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Personal Details
Discipline User Id Full Name Father's Name Mother's Name Address for Correspondence City Nationality Religion Marital Status Gender Category Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering IFF2080626 Password PIYUSH PRASOON Xth Exam Roll No PARMANAND PRASAD SINGH Father's Occupation MINA SINGH Mobile No C/O DR. P. P SINGH, BEHIND SINGHWAHANI DURGA Pin Code MANDIR, RASIKPUR, DUMKA, JHARKHAND. DUMKA Email(Only one active E-mail) INDIAN Date of Birth If dependent son/daughter of HINDU employee/ex-employee of IFFCO Unmarried Personal No Male General Unit Name of School/College SIDO KANHU HIGH SCHOOL S P COLLEGE NA Completed AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 47399046 5142676 8013209599 814101 09-Nov-1991 No NA NA Year of Marks Total Marks Passing Obtained Marks in % 2006 2008 NA 292 325 NA 500 58.40 500 65.00 NA NA

Educational Qualification
Course/Degree X XII Diploma in Engg. Degree in Engg. Stream/Discipline science, eng, hin, maths, PCM, ENG, ECO. NA B.Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Board/University CBSE JHARKHAND ACADEMIC COUNCIL NA

Up to 8th Sem




P.G Degree in Engg(M.E/M.Tech)

(M e ntion de tails e v e n if pursuing)

Any additional qualification

Note: (I) If total marks obtained are 500 out of 600, please enter 500 in column 'Marks Obtained' and 600 in column 'Total Marks'. (II) If grade points are awarded, mention the grade points awarded in column 'Marks Obtained' and maximum grade scale in column 'Total Marks' and should convert the grade in % and put it in '% in Marks' column.

Experience Details
Note: The candidate who has completed training under Apprentices Act.1961 or have job experience for a period of one year or more after attainment of the above qualification will not be eligible for the said exam.

Whether undergoing training as Apprentice under Apprentices Act, 1961. (Summer Project/Industrial training which are No part of curriculum is NOT Apprentice training) Total If yes, Name of Registration No. Period Training Stipend Position Held Organisation of Apprentice From To (In drawn month) NA NA NA NA - NA NA NA Whether Employed anywhere (for less than one year) No If yes, Name of Organisation NA NA NA Position Held NA NA NA Period From To NA - NA NA - NA NA - NA Total Experience (In month) NA NA NA Last salary drawn NA NA NA

It is certified that I have read the detailed terms and conditions mentioned herein and understood the same. I also certify that the above information is true and correct. If any of the above information is found to be false, appropriate action may be taken against me.

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