kit consisting of a pair of skins with two riveted straps, a cutter and a bag.



The POMOCA precision cutter

POMOCA's engineers have developed a new skin cutting system. This precision component includes two blades with a hardness level of 62 HRC. Its 30 cutting angle and top-to-bottom cutting direction ensure a precise cutting of the skin. The ergonomic handle allows for constant pressure on the blade. The result: a perfectly cut skin, exactly 2 mm narrower than the ski on each sides, leaving the edges free. This helps to prevent lateral slipping, especially on crossing parts with steep slopes, while also maintaining the durability of POMOCA skins.


A kit consisting of a pair of skins with Top Fix RACE installed and a bag.

PARALLEL without fixation

A kit consisting of a pair of skins with no binding system and a bag.


A kit consisting of a pair of skins with back hooks, two stretchers and a bag.

Skins on rolls, available length of either 21 or 42 meters.


Adhesive tube 75g

Ideal for partial or total renewal of glue with all-temperatures warantee.

150 g Can of glue with brush

Ideal for partial or total brushed renewal of the adhesive layer.

1kg Can of glue

Ideal container for controlled renewal of the adhesive layer in large, measured quantities.

Coating kit
Efficient: the perfect roller for a professional coating.

Top Fix Race

The product consists of a very elastic 3.5mm traction cord, an elliptical ring with excentric holes, and a very strong end, making it easy to remove without the need of gloves. TOP FIX RACE is our lightest binding system (5 g). Item no. 10-0007182500

Top Fix stretcher

POMOCA complete system. Adapted to each ski shovel and width. Easy to use with your gloves on. 67 mm Bottom buckle, Size: 49 mm Item no. 10-0007182100 83 mm Bottom buckle, Size: 66, 72, 80 (mm) Item no. 10-0007182200 95 mm Bottom buckle, Size: 72, 80, 95 (mm) Item no. 10-0007182300

Adjustable stretcher
One for all. Quick for width from 68 mm to 104 mm. replacement tip for mountain guide.

Item no. 10-0007170100

Item no. 10-0007170200

Item no. 10-0007170300

Item no. 10-0007170400

Item no. 10-0007182600



Adhesive roll
For complete fast and easy renewal of the adhesive layer simply by ironing. 78 mm Item no. 10-0007170500 128 mm Item no. 10-0007170600

Protective sheet
Ideal for protecting and preserving the adhesive coating of the seal skin.

Skin bag
Light and practical, this extends the useful life of the seal skin when stored for a prolonged period, protecting it from oxidizing and preventing deterioration of the tail. Item no. 10-0007190100

POMOCA cutter
The new cutter has two blades that cut the skins quickly, accurately and cleanly. The sides of the ski are automatically kept clear. Item no. 10-0007190400

Clip Fix
Quick and great: The ski is installed with a click to this rivet-free tip buckle and offers perfect 100% fastening. Item no. 10-0007181400 1 pair Item no. 10-0007181500 6 pairs

Tip Buckle
Simple binding that allows the buckle to be fastened to the ski and the seal skin to stick easily. Sizes: 66, 72, 80, 95, 105 (mm) Item No. 10-0007181100 1 pair, rivets

The simple steel straps can be used so that one adhesive ski skin can fold over another. A fast, easy and cheap method. Size: 66, 72, 80, 95, 105 (mm) Item no. 10-0007180100 1 pair Item no. 10-0007180200 5 different pairs

Adapt to POMOCA's tip stretcher fastening system. Ensures the perfect fit of the adhesive parts at the back of the ski. Item no. 10-0007185100 1 pair with rivets Item no. 10-0007185200 6 pairs

Item no. 10-0007190300


Since 1870, when they imported their first models to the French-speaking region of Switzerland, the history of the Dufour Family has been linked to tourism and the development of skiing. The family also organized ski excursions and competitions for the prestigious hosts of Montreux in Switzerland. In the 1930s, Eric Dufour, an engineer with a passion for sports, and especially for high mountain skiing, developed and marketed the "DULFOUR-GAILLARD" rescue sled. Light and compact enough to carry in a backpack, this cloth sled allowsan injured person to be taken to the nearest shelter thanks to its skis and poles. Eric Dufour developed the production of non-slip skins, and later adhesive skins, making use of his technical knowledge and his experience as a hiker. With the help of his wife, he directed the company until his death in 1988.


His son, Guy Dufour, took over as manager in 1996. In February 2011, POMOCA joined the SALEWA Group, turning a new page in its history and facing new challenges. As the Swiss specialist in adhesive ski skins, POMOCA has been known for more than 75 years for the excellent quality of its products and its technological innovations. Always seeking to move forward, the brand is the indisputable leader in the industry today. POMOCA is constantly developing new products, from accessories to innovative concepts, to improve handling and bring pleasure and satisfaction to ski mountaineering lovers.

The world's best athletes have opted for the incomparable quality of POMOCA's adhesive ski skins, which enable them to maximize their performance.

World Champion 2008 2010 2011 Weltcup 2009 2010 2011 European Champion 2009 Patrouille des Glaciers winner 2008 2010 Pierramenta winner 2008 2009 2010 2011 Mezzalama winner 2009 2011

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