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ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS 1. The 2 inputs of an operational amplifier (OP Amp) are :a. Positive and negative b.

Inverting and non inverting c. Input and output 2. the IC which consumed the least power is :a. TTL b. ECL c. CMOS 3. the term Hysterisis is refer to the different between :a. input voltage and output voltage b. upper threshold and lower threshold voltage c. input threshold and output threshold 4. A Schmitt Trigger comparator uses :a. negative feedback b. transient feedback c. positive feedback 5. which of the following OP Amp used to convert an irregular shape wave into to a square wave or pulse? a. comparator b. differential amplifier c. Schmitt Trigger 6. SCR is triggered by :a. anode is positive w.r.t to cathode b. anode is positive w.r.t to cathode and positive gate voltage c. applying reversed biased and positive gate voltage 7. Silicon Controlled Rectifier is a :a. unidirectional device b. Bi-directional device c. Amplifying

8. the SCR is a thyristor family that has three leads referred to as the :a. anode, cathode, base b. emitter, base, collector c. anode, cathode, gate 9. the minimum current required to maintain SCR in operation is called :a. photo current b. holding current c. gate current 10. a TRIAC is capable of conducting with :a. either polarity of terminal or gate voltage b. positive gate voltage only c. negative anode w.r.t cathode only 11. the DIAC is a :a. three terminal device b. device that allows current to flow in on direction only c. two terminal device 12. which of the following statement is true? a. SCR required negative gate to turn b. TRIAC required either negative or positive gate to turn on c. DIAC required either negative or positive gate to turn on 13. which of the following components emits optical ray a. photo diode b. photo transistor c. LED 14. the light color range produced by Light Emitting Diode is :a. determine by semiconductor materials b. depend on the size of anode and cathode c. indicated by the size of cathode lead

15. when the light intensity falls across photo conductive cell :a. it resistance is increases b. it resistance is decreases c. it voltage drop across will increase 16. the characteristic of NTC Thermistor is that its :a. resistance decreases with increases in temperature b. voltage increase with light intensity c. current increase with light intensity 17. photo conductive cell is known as :a. voltage dependant resistor b. light dependent resistor c. photo voltaic cell 18. the filter circus used in a power supply is to :a. increse ripple amplitude b. pass AC and Block DC voltage c. smoothen the outputDC voltage 19. which of the following circuit produces higher DC output? a. center tap full wave rectifier b. bridge rectifier with filter c. half wave rectifier with filter 20. the classification of a voltage regulator is determine by the :a. sampling element b. comparator element c. control element 21. the simplest technique of voltage references in regulator is provided by :a. zener diode b. rectifier diode c. operational amplifier

22. the purpose of the sampling element of a voltage regulator circulated is to :a. provide feedback of the output voltage b. sample the input voltage before reaching the load c. compare the feedback and the references voltage 23. the main function of current limiting circuit in voltage regulator is to :a. switching action between input and output circuit b. amplify the sudden current drop in the output circuit c. protect the regulator due to excessive load or short circuit 24. in the signal processing system, which statement refers to as information translation? a. signal is amplified to required level b. temperature variation is records by the chard recorder c. signal to move needle on the meter 25. the BCD code is limited to :a. decimal 4 b. decimal 9 c. hexadecimal F 26. the statement for the equation Q = A.B refer to :a. OR gate b. NOT gate c. AND gate 27. how to obtain a logic 1 output from a 3 input AND gate? a. all the inputs are at logic 1 b. any input is at logic 1 c. any two inputs are at logic 1 28. how to obtain a logic 1 output from 3 input OR gate? a. all inputs are at logic 0 b. any input is at logic 1 c. any two inputs are at logic 1

29. the time it takes for the output of digital logic gate to change state after the input changes is called :a. propagation delay b. fan out c. hold time 30. Flip Flops are primarily used to :a. store information b. make decision c. translate and manipulate information 31. activating the reset input of basic RS flip flop, the output will be :a. Q = 1,Q = 0 b. Q = 1,Q = 1 c. Q = 0,Q = 1 32. a circuit that possesses a memory as the result of feedback path is known as :a. combinational logic b. sequential logic c. universal logic 33. the typical ECL supply voltage is :a. + 5.5V b. 5.2V c. +3V to 18V 34. the disadvantages of CMOS is the :a. low speed b. smaller size c. low power consumption 35. the maximum number of loads which each gate output can drive in its logic family is called :a. turn on delay b. turn off delay c. fan out