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Overview: Informatica Technical Interview Questions asked in companies like CTS,IBM ,HP,TCS,Wipro,Infosys,Cap Gemini,Tech Mahindra,Learn about the Informatica Questions in major companies DatawareHousing Interview Questions and Answers
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At the max how many tranformations can be us in a mapping? Compare Data Warehousing Top-Down approach with Bottom-up approach How can we populate the data into a time dimension ? How do you decide whether you need to do aggregations at database level or at Informatica level? How many types of flat files available in Informatica? How to partition the Session? In case of use of dynamic look up cache in a lookup transformation, the lookup cache gets updated first and then the target table. What happens if the target able rejects a row after it is updated in the Cache? What are cost based and rule based approaches and the difference Bank Exams Questions What are the difference between view and materialized view? What are the reusable transformations? What are worklets and what is their use? What is auxiliary mapping ? What is incremental loading?What is versioning in 7.1?
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What is Shortcut? What is use of it? What is the difference between Normalizer and Normalizer transformation. What is the practical use of a union transformation? When and how a partition is defined using Informatica? Which ETL tool is more preferable Informatica or Data Stage and why? At what frequent you load the data? Could anyone please tell me what are the steps required for type2 dimension/version data mapping. How can we implement it How can we remove/optimize source bottlenecks using "query hints" How do you define a parameter file? Give an example of its use. How many types of sessions are there in Informatica.please explain them. How to perform a "Loop Scope / Loop condition" in an Informatica program ? Give me few examples . In Dimensional modeling fact table is normalized or denormalized?In case of star schema and in case of snow flake schema? What are data driven sessions? What are the Differences between Informatica Power Center versions 6.2 and 7.1, also between Versions 6.2 and 5.1? What are the scheduling options to run a session? What Bulk & Normal load? Where we use Bulk and where Normal? What is batch and describe about types of batches? What is Informatica basic data flow? What is source based commit and target based commit with an example ? What is the background process that wil be done if you select source based commit or target based commit ? What is the difference between Power Centre and Power Mart?What is the procedure for creating Independent Data Marts from Informatica 7.1? What is the procedure or steps implementing versioning if you are already in version7.X. Any gotcha\'s or precautions..
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