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Our story started with ONCE A UPON A TIME but unfortunately, it ended up not with the famous finale

line HAPPY EVER AFTER because hes now gone This is my BOYFRIEND - Norbert Ayento Rupenta, 19 year-old 4th Year College Student. He is the best and the coolest boyfriend I ever had! He passed away last July 30, 2013 at exactly 8:45 AM because of DENGUE. Today, September 6, 2013, eto sana yung araw na magcecelebrate kami ng 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY namin. Supposedly, this is our day day for pleasure, laughter, contentment and happiness. My family, his family, our friends and God knows how we both love each other. I never really thought hed give up kasi siya yung tipo na cool, walang kaaway, sobrang tahimik at mapagmahal. He would sacrifice himself just to make me happy and only if there is a time machine, Ill grab that opportunity to turn back Time because Ill show to him how important he was to me. I will make sure that things will go as what he wanted us to be. Well travel around Baguio City and stroll around Amsterdam, hes favorite places. He is a DOTA CHAMPION, a LEGEND. He won a lot of dota tournaments and one of the best was at DCE (Davao Cyber Expo) 2010 Dota Tourney where they won 1st place against Davao players. Well, that was the beginning of our love story. As an online SF player, I would always ask him to teach me how to play dota and later on, that friendship turned into lovers. September 6, 2010 was the day and yes we were so happy. During his hospital stay, the doctor find his condition really critical and serious. His platelet was only about 16 out of the normal platelet of a person which ranges to 150-200. He consumed 19 bags of blood because the virus affected his internal organs first was the lungs, second was the gallbladder, third was his kidney and lastly, his brain. He even got his dialysis but unfortunately, he died and surrendered himself to God. Maybe, its his time and we cant do anything nor change it because its Gods plan. I LOVE HIM! I REALLY DO! And no one could ever replace him because hes unique, hes awesome, hes my best! If I could only tell to the whole world our story, Ill be spending a lot of time and I assure you hes worth fighting for but sometimes even if you fight for that person you loved most but unfortunately that person already gave up, its all a waste of time SO LESSON LEARNED to all the people who are currently in a relationship now and are in love, dont waste your time. Tell him or her how much you love that person, how unique, beautiful, handsome and special he/she was because we dont know what will happen next Kaya wag niyong sayangin ang isang relasyon dahil lang sa mga simpleng away, tampuhan dahil sa simple at napakababaw na selosan, kasi kung tutuusin, hindi pa yan yung pinakamasakit, hindi pa yan yung end of the world Mas marami pang bagay ang dapat isipin, mas marami pang panahon ang dapat bigyang pansin. Thats why you must take good care of that special someone. Always cherish every moment of your life with him/her. Time is gold and yes its true It may be awkward but I tell you, a happy ever

after will only exist if you love that person unconditionally. Yung walang hinihinging kapalit BAGO PA SIYA MAWALA SA MUNDO :( Disclaimer: SONGS: ONLY REMINDS ME OF YOU, I WONT GIVE UP, WHEN YOUR GONE VIDEO EDITOR: WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER

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