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Faced with frequent abnormal accumulation of waste in the intestines, and the problems this creates, always be beneficial to practice a draw. While it is necessary to modify the causes that led to such accumulation (lack of fiber, flora imbalance, excess protein, etc.), to avoid a repeat of the process, the priority is to get rid of the scabs accumulated urgently. In mild cases it may suffice to incorporate vegetable fibers (soluble and insoluble) to normalize the traffic, but this strategy achieves hardly remove material adhering to the long walls. As reference, Dr Jensen appointment autopsy cases showing colon diameter of more than 20 cm and only a free passage diameter of a pencil! A simple mathematical calculation indicates that constipation of three days, much more common than is believed, makes us live with 15 different meals waste. No wonder the large consumption of laxative drugs, whose same active ingredients are irritating and toxic. A natural level is known to use herbal laxatives, as well as the use of enemas and lately the colonic lavage. All these resources should be used with care for their aggressive and violent effects, but are always preferable to a prolonged stagnation. Anyway, we can not be dependent on these methods to regularize bowel function. While herbs and enemas can be given as home, colonic lavage, whose complexity requires specialist supervision and specific elements. As for enemas, whose principle is to introduce water flow in the opposite direction normal intestinal home procedures are desirable to mobilize or dissolve stagnation sudden accumulation in the colon. Saltwater Technical However, there is an ancient Indian technique (Prakshalana shank) that anyone can do at home, at no cost and in a few hours, we refer to bowel cleansing with salt water. The method is entirely physiological and has been released by Andr Van Lysebeth easily. This consists of running water throughout the intestinal tract (not just by the colon) to evacuate with the same color that has been ingested, indicating that the process has completed. Saltwater is used to not be absorbed by the intestinal walls. Use organic sea salt (non-

industrialized). Add 2 teaspoons per liter of water. The water should be warm to increase its power descaling. The movements that complement practice traffic moving water. Do not use tap water The water should be pre-filtered to remove toxins from it. Benefits of this system The benefits of this system with respect to bowel cleansing enemas and colonic washings are several: 1.Se achieves clean both intestines and is not limited only to the colon. 2.Se can be performed without external components and fit home. 3.Resulta fully physiological method, by circulating the water in the usual sense of intestinal transit. The method in detail This practice can be done once a year, taking advantage of the changing seasons. The best moment is in the morning on an empty stomach, better even on a holiday, when there is no hurry and can take advantage of the rest of the day to enjoy the peace that invades the body. It is better to be alone, walk and perform relaxation exercises, meditation or yoga. People who are nasty saltwater intake can replace resulting broth to boil vegetables, always bearing in mind that anything and everything is absorbed quickly evacuated. The warm salt water or even take something warm. This prevents the cooling taking produce large quantities of cold water hot water also cleans better than cold. The total time for clean saltwater can be from one to three hours. The person making his first bowel cleansing should practice before driving movements of water, then indicated. If you end your stomach full note is that it has been some water in it. To remove it will repeat the exercises of the first movement, ie that remove water from the stomach opening the pylorus (see movements). If the feeling of fullness occurs further down, you better stop the intake of water, repeat the exercise and return to the toilet. On regaining normal sensation was still taking water glasses as described in the method. After two or three evacuations, water will only murky, varying in color. This indicates that the cleaning process is correct and should be followed until the water runs clear and clear as it comes.

In relation to small problems that may occur, include the possible irritation of the anus, which can be solved by washing and application of olive oil as a lubricant. No doubt making a bowel cleansing is something distinctly beneficial. But also be added which have reported amazing experiences, such as the elimination of any product inadvertently ingested while back. Intestinal cleansing results in a feeling of inner stillness, that in the following days will result in better sleep, better breath, the disappearance of rashes or pimples, and even the disappearance of body odors. It also should be noted the tonic effects, such as stimulating the liver and other abdominal glands, especially the pancreas. Even some cases of diabetes (non-insulin dependent) have been successfully treated by performing this exercise every other day and under medical supervision for two months. Finally, bowel cleansing leads to better absorption and assimilation of food. Contraindications The bowel cleansing exercise saltwater should not be conducted if the person is not in good health. There should be restricted to persons who at the time suffer certain digestive problems such as gastric or duodenal ulcer, or diseases such as diarrhea, colitis, appendicitis, intestinal tuberculosis, cancer, etc.. We can say that this technique is used in some hospitals and even to supplement rejuvenation cures where, under supervision, you get to perform even daily, supplemented with vegetable broth to remineralize the body. Nutritional recommendations The week before cleaning, makes sense to have the gut with reduced fatty foods and meat, replacing higher amounts of vegetables, salads, fruits and soluble fiber. It is also advisable to follow this regimen after making bowel cleansing to go slowly returning individual routine each follow. Upon completion of bowel cleansing should be performed in food, half an hour later, or not more than an hour, not the digestive tract should be left empty for more than an hour. It really eat cooked white rice (to aid digestion), to which he added olive oil to lubricate the intestinal walls again.

