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August 28, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Adequate notice of this meeting held the 28th day of August has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at a meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on February 27, 2013 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and the Record, through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this Board. ROLL CALL: Director Mastrangelo Deputy Director Scapicchio Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholder Grossi Freeholder Krickus Freeholder Lyon SALUTE TO THE FLAG 4:30 p.m. PROCLAMATION: September 2013 Hunger Awareness Month PROGRAM: None ADMINISTRATORS REPORT COUNTY COUNSELS REPORT CLERK/DEPARTMENT HEAD REPORTS REVIEW RESOLUTIONS Accepted By: Rosemary Gilmartin, Executive Director, Interfaith Food Pantry

FREEHOLDERS REPORTS _____________________________________________________________________________ _ CORRESPONDENCE: None DISCUSSION: Road Opening Permits: 13-15 William Iellimo/B and B Custom Home Builder, to open 223 Changebridge Road in Montville for new curbing. (not a newly paved road paved 6-30-98) 13-16 HMR Properties, LLC to open Boonton Avenue in Kinnelon for road widening and driveways. (not a newly paved road paved 12-20-06) CLOSED SESSION: Identify Topic PERSONNEL Labor Negotiations MCSO/PBA 151 Status APPOINTMENTS Seven for the County College of Morris Trustee Search Committee CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS MCIA Solar Litigation and Contract Update PURCHASE, LEASE OR ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY PENDING OR ANTICIPATED LITIGATION MATTERS FALLING WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGE
*Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agenda can be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.

The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was called to order by Director Mastrangelo at 4:33 p.m. on August 28, 2013 in the Knox Conference Room, Administration and Records Building, Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey. Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by law. Freeholders In Attendance: Director Mastrangelo Freeholder Cabana Freeholder Cesaro Freeholder Grossi Freeholders Absent: None Staff Present Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan Clerk of the Board Ketchum Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard County Counsel OMullan Others Present: The meeting was open to the public and press Director Burd Director DiGiralomo Director Hammond Director Leary Director Pinto Director Roe CIO Tugman Public Information Officer Garifo Digital & Social Media Manager Spencer He reminded the Freeholder Board that September 8 at 7 p.m. is the annual 9/11 Remembrance Service and Candlelight Vigil with the Director of Homeland Security, Edward Dickson, as keynote speaker. Assistant Administrators Report Ms. Buchanan noted the County MCUrgent system has had national recognition. She complimented Ms. Spencer for her work on the program. COUNTY COUNSELS REPORT His department has reviewed 45 resolutions. At tonights meeting there will be two ordinances for second reading, a capital improvement fund ordinance appropriating $171,940 for the replacement of office furniture in the Prosecutors Office and a $201,000 bond ordinance for acquisition of computer equipment and information technology for the Board of Elections. FREEHOLDER CABANA Law & Public Safety The Academy class has 52 students the largest to go through in ten years. Of the 52, twentytwo are from Morris County agencies, and the remaining are alternate route and agencies outside of Morris County. OEM participated in an active shooter/bombing scenario last week at Fairleigh Dickinson.

Freeholder Krickus Freeholder Lyon Freeholder Scapicchio

Interfaith Food Pantry Director Mastrangelo presented a proclamation to Ms. Gilmartin. Ms. Gilmartin noted that the proclamation is the start of an initiative to help stock shelves as September marks their awareness program. Last year the Food Pantry provided 12,000 pounds of food per week to individuals; this year that number has jumped to 18,000 lbs. They provide for those people who have lost their jobs but cannot get help through OTA because they are above the income level. Last Tuesday they served 153 families -- the largest number they have ever had. During the summer the Federal unemployment benefit was cut and this has drawn more people to use the food pantry. She thanked the Board for being so supportive. She invited anyone on the Freeholder Board to come to the food pantry to see first hand how it works. She introduced Rob Giurlando from Curbing Hunger. They have operated over 22 years in Somerset County and this is the second year in Morris County for this agency. ADMINISTRATORS REPORT He spoke again to Congressman Frelinghuysens office as it pertains to interference we are continuing to experience with our radio communications system. The Congressman is still waiting to hear from the FCC and will reach out for them again. Mr. Bonanni thanked everyone who helped out with the DEP program last week. There was a good turnout of local leaders.

