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IRC-SNR - International Research Center for Science, Nature, Religion (Regd.

Science of Lord Krishna 64-Qualities, 6-Opulences, 6-Sweetnesses, 3-Bends, 3-Flutes, Peacocks & Feather, Raasa-Lila (Dance) with Spiritual Damsels (16000 Gopis + 8 Manjaris + 8 Sakhis)
[This information was collected from a Gaudiya lineage which is now extinct. The authenticty of the information provided below is with reference to the Srimad Bhaagavatam purports of the Gaudiya Shada-Goswamis of Vrindavaan] [This is a rough draft and incomplete. Please check for next version after review and update.] 64 Qualities: All the thousands of Vishnu-tattva (Narayana) forms (also purna Avatars - complete Incarnations) are direct expansions of Lord Sri Krishna situated in various moods and provide varied source of nectars to his innumerable count of bhaktaas (devotees) through various Vaishnava sampradayas over the multiple universes. All these forms including Mathuradeesh (Krishna in Mathura) and Dwarakadeesh (Krishna in Dwaraka) are associated with 60 qualities. Lord Sri Krishna (Moola Narayana - the original Narayana, Avatari - the source of all Avatars) situated in Goloka (Vrindaavan) as the beloved son of Mother Yashoda is a simple cowherd boy who is possessing 64 qualities and is the only Narayana form who is never recognized as Bhagavaan by his dear devotees in Goloka/Vrindavaan. 6 Opulences: All the forms of Vishnu-tattva are associated with shada-asiwarya (6 Opulences) and are therefore recognized as Bhagavaan. These opulences are striking features which make him appear as distinctly very much different from the best of the most opulent human beings. His presence itself proves he is the most magnificiant of all and undisputedly accepted as the Lord of all the Universes. 6 Sweetnesses - In Vrindaavan Lord Krishna was not accepted as God: However Lord Sri Krishna in addition to possessing the shada-asiwarya also possesses shada-maadhurya (6 Sweetnesses). These sweetnesses are so enchanting in nature and nectarian that these features of the Lord cover his shada-aiswarya and therefore the maryaada (respect) towards him is subdued by prema (love) and The Lord of all Universes who controls everthing movable and immovable in all the spiritual and material worlds gets controlled by his devotee. In this form, because the Lord gets encapsulated and overtaken by his devotees, this secret is only revealed by him and by no others nor in any scripture. In order to reveal this secret, Lord Sri Krishna accepts the form of Srimati Radharani and incarnates as Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Krishna never went to Mathura, and never came back to Vrindaavan: Lord Krishnas incarnation ended when Akura was taking him to Mathura. Krishna promised the Gopis that he would never leave Vrindaavan. He remained back in Vrindaavan in the hearts of the brajavasis and his Vishnu Form went to Mathura when he told Akura that he would like to bathe in the Yamuna before he corssed Vrindaavan. Akrura could see 2 forms of Lord Krishna there - the Vishnu form of Krishna (Mathuradeesh) in the water and yashoda-nandan on the banks of river Yamuna [see next version for the explanation] Lord Krishna was accepted as God in Mathura and Dwaaraka: [see next version for the explanation] Flutes in Mathura and Dwaaraka? - What happened?: [see next version for the explanation] Gopis accepted Krishna as God only when they met him later outside of Vrindaavan: [see next version for the explanation] 3 Bends: Represent Sambandha-tattva, Abidheya-ttatva, Prayojana-tattva [see next version for the explanation] 3 Flutes: Venu, Murali, Vamsi (sammohini, aakarshini, aanandini) each having its own special design and features, and used for a different purpose [see next version for the explanation] Peacocks & Feather: Naistika brahmachaari, the perfect brahmachari and the gift from Peacocks. [see next version for the explanation] Raasa-lila: Association of param-atma (the purush, energitic - the only male) with each individual jiva-atma (the prakriti, energy - female in hightest nature) [see next version for the explanation] Srimate Radha Rani is not mentioned in Srimad Bhaagavatam: But she has the highest no. of names than any other Lakshmi [see next version for the explanation]

IRC-SNR - International Research Center for Science, Nature, Religion (Regd.)

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