The following meals, and even the first 24 or 48 hours, it should not be any acidic food or drink (yogurt, milk, soda) or spicy (sauces, garlic, onion, spices), nor exciting ( coffee, tea, chocolate). Simply take neutral foods such as rice, cooked vegetables, seaweed, vegetables (carrots, olives, turnips, beets, avocado), all well chewed. In a word, simple food and digestible, do not irritate the gut we have finished cleaning. Regarding drinks, the above applies to meals, but trying not to drink any liquids until you have made your first food, because, otherwise, the "siphoning" would continue, and we could not end our evacuations. Alcohol is prohibited both before and after exercise, until at least three days after making the cure. After the first meal is advisable to take herbal teas (dandelion, nettle, sarsaparilla, etc.), which complement the total body purification. Who carries out the cleaning with salt water, then instinctively choose foods more carefully, because it will become aware of the special feeling you have when you clean the bowel. The feeling is that of having an intestine again, as a newborn, no longer exist stomach heaviness, discomfort or gas, but inner sense of peace and well being, which is transmitted to the other body. Therefore, after cleaning and the first meal is advisable to rest, avoiding cooling and all this without charging the mind with readings, but carried away by the soft music or relaxation. How to start? 1.Bring of 4-6 liters of water with sea salt (2 teaspoons per liter). 2.Beber two glasses of salt water between warm and hot. 3.Efectuar detailed the four movements. 4.Beber other two glasses of warm water. 5.Ejecutar again four stroke cycle. 6.Seguir and to have drunk six glasses. Go to the toilet and wait for evacuation occurs first. Should not happen in five minutes, re-run another cycle of movement, without water. If no exception occurs the first evacuation, there should be an enema to start siphoning. From the first evacuation, follow the complete cycle: water intake, exercise and toilet. Finish when the water is as clean as it comes. This may require twenty to forty vessels or even more, it all depends on personal accumulation.

At the end, you stop taking water and remains near the sink for an hour, since it is normal to evacuate a couple of times. Do not drink until after performing the first food to be made between half and one hour after the cleaning is completed. Movements With four simple cycle movements facilitates the conveyance of water through the digestive tract until its evacuation. Each movement is alternately four times on each side, except the first, it is advised PROCEED six times. The total cycle occupy approximately one minute.

Move 1 With feet about 30 cm, arms raised, fingers interlaced, palms up, in an upright position, perform chest turns sideways, six times on each side with a total of twelve inclinations, starting with the left . With these moves evacuate the water from the stomach, as they open the pylorus. Motion 2 With the same previous position of the feet, extending the right arm horizontally and bend the left, until the hand touches the clavicle, when he is done directing trunk rotation arm extended back as far as possible, looking at the fingertips. Proceed quickly to the other side. Motion will be four times on each side, which involves a total of eight movements. With these moves is advanced water by the small intestine. Motion 3 Place the body lying face down and raise his head, leaning on the palms (directed forward) and the toes (also flexed forward) with feet about 30 cm. He turns his head, shoulders and trunk to look the opposite heel (if you start from the right should be left heel). Perform a row, nonstop, four turns on each side, ie, a total of eight movements. With these movements the water is advanced by the end of the small intestine. Motion 4 Squat, with feet 30 cm heels and placed to the outside of the thighs (not under the buttocks), and with the hands on the knees, which are separated by about 50 cm. First rotate the head and trunk to the right, placing the left knee on the floor in front of the opposite foot.

The hands will assist with trying to movements increasingly belly press half in order to press the colon. To complete well this pressure is useful to look back and press the abdomen. These movements are performed first compressing the right side of the abdomen, in order to press the ascending colon. He made four moves on each side, representing a total of eight turns. This movement will convey water through the colon. From the book "Intestinal Disorder" Source: Posted 9th September 2011 by Sergio Gattelet Tags: Colon Cleanse