They are in the process of setting up an information gathering meeting between Morris County and Camden County Law Enforcement personnel. A date was discussed to meet, either September 17 or another date not yet determined. FREEHOLDER SCAPICCHIO He reported on Public Works projects: The paving of Ridgedale Ave. in East Hanover is complete as is the paving of Park Avenue in Florham Park and Morris Township; Howard Boulevard in Mt. Arlington and Roxbury is also complete. The contractor has begun work on Green Pond Road in Rockaway and is scheduled to move to the Boulevard in Pequannock next. The new culvert on Fox Chase Road in Chester Township has been set and the wing walls are being formed. The bridge on Rt. 510 by Sammys in Mendham Township has been partially demolished while still keeping two lanes open. It will continue until April with traffic being shifted in various phases but two lanes will always be open. FREEHOLDER CESARO He had nothing to report at this time on the Transparency Group or Employee Resources. FREEHOLDER GROSSI She reported on the following activities from Planning and Development: Today the Freeholders are being asked to authorize the sixth contract for the Countys Digital Tax Map Shared Service offered by our GIS Group. Approval of Resolution No. 29 would extend this service to Denville Township. As has been reported previously, the Flood Buyout Program has ninety-six projects in various phases of work in six municipalities (Town of Boonton, Denville, Long Hill, Parsippany, Pequannock, and Riverdale). Of those six, Boonton and Long Hill have submitted additional applications for consideration by the Flood Mitigation Committee at their next meeting. Lincoln Park, East Hanover, and Boonton Township are working with staff to submit applications. And, based on flood data, it is likely that Dover, Hanover, Washington Township, Rockaway Borough, and Wharton will consider the program in the near future. FREEHOLDER LYON He reported that they had a very productive meeting of the Morris View Advisory Committee on August 26. There were a few representatives from Warren County attending, the director of Human Services as well as family members of residents from the Warren County nursing home.

The 2013 census report for Morris View was shared at the meeting. The numbers are looking very good with 280 beds occupied out of 283 beds available. They discussed advocacy efforts to carry out with the state. Two family members had phone conversations the next day with John Donnadio regarding those advocacy efforts. A major portion of the meeting was talking about the new marketing materials. John Donnadio will come to the next meeting scheduled for September 17. Budget They are continuing discussion on the peer grouping funding for the outside agencies. Recommendations will most likely be made in two weeks. He also noted that there has been some reorganization within departments which he will highlight at the next meeting. FREEHOLDER KRICKUS As discussed at the Budget Subcommittee, the Morris County Library will be restructuring based on some retirements of personnel. This will result in some full-time positions being replaced internally as well as some fulltime positions converted to part-time. DEPARTMENT HEADS REPORTS About six months ago Mr. Hammond reported that the County was in a bind with Federal Highway funding because of one sentence in the bids that involved the State required Pay-to-Play law. The State has now decided to fund the projects Resolution Nos. 2 & 4 cover $700,000 in state funding for inspection and construction support services on two bridges (No. 1400-832 in the Township of Jefferson and Bi-County Bridge No. 1401-196 in the Townships of Washington and Mansfield). Mr. Pinto reported that Morris View occupancy level is full. He is hoping that the marketing manager will be able to maintain this. The new Premier marketing manager, Kathy Goldberg, attended Mondays Morris View Advisory Committee meeting. She has good marketing plans to work with new residents and people looking at the facility. He reported that the County is getting the word out to residents with special needs to sign up with the New Jersey Special Needs Registry for Disasters. This program is designed to identify and

help emergency personnel better plan to serve those who may have difficulty during an evacuation because of physical or other limitations. Mr. Tugman reported that the IT Governance Committee recently met. He noted two key items of this meeting: they had a tour of the Public Safety Training facility; and the second, notices have gone out to employees to let them know about the new migration to a new e-mail system. Ms. Burd reported that the Employee Wellness Fair will take place on October 18 at Morris View. If anyone knows of any health and wellness providers that would be interested in having a table at the fair, please let her know. She noted that flu shots will be available at that time. RESOLUTIONS The Board reviewed and discussed the resolutions. DISCUSSION Road Opening Permits the Board reviewed the permits and concurred to place them on the evenings agenda. At 5:05 p.m. Mr. OMullan read the following: WHEREAS, pursuant to P.L. 1975 Ch. 231, the Open Public Meetings Act, the Board may exclude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the Act; and WHEREAS, said Act provides that this Board exclude the public from the discussion of such matters, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board hereby excludes the public in order to discuss such matters. The general nature of the subjects to be discussed is as follows: 1. Labor Negotiations - PBA 151 Status 2. Seven Appointments County College of Morris Trustee Search Committee 3. MCIA Solar Litigation and Contract Update

Also present were John Bonanni, County Administrator; Dan OMullan, County Counsel; Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant Administrator; Glenn Roe, County Treasurer and Frank Pinto, Human Services Director. Also present: Stephen Pearlman, Improvement Authority Counsel; Attorney Matthew D. Jessup (McManimon, Scotland, Baumann); Joseph Santaiti, Vice President, Gabel Associates; Douglas J. Bacher, Managing Director NW Financial Group, LLC; and Heather I. Litzebauer, Vice President of NW Financial Group, LLC. On motion by Freeholder Lyon and seconded by Freeholder Grossi, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m. Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Ketchum Clerk of the Board

Respectfully submitted, Susan Allard Deputy Clerk of the Board The meeting returned to open session at 7:14 p.m. Those present were Freeholders Mastrangelo, Cabana, Cesaro, Grossi, Krickus, Lyon, and Scapicchio.